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Chapter 1 - Old Friends

The door to the bunker slammed behind them as Sam and Dean walked back in from a hunt. The lights of the bunker flickered on one by one as Sam turned on the lights, lighting up the place they called home. Dean immediately went for the beer whilst Sam went to put away their weapons. They had pretty much been hunting continuously since they had lost Mary and Cas. They were using hunting as a distraction, like they always did. Having got a beer from the fridge, Dean sat at the table and put his feet up. Sam carefully stored the weapons before joining him.

'Sam! Dean! Where are you?' came a familiar voice from one of the corridors deep in the bunker.

Sam and Dean immediately got to their feet and ran in the direction the voice had come from.

They ran through the bunker until they saw him in the hallway. A dark-haired man. A dark suit. A trench coat.

'Cas?' Dean asked, unsure whether it was truly him or not.

'Dean. Sam.' Cas's face lit up as they drew into a hug.

'How are you alive?' Sam asked.

'I found these.' Cas said as he pointed out a box of DVD's sitting in the hallway and he passed Dean a crumpled-up piece of paper.

'Dear Sam and Dean,

I thought you guys might find these useful to watch. I also thought that there were a few people who might want to watch these with you. Cas is one but there more will be on their way.


'What the hell?' Dean said as he passed the note to Sam who was equally as surprised and confused.

'So what are these?' Dean wondered as he went over to inspect the DVD's.

'Oh no…we're not watching these.' Dean said as he realised what the DVD's were.

'They're DVD's about our lives. It starts from when you left Stanford.' he said as he looked at the boxes more closely.

'Yeah, no way are we watching this. We don't need to go through all the crap we've been through again.' Sam agreed as he came over and looked closer at the boxes.

'I think you should. You might learn something.' Cas suggested.

'Like what? How crappy our lives are? I think we know that already. We lived it!' Dean retorted.

'Come on, it won't be that bad. I'd be interested in seeing what happened to you guys before I met you.' Cas interjected, 'Besides, if God wants you to watch it I don't think you have much choice.'.

'Fine, but don't expect me to be happy about it.' Dean replied.

They went into the kitchen where the television was set up and they sat down began setting up the DVD just as another voice said 'Sam? Dean? Cas?'

Standing in the doorway was Mary Winchester.

'Mom?' Sam replied, with shock and emotion in his voice.

After another hug Sam, Dean and Cas hurriedly explained what was going on.

'But what happened to you? How did you escape the alternate reality?' Sam asked.

'I don't know! Last thing I know I was face to face with a very pissed Lucifer. Next thing I know I'm standing here.' Mary explained.

'Chuck must have brought you back' Dean realised.

'You mean God brought me back?' Mary asked.

'Yeah, I guess' Sam replied.

'To watch some DVD's?' Mary continued.

'I don't understand it any more than you do.' Sam said.

'Shall we start watching this stupid show already.' Dean said.

Dean then began setting up the first episode and pressed play…

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