I was bored, the idea popped up, it became a thing, enjoy!

Darth Vader prowled towards the Jedi Temple followed by the 501st battalion, his most skilled, most loyal soldiers, and barely managed to shove his shame beneath his roiling rage.

These were men of honor, and he was about to order them to commit mass murder to sate their masters desire for revenge.

He was Sith now, he was a Dark Lord. He had struck down Master Windu, consigned himself to being the apprentice of Darth Sidious, and he was going to go through with it all in order to save Padme.

Nothing else mattered.

As his troops approached the main gate he froze when he saw a woman standing before the open doors, her hair, a dark rich red wine color, blowing in the winds as she casually observed the newly arrived army.

"Sup Anakin, how's things?"

Fierfek. This was not going to end well for anyone if she was here. How had Sidious not seen this?! Damn it all...

"Hello Iris, I wish we didn't have to reacquaint like this but the Jedi have betrayed the Republic and must be exterminated, upon the orders of Chancellor Palpatine."

She laughed, laughed at that statement before cocking her hip to the side, her porcelain white skin reflecting the lights of the passing speeders as her emerald green eyes began to glow.

"Really now Ani? Do you honestly think I'll let that happen?"

Darth Vader gulped lightly before grasping his lightsaber unclipping it from his belt, and quickly ignited the brilliant blue blade, "No, I expect you to fight to the death."

Jedi Knight Iris Potter grinned at that as she took her staff saber in hand and ignited the golden blades, "Well, someones death at least." Twirling her double bladed weapon she dove over Vader and landed in the midst of the clone troopers, before the Dark Lord could do anything she had incinerated the back ranks with some sort of hellish fire while dismembering those around her.

Blinking rapidly Anakin charged her but she simply pointed her off hand at him and screamed "Expelliarmus!" To his shock his lightsaber was torn from his hand and went flying into the Jedi temple, which now hosted a couple dozen Knights and soldiers preparing bulwarks to fend off the coming assault.

Turning back to Iris, his former best friend killed the last of his clone troopers by crushing his skull with the force before turning back to the fallen Jedi.

"Ani...Seriously? We need to talk. I get that you're worried about your pregnant wife and all that, but this? Seriously man?"

More than a little freaked out Vader took a step back and eyed his former friend in worried shock, "How...how do you know about her?"

She rolled her eyes as she extinguished her saber and clicked it on the latch at the small of her back, "Anakin you and Padme are seriously like, the most open secret relationship in the Republic, really, the only people who haven't caught on are Yoda and Mace. Obi-Wan is just annoyed you haven't declared him the kids Godfather yet."

"I...I think I killed Master Windu earlier, I cut off his hand and my Master cast him through a window with force lightning."

Her response shocked him.

Shrugging she glanced to the dead troopers while stating, "Well...couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Look you made a mistake, killed an asshole, and led your men to a slaughter. That can be forgiven, seriously though Anakin, we can work through this."

He scowled at Iris, "My Sith name is Darth Vader."

She perked up and grinned, "Goddamn, that sounds awesome! No wonder you're sticking with this evil bullshit! Still though, if you just slow your roll and talk this over with me we can work this all out. I'll even call you Vader from now on."

"No more Ani?"

She grinned, "Nope, Vader's a better name anyway."

He glanced at the dead troopers, the fortified temple, and his slightly insane friend, before letting out a resigned sign while slumping his shoulders.

"Ok fine..."