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Summary: Buffy, Oliver, and the gang must find out about what's going on at Hogwarts.

Pairing: Buffy/Oliver

Rating: PG-13

A Summers at Hogwarts 3: Chamber of Secrets

Buffy Summers and her long time boyfriend Oliver Wood were walking back from a late matinee. The sun had just gone down as they were leaving.

"Damn! I was hoping to be home before dark. After all, this is supposed to be my night off."

"Maybe we'll get lucky and make it back to the house."

"I doubt it. Come on."

Buffy took the arm Oliver offered. It was summer time and Buffy, Giles, and Xander had come to Sunnydale to meet the newest slayer Kendra and her watcher Sam. It turned out that Sunnydale was sitting on top of a mystical convergence known as a Hellmouth. Buffy was helping Kendra take out as many vampires as she could before she had to return to school. Oliver had arrived the day before to spend the rest of the summer with her. She had gotten the night off so she could spend it with him. They were now a block from the theater when Buffy felt that familiar sensation.

"We got company." Buffy told him.

"Where?" He asked reaching into his coat for a stake and his wand.

"Two directly behind us, three coming from behind us from off to the right, and there's another three coming from the left. Let's try to get to the park before we confront them."

"Let's go."

The two began to run but not fast enough to chance loosing the vampires. The vamps split up a little to keep their dinner from getting away.

"Oliver! Duck!" Buffy said as she saw a vampire trying to sneak up on Oliver.

He dropped to the ground and rolled out of the way. Buffy threw her stake and it hit her target. That made three vampires Buffy had staked out of the eight. Oliver came up and was more than ready to end this fight. They had made it to the park and were trying to fight the vamps without using their magic. Their fight was drawing the attention of more vampires. Oliver saw that Buffy was already fighting three of them and more were approaching both of them. He was more than ready for this fight to end and decided to use magic.

"Lumos Solarum!"

The sky lit in to a light so bright that Oliver and Buffy had to shield their eyes. The vamps screamed in pain as they burst into flames. When the spell had stopped the two looked around to see if there were any that might have escaped. Not feeling anything Buffy let out a sigh of relief.

"You all right?" She asked him.

"I'm in one piece. You?"

"Nothing but those black spot after seeing something bright. A little warning next time would be nice." He came up to her taking her in his arms.


He leans his head down and gives her a passionate kiss. Once they break apart their eyes connect.

"Am I forgiven?"

"Do you even need to ask after a kiss like that? Come let's get home before something else ruins this evening." The two made it home with no other problems.

Several days before they were to leave for England Buffy received an owl from Dumbledore.


It seems that the Dursley's are mistreating Harry more than usual. They have locked him once again in the closet underneath the stairs and are determined not let him return to school this year. I believe that you are the perfect candidate to retrieve him. I trust your judgment in the matter. Please take him to get his supplies. Allow him to stay with you or the Weasley's until school starts. Transportation to and from the Dursley's has been provided and will be waiting for you upon your arrival at the airport. If you are not able to do this please let me know.


Albus Dumbledore

Buffy folded the letter and took out a piece of paper. She quickly replied that she would love to go get Harry and take him to get his supplies and was honored that he had chosen her.

"What did the headmaster want?" Giles asked as she joined the others in the kitchen.

"He asked if I would pick up Harry Potter and take him to get his school supplies. It seems that his aunt and uncle are mistreating him and Dumbledore thought I was the perfect person to get him. He'll being staying with us probably until school starts. Is that okay with you Giles?"

"That's fine Buffy. It's a good thing you were left a big house. With Willow and Oliver staying with us until school starts, and Minerva is coming to visit us upon our return, we'll need the room."

"Don't you mean coming to visit you?" Xander said with a chuckle when Giles blushed.

Buffy and Oliver had taken the Knight Bus to the Dursley place. Dumbledore had rented it strictly for their purpose. Night had fallen and they were standing outside the Dursley house. They both could hear the angry voice of Mr. Dursley.

"Thought it was funny to drop the cake on the Masons did you?" They heard an oof sound.

"You didn't tell us you weren't allowed to use magic outside of school. Forget to mention it…Slip your mind, I daresay…"

The two heard the sound of flesh hitting flesh. Buffy kicked the door in immediately. Mr. Dursley's hand was raised to hit Harry again but Buffy intervened. With such quickness, Buffy had grabbed Vernon Dursley's right hand before it was to strike Harry. She looked at Vernon with menacing eyes. She noticed the paper fall from his hands.

"I wouldn't try that again if I were you unless you want me to give you a little of the same."

She threw him back against wall. His wife Petunia and son Dudley ran to him. Oliver came up beside her. She was kneeling down beside Harry. A bruise was forming on the side of Harry's face, and his nose was bleeding slightly. She could see that he was also severely malnourished.

"You all right Harry?"

"I think so." Harry replied as she and Oliver helped him up.

"Who are you?" Vernon asked.

"Your worst nightmare. I'm a witch with a lot of attitude. Better keep yourself on that floor unless you want a piece of me." The Dursley's were dumbstruck. "Harry go on up and get your things ready for school."

"He won't be going back to that school!" Mr. Dursley stated firmly.

"Are you going to stop us?" She took out her wand. "Just give me a reason. I would love to turn this family into the swine that you are."

"You can't use magic outside of the school. It's against rules." Vernon uttered.

"You'll get expelled." Dudley said sassily.

"As for it being against the rules, there's an exception to every rule. I'm the exception. Oliver, help Harry get his things ready please. When you come back down Harry I'll have a birthday present ready for you."

Oliver and Harry headed for the steps. Buffy waited until they were all the way up before continuing.

"The Ministry of Magic, the ones that sent Harry that letter, are afraid of me because I'm dangerous even without magic. I don't need magic to teach you three a lesson. Actually it would be more fun that way."

She waved her wand at Petunia and Dudley and said, "Petrificus Totalus!" The two stood perfectly still unable to move. Buffy quickly moved toward the scared Vernon Dursley. Using her slayer strength she jacked him against the wall.

"You people really piss me off. Harry has needed your love for a long time, and you would treat a stray dog better than him." She looked at Petunia. "All because you hated that your sister was a witch and you weren't. You were jealous of her. Your hearts are so cold that you make Antarctica seem like a tropical paradise. I don't like you and I don't like it when someone tries to hurt the ones I love. Harry is like a little brother to me and I won't let you lay another hand on him. I am not about to let him stay with the likes of you. That's what you do for the people you care about. Harry won't be coming back here ever. You try to find him or make trouble for him I'll come back here and make your life a living nightmare. You understand me?"

Vernon Dursley nodded being the only one who had the ability to move. At that moment Harry and Oliver came down carrying all of Harry's possessions. Buffy let go of Vernon. She moved to where Harry and Oliver stood. She released both Dudley and Petunia from the Petrificus Totalus spell. Raising her wand she pointed it at Dudley and with a flick of her wrist he was a duck. Then she pointed it at Petunia and she became the ugliest potbelly pig ever. Last but not least she turned to Vernon.

"What would you like to see him turned into? How about we give him grotesquely large teeth and fur covering his whole body?"

"I like that one." Harry said with a smile.

"Then that the one you shall have. Densaugeo!"

His teeth began to grow. She flicked her wrist and his body became hairy. Harry's eyes were sparkling with laughter that soon came out his mouth.

"Thank you Buffy. That was the best birthday present ever."

"You're welcome Harry. Come on the bus is waiting to take us to my home."

Oliver and Harry had gone out and Buffy had stayed behind for a moment.

"You'll keep your mouth shut about this right? Good boy."

Buffy had gotten the first aid kit that she carried with her everywhere. Oliver had gotten Harry settled comfortably on one of the beds.

"I wish I would have known sooner Harry. I sent you some letters but never received a reply. Dumbledore had said they were mistreating you by locking you up in the closet underneath the stairs, but this is too much. Here eat this."

Buffy gave him some chocolate to eat. Harry devoured hoping she had more.

"Do you have any more?"

"Oliver, will see what you can get for Harry to eat? Maybe you can get him some hot chocolate." Oliver nodded his head knowing that the two needed to talk.

He held the cloth that Buffy had given to his nose. The bleeding had slowed but didn't stop.

"Besides your face do you hurt anywhere else?"

"My stomach hurts a little. Uncle Vernon kicked me there twice."

"He is so lucky I didn't know about that. Lie back and lift your shirt up so I can check the damage."

Harry did as he was told. Had it been anyone else Harry probably would have flinched. He trusted her completely and her touch was extremely gentle. He hissed slightly.

"Sorry about that. There's nothing broken. You just have a lot of bruising. We'll get you some of Pomfrey's cream to take care of the bruising when we get to the house."

"Did you mean what you said at the Dursley's?" She took a seat beside him.

"Sure did. I knew you were standing there and I wanted you to hear it. I do think of you as the little brother I never had. We were fated to meet each other. I think Dumbledore knew. Whether you knew or not last year became a part of my family and I'm very protective of the ones I love."

"That means a lot to me Buffy. Thank you." Harry said as he moved to hug Buffy. That was how Oliver found him when he returned with some food for Harry.

"You know most men would be jealous seeing their girlfriend hugging another guy…"

"But not you right?"

"Nope. I know you have eyes for no one but me. I found this for you Harry." He set down the parcel of food in front of Harry who eyed it hungrily.

Buffy, Oliver, Willow, and Xander were looking for Harry. They had traveled by Floo powder to Diagon Alley. When Harry's turn had come he choked on some dust and Diagon alley came out Diagon Illy. So now they were searching for Harry hoping that he had only gone one Floo over. She was on Main street not far from Knockturn Alley when saw Harry and Hagrid.

"We've been looking all over for you Harry. Where did you find him Hagrid?"

"Knockturn Alley. Lucky for him I was looking for Flesh-Eatin Slug Repellant. They're ruining the school's cabbage."

"I'm truly grateful for that Hagrid. I hadn't realized Harry's never traveled by Floo before. Are you all right Harry?"

"I'm fine Buffy. Hagrid found me before anything could happen. I'm staying with Buffy now?" Hagrid gave Buffy a questioning look.

"I tell you the whole story later. Could you give a note to the Headmaster for me? I was going to mail it today but I think it will get there faster with you."

"Sure Buffy. I'd be glad to." She handed him the letter. "Speaking of letters, how come yeh never wrote back ter me Harry?"

"This elf named Dobby was stopping my mail before I received it. He thought if I didn't receive any letters from anyone that I wouldn't want to go back to Hogwarts. He then dropped a cake on Uncle Vernon's boss and his wife. That caused me to get a note from the Ministry, which Uncle Vernon read."

"Turns out The Dursley's were beating him on top of their usual mistreatment."

They both saw that Hagrid was clearly upset by that.

"Buffy took care of them though. She taught them a lesson they won't soon forget. It was hilarious."

Harry went onto explain it as the three walked along the street toward. By the end of the story Hagrid was laughing heartily.

"Harry! Harry! Over here!"

The group looked up to Hermione Granger standing on the steps to Gringotts waving wildly. She came running toward them, and was soon giving Harry a hug.

"I've missed you Harry. Hello Buffy. Hagrid."

"Nice of you to remember us Hermione." Buffy said with a laugh when she saw Hermione's blush.

"Hello Hermione, said Hagrid. "Well got to be off. See yer at Hogwarts."

"Bye Hagrid." All three chorused.

"Come we need to get to Gringotts before we meet up with the others, but first we need to get you cleaned up."

Taking out her wand Buffy tapped Harry on the head while chanting under her breath. The dirt literally fell off him. The two looked at her surprised.

"How did you do that?" The two asked together.

"We are witches and wizards with the right words and enough strength we can do almost anything. How do you think I manage to keep my uniforms and clothing looking so clean? Do you know how hard it is to get demon blood out of silk the normal way? Impossible. Come on you two." Buffy said herding the two toward the bank.

Flourish and Blotts was crowded with people wanting to look at Gilderoy Lockhart. Large blown up pictures of Lockhart were placed on each side of him. Somehow they had managed to keep the doorway clear. So when Harry, Buffy, and Hermione entered Lockhart looked up and thought what a great publicity shot this would make. A picture of him in between the boy who lived and the girl that died.

"It can't be! Harry Potter? And Buffy Summers?"

The crowd turned and gasped at the two celebrities that had just walked in. Lockhart seized the opportunity herding them up to the stage. Lockhart had grabbed Harry's arm and Harry had grabbed Buffy's arm. Buffy made eye contact with Fred and George giving them a silent signal. Both boys nodded as their eyes lit up with mischief. When the three reached the stage, immediately every photographer that was there began snapping photos.

"Nice big smile, you two," said Lockhart, with his pearly white teeth showing. "Together the three of us are worth the front page."

Right when the photographers were going to snap the picture of Lockhart with Buffy and Harry, he began to jump up and down clutching his right foot.

"My foot is on fire!"

That was when the photographers began snapping photos. Buffy and Harry were trying hard not to laugh. The photo's stopped, as people were concerned about Lockhart. Buffy looked toward the laughing twins and nodded them her thanks. Lockhart was glaring slightly as he saw Buffy giving thanks to someone. He moved toward Buffy and Harry again clamping a hand tightly on their shoulders. Buffy could tell that she didn't like this man.

"Ladies and gentleman," he said waving for everyone to be quiet. "Well what a display that was. I have an announcement to make that I have been sitting on for some time. When Young Harry and Buffy Summers stepped into Flourish and Blotts today, they only wanted to buy my autobiography which I shall be happy to present to both of them now, free of charge."

The crowd began to applaud loudly.

"They had no idea that they would shortly be getting much, much more than my book, Magical Me. Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry will be getting me as their new teacher of Defense Against the Dark Arts. I will be teaching these young minds all I know."

The crowd applauded again and Buffy muttered underneath her breath. Harry was the only that heard her.

"That shouldn't be much."

Harry giggled but stifled it when Lockhart presented them both with books. Once they had them Buffy pulled herself and Harry out of the spotlight. They met up with Oliver, Willow, Xander, and the Weasley's. Harry went up to Ginny.

"You can have these, I'll buy my own." He said dumping them into Ginny's cauldron.

Buffy was looking through her books finding nothing that was needed for her sixth year.

"Ron you can have my books. There's nothing here that's on my list of books that I need."

She handed the books to Ron.

"Come on Oliver let's get our books. Harry, we'll meet up in a few minutes if you want to stay with the Weasley's"

Harry nodded and the two left.

"Bet you loved that didn't you Potter?" The voice that Harry despised had come up behind them. He turned to see Draco Malfoy. "Famous Harry Potter, can't even go in to a bookshop without making the front page."

"Leave him alone! He didn't want that." Ginny had spoken up for Harry.

"Potter, you've got yourself a girlfriend!" drawled Draco.

Ginny went scarlet. Ron and Hermione were making their way toward them. Hermoine was carrying her own set of Lockhart's book.

"Oh it's you," Ron said, looking at Malfoy with such disgust. "Bet you're surprised to see Harry here eh?"

"Not as surprised as I am to see you in a shop, Weasley," retorted Malfoy. "I suppose your parents will go hungry for a month to pay for all those."

Ron went as red as Ginny but his wasn't from embarrassment but from anger. He dropped the books Buffy had given him into Ginny's cauldron. Harry and Hermione grabbed Ron before he could make a move on him. Draco's father had walked up behind him put the tip of his cane on his son's shoulder.

"Now, now, Draco, play nicely. Mr. Potter. Lucius Malfoy." Harry shakes his hand unenthusiastically. "We meet at last. Forgive me. Your scar is legend, of course it is, as, is the wizard who gave it to you."

"Voldemort killed my parents." Harry pulls away from Malfoy SR. "He was nothing more than a murder."

"You must be very brave to mention his name, or very foolish."

"Ron!" Mr. Weasley called out as he and the twins made their way over. "What are you doing? It's too crowded in here let's go outside."

"Well, well, well…Arthur Weasley."

"Lucius," said Arthur frostily.

"Busy time at the Ministry I hear. All those raids…I hope they're paying you overtime."

He moved to reach into Ginny's cauldron and pulled out a used book.

"I guess not. What the use of being the disgrace to the wizard if they don't even pay you well for it?"

"We have a very different idea of what disgraces the name of wizard, Malfoy," Said Mr. Weasley.

"Clearly." He said looking at Hermione and then glancing toward her parents who were talking with another family. "The company you keep, Weasley…and I thought your family could sink no lower associating with Mudbloods."

The rage could clearly be seen on Mr. Weasley's face. He was just about to attack Lucius when Buffy beat him to it. Buffy was considerable shorter than him but she had him pinned to floor with nothing but her foot.

"Well speaking for someone who has a Muggle parent and guardian, I can tell you how much we all hate that word. You're the second person I had to take down in the same amount of days. I don't like when people go around insulting my friends. It's like insulting me, and you Luce you don't ever want to insult me. I suggest you and your spoiled brat here learn some manners and quickly. Should I ever hear you or your son, use that filthy word again, I won't be so nice. I wouldn't talk about anyone being a disgrace to the wizardry community unless you're talking about yourself. The Weasley's are fine citizens who have raised seven children which mean they are a whole lot richer in a way you'll never know."

She leaned down closer so only he could hear her next words.

"Don't think that I don't know that you were one of those Death Eaters that tried to kill me last year. I never forget a voice. I'm more powerful than you can imagine. The Ministry is terrified of me and Voldy doesn't want me cause he's afraid I'll take over. Think about that."

Buffy got off of Lucius and moved to join her friends. She heard him moving behind her.

"Look out!" She heard Oliver call out.

With an amazing speed Buffy turned and kicked at Malfoy's arm. The wand flew from his arm hitting the wall behind him. Everyone had heard the sickening crack of his arm and the smack as Buffy decked him. Malfoy was out cold. She turned to Draco.

"You've seen what I can do Draco. Don't cross me! Someone get that sorry excuse for a human being out of my sight."

Buffy had the attention of the whole bookstore. The Weasley's were looking at her with such admiration.

"Hello Mr. Weasley. Mrs. Weasley. It's good to see you both again. I must apologize for that little scene you saw there."

"It's quite alright Buffy. I would have been in the dog house with the misses had you not jumped in. I would have hit him for that comment."

"Yes and we owe you thanks for such kind words. I've never heard our family put in such a good light." Mrs. Weasley said.

"I think we should make her an honorary Weasley." This came from Fred.

"Great idea Fred. I know Charlie already thinks of Buffy as a sister. Bill would love her too. I know it!" George said excitedly.

Mrs. Weasley looked over at her three other children who nodded their head in agreement.

"Welcome to the family Buffy." Mrs. Weasley said as she hugged Buffy.

"Let's go to the Leaky Cauldron for a drink to welcome the newest Weasley." Mr. Weasley said to everyone. Buffy smiled she now had more people to add to her family.

"Buffy? What does Mudblood mean?"

Harry asked having never heard the word.

"It means dirty blood. Mudblood's a really foul name for someone who was Muggle born, someone with non-magic parents, someone like Hermione and me. It's not a term one usually hears in civilized conversation."

"The thing is, Harry, there are some wizards, like the Malfoy family, who think they're better than everyone else because they're what people call Pureblood." Mr. Weasley told him.

"How horrible?" Harry said now really glad Buffy had hit Mr. Malfoy.

"It's codswallop to both. Dirty blood. Why there isn't a wizard alive today that's not half blood or less. Take me for instants; I'm only fourth wizard and three-fourth Muggle. I will admit we're different from the Malfoy's; Hermione and I are actually human. That can't be said for the Malfoy's. How about we go get that drink now?"

The others laughed and nodded. Hermione grabbed her parents so they could meet Buffy. Oliver took her hand and looked at her.

"Codswallop? You've been hanging around Hagrid too much." Buffy laughed before quickly kissing Oliver.