This has been bouncing around my mind for awhile. I may or may not continue it with other scenes with Hermione meeting/interacting with the Avengers.

Hermione Granger was late for the theatre production to which she had tickets that evening. Kingsley had forced her to go negotiate an extradition treaty over an escaped Death Eater sympathizer, as part of her job, the International Magical Liaison. He'd forced the tickets onto her as a bribe so he would feel less guilty about ruining her weekend off. The trip, which had began as an inconvenience,was steadily growing more irritating by the minute.

The German Ministry Official she'd met with had been a chauvinistic bigot, who couldn't decide if he wanted to sleep with her or insult her heritage. After it became clear that the wizard would not deign to negotiate without "quid pro quo" as he kept insisting in broken English, because having someone who could actually speak English was apparently far too difficult, Hermione lost her temper. Suffice it to say, the man's office was decimated in a matter of seconds, and after his hundredth sexist comment she hexed him. She couldn't resist smirking as she imagined the look on his face when he discovered he'd be unable to perform for the next several weeks. No doubt Kingsley would be irritated to deal with that international "catastrophe."

It was just as neared the steps of the theatre when everything went to hell in a hand basket. Her only warning was a blast of light before a car was hurtling in the air towards her. The cement was harder than she remembered, and the slam her head took when connecting with it turned her vision blurry. She could hear panicked screams and maniacal laughter. Her first attempt at rising was unsuccessful. She stared around at the chaos, and saw the source were several identical figures in green robes.

"Why is it always green?" she muttered as she pushed herself up ignoring the pain from the cuts on her hands. "This one has to be certifiable," she added after noticing the horns coming out of his head. It took another moment of study to realize he was wearing a helmet. She assumed he was using the scepter in his hand to wield magic. It was most likely a duplication spell. Although she'd never heard of any wizard using a scepter instead of a wand.

"...for identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel," the robed figure spoke elegantly to the terrorized crowd. Hermione, however, couldn't prevent the mocking snort that escaped her. The robed figure turned to glare at her, but he was interrupted by an older German citizen.

"Not to men link you," He said staring at the horned man, which only served to incense him.

"There are no men like me," he answered smirking in triumph.

"There are always men like you," the elderly man said. His quiet voice carried over the crowd. Despite the calm manner of the younger man it was obvious to Hermione that he was angry. It was surprising that instead of displaying that anger when he spoke, his voice didn't rise.

"Look to your elder, people. Let him be an example," as he spoke, he aimed the scepter in his hand at the man. Hermione was moving before she consciously made a decision, throwing herself at the the robed man just as a blast of powerful magic soared towards the crowd. They both hit the ground hard, however, Hermione had landed away from the man she had tackled.

"You know, the last time I was in Germany, and saw a man standing above everybody else, we ended up disagreeing." Hermione looked back to the crowd to see a man standing confidently in a deep blue suit with a shield in his hand. Even through the disorientation that hitting her head a second time caused she was able to recognize him.

"Morganna's Fucking Tit,"she thought. Although from the looks both men suddenly gave her she had spoken out loud. Kingsley was going to murder her. Thankfully, their attention immediately returned to each other so they could continue to postulate.

"The soldier. A man out of time," the horned man said rising to his feet. She found it remarkable that he remained so calm considering that Voldemort had constantly flared up in rage while he spoke.

"I'm not the one who's out of time," Captain America said with a slight smirk. A helicopter suddenly appeared above the American, focusing bright lights on the three of them.

"Loki, drop the weapon and stand down," a female voice commanded from the airship. Rather than complying, Loki shot a vibrant blue stream of magic from his staff at the ship, which maneuvered out of the way. Captain America attacked with his shield, which connected with Loki before returning to its owner. The crowd panicked and dispersed, causing Hermione to momentarily lose focus on the two fighting. Instead she started helping the muggles around her who couldn't help themselves. Damn the Statute of Secrecy, she wasn't going to allow helpless people get injured. So she went after the frail, and the injured nearest to her, and started apparating them away. On her third trip, she landed far too close to the two men fighting than she had meant.

Before she could distance herself, Hermione was violently wrenched backwards, her back hitting Loki's chest, as he shoved the scepter against her throat. Captain America froze after catching his shield, but was not quick enough to prevent a blast of light from a suit of armor which flew towards them. Hermione's eyes widened, but Loki deflected it with his staff.

"Are you so desperate that you're willing to sacrifice the ant?" Loki asked scathingly. The insult had her snarling, and again trying to struggle free. His grip on her tightened, and the scepter painfully pressed against her throat.

"Easy girl," he murmured in her ear before kissing the shell. "If you're good, perhaps I shall keep you as a pet." She violently jerked her head away from him, but it was no use. All the motion served to do was earn his chuckle into her ear.

"You are spirited, my pet."

She stared at the man and tin suit before her eyes flickered to the hovering air ship. Would they consider her collateral damage and attack? Even with her magic she couldn't survive against all three, much less an airship. Her wand was in the arm holster she had customized for her after the war. All she had to do was flick her arm and it'd be in her hand.

"Let the girl go," the Tin Suit ordered.

"Would you go to him willingly?" Loki asked her. His voice was low and intimate, although she knew the two men opposite of them could hear him. "The Man of Iron who already risked your safety."

"Says the man holding a scepter to her throat," Captain America said speaking before Hermione could. She could feel the magic radiating from the staff and realized it felt similar to her own magic. Her gaze connected with the blonde in front of her, and in true Gryffindor fashion she chose to be reckless.

Violently Hermione threw her head backwards slamming it into Loki's nose while nimbly grabbing the staff. Her magic sharply flared up through the scepter as she silently cast a blasting curse rapidly followed by an expelliarmus. Loki was wrenched backwards through the air while she firmly gripped his her scepter. Triumphantly, she stalked towards the man while twirling his scepter, changing it into the form of a wand.

"Now who is the ant?" She hissed over him. "Not so arrogant without your weapon now are you?" She hissed over him. He stared at her with deep emerald eyes and smirked. His confidence made her hesitate, and take a step backwards.

"Oh my dear, you are far more than an ant," he answered as he rose to his feet. He moved so quickly Hermione couldn't prevent him from ensnaring her waist and pulling her flush against him. Her breath hitched as she stared into his emerald eyes. His free hand trailed down her wand arm, and just before he went to grasp the wand shaped scepter, Hermione smirked.

"You have no idea," she answered him as she silently cast a petrifcus totalius followed by an incarcerous. His limbs stiffened expectantly, and he fell back away from her just as ropes wrapped themselves securely around him. Despite his sudden defeat at her hand, he gazed at her, without malice, as he shifted into modern clothes, a black suit and scarf, with the hideous helmet vanishing.

"Good move," the metal soldier spoke lowering his arms and weapons as he joined them.

"Stark," Captain America greeted him.

"Captain," the suit returned.

"Ma'am are you injured?" Captain America inquired. Hermione shook her head which reminded her that she'd taken at least two head injuries, and needed to get checked for a concussion.

"Ah Cappie, she just kicked his ass. I'm a bit disappointed about the lack of reindeer games, but it was impressive to watch," the suit of iron called Stark said. Hermione felt a small smile bloom on her face at the obvious irritation of Captain America at being called, 'Cappie.'

"I'm fine," Hermione answered. "Thank you for your concern."

"Ooh, a Brit," Stark commented, which Hermione ignored.

"He's all yours. You'll want to keep an eye on him, though, since he'll regain the use of his limbs eventually." The Gryffindor colored suit perked up immediately, and rushed over to examine Loki who was still studying Hermione.

"How'd you manage to make his limbs seize while keeping him conciseness? Is it a drug cocktail?" Stark asked excitedly as he started looking for puncture wounds. "Although, it definitely looked like you were just using his weapon against him," They both turned to look at her for answers.

"Can I watch you explain to Fury how you managed to lose a slip of a girl with Loki's magic scepter?" Stark asked. Captain America sighed in exasperation.