Note: As you all may or may not know, this is my last chapter, and I just wanted to personally thank everyone who reviewed my story and stayed with me until the end. Your loyalty, and kind words are what got me through this and I was surely glad to write for you and hope to write another DM fic very soon. So without any further delay, here is the final chapter, and as always, enjoy!:-)

"Steve? St- What the- son, why on earth are you up on that shed?!"

"I'm a cowboy, daddy! And now I'm going to get the bad guy!"

"Steve, no! Don't jump from th-"

"Ohhhh... I remember that."

Mark smiled as he turned off the projector, and turned to face his son. "And yet you still managed to get even more accident prone after that."

"Hey, I was a kid, kids do that!"

"Who says I was talking about your childhood?"

Steve gave an annoyed look his father's way as Jesse and Amanda came sprinting into the living room with joyful looks on their faces, making Steve and Mark curious, but with Amanda and Jesse it was something they were all too used to.

Steve jammed his hands into his pockets and shrugged. "Okay, I'll bite. So why are we so sunshiny today?"

"Well didn't you hear about Jonathan Pearson?" Jesse replied.

"Yeah... But how did you guys-"

"Oh please, it's all the over the news," Amanda stated.

Steve nodded. "And?"

"And... I had lunch with Cheryl today."

"Ah, I see. And such a loyal partner she is, too."

Mark got up from his seat, standing in front of everyone. "Uh, excuse me, old man who's completely in the dark here."

"Wow, that's a first," Jesse replied.

Steve gave a look Jesse's way, then proceeding towards his father's way. "Well, Jonathan's trial was today, and he got sentenced to life in prison."

Mark's mouth dropped. "You're kidding!"

Steve shook his head. "Nope. He has enough charges against him to keep in locked in there for good. So you have nothing to worry about, dad."

"Well good. Because let me tell you, after these past few months, I got enough worry about the three of you to last a lifetime."

"Awww... That's so... Uh... I wanna say sweet and creepy at the same time," Jesse responded.

"Please, I've had to live with it for over forty years. I'm glad someone else gets to share it with me," Steve said.

"You two are horrible!" Amanda replied as she started to make her way into the kitchen.

"Oh what is it with you? It's like we can never say anything that lives up to your standards anymore!" Jesse argued.

As Mark stayed behind and watched as they made their way into the kitchen, he breathed a sigh of relief. Not just for all three having survived through this horrific ordeal, but for him surviving as well. And for him having two guardian angels watching over him and helping him get to the spot where he was today. And he wouldn't have it any other way. **

"Dad? Dad, can you hear me?"

Mark suddenly opened his eyes and looked around, realizing the couch had been his bed for the last hour. "Oh, uh, hi son. Sorry, guess I must have dozed off."

"Yeah. And after we were going to have a nice evening of wrestling and a little betting together."

Mark grinned. "Sorry, Steve. Guess I'm a little worn out from these past few months, still."

"Yeah, yeah. I guess I'll forgive you this time, but next time- it's double or nothing."

"Nice spending time with you too, son," Mark replied with a slight chuckle.

"Anytime. Well, guess I'll go get into an actual bed and get a little shuteye. And I suggest that you do the same."

"Don't worry, I will. Just let me clean this mess up first."

"Okay, well, just don't lift anything too heavy. Night, dad."

Mark looked at the mess and rolled his eyes. "Glad to know nothing's changed."

As Mark started to clean up, his body suddenly tensed up when he heard a familiar voice filling his living room. "You're mine, Sloan! You hear me?! A life sentence ain't going to stop me! I will get you, somehow, along with your son! Do you understand? So you'd best start worrying and watching your back..."

Mark sighed as he watched Jonathan on the news and shook off his last comment. "Sorry to disappoint you, but this time I'm not so worried."

He then shut off the tv, and after having decided to leave the mess until morning, proceeded to make his way to his bedroom. He then stopped suddenly after bumping into his dresser drawer, soon hearing something come in contact with the floor. As he picked it up, he smiled as it was reveled to be an old family photograph of Mark, Kathryn, Steve, and Carol all together and all as one happy family. Starring at the picture and gently stroking it with his fingers, he sighed.

"I think this time around, I'll be okay. I'm almost sure of it."

And he then went to bed shortly after, looking forward to a new day, a new mystery and best of all his life and everything in it. And that was something defiantly worth living for. **