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Previously:*Liam told Steffy that Hope moved out

*Hope told Thomas that she moved out of Liam's.

University Hospital

Steffy just arrived at the hospital and has collected her medication and has just finished scheduling her appointment for her check-up. As she is walking down the hallway, she stops dead in her tracks as a familiar looking woman with blonde hair and a skinny figure about the same height as her walks out one of the doctors' offices. For someone unknown reason Steffy feels this intense connection to this woman and starts following her.

Malibu Beach house

Back at the beach house Liam has finally unpacked and settled back in, changing into a pair of denim Levis jeans and a plain black t-shirt. He takes out his computer to start Eye on Fashion's report of Aspen fashion week but instead finds himself distracted and unable to concentrate, flashing back to the two events that took place between him and the women he loves earlier. He first flashes back to Steffy's words after their hot and heavy encounter.


"Steffy: Look you know better than anyone how much I want us to be together but not like this. You are hurt and angry and confused and you just want to get back at Hope but this…revenge sex won't make anything better, it will just make things worse because what happens after? I go home crushed and confused, you left here feeling torn and guilty and Hope is at her mother's place believing that you two still have a perfect future. Liam you're not a cheater and you not a liar, I want to be with you, I want to make love to you but not like this…as your wife. You know what to do if you want us to be together but this cycle needs to stop, it's only going to hurt everyone in the process."

Pulling himself out of the flashback he can't help but notice that he was in awe of the woman Steffy had become and how she was always by his side. A few months ago he would have never believed that the same Steffy that set up the whole Cabo fiasco was the same person who was willingly to let him go in Aspen by offering him the annulment papers, didn't mention anything to Hope about him tearing them up and didn't take advantage of Hope moving out of the beach house. Speaking of Hope, Liam couldn't help but to think back to everything that happened the minute he walked through that door.



"Liam let me finish! I made those decisions, I thought about them long and hard. I knew exactly what I was doing, you never pressured me. You've been nothing but sensitive and gentle throughout this entire process and it's made me love you even more, something that I didn't think could even be possible but Liam before I work on us I need to work on myself. Your divorce is going to be finalized soon and we can finally get married and I want to be the wife you deserve. I want to be the wife you respect and admire for standing up for what she believes in and what she thinks is right. The wife who aligns herself with morals and values that we will one day pass onto our children (takes a deep breath) but I can't do that right now…staying in this house with you because I'm not your wife yet Liam…you're someone else's husband, you're Steffy's husband."

Those last words pulled Liam out of the flashback and it was as if something had struck inside of him, for once throughout this entire situation he knew what he had to do, he knew that he had to fix things once and for all and with that he grabbed his jacket and car keys and practically ran out of his house.

Forrester Creations (Design Office)

Hope and Thomas were packing up to head off when Liam came rushing through the door.

Liam: (out of breath) Oh I'm so glad I caught you.

Hope: What…what are you doing here?

Liam: Thomas do you mind?

Thomas: No I was actually just on my way out, Hope you still up for that dinner reservation?

Hope: (awkwardly) Uhm… you know what? I think I'll just pass for tonight, but thank you.

Thomas: Oh no it's good maybe some other time. It was good to see you Liam, hope you've been treating my sister well.

With those last words, Thomas walked out of the design office leaving behind a very confused and aggravated Liam who preferred Thomas to stay out of his business but understood that he was just being a big brother protecting trying to protect his sister even though Liam felt that Steffy didn't need protection from him but Thomas was not the issue right now, his relationship with Hope was.

Liam: So you two have become close now…again!

Hope: Liam, Thomas and I were always close. He's my stepbrother for goodness sake and –

Liam: You two also have a history!

Hope: You have got to be kidding me! Are you jealous?

Liam: What? No! I'm trying to figure out where I stand with you, just a few hours ago you just moved out of the home we shared only to be making reservations plans with Thomas for later tonight!

Hope: (Takes a deep breath) Okay, I get that you're annoyed but I'm quite sure you didn't drive all the way from Malibu to rant about Thomas and insinuate that I'm cheating on you with him because Liam after everything you've put me through with Steffy, you should be the last one to feel insecure!

Liam: Ok, yeah you right and I'm sorry. I didn't come here to fight I just…GOD I HATE THIS! I hate this position we're in right now. All I want to do is touch you and love you –

Hope: Liam you can still do that. I moved out, I didn't breakup with you. We're still together!

Liam struggles to maintain eye contact with Hope.. After an uncomfortable silence, Hope starts to panic and starts feeling like her heart is about to leap out of her chest, her stomach is in all kinds of knots and when Liam looks away with tears starting to form in his eyes, she sees it better yet she feels it but she doesn't want to believe it.

Hope: Liam what is going on? Why can't you look at me? Say something! No…no…no I'm not letting this happen, Liam you didn't come her to… (Whispers)Liam? We are together right…Are we?

University Hospital

Steffy has been undetected following this blonde woman around the hospital. For some weird reason she really feels as if she knows this woman but can't put her finger on it. As they walk into the hospital foyer Steffy rushes past the woman deliberately bumping into her causing her to drop her keys along with the medication she was holding. Steffy feeling guilty starts apologising and when the woman turns around and looks up Steffy's whole world stops. It's as if she's seen a ghost and barely manages to get out any words, on the other side the woman is just as shocked to see Steffy but manages to remain calm.

Steffy: (Shocked) WHAT THE H… It can't be?! No…no…no…YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD! How? This isn't happening…PHOEBE…IS IT REALLY YOU?!

BAM! Shocker, lol not really. I hope you guys have enjoyed this chapter because it was quite difficult to write actually, I lacked creativity and motivation but your reviews have really lifted my spirit and I didn't want to let you guys down. I would like to know if you guys would be interested in me adding other storylines with other B&B characters or should I just stick with Steam? Your feedback would be kindly appreciated ASAP so that if you guys want me to include other characters, I can do so quite early. Thank you once again for your continued support and I'm really looking forward to writing the next chapter.

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