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Notes: Prologue; just introducing my main characters. Nana is probably going to be pretty central to most of this story, even if she isn't always featured. What a nice treat!

Welcome to Namimori

I sighed as I finally finished unpacking the last of the storage boxes labelled "Tsuna's Room". Mama and I had arrived in Namimori early this morning and it was already getting close to dusk. The kitchen and our rooms were unpacked, and the furniture was all arranged in the living room, so it was just the bathroom and other odds and ends we had to unpack and put away, but Mama would probably take care of that.

Moving was such a hassle, but being a vampire makes it hard to settle down in one place for too long, so it can't be helped. I collapsed all the boxes and carried them in a pile down the stairs only to trip near the bottom.

"Heeiii!" I screeched as I tumbled down, boxes flying in every direction. "Oof. Ugh." I moaned at the bottom. Mama poked her head around the corner and sighed.

"Honestly Tsu-chan, you need to be more careful." She said with fond exasperation. It was … unusual for a vampire to be as clumsy as me, even so for a half-blood like me. I'm just lucky I guess.

"I'm okay!" I said as I got back up and started picking up the boxes. I may not be very graceful but I still had the pain tolerance and the constitution of a vampire.

"Gather up the rest of the boxes please Tsu-chan. The movers will be by to pick them up tomorrow morning." Said Mama. "I'm heading out to the store for a couple things, and if you have all the boxes put away, I just might have some chocolate cake with me. Who knows?" she said with a smile. I perked up instantly.

"Hai!" I exclaimed happily and began collapsing and collecting boxes from around the house. Mama laughed as she left, locking the door behind her. Honestly, I was so glad she was buying chocolate. It had been a while since either of us fed so she must have been feeling the thirst too, but chocolate should tide us over for now.

Being a half-blood I didn't need to feed nearly as often as my mom, but the cravings were still a part of my life. There was something about chocolate though, that provided similar nutrients to blood that took the edge off the thirst. Also, because I am half-human I still need to eat regular food too. Mama doesn't need to, but she will eat it for appearances sake, especially if it is spice.

Ah~ all this thinking about food was really making me hungry. I hurried to finish my task, which took longer than I had expected. I hadn't really thought about it before, but this house was rather large for just two people. Oh well.

It was a short while later that mama returned and I could smell the cake she brought with her.

"I'm home!" she called.

"Welcome back!" I greeted her. "How was your walk?" I asked her. She brought the cake to the table while I grabbed a couple plates.

"You won't believe it! I met someone while I was walking. He stopped me on the street to welcome me to Namimori. Small towns are amazing, everyone really does know everyone here!" Said Nana. I paused and looked at her with a questioning expression while serving us each a slice of cake.

"Eh? He stopped you on the street?" I asked and passed Mama her slice. I sat down and greedily ate my first bite of cake. The relief from the dull burning in my throat was almost instant. Thank you to whoever is responsible for the creation of chocolate.

"Mhm. He said he could spot a new face in Namimori from a mile away. He runs a sushi bar not far from here. We should probably go try it out some time. He also mentioned that he has a son the same age as you in Namimori Middle." She said happily. "Wouldn't that be nice to make a friend before school even started?" she asked. I nodded my head and averted my gaze.

To be honest, having a friend would be nice, but we have moved around so often my whole life that I never really learned how to make friends and talk to other people my age. There was also the issue of me asking to bite my playmates when I was younger, but that is neither here nor there… and at least I asked.

"I was thinking of going for a walk around town and exploring anyways, maybe I'll stop by and introduce myself." I said.

"That is a good plan. I might have a few errands for you to run as well." Mama said with a smile. We continued to chat about trivial things as we enjoyed our cake. It was a good day and a good start to our lives in Namimori. If only the rest of our days could be this peaceful.

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