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Epilogue: How Everyone Found Out

"I see nothing worse than to sail this universe without you."

We Are Stars - The Pierces.


Dusty is the first to find out and it is by complete (horrifying) accident.

It was the day after Rose arrived and her and Scorpius shared in their big revelation. She had always figured that if they ever got over themselves and finally got together then they'd just kind of fall onto the nearest surface and finally cross the last boundary. Which was, obviously, engaging in sexy times.

And they almost did. Except that Rose was really tired, and as soon as her head hit the pillow she was basically unconscious.

"m'sorry," she mumbled into his chest where she was resting her head, eyes closed and breathing slowing, "I promise I want to…to do The Sex…."

Scorpius chuckled and ran his fingers through her hair (or, more appropriately, patted her head because Rose's hair was a constant bundle of knots).

"That's alright," he murmured with a smile, "We've got all the time in the world."

The next thing she knew, Rose was waking up to the sound of the shower running and warm space beside her. She was a bit disappointed to not still be wrapped up in Scorpius' arms like she had been all night. For a very small, ridiculous moment, she thinks he might be preparing to leave, to abandon her here in bed without them ever really moving forward.

Then she hears him singing in the shower and reminds herself that it's all ok.

Rose is not a morning person. Not ever. But if mornings are going to start including a naked, wet Scorpius Malfoy singing in the shower than she may just change her mind.

Rose is so focused on how weird it is that she can hear him in the shower while she sits in his bed, that she doesn't realize when the water stops, and is taken by surprise when he opens the door and walks out in nothing but a towel. Rose stares at him for what is absolutely an impolite amount of time. His response is simply to quirk an eyebrow and smile like he knows what she's imagining (which he probably does. Rose has never been particularly skilled at being subtle).

"Good morning, Rosie," he runs a towel through his hair to dry it off. Rose finds the action much more attractive then is probably logical, "Sleep well?"

Right, like he doesn't know she was basically comatose the entire night. Probably just his way of subtly bragging that she slept so well in his bed. Which she would allow because her plan was kind of to do it as much as possible. He moves towards a stunning set of antique drawers and starts rifling through them.

"Yes I did, thank you," she aims for indifference and to appear completely unaffected by the fact he's only wearing a towel, "How about yo…."

Rose trails off because her brain malfunctions when Scorpius drops his towel. Not the one for his hair. The one for his everything else. And now Rose is just sitting in bed looking at Scorpius' naked butt.

Her brain doesn't function particularly well during the morning in general, let alone when faced with the immaculately sculpted ass of Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. Rose suddenly forgot what she had been saying.

Scorpius shot her a smirk over his shoulder and raised an accusatory eyebrow at her, "What were you saying Rose?"

Rose shook herself out of her blatant perv-fest and replied eloquently with, "What?"

His smirk grew wider.

"You seem a tad distracted, Darling," he turned and leant back against the dresser, resting his elbows on the top of the furniture as he exposed himself in all his glory. Not a slither of embarrassment to be seen. Rose focused solely on his face, and for that alone she deserved a goddam medal, "Something on your mind?"

His tone was completely free of genuine concern. Rose glared at him. This was relatively uncharted territory – nakedness aside, Rose and Scorpius hadn't ever really flirted with the actual outcome in mind being sex. They'd been swimming in innuendo for years, but it had always taken place under a veil of 'this is just for fun and not serious at all'. Things were different now that they were actually allowed to take things further. If Rose thought about it too long it made her breathing speed up and her head hurt, so instead she just decided to pretend like everything was normal. Maybe if she could convince him of that she would also convince herself.

"You're not playing fair," Rose said through gritted teeth, eyes focused on his and no heat in her glare. Scorpius 's voice dropped an octave when he replied.

"Who ever said I was playing?"

Rose's body flushed and she decided something on the spot – she wasn't playing either and they needed to get horizontal as soon as physically possible.

"Get over here," she commanded as she threw back the covers. Scorpius took a small step forward.

"You're not going to ask me nicely?" he teased with a grin.

"I'm not asking at all – it was an order, not a request."

Rose could have sworn she heard him moan.

"So bossy," he was at the foot of the bed and still too far away.

"And you love it."

He placed a knee on the edge of the bed and advanced slowly towards her as his voice dropped low and husky again.

"You're goddam right I do."

Rose wraps her arms around his neck and draws him down to her so she can kiss him. Which she does. At length. Her legs drop open as he nestles himself between them, the feel of his naked hips being braced by her bare legs sending shock waves through her body.

He tugs at the bottom of her loose fitting shirt, "Off. Everything. Off."

Rose had to agree. She unwraps herself from him and lifts her arms up. The look he gives her is purely predatory. Maintaining eye contact, Scorpius sits back on his hunches and places his hands on her hips. He drags them slowly up her body, taking her shirt with him on his way. His hands span her sides, running over her ribs in a way that makes her shiver. He's being deliberately slow and Rose can't decide whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. When he reaches her torso his thumbs run along the underside of her breasts before sliding upwards and taking gratuitous brushes over her nipples. Rose's sharp inhale apparently causes him immense amounts of pleasure because he chuckles deep in his throat and plants a brief kiss on her cheek.

"What happened to Miss. Bossy?" he teases while his hands caress her breasts. Rose closes her eyes and focuses on the feeling, tries to grasp onto reality and rationality with little success.

"She's still here," Rose opens her eyes and tries to sound commanding which is really bloody difficult when he's driving her crazy, "Hurry the fuck up."

Scorpius smiles and gives a subtle shake of his head, "No way in hell. I've waited ten years for this, you can wait a few minutes."

His thumb and forefinger pinch her nipple and Rose lets out an embarrassingly loud gasp as her toes curl and her back arches. He chuckles darkly and continues to lift her shirt.

"I'll let you punish me later," he promises as he pulls the shirt over her head and off her arms, flinging somewhere across the other side of the room. Rose huffs and holds onto the headboard because she gets the distinct impression that he's not going to play nicely.

"Glutton for punishment?" she teases, with a quirk of an eyebrow as she fakes more confidence than she has, "Am I sensing a masochistic streak, Malfoy?"

He chuckles as his hands land on her hips, teasing the waistband of her underwear.

Breathe. Must. Keep. Breathing.

"At your hand, Darling?" he lowers his head until his lips are brushing against her stomach in faint, barely-there kisses, "I'd be happy to beg."

And now her mind's flooding with an abundance of possibilities that make it difficult to breathe. Her toes curl again.

"But perhaps," he whispers as he shuffles down the bed, dragging her underwear down inch by inch as he does, "You should beg first."

Oh holy shit she might not be prepared for this. She's coming out of a dry patch, and if Scorpius delivers (as he has been so far) then she might not recover. She'll just be a puddle of happiness and contentment in the middle of his bed. What a eulogy that would make. Rose takes a breath and tries to prepare herself.

Which, evidently, was pointless because the first time she feels his breath on her newly-bared skin she lets out a shudder.

"You ok, Rosie?" he asks, partly teasing, partly genuine concern as his fingers caress the skin behind her knees which have fallen open further to accommodate him.

"Mmhhmm," she gives a sharp nod, "I thought you promised me begging?"

His responding chuckle is dark and full of promise, "All good things to those who wait."

And then she feels his tongue and completely forgets how to breathe.

She doesn't know what to do with her hands, and at various times clutches at the bed sheets, digging her nails into the pillows, or tangling them in his hair. Rose eventually settles on one hand wrapped around the bedhead, one tugging on his hair. She arches off the mattress, panting loudly and lost in feeling. His fingertips caress her inner thigh, his breath is soft and warm at her centre, his tongue draws patterns that rip cries from her throat, and his occasional moan sending shivers down her spine.

Rose is mindless and fidgeting, tightening her grip in his hair and the bedframe, keeps murmuring pointless phrases like 'yes', 'oh god', and 'Scorpius', until she finally lets go with an embarrassingly loud gasp-moan combo. Her head hits the pillow with a thump (she didn't even notice she'd lifted her head) as she tries to regain her breath. Her fluttered breathing is met with another dark chuckle and movement from somewhere south of the border.

"You good there, Weasley?" he sounds entirely too proud of himself. Although, in his defense, if she ever left Scorpius feeling as boneless and satisfied as Rose was currently then she'd be pretty proud of herself too.

"Yup," she breathes, "I'm just trying to convince myself that actually happened."

He appears in her line of vision above her, suspended on his elbows. "What am I? A figment of your imagination?"

"Maybe," Rose finds the strength to move her arms and drapes them around his shoulders, "It seems possible that I'm dreaming."

His smile is bright and warming, "You're not dreaming. This is real. You're finally here."

"Finally?" she mirrors his smile, "Dream of me here often, Malfoy?"

Scorpius gives her an odd look; like he can't quite comprehend what she's just said, like she's just proudly discovered the sky is blue.

"Of course, Rose," his voice is soft and sincere, "I've been waiting for this to happen for years."

She won't cry. She's about to have sex with Scorpius Malfoy for the first time and she absolutely will not cry. Instead, she places her hand on his cheek and looks him in the eye and she whispers to him.

"Me too."

He smiles at her and everything is alright again and yep, she's definitely not gunna cry. Which is incredibly fortunate because she's sure he'd never let her live it down if she wept during sex. He'd probably include it in their vows:

I promise to love you and never make you cry during sex again.

Wait a minute. VOWS?!


To get herself out of her own head and stop those troublingly wonderful thoughts of wedding vows, Rose takes the opportunity to kiss him some more and get back to the task at hand.

She unfurls one of her arms from around his neck and shoulders, dragging it down his front over his torso. She continues to run down his stomach before grasping his penis where it's erect against his stomach. He lets out a strangled groan and Rose is pretty sure she's never heard anything quite so sexy.

I did that, she thinks proudly, I made him make that sound.

It gives her a confidence she's not sure she's ever possessed before.

She moves her hand up and down several times, delights in the varying sounds he makes, before his hand encapsulates her and directs them towards her still-happy lady parts. She gets the hint, lines him up and wraps her arms around him again to brace for what's about to happen.

And just when they're about to get to the good part, something a bit unforeseen happened:

Scorpius freezes.

He's on his arms above her, staring at the bars of his headboard, an odd look of puzzlement on his face.

"What is it?" Rose whispered, worried that he might be having some kind of episode (which was silly, because if he was having some kind of serious medical episode he would probably be collapsed on top of her, not be all rigid). He still doesn't look at her, but he does take a deep breath which is at least a sign his basic functions are still working.

"I just…" he looks her at and Rose is struck once more by just how pretty his eyes are, "We've never gotten this far before."

His eyes pave a meaningful path down their naked bodies to where they're almost joined. His gaze comes back to hers.

"I keep expecting someone to say 'cut'," if he didn't sound so genuine Rose would be tempted to laugh at him. She runs her fingers through his hair, smiles at him gently before kissing him to try to reassure him she's not going anywhere. She says the only thing she knows will calm him down.

"I love you," she says it with a sincerity that cannot be faked. His face lights up with a smile not like any she's ever seen him share with her before. And that's saying something, because he's basically done nothing but smile at her since she got here. His grin turns sly as he lowers himself towards her, shifts his hips so he's just the slightest pressure away from entering her. He kisses her cheek as his mouth makes it's way towards her ear. He takes his earlobe between his lips briefly before shifting to rest his lips on the shell of her ear.

In a breathy whisper he commands, "Say it again."

Rose's toes curl and her lady parts are at attention again, every fibre focused on where they're almost joined.

"I love you-ah!" Rose gasps when he enters her with one smooth, solid thrust. She clutches at his shoulders and sighs heavily, listens to the way his breath sounds slightly labored as he tries to keep himself under control. He sucks on her earlobe again, and yep there's a kink she didn't know she had. His lips run over her neck, speckling her skin with kisses and nips.

"Again." His voice is low and Rose feels her whole body tingling. How have they waited this goddam long to do this?

(He was always a wise-cracking asshole, but Rose never anticipated his voice would ultimately be her downfall in bed. For the record, she isn't complaining.)

"I lov –ah!" he thrusts into her with a groan and Rose gasps at the feeling. Her nails dig into his shoulders.

"Again," comes his one-word response. Another thrust. Rose's toes curl.

"I love you," she says it clearer this time, meets his thrust with an upward movement of her hips and bites her lip to stop from yelling. She lets out a strangled yelp; it only excites him more.


Rose is mindless as the pressure builds and he finds a rhythm. She sighs again that she loves him, takes pleasure the way he groans and tenses when he hears her words. She wraps her legs around his hips to be able to thrust up with him in better timing. His head hangs over her shoulder, his mouth mindlessly kissing her shoulder and neck as he continues to move inside her. Rose drops one of her hands, places it firmly on his ass to hold while he thrusts. Over, and over, and over.

Speech becomes impossible as they descend into a symphony of gasps and grunts. Rose tugs on his hair and he bites at her shoulder. She is mindless and he is out of control and the last ten years have been building towards this and it is everything she imagined. She rolls her hips and pushes her breasts against his chest to get more friction, a tightness building in her gut as she is propelled towards the edge. Again.

"Scorpius…" she mumbles as a way of warning, her breath hitching. He rocks into her again and she drags her nails down his back. His answering groan is guttural and he thrusts harder.


A shiver down her spine and her insides flutter as she tithers on the edge.

"Let go," he murmurs into her ear, one of his hands snaking between them to find hit clit and rub it slowly. Rose lets out a cry, "Let go, love."

And that's what does it – a combination of sweet words, rhythmic thrusts, and sneaky fingers – as Rose goes plummeting over the edge with a high-pitched whine, her fingers dig into his skin as she rides it out. He follows her almost immediately, releasing a strangled groan as his thrusting loses rhythm and he spasms atop her.

They lie in a tangle of limbs for several minutes while they both try to recover after reaching such a high. Scorpius has rolled off her, lying in the ruined sheets, his hand holding hers where it sits between them.

"I think that should be a rule," he says with a smile between breaths, "We can only say 'I love you' when we're in bed together."

"But I want to be able to say it all that time…" she turns her head and sees the deviousness come into his smirk and knows that's exactly the comment he was waiting for, "Oh…wow, I can't believe I fell for that."

"Fell for what? All I hear is a very good point – we should stay in bed all the time. Good plan," he rolls over to be lying over her, suspended on his forearms, "I also think a rule should be 'when in bed, we must be naked. Absolutely no clothes allowed in bed. "

Rose is about to respond when her stomach lets out an embarrassingly loud rumble. And Scorpius, the lovely asshole that he is, just laughs at her. Loudly. And at length.

"Shut up," she mumbles as she rubs her now aching stomach, "It's past my breakfast time."

"Then we should probably get you some food," he pecks her on the nose and it's so wholesome she doesn't even know how to respond, "I don't want you getting hangry."

Scorpius rolls off her and walks over to the chest of drawers his still-damp towel is lying in front of to retrieve some pants.

"Can I wear something of yours?" Rose asks, trying not to sound too pitiful (and failing), "I don't want to go back to the guest room."

She gets a shirt thrown in her face as a response. Rose grumbles as she pulls it on. They make a fine pair – him in only pants, her in only a shirt. Together they're almost one fully respectable person. They make their way down the stairs, babbling about nothing in particular, holding hands because why the fuck not. They're just discussing what breakfast options Scorpius has when they enter the kitchen.

And see Dusty sitting, very red-faced, at the counter.

"Dusty?" Scorpius says with a smile and Rose has never felt more conscious of the fact she's not wearing underwear, "What are you doing here? I thought I told you you weren't required today?"

Dusty blushes and from where Rose stands in the doorway she thinks he may actually be sweating. Which is weird – it's January for goodness sake.

"Yes, well, um," he's stuttering and wipes sweat from his brow. Rose has never seen the man look so worried, "We had a distress signal call…"

Scorpius looks confused as he walks to the fridge to retrieve a pre-made breakfast of chia seed pots. "Distress? Well I don't know who sent it but we're not distressed."

Rose walks into the room to stand beside Scorpius, across the bench from Dusty. The poor man looks like he's been in the sun for 20 years he's so red. Rose pities him – she knows it well with her Weasley genes.

"It, ah…it was one of the discrete switches…" Dusty starts. He can't look at either of them, "The, ah, the one in the bedhead…"

The one in the bedhead? The bedhead that Rose had been clutching onto for the past hour or so? The one that Rose had been desperately grabbing while Scoprius went down on her? That had a covert button to alert security to emergencies?

Oh fuck.

Just as Rose connects the dots, Scorpus does too. His eyes widen as he looks at his security guard, the faintest blush rising on his usually pale cheeks.

"Are you saying," Scorpius spoke slowly, "That sometime within the last hour, a distress signal was issued from a button on my bedhead being pushed?"

Dusty just nodded, still staring at the bench, "Yes sir. It, ah, it starts recording sound when triggered…"


"WHAT?!" Rose screeches and feels her face set ablaze. Scorpius, the ass, simply laughs. She slaps his arm because that is absolutely not the appropriate response to this situation. She turns her attention back to the blushing hulking mass of man still avoiding eye contact sitting at the counter.

"How much did you hear?!" she demands, mortified beyond words. Dusty flicks his gaze to hers for barely more than a moment. He says only one word.


Rose lets out a sound she could only describe as 'seal slowly dying in a fire' and slides down to the floor in a tangled mess of limbs and misery.

"Why do you even have that?!" she demands from the floor.

"In case someone breaks in," Scorpius shrugs, "Or some medical emergency or some sort. They're all over the place. Forgot about the one in the bed though, I probably should have mentioned that."


Rose ceases to be capable of even arguing with him about it and instead wallows in self pity and humiliation. Someone heard her make sex noises. Someone had been called because they were 'in distress' during sex. Oh God this was mortifying.

Scorpius is asking more questions of Dusty about general security and the upcoming season, but Rose is too busy focused on trying to erase her existence with the power of her mind to take much notice. Scorpius draws her attention with an exaggerated sound of surprise.

"Oh! Did you hear that Rose?" he says, eyes shining with mischief as he looks down where she lies on the floor, "Lily won the bet!"

"The bet?" Rose doesn't understand but knows form Scorpius' tone alone that she's probably about to be very angry.

"Yes. On us," his face is pulled into a painfully forced smile and Rose feels her blood pressure rising, "And when we'd finally sleep together."


Oh how hilarious.

Oh how typically, painfully Lily.

Oh how hysterically, predictably Lily.

Rose should have known. And now that she did, she had an avenue to release all of her humiliated rage.

Rose had a cousin to call, with the intention of testing whether you could murder someone by screaming at them down a phone line across continents.


In light of this, unsurprisingly, the next person to find out is Lily. And Rose isn't too proud to admit that if she'd not called her cousin to rage at her, she probably never would have known.

"You've been betting on me?!" Rose shrieks down the phone. Lily sounds incredibly unbothered and distracted, obviously doing something while she's speaking with Rose.

"Um, yeah, everyone says you're gunna win. Of course I put some money on my favourite cousin to take the Oscar."

Ha. Ha. Wrong bet little cousin.

"Oh no, no, no, no," Rose murmurs darkly while she angrily paces the lounge room, pretending that Scorpius and Dusty can't hear her in the adjoining room, "Not that bet. The other bet."

"I don't know what you're talking about…" Lily sounds entirely unconvincing. Rose has been able to pick when Lily's lying since they were in primary school. No way is she wriggling her way out of this.

"Oh you don't?!" Rose's voice goes embarrassingly erratic, "You have no idea. So you have no idea that you've been betting on Scorpius and I sleeping together?! HUH? YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THAT?!"

If Rose was coherent and rational right now, she would recognize that her voice sounded suspiciously like her mother's when she was getting angry at the news. Had she known, Rose would have been proud.

Lily lets out a heavy sigh. Apparently Rose has her attention now.

"Who told you?" she grumbles, "Was it Albus? I bet it was Albus. Drunk Albus gives away everyone's secrets."

Not what Rose wanted to hear.


Lily swears. "If it wasn't drunk Albus then who was it?"

Rose has no qualms with dobbing in Dusty – he was part of the bet, he deals with the consequences. Which are, in this case, disgruntled Weasley-Potter girls.

"Dusty," Rose supplies, and does not feel the need to give further details about that revelation came about. There's a long silence at the other end of the line. Rose can basically feel Lily thinking; can almost hear the cogs turning in her head.

"Dusty…?" her cousin murmurs, "Since when do you chat with Dusty?"

Rose realizes too late that she perhaps made a mistake. At her silence, Lily continues.

"Come on Rose," Lily pushes. Rose can hear her arrogantly loud smile in her voice, "Tell me – how did that conversation happen? Hmmmmm? How did you and Dusty just so happen to discuss a bet about you and Scorpius sleeping together while you're hanging out in England? Did it just pop up in conversation? Or did it perhaps come about after certain revlations?"

Oh Fuck. Oh. Fuck.

"I hate you," is all she says in reply. Lily squeals so loudly Rose thinks she might have permanent damage.

"I'M SO HAPPY!" she screams between eloquent 'whoop whoop's.

"Why? Because you won money?" Rose grumbles as she falls onto the couch, too tired and angry to stand.

"What? Because of the-? NO!" Lily exclaims although Rose can still hear that she's smiling, "You daft bint, of course not! Because you and Scorpius are finally together! God it's been painful watching you both from the sidelines for all these years. You're well overdue – we started the bet 10 fucking years ago and had to keep restarting when neither of you got your shit together. Oh god, I'm so relieved."

Lily pauses for a moment and Rose holds her breath.

"Wait," her voice is soft now, delicate and testing, "You two are, you know, together right? Like this isn't just some one-time thing? You are actually going to date, right?"

Lily almost sounds desperate. Rose is tempted to say no, just to spite her, but on the off-chance that Scorpius is listening from the kitchen she thinks it's best to stick to the truth.

"Yes, of course we are," Rose says it like it's no big deal (note: it's a big deal), "I'm not going to sleep with him then vanish. This is, you know…the real thing."

"He's The One, isn't he?" Lily gushes, "You love him don't you."

"I'm not discussing this with you right now, I'm still mad."

"But he is right?"

Rose sighs, looks to see if Scorpius is standing in the doorway before she answers (because she's 100% on board but she doesn't want to freak him out by him knowing she'd say as much to her cousin). When she sees the doorway is vacant she feels comfortable enough to continue.

"Yes, he is."

Lily squeals again.

"Now don't go overthinking this," Lily cautions and Rose would be mad at her if it wasn't said with love, "Just let it be. Just let yourself be happy."

That is, somewhat surprisingly, wonderful advice from her cousin.

"I will, Lily," Rose smiles before dropping her voice, "But I'm still gunna kick your ass for making that bet."


It's not so much a case of Albus finding out as it is Scorpius finding out Albus knows. The entire exchange happens via text.

Albus [11:28]: I'm at your apartment. You're not. Can I let myself in?

Scorpius [11:30]: In order to do that you would need a key…

Albus [11:32]: So what I'm hearing is as long as I have a key it's fine.

Scorpius [11:34]: No, you breaking into my apartment is not fine.

Albus [11:35]: It's cute that you pretend you don't want me to have free reign of your apartment

Scorpius [11:36]: Just as adorable as having you arrested for breaking and entering. What the fuck are you doing?

Albus [11:38]: Making a ham and cheese toastie. You're out of milk. What the fuck are you doing?

Albus [11:39]: Or, should I say, WHO the fuck are you doing?


Albus [11:42]: Don't change the subject, Malfoy.

Scorpius [11:44]: I'm not – the subject is you breaking into my home

Albus [11:46]: I think the subject is you banging my cousin

Scorpius [11:48]: That's my girlfriend you're talking about. Don't be so crude.

Albus [11:50]: Girlfriend? What are you, 12?

Scorpius [11:52]: What term would be more suitable, oh wise one?

Albus [11:55]: Fiancée


Albus [12:00]: No, it's been over 10 years. Get your shit together.

Scorpius [12:05]: Get out of my apartment.

Albus [12:07]: I've already started printing 'Save the Date' cards. It'll be a fall wedding. Also you're out of ink


Albus [12:12]: That's no way to talk to your Best Man.

Scorpius doesn't feel the need to tell Rose about that exchange. At least not until she's calmed down. And maybe after she's had some wine. It would be safer that way.


Rose has barely been on US soil for five minutes when the next person finds out. In her defense though, it has nothing to do with her, and everything to do with the other person.

Rose steps off the plane and walks down to meet Kitty on the tarmac. Even from behind her black-as-black sunglasses Rose knows Kitty's assessing her. The pocket-rocket with perfect bangs speaks before Rose has a chance.

"You slept with him didn't you?"

Rose chokes on her own tongue and stutters indignantly as she tries to find an appropriate response. Apparently that was all the response that was required.

"Are you two going public with your relationship?" Kitty follows up with no inflection or apparent interest.

Rose completely ignores the assumption that her and Scorpius are in a relationship just because they slept together. She'd argue but, you know, it was kinda the truth.

"No," she responds, feeling like a child whose been caught with her hand in the cookie jar, "We're going to try and remain discrete as long as possible."

All she gets from her handler is a one word response, "Roger."

Then Kitty turns back to the car, pulls out her phone and starts texting like this wasn't even a big deal. Which was a little insulting to be perfectly honest. Rose follows her, watches as her very few items of luggage get packed into the back of the awaiting car.

"Did you need to know anything else?" Rose asks a little desperately, "Do we need to discuss this with Maxwell."

"Maxwell isn't my client," Kitty says as she opens the door to the car, "If he wants knowledge on you and Scorpius he can get it himself."

Kitty was kind of a incredible. Rose smiles, lets it be, and climbs into the back of the car. During the drive out to her place in Beverley Hills, Kitty talks nothing but business and plans for awards season. All work, no play for Kitty Pham. Rose listens attentively, gives responses when they're required, and otherwise dreams of being back at Neptune Valley.

Kitty deposits Rose at her house and informs her that she'll be picked up early tomorrow to do an interview for some Oscars pre-show entertainment. Rose reluctantly agrees, bids her farewell as she walks into her empty-feeling house. The car isn't even out of the driveway when Rose receives a message from Kitty.

Kitty [13:46]: Congratulations, I'm very happy for you both

Rose is tempted to say something along the lines of 'yes, you seemed ecstatic', but this is the most personal Kitty has been with her since they met all those years ago when Rose started, and that in itself almost makes Rose cry. She finally settles on sending back a simple 'thanks, it means a lot', because it does.

Hermione (And Ginny)

Her mother finding out was all kinds of mortifying.

Scorpius was not supposed to be flying back into The States for at least another week. He had, delightfully, decided to surprise her by rocking up early. And, in the spirit of sexiness and breaking gender stereotypes, he had decided to appear on her doorstep, late at night, dressed in nothing but a trench coat.

It was hot and adorable and Rose would have been absolutely onboard with it. Had she not been skyping her mother and Aunt Ginny at the time.

They'd been discussing anything except the upcoming awards season because being the frontrunner for an Oscar after winning the BAFTA and Golden Globe was kind of taking it's toll on Rose. Aunt Ginny was always a lot of fun, and listening to her recount James' forays into public speaking following his appointment to captain of the Chelsea Football Club were incredibly entertaining. Apparently he'd managed to call an opposing team's captain 'a right tosser' and apologized for saying 'tosser' with the eloquent follow up 'Did I swear? Fuck, sorry mate'. He always was an entertainer, even if he was a little rough around the edges.

There was a knock at the door, which Rose assumed was security with her ordered take away (she'd been away from her apartment, don't judge her). She carried her tablet with her and set it on a side table in the corridor facing the front door. She liked to keep recording, in case it was someone sinister and her mother needed to phone security and the police. Such was the life of a celebrity. Or just someone living in a metro area of America.

Rose opened the door and almost swore at what was standing on the other side. Scorpius, dressed in a well-fitting black trench coat that came to his knees. Rose never knew she had a thing for guys in long coats but low and behold! When it's Scorpius, she finds it ridiculously attractive. Maybe it's just him.

Stupid perfect genetics.

Rose gratuitously rakes her eyes over him, about to comment something along the lines of 'what are you doing here?' and 'damn boy you're looking fine', when she notices something peculiar.

"Why aren't you wearing shoes?" she asks, staring at his bare feet.

"Because they would have ruined my big reveal," he says as he struts into her apartment as he undoes the buttons on his coat.

"Big reveal…?" she questions as she closes the door.

She really should have told him her mother was watching. She really should have given him a heads up. Because if Scorpius had known, then he probably wouldn't have dramatically ripped off his coat to reveal he had literally nothing on underneath.

Rose lets out a squeal, as do her mother and aunt. Well, technically, Aunt Ginny yells 'Ah! Bollocks!' but it still counts.

Scorpius is confused by the look of horror on Rose's face and the other voices, and desperately asks what's wrong. Rose's reply is screechy and barely coherent.

"Mum!" she cries, trying to tuck him behind her and shield him from where her tablet is set up on the table.

"What?" Scorpius asked, confused and worried by Rose's reaction.

What a clusterfuck.

"Tablet!" she points at where the tablet sits with her mother and aunt's face staring back at them, "Mum and Aunt Ginny! Skype!"

Scorpius connects the dots when he sees Ginny wave with a smile, while Hermione has covered her eyes with her hands. His face lights up so brightly that he could be part Weasley.

"Oh fuck!"

He hurries to hide himself behind Rose, holds her in front of him which is pointless because not only have they already seen everything, but he's also half a foot taller than Rose, and unfortunately can still clearly see the screen. Which means they can see him. And Rose gets the distinct impression that Scorpius wants to be very not visible right now.

She holds her hands behind her, wrapping around his middle as if there's a chance he'll try to escape. Right, because he really wants to spend more time naked in front of her aunt and mother. Rose doesn't know how to break the incredibly awkward silence but, somewhat thankfully, her aunt is clearly where Lily inherited her ability to strike up conversation with anyone from.

"So," Ginny draws out the word with a slightly shocked smile, "You must be Scorpius."

Right. Ginny and Scorpius have never actually met. What an introduction. Scorpius clears his throat and Rose feels him nod.

"Yes ma'am."

He's so tense he's practically turned to marble.

"Oh don't call me ma'am, dear," Ginny chastises with a smile, "You'll make me feel old. Ginny is fine."

He nods, "Right. Nice to meet you….Ginny."

Hermione has finally removed her hands from her eyes and has set her face in a tight smile. She pointedly avoids looking at Scorpius, instead focusing her intense gaze on Rose.

"Rose, dear, do you think we could perhaps chat," her words are crisp and she is so obviously unsure about how to feel about all of this, "In private?"

Oh, so Rose gets to have a conversation with her mother about why she's being naked-manned by Scorpius Malfoy. Oh, yay. What fun.

"Sure," Rose chokes out, "Do you mind looking away while I move to a different room?"

Ginny and Hermione comply and make a dramatic show of covering their eyes. Rose moves to pick up the tablet when Scorpius grabs her hips and turns her to face him. His face is a picture of horror and stress.

"It's fine," she tries to reassure him while reassuring herself, "Everything's fine."

"Your mother just saw me naked," he says in a harsh whisper, "Nothing is fine."

She presses a quick kiss to his lips and pats his cheek, a little condescendingly she realizes too late.

"It is, this is fine," she nods in the direction of her lounge room, "Now I'm going to go and have a really uncomfortable conversation with two of the most important women in my life. This is fine. It's fine. Help yourself to anything in the kitchen."

"Such as a knife?" he murmurs as he walks towards the kitchen, picking up his discarded trench coat from where it lies on the floor. She ignores him, picks up her tablet and walks to the adjoining room.

"You can look now," she announces as she sets the tablet on her coffee table. The two women uncover their eyes; Hermione looks apprehensive, Ginny looks totally entertained.

She's too much like Lily to be healthy.

They sit in a tense silence, everyone waiting for someone else to speak first. Eventually it's Hermione that does it.

"Honey…" her mother starts with a gentle smile, "Why is Scorpius naked in your apartment?"

Straight to the point. Sharp like a knife. Rose cringes and drags a hand through her knotted hair.

"Well, the thing is, we're, ah, we're kind of, I don't know, together?"

Saying they were dating seemed silly – they barely went on any actual dates because they couldn't be seen together in public. And calling him her boyfriend seemed a tad immature. They needed to invent a word for someone in-between.

"Together?" Hermione questions, cautiously optimistic, "Like, as more than friends?"

God it was like speaking in code.

"Yeah," Rose affirmed, weirdly self-conscious, "We spent some time together over the holidays and decided we wanted to be more than just friends. So we're dating, I guess?"

"You guess?" Hermione asks, a bit suspicious.

"I know," Rose clarifies before saying the one thing that she knows will seal the deal and get her family off her back, "I love him. And he loves me. And we're really happy."

It's not until the words are out of her mouth that Rose stops to realize they are incredibly true. She's happy, truly happy, and that's a pretty great feeling.

"Embarrassing naked-ness aside," Rose adds with a smile. She sees the way her mother lights up and the weight on her shoulders lifts.

"I'm happy to hear it," Hermione says and Rose is pretty sure she's getting a bit teary, "There was always something with you two. I'm glad it's finally worked out. It's all I ever wanted for you."

Everything is suddenly heavy and Rose feels like she might cry too and that absolutely shouldn't happen. Luckily, Ginny senses it and lightens the mood.

"You could do much worse, Rosie. Holy cow," Aunty Ginny provided with an exaggerated wink and Rose almost died. She would not be letting Scorpius know that happened. Or maybe she would. Depends how nice he is to her in the near future.

"Aunty Ginny," Rose groaned.

"Not to objectify anyone," Ginny amends quickly before bursting with a bright smile, "But god damn."

Rose groans into her hands. She does not have the mental or emotional strength to deal with this right now.

"Can we continue this later?" Rose asks from her hands, "I think Scorpius is contemplating ejecting himself into space in the other room."

Hermione lets out one of her melodious, absolutely perfect laughs that Rose never inherited and nods.

"Sure, go mend his ego."

"That ego doesn't need mending!"

"Oh, stop it Ginny."

Rose laughs, still completely mortified, and says goodnight. She promises to call them tomorrow to chat more about recent developments. Just as soon as she's sure Scorpius has recovered some of his partly damaged pride.

Rose finds him sitting at the kitchen counter, wrapped tightly in his trench coat and forehead resting on the bench top.

"Stop being dramatic, Casanova," she chastises. His voice is muffles when he responds.

"You mother just saw me naked. I can be as dramatic as I like."

"Yeah," she slides into the seat next to him, "You're never going to live that down."

He turns his head to look up at her under his fringe that's fallen on his face.

"What are the chances that Albus won't be finding out about this?" he asks mournfully. Rose grimaces.

"Slim to none. Aunt Ginny loves a good story."


"If it helps ease the blow," Rose nudges him and smiles, "She thinks you've got a great ass."


Rose finally laughs about the whole, horrid situation. This was not how she planned on telling her parents. She planned to discuss with Scorpius when they thought it was appropriate to start telling everyone who hadn't found out for themselves in various ways. That plan, obviously, was completely shot to hell. There really wasn't any other option except to laugh.

Scorpius, evidently, doesn't share her sentiments.

"This isn't funny," he groans, "This is mortifying."

"Scorpius, I hit a hidden switch that broadcast us having sex to your security guard, and now my mother and aunt have seen you naked," she smiles at him, "Maybe we're just not to keep this a secret from them."

"There are some things I'd like to keep secret from everyone," he grumbles, "My penis happens to be one of them."

"What?" she teases, "Poor Kevin got stage fright?"

"Why aren't you consoling me? Your partner is distressed, the least you could do is offer comforting words," he complains.

"Nah," Rose reconciles with a smile, "I'm gunna let you wear this for a while. To make up for not telling me about the switch in the headboard."

"I forgot about the switch in the headboard – it's totally different," he moans.

"Yeah, and if you'd waited a minute before flashing me I would have given you warning about my mum," she shrugged, "We're even, as far as humiliation goes."

"I don't think we're even at all," he grumbles before sitting up, probably just so he can glare at her better. Scorpius looks down at his coat and brushes the fabric forlornly, "I'm never going to be able to wear this again. It's full of bad memories now."

She smirks as he and leans closer.

"You should definitely wear it again," Rose drops her pitch a little, "I'd like to try my hand at taking it off you."

He shoots her a sideways smile, "I guess I could be persuaded."

"Good," Rose pecks him on the lips and smiles. They fall into a companionable silence before Scorpius starts fiddling and pointedly not looking at Rose.

"So," he says tentatively, "Your family all know…"

Rose sighed heavily. It was only fair. Sometimes she hated being fair.

"Sure, call your parents," she sighs with a wave of her hand as she walks towards the freezer, "I'm getting ice-cream to deal with this."

"Get me one too," he says pitifully, "I need to dull my pain with Ben and Jerry's."

"Don't eat too much," Rose flashed him a smirk over her shoulder, "Aunt Ginny will be devastated if you ruin your figure."

Scorpius lets out a whale-moan groan and throws his arms onto the bench again. Rose is never going to let him forget this. And, she'd dare say, Ginny won't either.

Draco and Astoria Malfoy

His mother answers the phone. He very plainly tells her than he was just calling to let her know that he and Rose are officially a couple.

Astoria bursts into tears.

With his mother being inconsolable and incoherent, Scorpius was forced to speak with his father to explain no, no one died, he's just dating Rose. Draco pauses, a silence filling the great distance between them.

"Rose Wealsey?" he clarifies. Right, because Scorpius has all those other Roses he was regularly in contact with.

"Yes," he answered, "Rose Weasley."

Blissfully, Scorpius can hear the smile in his father's voice when he replies.

"That's wonderful news."

"I'm so happy!" his mother exclaims in the background.

It was relatively painless. Which was a nice change from 20 minutes earlier.

"We'll have to have her over for tea!" his mother cries.

"Yes mother."

"And we can set up a room for the two of you for when you visit!"

"Yes mother."

"And I can come shopping with her when I'm next in New York!"

"Sure mum," Scorpius smiles to himself, "That sounds great."

Scorpius sometimes thought his mother missed out on having a large social circle when she married his father. Maybe she can find a great friend in Rose. He can't think of a greater gift he can give his mother. She deserves nothing less than everything she ever wanted.

"This is just….well, it's just lovely"

"Yes mother, it's very lovely indeed."

Everyone Else (Including Maxwell)

She's babbling.

Rose is winning an Oscar and she's babbling like a fool.

She's holding a tiny golden man that has her name on it and Rose can't think straight to save herself. She really should have written her speech down.

Think Rose, think think think think think think think


"To my family – you are the reason I'm here today, you keep me going in my darkest days and for that I cannot thank you enough!"

Other people you love. People you admire. The crew. Nope, did the crew. The designer who sewed me into this dress. No, don't be a cliché. Think, think think!

And then Rose stops thinking. Instead she just looks out over the podium and sees her blonde-haired beacon shining brightly with a smile that's breaking his face. Her words come out without her even thinking about them. He smiles through them, says 'I love you' to her in sign language and she smiles wider. Then she moves on to thank the nominees and walks off stage crying happy-tears.

She can't recall exactly what she said, but she supposes it doesn't matter. She can watch it back on the news.

"And to my partner in crime, my professional ally, Scorpius I cannot say all the ways or reasons that I am thankful for you. You make me a better actor, but more importantly a better person, and I could not imagine this journey without you. You are my best friend – the love of my life – and now we can put our matching Oscars in the bathroom together."

Scorpius is very confident Rose doesn't realize what she's said or confessed to. He's very confident she didn't realize the roar of the crowd, or how everyone looked shocked (but then again, not shocked at all) when she revealed their relationship. He signs to her, feels himself crying too, and continues to clap as she walks off stage.

"HOLY SHIT!" comes the exclamation beside him as someone hits him repeatedly on the arm. It's Alice Abbott, Neville Longbottom's daughter who's accompanying her father as his plus one to the event. She's in her early twenties and Scorpius suspects, given the questions she asked him and Rose, might be a bit of a 'Scorose' fan.

"DID SHE JUST-? ARE YOU GUYS-?" the poor girl can't even form full sentences. Scorpius, feeling more charitable than any other time in his life, decides to put her out of her misery.

"Yes," he's still smiling like a fool, but he can see Maxwell running down the aisle to come and retrieve him, "Like she said, she is the love of my life."

Rose is backstage being told where she has to go and get official photos and give speeches and talk abut the fact that HELLO SHE IS HOLDING A LITTLE GOLDEN MAN BECAUSE SHE WON AN OSCAR.

People are talking to her about damage control and she doesn't understand why or what's been damaged and why it needs to be controlled. She can't focus on a damn thing right now because she just achieved a life-long dream and she has no idea what she's supposed to do or say to anyone. Kitty is barking orders at people, organisers are trying to tug her this way and that, and there's publicists on the phone. Rose doesn't really take it in. She's too busy re-reading her name at the base of the statue.

"WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?!" Maxwell screams as he strides across the backstage area towards them. Scorpius is close behind, beaming at her with one of his brightest smiles. This is perfect. This moment is perfect. Except for all this damage control business.

"Did you know?!" Maxwell points at Kitty, eyes enraged and nostrils flaring.

"Yes," Kitty's response is completely devoid of any emotion or inflection. It just seems to enrage the man further.


Kitty gives a tiny shrug of her pointed shoulders, "You're not on my payroll. You're not privy to my privileges."

Goddam Kitty was a fearless badass. Maxwell looked close to physically assaulting someone but knew better than pick Kitty; she would beat him, no question. Instead he rips out his phone and aggressively dials someone else to swear at about this cock-up.

Rose still isn't entirely sure what happened. All she knows is Scorpius Malfoy is standing in front of her and she's holding an Oscar and everything is perfect. He snakes his arm around her waist and pulls her closer. She goes with little resistance, smiling at him as she glides her non-Oscar hand up his arm to rest at his shoulder.

"Congratulations," he says with a smile and a kiss on her cheek, "I'm so proud of you."

"Thanks. But I thought we had agreed to be discrete," she murmurs. The grin he gives her is feral.

"If you wanted me to be discrete you shouldn't have worn that dress," Rose is deeply regretting the choice to wear an emerald green dress with a cut-out back when his fingers dance across her skin. They shouldn't be doing this here. There are cameras. There are witnesses.

He runs a knuckle along the skin at the base of her back.

Once, Rose had one fuck. And that fuck is gone.

"This old thing?" she leans in, he holds her tighter.

"It's green," he drags the word out as he looks down at her body, "My favourite colour."

Rose smiles, "I know."

"Just more proof that the Friendship Quiz worked."

She laughs at him and feels some of the anxiousness leave her body. Rose thinks that's the most tangible proof she has that they're meant to be – he can relax her with a few short words. It's like he's magic.

"We should stop," she says with a smile and a glance at her lips, "People will talk."

"OH THEY'LL BE TALKING ALRIGHT!" Maxwell announces angrily, "After that charming little speech of yours we won't be able to shut the fuckers up!"

Rose is confused. She turns to Scorpius for clarification, "Did I screw up?"

"No," he answers with a smile at the same time Maxwell shouts, "YES!"

Kitty, as always, is the voice of reason.

"You just announced that Scorpius was the love of your life," she says as emotionlessly as ever, "People are going to want to ask some follow up questions."

There was putting it delicately, and then there was putting it like Kitty Pham did – only facts, not fluffy stuff. Rose's eyes widen in horror at the realization of what's just happened. Two months of practiced discretion and she went and announced that they were dating to an international audience. God she felt like an idiot.

"What should we do?" she turns to Scorpius because she is completely unable to think right now because SHE JUST WON AN OSCAR.

Scorpius is still smiling at her. She will never get sick of that smile. She wants to just stop and look at him. And her Oscar. Maybe she can get a mock-Oscar made up to look like Scorpius. That would probably be creepy. But also hilarious. She will start asking some questions.

Wait, questions. She's just asked a question. She's not sure if he's answered her yet.

Scorpius takes her hand and looks more carefree than ever, "You do whatever you like Rosie. This is your moment, not ours. You have this and do with it what you will."

It's moments like this that Rose remembers exactly why she loves him.

There's a commotion behind them and Albus and Lily come barreling towards them, Lily in a beautiful couture gown, Albus looking the most dressed up he ever has in his life in his red velvet tuxedo.

"How did you two score an invite?" Scorpius asks, mainly to Albus. All he does in response is shrug.

"I get into places," is the only explanation anyone receives on the matter.

"What's the plan?" Lily asks, looking frantic and excited all at once as she whips out her phone and starts typing furiously.

"I…ah…I'm not sure," Rose says, looking at the crowd of people gathered around her. This is not how she imagined this moment being. She imagined champagne and cheers, not frantic phone calls and profanity.

"We need her in the press room," one of the organisers says sternly. Maxwell looks at them like they've just murdered his first born in front of him.

"She will be there when she's fucking ready," his voice is cold and the organizer is clearly torn between being terrified and asserting dominance, "She's the greatest actress in the world right now. They will fucking wait."

That was the first time Maxwell had ever stood up for her. It's kind of awe-inspiring to be on the opposite side of him – to be someone he's defending rather than someone he's attacking. It's stunning and scary all at once. The organizer eventually tells them they have five more minutes.

"So?" Lily demands, drawing Rose's attention, "What are you going to say?"

Rose looks at everyone around her – her little professional family – and feels so overcome with love and support that she gets a little faint.

"I'm not sure," she turns to Scorpius and gives him a bright smile, "I think I'm just gunna wing it."

(Somewhere in the background Maxwell yells "OH YEAH, BECAUSE THAT WORKED FUCKING BRILLIANTLY LAST TIME!" Everyone ignores him.)

Scorpius returns her smile and rubs a circle on her back with his thumb. It's soothingly hypnotic.

"You do whatever the hell you want, Rose," he grins and shrugs, "You just won a fucking Oscar."

"Yeah," she beams as the realization hits her again, "I did. I can do this."

"You can do this!" Lily yells while pumping her fist in the air. Rose gives another look to her little adopted family – at Scorpius holding her close, Kitty looking on impassively, Albus dazedly scanning the room, Lily bursting with excitement, and Maxwell aggressively texting. She had all these wonderful, eclectic, amazing people in her corner and on her side. She could do this.

"Right," she calls back the organizer, "Where's the press room?"

Rose steps out to stand before the press, hands shaking from nerves. She's so nervous she wants to vomit, but she hasn't eaten anything all day so there's nothing to throw up. At least she can't power-spew on the press. That's a good thing. She guesses.

Rose clears her throat and addresses the flock of people resembling pigeons all calling her name and asking questions, wanting to steal a piece of her to keep for themselves to sell their papers.

"After my little speech out there, I guess you have some questions involving my co-star, Scorpius Malfoy," she starts nervously and the crowd roars with more questions and shouts. She straightens her shoulders and projects an air of confidence, "I'm only going to make one short statement on the matter, and will not be taking any further questions about it so get ready to take notes."

She takes a breath as the room quiets with anticipation.

"The truth of the matter is that we have a wonderful and very close professional relationship," she tells them, hands shaking where they grip her little golden idol in her hands. It is the truth, she hasn't lied yet, but she feels like she's probably going to. Rose doesn't look at Scorpius where he stands just off the stage, too afraid that looking at him will give her away; instead she stares into the blinding camera flashes and waving silhouettes.

They'll never stop asking. Especially not now. They'll keep demanding answers that you can give but are choosing not to. They'll hound you even more. You'll never be free. Not unless you open the cage yourself.

Rose is sick of the charade. She is sick of not being able to hold his hand in public. She's sick of not being able to post a photo on her social media accounts that might give away that they're at the same destination. She's sick of not being able to sleep in his bed because the paparazzi are hanging around and it's too risky to be at his home.

Rose is finally allowed to call Scorpius Malfoy hers, and she's going to do so as often as she's able to.

Scorpius saw the look on her face and knew what was coming.

It was the one Rose used to give him when they would argue at school. The one she would throw at him when he was being an ass on set. The one she gave Rita Skeeter during that interview a million years ago.

It has a simple message – You started this fight, but I will end it. Fuck not with me.

It's determination and force. She will not be walked over, no matter how hard they try. She has something to say and she's going to say it regardless of their attempts to silence her

Scorpius smiles with pride.

That's his girl.

Discretion be damned.

"And recently, that professional relationship developed into something else," Rose continued quickly, speaking over the top of gasps and cheers, "We have been best friends for many years, but recently – very recently, a few months, in fact – we realized that we wanted to try being more than that. So that's what we're doing; we're giving it a shot. Hopefully we'll make it."

She hazards a glance to the side of the stage. Lily is crying, Albus is eating (seriously where did he even find that food?), and Scorpius is looking at her in awe. It's enough to give her strength to continue.

"Just between us," Rose says as she turns back to the crowd, "I think we've got a pretty good shot. That's all I'll say about that. Now, who has a questions about Life in Colour?"

They ask her about their relationship regardless of her demands, but Rose answers with the same grace and humility she's had for years. She smiles at them, reminds them of the conditions, gives them an option to ask a different question, and then moves on. They eventually catch on, but Scorpius is still sure that's all either of them will be asked about for at least the next six months. It's going to be a bumpy ride. But if it's the price he has to pay to finally be with Rose Weasley, he'll happily take it on.

When she walks off the stage – in her glittering green dress that does things to him – Scorpius can think of nothing more suitable than to wrap her up and kiss her senseless.

Which he does.

Because he can do that now.

Because they're together.

When they pull apart she apologises.

"Sorry I out-ed us."

"Darling, I'm not sure I was ever in."

"So we're good?"

"No Rose – we're great."

The Fandom:

After the press conference airs, the fandom explodes with equal measures of excitement and apprehension.

Scorosefan1999 – Is this real? IS THIS FUCKING REAL?!



Scorosefan995 - OTOIH PIURFH'WOERU8923YHIOERNG;WQ7E8TG23IURBNSLEJObqs;lm *explodes in happiness*

Titanicwouldnthavesunkifitwasmadeofscorose: guys I'm crying. I am actually weeping. The unsinkable ship just got out of the fucking water and flew #Iwontgodownwiththisship #becausethisshipfuckingflies


IwillkneelforScorpiusFuckingMalfoy: Ok, so no joke, I was having a fucking horrible day but this...this is just perfect. Faith in all human restored. The world's just a better place today. Now if anyone needs me, I'll just be dying in a pool of my own happy tears.

Wellhydratedlipscommittee: I don't wanna be 'that person' but are we sure it's real? Like, they're not just joking.

JusticeforOskarandTabitha: if this is a joke ITS NOT VERY FUNNY.

Backstage after the press conference, Lily Luna Potter grins like a madman as she types on her phone. Logged into one of her many Tumblr accounts (this one with the moniker KingdomofScorose101), she uploads a photo she snapped backstage. It's of Rose as she's just come off the stage after the press conference, wrapped up in Scorpius' arms while he kisses her. Rose is visibly smiling. It's one of the most romantic photos Lily has ever seen, and for that reason alone everyone deserves to see it (she'll apologise for it later).

Lily accompanies the photo with one simple caption:

KingdomofScorose101: It's canon, bitches.

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