Present day . . .

Rose. He remembered her. He knew everything about her: favorite film, food, color, pizza topping... He knew she liked it when he kissed her neck as he fondled her bum. He remembered. And how could he ever have forgotten?

"Rose!" he shouted in the empty flat. He had to see her. Now. Quick as he could, John fumbled with his crutches and stumbled down the hall in search of his cell phone.

"Jack!" he barked into the receiver. "I need a lift."

"Where's the fire, Doc?"

"Just get here!" He threw his phone on the sofa and paced around the flat like a fool on his crutches.

Why on earth did his magnificent brain forget the love of his life? And he had a son! How could Rose ever forgive him for his behavior last night? He must have made her feel miserable as he had struggled to recall who she was and rejected their child. This had to be fixed; he had to beg for forgiveness. Most of all, he just needed to see her, to feel his son kicking his palm. The crutches were starting to bruise his arms beyond repair as he heard Jack use his key to enter the front door.

"Doc? Are you alright?" Jack asked, brows furrowed as he watched his friend wearing a hole in the carpet.

"M'fine, I just need you to take me to Rose, please. Now," John barked and brushed past him out of the flat.

"Ah, did your brain come back online?" Jack locked the flat and followed John's surprisingly quick pace.

"Yes, I need to apologize to Rose."

"Damn, I was hoping I would get to take care of her needs if you never remembered," Jack teased as helped the crippled man into his car.

"I will murder you," John growled and glared menacingly.

"No you won't. I'm too pretty." Jack winked. "So, where to?"

"She's at work 'til noon." He drummed his fingers on his thigh impatiently. The fidgeting caused John to realize he had stowed the engagement ring in his pocket. He remembered that Rose had stopped wearing it because the pregnancy had caused her fingers to swell a bit.

An idea popped into his head, and he turned to Jack. "On second thought, we have a couple of stops to make first."

"Aye aye, Doc!" Jack grinned and pulled into traffic.

"You know I hate it when you call me 'Doc'," John grumbled.



John nervously assembled plates of fresh fish and chips on a picnic blanket. He had arranged to have private use of the planetarium for the next few hours, recreating his proposal for Rose. Jack had chauffeured him around the city as he had procured the items he needed to make this perfect (even though he had to promise to be a "wingman" for the foreseeable future).

A quiet sniffle interrupted his preparations. "You remembered?"

John turned to see Rose standing in the doorway, tears leaking out of her eyes. The crutches slowed him down, but he walked over to her as quick as humanly possible. A crutch clattered to the ground as he pulled her into a fierce hug with one arm.

"Oh Rose, I'm so sorry. I can't believe I ever forgot!" He peppered kisses all over her face. "I'm a right prat. How can I make it up to you?"

"Doctor, stop it." She cradled his face in her palms. "Why are you apologizin'? You were in an accident! You're lucky to be alive!"

"Yeah, but you could have yelled or slapped me for bein' a git. Never even occurred to you, did it?"

"Well, maybe I'm just too good." She smiled through her tears.

"Far too good. I don't deserve you." He couldn't hold back anymore and captured her lips with his. Pouring every ounce of apology he could into the kiss, he cradled her cheek with one hand and savoured the feeling of her tongue sliding along his. He swiped away the moisture on her cheek with his thumb and groaned softly when she scraped her nails along his scalp. Breathing heavily, he pulled away and trailed kisses down her neck.

"I have a son," he declared into the thin skin of her clavicle.

"Yeah, you do." She gently pried his hand from her cheek and placed it on her stomach. Rose rested her forehead against his as he tenderly caressed the growing bump. John didn't have to wait long until he felt his son gently moving around.

"Brilliant," he breathed and placed one more kiss on his wife's lips. "Can I escort m'lady to her meal?"

She laughed. "Do I smell chips?"

Rose hungrily devoured her meal as they lounged on the blanket, the stars gently twinkling above them. They quietly talked and reminisced, John continuing to apologize even though she begged him to stop. When they finished eating, John cuddled his wife to him as tightly as he could and squeezed her hand.

"You recreated your proposal, but I don't even have my ring on." Rose frowned into his chest.

"Ah, found a bit of a solution for that." He fished around in his pocket and presented her engagement ring hanging from a delicate gold chain. "Now you can wear it all the time, if you want."

"Oh! Oh, I love it!" Rose started crying again as he placed the necklace around her neck.

"Hey, that's enough tears. You, my dear, should always be smilin'. I love my little ray of sunshine. I love you so, so much," John declared as he placed gentle nibbles along her shoulder.

"I love you, too." Her smiled turned wicked. "How long do we have in here?"

"Another hour or so." He trailed his fingers down the exposed skin of her arm.

"Is the door locked? Rose asked and lifted herself to straddle his waist.

"Oh yes!"


Four months later. . .

"I'm gonna bloody murder you, you giant bloody prat!" Rose squeezed John's hand for dear life as she pushed through an intense contraction. Her labor had started hard and fast only six hours ago.

"You can do it, Rose! He's almost here! Look, there's his head!" John watched in awe of the strength of his wife as she struggled to birth their son.

"Shut up shut up shut up," she chanted through clenched teeth but squeezed his fingers even harder, refusing to let him go.

It only took a few more pushes, and then their son wailed as he was brought forth into the world. Rose slumped on the bed, exhausted and panting, but broke out into a huge smile as their little crying progeny was placed on her chest. John gazed at him in wonder and gently stroked his tiny hand.

"Oh, he's so cute." Rose brushed through his fine hairs with her fingers before he was taken away to be cleaned up.

"You did brilliantly, love." John placed kisses along her temple and wiped the sweaty hair off her forehead. He murmured more praises into her ear, and then his son was being placed in his arms.

The tiny bundle wriggled around for a bit but eventually settled down and looked at John with sleepy, blue eyes. It was the most wonderful sight in the world. He broke out in a huge grin, and then turned to Rose, who had an equally large smile stretched across her face.

"I have two suns now." John kissed his wife and thanked any deity that would listen for making him the luckiest man alive.