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《Avenging Spider-Man》


This fanfic is Spider-Man Homecoming with villains and characters from the comics.

Gwen isn't dead, Peter Parker himself will look and act like he did in Homecoming and the Spider-Man suit will be the one Tony Stark made in Homecoming without the Artificial Intelligence, Karen, in the mask. The eyes will be mechanized, since Peter is a tech geek. This story will take place during Junior year, he fought Dr.Connors in his freshman year of high school and Electro in his sophomore year so that means Peter is 16 and no one except for Gwen knows that he's Spider-Man. For those wondering about Flash he will be the one from Homecoming but he will be more of a physical than he was in the movie. Hope you enjoy my story!

Peter Parker-Tom Holland

Gwen Stacy- Emma Stone

Aunt May- Marisa Tomei

《Avenging Spider-Man》

Chapter 1- S.H.I.E.L.D

Beep Beep Beep

Waking up in the morning is always a struggle for me. Last night I stopped 5 muggers, 1 rapist, and an attempted kidnapping and came home at 1:00 a.m. Although that's really good considering I did all that in a few hours it's not good for my body. I only can take so many punches before my Aunt May starts getting suspicious. So far I'd blame the bruises and cuts on falling or being shoved into lockers but lately, I feel like my Aunt May is onto me. I've been Spider-Man for 2 years now and no one knows except Gwen. Gwen's great but me being Spider-Man really stresses her out, half the time I never even respond to her calls or texts. Lately, I'm always tired and wounded. I've been sleeping in class, I'm painted in bruises all over, thankfully I can cover them all with clothes. But thinking of all the bad things that come with the job makes me want to quit. Although I'm always tempted to quit being Spider-Man, I always continue because without me who would protect the little guys? The Avengers? Definitely not, that's way below their pay grade. They're off fighting aliens and Hydra while I'm stopping petty crime. I know you're thinking he's so jealous of the Avengers but I'm not. I promise. Okay, maybe just a little. But It's not like I could be an Avenger even if I wanted to. I'm only in high school and my attendance would be horrible if I'm always skipping school to go save the world. In case you're wondering, I'm planning to go to college and I don't think they'll take impressed with all of my unexcused absences. Also May, she'd flip out if I was coming home with more bruises cause I bet aliens can pack a harder punch than muggers. But it's not like I'd ever become an Avenger anyway, so it's okay.

It's the first day of school today and after a whole summer of web slinging, I'm ready to get back in the hang of things. If things go to plan this year will be great, I'll get to school on time every day and I'll try to do my homework before patrolling the city.

Last year my grades and attendance were unacceptable and I can't let being Spider-Man get in the way of my future. I need to stick to my plan this year, I can't let being Spider-Man get in the way of things.

After getting dressed for school and shoving my suit at the bottom of my backpack I wandered over to the kitchen for breakfast. My aunt was sitting at the Kitchen table with a stack of delicious looking fluffy pancakes and was watching the television with a cup of coffee in her hand. I focused on the screen and of course she would be watching a news broadcast about Spider-Man, now that's what I call Parker Luck. Now my aunt's probably going to strike up a conversation about Spider-Man which will end up horrendously awkward like every other conversation when my alter ego is mentioned. I placed a few pancakes on my plate and sat beside her.

"What an interesting character that one." my aunt said while looking at me with a skeptical eye. I gulped.

"Huh Sp-Spider-Man ya, he's interesting," I said while almost choking on a pancake.

"I don't think he's a menace like J.J.J. says but I'm not sure how I feel about him parading around New York in a Halloween costume. What do you think about him, Peter?" May asked while looking at me quizzically as I grabbed another pancake.

"Spider-Man's cool. I think he's a solid dude. Ugh, I gotta go May and don't forget I have robotics club after school today so don't wait up!" I said while scarfing down the rest of my pancakes.

"Okay bye Peter, love you."

"Love you too May."

I needed to get out of that kitchen as soon as possible. I love my aunt, but the more she questions me the more likely I am to slip up. Solid dude. That's the best I could come up with, I'm hopeless. Having a secret identity, no matter how cool it seems, is seriously the worst thing ever. I hate lying to May but it's to keep her safe and as stress-free as possible. May would probably have a heart attack if she found out I was Spider-Man. Or she'd slap me... either one. Probably both.


As I walked through the door of my school, Midtown school of science and technology, I saw my best friends Ned, Gwen, and MJ all huddled around my locker and nearby Flash was trying to Impress Liz Allen one of the hottest girls at my school, other than MJ and Gwen of course. My friends are the best. MJ has been my best friend since we were young. She lives in the apartment next to mine and our rooms are beside each other. Ned and I became friends in freshman year. Gwen and I are a little more complicated though. Gwen and I started dating in freshman year but we broke up after her father died and got back together the sophomore year but after the green goblin attack we decided to just be friends. So yes, I am currently single. I know you're probably confused, I know me too, like how can I be single? I'm Spider-Man, and I have great abs.

"Hey, guys what's up?"

"You missed Liz yell at Flash, he was being an idiot again." said Ned while rolling his eyes.

"Well, at least you're on time for once Tiger. Last year during the last week of school you were late every day and the last day you missed half of the day. Sometimes I wonder about you." said MJ while crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow.

"Hey Pete, what happened to your arm?" asked Ned with a concerned look.

As I looked at my arm I noticed that my stitches from last night's patrol were busted and blood was dripping down my arm. Great, just great. Now I'm going to worry my friends. I rolled down my hoodie sleeves so that it would cover the wound and I smiled. Not much you could do while your friends are looking at you like they're interrogators. "Huh, just a scrape. It's fine, I heal quickly." I said with my most convincing smile and my arms crossed.

"Not fine," Gwen said while grabbing my arm. "Pete that could get infected, just go to the nurse."

"Guys just stop making a big deal about nothing, I'm fine and I'm going to class now." said while pushing my way out of my group of friends and walking towards my class.

2 years ago I thought having super powers was the coolest thing that ever happened to me, but now they're just causing me to lie to the ones I love. But they're still kinda cool.

Avengers Tower

An emergency meeting was called and all the Avengers were being held in a boardroom. A modern sleek and spacious room that's beautiful design almost takes away from the pain of a boring meeting.

"So does anyone know why we were called here or do we have to wait for good ol' eye patch to come and fill us in?" asked Tony Stark while sipping away at a surprisingly non-alcoholic drink.

"We are just as in the dark as you Stark, so stop complaining." responded Natasha, The Black Widow, while throwing a small knife into the wooden table a few centimeters away from Tony's hand.

"My table!" gasped Stark.

After waiting a few more minutes Nick Fury, the director of S.H.I.E.L.D, entered the room.

"So you're probably wondering why I called you in today." said Fury bluntly.

"Obviously, what do you think I want to be here?" asked Stark sarcastically.

Fury glared Stark then said, "Okay, let's just cut to the chase. I assume you are all familiar with New York's Spider-Man."

The others nodded, but Steve wasn't so sure. He had seen the name once or twice on a newspaper called 'The Daily Bugle'. He nodded anyways and decided to ask about it later. Modern times are too complicated.

"Well I need you track him down and bring him to SHIELD." ordered Fury.

"Well then, are you telling me to move around my schedule to find Spider-Man. You do know he hasn't done anything wrong right?" asked Stark with a daring gaze and an eyebrow raised.

"Sure Stark, he's not a threat now but what happens when he realizes that he could use his powers to become a villain or he becomes a mercenary like Deadpool and is hired to kill you all. Did you know he was able to stop that giant lizard a year or two ago after being shot and tased by cops? And just last year he stopped Electro and the Green Goblin. He did all of that by himself, he didn't have any super-powered friends to help out."

"Don't you have some of your little spies that could track him down?" asked Stark, unimpressed with the job.

"I've already assigned some of my best agents and he's evaded all of them. He manages to get rid of all trackers placed on him and he's great at hiding his identity so we don't have a clue as to who this guy is. This man is brilliant and knows what he's doing." answered Fury.

"Well it looks like I have myself a puzzle that I won't stop until I solve." said Stark with a smirk.

"Sir, it sounds like this man would be very valuable to the Avengers, would he be on our team?" asked Steve Rogers, Captain America.

"I agree with spangles, I want him on our team. Friday bring up everything on Spider-Man... And here we go, he's 5'6 to 5'10 and it's speculated he's a white male with dirty blond or brown hair... that's about it. Well, now I'm beginning to know why you haven't been able to get him." commented Stark with a frown.

"I need you guys to find him as soon as possible. Drug him do whatever I don't care, just bring me Spider-Man," reported Fury sternly as he left the room.

"Guys be on the lookout for Spider-Man on the news and outside the tower. I'm going to go down to my lab and try to figure this guy out," said Stark to rest of the team.


Spider-Man is a ghost. A few hours and 50 ounces of coffee later I was nowhere near finding out who this guy is. I just know the basics. All I know is about 2 years ago a guy in a red hoodie and blue sweat pants went around stopping petty crime and leaving people webbed up but it was all done in the shadows and so Spider-Man was considered a myth. But a few months later the same guy makes his first public appearance in a spiffy new costume and swings around town with webs and stops crime daily and occasionally fights high powered freaks, sends them to jail or Ravencroft. Well, I guess we just need to stage a crime or something to get the spider. Time to make a plan.

Walking to the common floor I noticed everyone was unusually quiet and was staring at the T.V so I decided to ask, "Hey what's going on?"

"Shhh, Tony looks like we found our spider." answered Hawkeye with a smirk.

"I'm here at Central Park where New York's own Hero/Vigilante is fighting The Vulture a criminal Spider-Man has previously sent to jail. Spider-Man stopped The Vulture from stealing expensive and not to mention dangerous technology from a Stark aircraft. Well, thank goodness for Spider-Man." stated the news anchor with a smile.

"Well looks like we should make a trip to Central Park and thank him."

"Avengers Assemble." said Captain America while picking up his shield.

"You do know you don't have to say that every time right?" asked Hawkeye, amused.

"Not the time Barton, let's go." said Black Widow as she shook her head.


When we arrived at Central Park Spider-Man was webbing up The Vulture to a tree and the area was surrounded by cops.

"All in a day's work. Man, I hope this barbecue smell gets out of the suit," said Spider-Man.

"Hey, good work. Thanks for saving my shipment. The paperwork would have been horrible." I said while opening up my mask to show my face.

Spider-Man turned around to face me, his eyes widened comically then he said, "Woah... Mr-Mr. Stark big fan, I'm Spider-Man."

I stepped forward and placed a hand on his shoulder so I could get a tracker on his suit, "So Spider-Man, I need to ask you a few questions back at the tower and maybe even let you join the Avengers."

Spider-Man's large white eyes widened even more than he backed up a step. "For real? Well thanks for the offer, but someone's got to look out for the little guys," said Spider-Man as he shot a web to the nearest building then quickly swung away.

"Stark! Are you crazy? You just let him swing away and our mission was to determine if he was a threat how can we do that when he's swinging away and he's not in the tower?" asked Black Widow angrily gripping a throwing knife.

"Calm down Natasha I put a tracker on him now I'll know where he lives and what he does for fun and where to find him next." answered Stark with a smug expression on his face.

"Well if that's the case then, shawarma?" asked Hawkeye.

"Let's go."


After eating Shawarma the team wanted me to look at the tracker. The tracker leads to my locked lab but he wasn't anywhere to be seen.

"JARVIS replay the security footage of the last 30 minutes."

"I'm sorry sir but it seems our systems have been hacked. The video footage had been deleted except for one video. Would you like to see it sir?" asked JARVIS.

"Yes, replay the video."

The video was just Spider-Man in a lab coat winking, doing a mock salute, then placing the tracker on the table.

"Well that's interesting, I thought you said no one could hack your systems." commented Hawkeye with a smirk.

"Well, it looks like Spider-Man may be a tech genius like me, which may be a problem," I retorted with a frown.

"I think Spider-Man is in the early twenties or late teens. He's probably in college and their's a slight possibility that he's still in high school," commented Natasha, arms crossed and a neutral expression on her face.

"So Natasha, what makes you think that he's a teenager, because how could a teenager possibly stop the Lizard, Electro, and the Green Goblin or hack my system unless he was an adult or had help?"

"Well for one, he called you Mr. Stark and he seemed in awe of your presence. It seemed like you're one of his idols. Also, did you hear his voice? It was way too high pitched for an adult." answered Natasha with her know-it-all smile.

"She's right, that kid was stuttering when he saw you. He seemed to me like a nervous kid," added Hawkeye agreeing with Natasha.

"So if he's a teen where would he go to school?"

"What schools that are technology or science based in the area? I bet that he goes to a school that's for gifted students because didn't you see his suit, the eyes were mechanical and his webs are not organic, it looks like he created web shooters and web fluid himself," commented Dr. Banner to no one in particular.

"Bruce is right, this kid is smart. Wow, does that mean he's a nerd like you two?" asked Hawkeye with a snicker. "I thought this kid was cool, on T.V. He's always making fun of the bad guys, hanging them upside down or pulling down their pants with his freaky webs. Aw guys, he seems way less cool if he's a science nerd like you two." Commented Hawkeye with a pout.

"He probably goes to ESU, that's a very science-oriented school, but I'm not sure how I'll track him down. The school is way too large to just walk around and look for him like I'd do if he was in high school." I said while taking another sip of coffee then adding, "If he's in high school, which I highly doubt, Midtown School of Science and Technology is the high school he'd go to. It also says here that it's closest to where the most Spider-Man sightings have been during the day time and it specializes in science and tech. Let's make a visit to that school tomorrow, maybe I can make a speech or something." I said while pulling up more information on Spider-Man.

"I'll come with you Stark I don't need you messing up a second time. And no Clint you can't come. Steve would you like to come too? " asked Natasha.

"Although I hate high school I suppose I'll go, we better not stay too long. But I agree with you Stark, I don't think he's in high school though, I'm pretty sure he's in college," agreed Steve Rogers while crossing his arms.

"Stark before we leave we should research more about The Lizard, Electro, and The Green Goblin. We need to know as much as possible about him before we confront him."

"JARVIS where did the lizard attack occur."

"Sir, the Lizard attack was located at Oscorp. Would you like to know the name of the man responsible?" asked JARVIS.

"Yes, please do."

"Dr.Connors was responsible becoming the lizard. He injected himself with chemicals that were intended to reform his amputated limb. Dr.Connors was studying cross species genetics and believed that combining the perfect amount of human and reptilian DNA could allow the human body to regenerate lost limbs. His intern, however, was not involved in his project." said JARVIS.


"Yes, his intern Gwen Stacy. Gwen Stacy is a student at Midtown School of Science and Technology. I pulled up a facial recognition scan on Ms. Stacy and she was present at both the Lizard and Green Goblin Attack." said JARVIS while pulling up a photo of Gwen then showing footage of both incidents.

"Well that can't be coincidental Stark, tomorrow we need to ask Ms. Stacy some questions." said Natasha while walking out the door.

Tomorrow we'll need to be in the school halls early and observe everything to see if we can find any leads to Spider-Man's identity. When the bell rings well ask Ms. Stacy some questions about her associations with Spider-Man.


After hacking into Mr.Stark's system I quickly swung away. I can't believe Mr.Stark put a tracking device on me. Good thing I knew something was off about his hand on my shoulder or else I would have been screwed. I swung from building to building until I saw Gwen's apartment. Sometimes I wish that I didn't have to hide behind a mask but it's moments like these where I'm glad I have a mask or else they would know who I am by now and SHIELD would be knocking at my door waiting to interrogate me. Also, it's good to have a mask when your fighting criminals, having a mask on means they can't tell if you're scared shitless or grinning like an idiot. Mostly the latter.

I knocked at Gwen's window a few times then I saw her sleepily walk over and open the window. She may not be my girlfriend but I can't help but stare, she's so beautiful. Stupid teenage hormones. No, superheroes aren't immune.

"Pete, what do you need? It's 12 we should both be sleeping," asked Gwen sleepily with an adorable yawn.

"I may have a problem. Tony Stark and the Avengers are trying to track me." I said while quietly slipping into her room.

"Then why would you come here, then you're making me a target?" Gwen asked with a confused expression.

"Knowing Stark, you're probably already a target. You were seen with me at both the Goblin attack and the Dr.Connors thing a few years ago. But I just came here to warn you, if you see any of the Avengers be careful and please don't reveal that I'm Spider-Man. That would really suck. Goodnight Gwen." I responded while slipping back out of the opened window.

I thought a lot about the Avengers on my swing home. Did they really want me on their team, and if so why? I only stop petty thefts and the occasional super-powered weirdo. Whatever the reasons they have I can't let them know who I am. If I joined the Avengers I'd have to into space or fly across the world to stop some world threat I can't do that... I have homework.

The next day at school when I entered the halls I saw my friends against my locker like usual. As I was walking towards them my spider senses alerted me of danger so I moved to the left, but I bumped into Flash. Flash Thompson, my intellectual rival. Flash pushed me to the side and looked at me with an angry glare and asked, "What are you looking at Puny Parker?"

"I'm looking at your pathetic face Flash," I retorted while pushing off his hands from my shoulders. A few seconds later I wished I bit my tongue.

"Parker, you're going to regret that," Flash spat out then punched me in the face below my left eye, I the proceeded to fall over pathetically because I'm "weak". Gwen rushed over and helped me up.

"Flash what the hell!" Gwen said angrily.

Flash scoffed then responded, "It's not my fault Parker can't take a hit."

"Well Eugene I'd hit you back, but that would be animal abuse. Anywho, are you still mad at me for taking 'your spot' on the academic decathlon?" I asked with a smirk while getting up off the ground.

"Shut up Parker, we both know the only reason you got that spot was because the teacher favors you." replied Flash while glaring at me.

"Think what you want Flash... I mean Eugene." I added while rolling my eyes.

"You're dead Parker, dead!" Flash yelled.

Well, I guess now it's time to play the scared nerd and run. I ran about two feet but a strong grip stopped me in my tracks. Weird, Flash may talk the talk but he never really follows through, he's kind of a chicken.

"It's alright son." Said a strong voice behind me.

As I turned around I face to face with Captain America who now had his hand on my shoulder. And a slowly approaching Tony Stark and Black Widow.

"Umm... Thanks?" I mumbled awkwardly. The last thing I need is the Avengers "helping me" with my high school bully.

"Wow Captain America what are you doing here?" asked Gwen with mock innocence.

"Well, Ms. Stacy we're actually here to talk to you." Captain America answered while retracting his arm from my shoulder.

"Okay then, what would you like to talk about?" asked Gwen pretending to be surprised.


I was leaning against a locker looking at my phone when I heard a crash. Two kids were about to fight. The slightly taller kid, I think Flash, was making fun of a kid in a hoodie. Then the shorter kid said something to Flash and he punched him in the face.

We're superheroes shouldn't we be helping this boy out, well I guess we'll just wait then. Then a pretty blond girl, probably popular, goes and helps the boy with a hoodie up and he smirks. Oh Lord, I know that look, that kid is about to say something smart. He's probably trying to impress the girl. I walked up a few steps to hear what was going on.

"Well Eugene I'd hit you back, but that would be animal abuse. Anywho, are you still mad at me for taking 'your spot' on the academic decathlon?" the kid asked, smirking while getting up off the ground then he dusted himself off.

Well, he got guts I'll tell you that. He doesn't even look that scared of "Flash". High school, the only place where being superior intellectually is a bad thing.

"Shut up Parker, we both know the only reason you got that spot was because the teacher favors you." replied Flash while glaring at Parker.

"Think what you want Flash... I mean Eugene." Parker added while rolling his eyes.

"You're dead Parker, dead!" Flash yelled.

Right, when I was going to step in Cap beat me to it and grabbed Parker to stop him from running away and Flash just glared and walked away knowing he couldn't win against Captain America, smart move kid.

I walked over to Cap and so did Natasha getting the idea that we needed to question the blond which I figured out was Ms. Stacy.

"Umm... Thanks?" the kid mumbled while looking like a deer in the headlights.

Well, he doesn't sound too grateful. Probably going to get beat up because of this. Poor kid. Or maybe he doesn't really see this kid a threat. Well, It's not my problem.

"Wow Captain America, what are you doing here?" asked Ms. Stacy kindly, a little too kindly for my taste though.

"Well Ms. Stacy, we're actually here to talk to you." Captain America said while retracting his arm from Parker.

"Okay then, what would you like to talk about?" asked Gwen looking kind of surprised.

"Just some questions about your internship at Oscorp, nothing too serious. Oh, and is he your boyfriend? You two seem close." I asked with a smirk since she had her arm around the boy.

"Yes he is, I mean no he's not... well at least anymore." she said while blushing profusely.

Parker smirked then said, "Gwen make up your mind. Are we a couple or not?"

Gwen punched his arm then asked, "Shut up Peter. Anyways, what about my internship there? I don't work at Oscorp anymore."

I snickered at that remark. That girl obviously still likes Peter and he's aware of it too. I like that kid Peter, he reminds me of myself at that age. Suddenly a beautiful redhead in tight clothing, probably a cheerleader by the looks of it, walked over and kissed Peter on the cheek, he smirked and Gwen glared slightly at her. It's times like these where I miss high school.

"Peter are you okay I saw what happened, Flash is such a dick... oh hello Mr. Stark, Captain American and um Black Widow?" Said the redhead nervously as she became aware our presence.

"MJ they're here for Gwen lets go to class, I can't afford to be late to any more of my classes, remember last year. Bye Gwen, see you at lunch." Peter said while dragging MJ away from us.

"Bye Pete!" Gwen said as Peter walked away probably forgetting the redhead on purpose.

"Okay can you make this quick, I have class too?" asked Gwen impatiently.

"We're looking Spider-Man and we discovered you have been spotted with him multiple times during his bigger fights, so we are assuming that you know who he is or at least know Spider-Man. So what can you tell me about Spider-Man?" asked Natasha with a cold stare.

"Well yes, I helped Spider-Man stop the Lizard outbreak but that's because I was a concerned citizen who didn't want the city turned into giant lizards and I had the ability to help so I did. The Green Goblin thing I was a random hostage so that's why I was there," answered Gwen with her arms crossed.

"Well I have one more question, what did you do to help Spider-Man stop Dr.Connors?" asked Natasha.

"I made the cure based on Spider-Man's formula and I made it and gave it to my dad so he could give to Spider-Man. Can I go now?" asked an impatient Gwen Stacy.

"Sure," I answered then Gwen walked down the hall to her next class.

"So Spider-Man is good with tech and science... Interesting. Let's go to the front office."

"Why?" Natasha asked with her arms crossed.

"Because I want to know who's the smartest people in this school are. Who knows, it might lead us in the right direction as to who Spider-Man is," I responded walking towards the office.

After about 20 minutes of trying to convince the secretary to allow Natasha and I to access the student files, she finally caved and let us. While sifting through the files I decided that this was a dead end, all the students here are smart and none of them fit the bill. While looking through more of the student files I came across a list with some of the smartest and most gifted students in the school. At the top of the list was Gwen Stacy, not surprising. The next name was Peter Parker. Wasn't that the boy who got in a fight this morning who knows Gwen? Peter Parker is one of the smartest students in this school and is especially gifted in mechanical engineering and biology and other sciences. I like him, the kid has spunk, I think he'd make a good intern for me or Bruce. Well, the only files here that seem to be of any use are Gwen's. I told the rest of the team that he wasn't in high school. This trip was a total waste we aren't any closer to figuring out Spider-Man's secret identity.

"Well if it's alright with you I'm going to take his file, it's very likely that she's going to be given an internship to Stark Industry. Thank you." I said while grabbing the file and exiting the office.


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