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End Of Year


"Where's Harry?" Hermione asked as she looked round. "I thought he'd be joining us for the train-ride back to King's Cross."

"He and Lord Black have something that they have to deal with." Neville explained as he lugged his trunk into the compartment. "He sends his apologies, but says it's both important and secret, so he won't tell us… no matter how much you ask."

Oh." Hermione sagged slightly, then blinked as Neville pulled a box out of his trunk. "Another new game?"

"Yep. I think I may be addicted to Muggle games." Neville chuckled as Luna tapped the compartment wall with her wand in order to expand the hidden table. "So, let's play… the Game of Life!"


Peter groaned as he slowly woke up. For a long moment, he simply lay there, then his memory returned.

Fighting in the Forest against a foe who could strike back even when he was in his Otherform.
The crashing of trees and the appearance of a giant monster.
A pair of yellow eyes.

"Aah!" He yelped as he sat up. "Snake!"

"That was several months ago." An amused voice stated and the young boy looked round to find the other four were in the same room as him, all sitting up on low beds while at the door…

"You!" He shouted, pointing at the shorter of the two watching them. "You're Potter!"

"I am." The boy replied with a slight smile. "And before you do anything, I am one of the ones who saved you from being executed by the Ministry."

"Where are we?" Amanda asked curiously and Peter looked round, seeing a large beach just outside the large window making up one wall.

"You are on one of the islands that my family acquired over the years." The unknown man supplied. "We've created homes for you here, one for each of you and a few spare for when we find more Obscurials. Here, you are safe. We will not make any demands of you, but neither will we simply abandon you. However, since we have other tasks we need to perform, let me introduce the one who will help you. Kelex!"

Peter's eyes widened as what looked like the upper portion of a suit of armour floated into the room.

"This is Kelex, he's a kind of magical robot." Harry said, nodding at the new arrival. "He's worked for my family for generations and now I've put him in charge of your education and medical needs."

"Education?" James asked.

"Education." Harry confirmed. "We've set up a schoolhouse and medical bay… this is actually the classroom we're in… and your own homes will have televisions that can tune in to any station in the world, although some programs will not be available as you aren't old enough for them yet."

"What homes?" Diana asked curiously.


"So, now that everyone knows that you're an Animagi too, what are your plans?" Luna asked.

"Lord Black has already declared I'm under his protection, so I don't think anyone's going to try anything to get me in trouble." Hermione replied as she reached out to spin the spinner in the middle of the board. "And since we have over a dozen Animagi at Hogwarts… almost two-dozen with most of the teachers now having animal forms, I don't think the Ministry will be able to clamp down on it any longer. As for my plans? Well, not much. You know, you two could always come for a sleepover. It'd be fun."

"Spending the night in a Muggle house?" Ginny perked up. "Yes please!"

"I've got quite a bit of training to do at home." Neville said as he moved his car, landing on a Payday space. "Dad wants me fully trained so that once I've got my NEWTS, I can take over as Acting Lord Longbottom for several months, allowing him and mum to go on the long romantic holiday that they promised themselves. After how Gran tried to turn me into Frank Longbottom Junior, they don't really trust her any more."

Neville looked up and caught the looks that they were giving him.

"Oh no, nothing like that. She's apologized and she's still family, but between her mistakes and the fact she's starting to grow absent-minded… she agreed with it. So, I'll be getting more lessons in Politics and Etiquette over the summer, but if you don't mind, I may pop over occasionally."

"That would be fine." Hermione smiled.



Draco sat down in the chair that his father had once used, putting the folder marked Harry Potter on the desk in front of him. Opening it, he stared at the letter facing him, a letter that was in his own handwriting, but which he had no memory of writing.

Hello, future-me.

If you are reading this, then the coup failed but the plan I had in place to prevent us being convicted of aiding the Dark Lord has worked. It has, however, cost us one of Father's Self-Obliviate devices, but that is a small price to pay.

In the Drawer (and you know which one that is) you will find some numbered vials that will explain everything and return your memories.

I would write more, but time is short.

Good luck, future-me.

Draco Malfoy.

P.S. Check the Riddle file too.

Draco read through the letter three more times, then he carefully returned it to the folder. Reaching down, he tapped two otherwise-inconspicuous decorations on the desk and a small drawer popped out, one which had six vials in it. Picking up the first vial, he carefully unstoppered it, then used his wand to transfer the silvery memory inside to his forehead.

"So, what may I do for you, young dragon?" Grindlewald asked jovially.

"I suspect I may need a Portkey." Draco answered, holding out his belt. "I have one that will take me to my home, but getting back could be problematic and I do not know how to make Portkeys, especially ones that will carry me through the Wards that you and the Dark Lord have planned."

"Of course." Gellert nodded. "Where should it reappear? And do you want me to update your other Portkey so it can traverse the Wards too?"

"That would be very useful, sir. Thank you"

Draco blinked as the memory settled into his mind. "Odd. Why did I not ask the Dark Lord?"

For a few moments, he pondered the problem, then picked up the second vial.

Hopefully this one would explain to him just what his plan had been.



"Wow." Mark breathed as he looked at the Bubblehouse that would be his home. The entire building was a sphere, half-buried in the ground, with a spiral staircase forming the center.

"The kitchen area is there, bathroom is through the doorway just to the left of the stairs, you have a TV on that wall and the upstairs is your bedroom and study area. The basement is currently for storage, but if you want to turn that into your bedroom instead, we can get it done." Sirius pointed to each area. "Window control panel is just here for downstairs and by the balconey door upstairs, you can set it to change at certain times of day if you wish. All systems are hooked up and you can order anything you want. You know, books, clothes, furniture, bedding, so on and so forth. Take a look round, I've got to go now."

Mark barely spared the departing Wizard a glance as he hurried to the central stairs, eager to see what he new bedroom looked like.



"Blood adopted?" Draco snarled in shock. "Potter was Blood Adopted?"

The last of the vials lay empty on his desk and Draco glared at the innoffensive items, then he started to chuckle.

"Well, well, well. It would seem that Potter's Family Magic may not actually be from the Potters at all. But if he was adopted, what happened to the real Harry Potter? Lily Potter was pregnant… wasn't she?"

Rising from his chair, he moved to the filing cabinet and pulled out the file marked Lily Potter. Sitting back down, he opened it and leafed through the pages and pictures inside.

"Wand… OWL grades… NEWT grades… she was what? Childhood friends with… huh. Married… medical! Here we… how did you get those pictures, dad? Who did you have in St Mungo's… and are they still there?"

Turning another page, Draco paused.

"Here we are. Pregnancy confirmed by Healer Smithwick, one boy. No medical issues noted… so what happened? Hm, what's this note? Despite a successful casting, the spell apparently failed to induce Stillbirth and Sterility in Lily Potter, reason unknown. In most recent public appearance, L shows no sign of depression as would be caused by stillbirth and H seems healthy and quite large for being only half a year old."

Draco leaned back, steepling his fingers in thought.

With the revelation that Potter had been Blood Adopted, the question arose of how they had found an infant to take the place of their would-be trueborn son. A touch of Obliviation would explain why Lily Potter had not been grieving for her lost child, she probably had no idea that he had been anything but the fruit of her womb.

It must have been James Potter who performed the ritual, he had been a Pureblood with all the usual knowledge that such a position implied.

But did the others know?

Did Pettigrew know? And if he did, why hadn't he told the Dark Lord?



"The Obscurials are settling in on the Island." Sirius announced as he strode out of the Switching Room and into the Pottery where Harry was waiting to hear from him. "Thanks for donating Kelex to keep watch over them, a House Elf wouldn't cut it, I don't know any Wizards or Witches that wouldn't be missed and whom I could trust not to attack them… it would have been a real problem."

"Always happy to help." Harry grinned.

"Out of interest, just how did you beat them in the first place?"

"I didn't." Harry admitted, his mind flashing back to his desperate battle. "I could probably have taken one of them on and won, perhaps two, but five? All I could do was distract them long enough for everyone else to do what needed doing. If SssSthss hadn't come to my aid and Petrified them, I'd probably be back in the Medical Pod."

"Remind me to buy her a couple of extra cows." Sirius grinned. "I'm glad that she saved you. After all, you are my favorite Godson."

"I'm your only Godson."

"Proof that you're my favorite." Sirius shot back instantly, causing Harry to laugh. "Now, if you'll pardon me, Remus and I have some interesting belts and bracers to examine."


Draco stared in horror at the file in front of him.

"He… he intended to… to possess me?" He choked. "Merlin damn-it! Why in Morgana's name did past-me not include that in the memories?"

The Parchment failed to answer his semi-rhetorical question and Dracoturned the page, then paused.

"The one with the power to defeat the Dark Lord…" He read. "Huh, looks like Trelawney is a Seer after all. I didn't see that coming. But if Potter's Blood Adopted, then how could he be born… wait. Could it have been borne? Carried to those who have… and that would mean that… approaches. It still fits."

Draco slowly closed the file and leaned back in his chair.

"Could Jorel have been the one to carry him to the Potters? There was no sign of a Potter Guardian Spirit before Potter returned from the Muggle World… in fact, there's never been a Guardian Spirit like Jorel… I need to consider this."






Author's Afternote - And that is it for Year 3 with several plot-hooks in place for Year 4, even though I intend to do a completely different story first.

I hoped you enjoyed yourself and yes, without his dad acting as a crutch, Draco really has become sneaky and intelligent.

Given that I'd butterflied the entirety of the Prisoner of Azkaban plot out of existence, I think I did an alright job of making something happen.

Thanks for reading!



The figure in the shadows unsheathed the short dagger, then proffered it to the other figure.

"Taken from the corpse of Gellert Grindlewald. I trust it will do?"

"Indeed it will, Mr Fletcher." The pink-clad witch nodded as she accepted the dagger and its sheath. "The charges will vanish. I suggest you do the same for a month or so."

"Yes, Undersecretary Umbridge." Mundungus Fletcher genuflected as he slipped out from behind the table and quickly scooted out of The Immaculate Line. Umbridge watched him leave, then turned back to look at the dagger in her hands.

"You had the right idea, Grindlewald." She whispered possesively. "Soon, I will find a way to create the perfect world that you wanted, one where the Muggles and Mudbloods serve their betters."

Tucking the dagger into her inner robe pocket, she rose from her chair and departed.