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WINTER'S WRATH by: Luraia Soul Prologue
Winter was almost over. The light dusting of snow that Japan had received over the long winter months was thawing rapidly. The first warmth of spring was here. People could finally put their winter coats away and bring out light springtime jackets to ward off what was left of the chill. Trees were slowly coming back to life, grass was returning, flowers had started to show themselves, and Kurama couldn't have been happier. He has patiently waited for this day. The one day in the year when the ice cracked away and the snow finally uncovered the grasses that had layed dormant for the winter. It was the day of the vernal equinox. This one day allowed for so many changes, both nature and society were cut free of Old Man Winter's icy grip. But Kurama's faveourite change occured when the plants woke up from the deep sleeps.

Throughout most of the winter, Kurama had tortured his friends. He hadn't wanted to go to the movies or hang out with them the entire season. He felt as if he's been drained of him life force during these months. Luckily for him there was a place that could keep plants alive all year. Kurama had spent most of his time there, waiting for a sign that spring had , at last, come. Every winter made him feel as if there was nothing left. Through his demon backround, he had always felt the connection with nature. As if he felt every time the plants changed seasons, he should as well. He was a fox demon, a kitsune, but that alone made him have a high respect ofr Mother Nature and the seasons she put into play every year. Yet, everytime she gave the land winter, he felt the need to find her and throttle her for every making snow, ice, and wind combine and kill his plants. Each year he controled his urges for he believed that he probably wouldn't be able to find Mother Nature anyway. When he had spoken to Yusuke about it, when winter had first shown signs of it's ice, Yusuke had laughed. Through the course of the passed five months, he had proved to Yusuke that winter could drain his strength ans will. Yusuke had become concerned and had told the others. Together they had tried to get Kurama to forget that it was winter with promises of entertainment but, it hadn't worked in the least. But, the day had finally come when he could return to his normal self.

This day held new possibilities for him. His strength had returned to him. He had felt rejuvinated when the ice on the nearby park's pond had began to crack. Warmth was returning, the plants were waking, the animals had stirred from theirs hibernations, and, now, it was Kurama's turn to return to life. He no longer felt Winter's depression but, instead, he felt that a new adventure was about to come. His friends had realized his change in mood and had invited him to the last snow ball fight of the season. He didn't like the idea of having to throw the freezing cold snow at someone else, let alone that the stuff would be hitting him as well. _I'll just team with the girls this time_, Kurama thought with a slight smile. _They beat the guys at every other game that they had tried to make up. Obviously they're the better strategists. Besides, if I tell them what the cold does to me I proably won't even have to be in this silly game_. Kurama had always thought that girls were more understanding. He left his room with that thought in his head.

"I'm leaving Mother," Kurama called out. He reached for the door knob but was stopped short by his mother's voice.

"Suuichi wait!" she cried, catching up to him. "You forgot your jacket again."

With the warm weather he hadn't thought of bringing one. Both the prospect of a possible snowball in the face and his mother's voice made him thing twice. She handed him a light jean jacket to him and waited.

"Oh,... that's right. I nearly forgot," he said while taking the jacket.

"I'm so glad to see you going out with your friends, Suuichi. You haven't seemed like yourself these passed few months."

"I'm fine now Mother... Now that it's Spring," he added under is breath. He gave his mother a lasting smile than left for the park.