"Hey (Y/N)! You ready to go?" Tracey De Santa called out to you as she pulled up in her car.

"Yeah I've been waiting for 20 minutes for you! Where have you been? Don't tell me you're late because you were with that Franklin guy!" You put your hands on your hips as you smiled.

"Oh shut up! So what if I was, he's cute, but don't ever tell my dad! All he ever does is ruin things for me! You remember that time he embarrassed me in front of like millions of people?!" Tracey scoffed as you got into her Yellow Issi. "I mean, it's like I can't ever do anything because he's like always around to ruin everything!"

"Yeah, so where are we going anyways? What's this big surprise?" You glance over at Tracey as you run your hand through your long (y/c) hair. You we never fond of surprises. Hate them actually.

"Relax you'll see but first we have to stop at my house I forgot some things."

About 20 minutes of jamming out to the radio and singing your lungs out, you finally arrive at the De Santa residence. You watch as the large iron gate slides open, but something catches your eye. A man had fallen from the second balcony wearing nothing but only a cheetah looking speedo. You look up to see a man in a grey suit looking over the balcony then quickly disappeared. There's a truck parked near the house and a guy walking up to the doors that seemed to be slightly cracked. Tracey pulls up and parks turning off her car. "What the fuck?! Oh my god thats franklin, what's he doing here!"

"That's franklin? Damn! He looks good, way to go girl! Do you know what the hell is going on?" You look at her then back to the front doors. There was now a woman in a towel yelling and screaming at the man in the grey suit who looked like he could kill somebody. You sit in the car to stay out of everyone's way and just watch and listen.

"What the fuck is going on!" you hear Franklin call out.

"Nothing happened it was a misunderstanding!" the woman in the towel yells.

"She fucked a prick in my bed!" The man in the suit said as he walked towards the vehicles. "You in?"

"Fuck it lets get this mother fucker!" Franklin says as they both get into the white truck.

"Don't kill him!" she screams from the steps then walks inside and slams the doors. You watch the two guys take off after the guy in to speedo and then look at Tracey who mumbles.

"Welcome to my dysfunctional family, come on i've got to go see what happened." You both get out of the car and walk to the front doors.

"So i'm going to take a guess that those were your parents?"

"Yeah." she replies. As you enter the house, you notice a spanish styled theme. It's beautiful, the whole house is beautiful. "Hey could you wait in the living room i'm going to go check on my mom."

You nod and step into a room even more beautiful then the last one. You notice on the table there is a glass ashtray with a half finished cigar in it. Upon examining it you see it's the same type that your dad smokes. Which makes you start thinking about your parents. Two months ago you and them had a falling out and they kicked you out. Ever Since then you've been dipping into your funds to stay at mediocre hotels. Your parents are loaded but never gave you a dime. You recall working at binco shops and Fruit Machine to earn your own money, which is pretty much almost gone. You and Tracey have been friends for 8 months, but you've never really opened up to her about your life or family. Your both complete opposites, but you get her and she gets you, so it works. Plus she drives you around in her nice car and takes you to awesome clubs.

After what seemed to be an hour and a half, Tracey finally comes into the living room. "Well looks like we'll have to do the surprise tomorrow." she grabs her keys, "Come on, I'll drive you home."

"Hey Tracey I have to be honest with you, I can't really go home because I got kicked out about 2 months ago. So I uh, I've have been staying in hotels. Um, do you think I could stay here with you till I work things out with them? I know its alot to ask and all bu…"

"Oh my gosh (y/n)! Why didn't you say anything then! Let me go ask my mom. I'm sure it won't be a problem!" She runs back upstairs and doesn't return for another 8 minutes. When she does she's smiling, making you exhale a breath you didn't know you were holding. "She said yes, so let's go get your things from the hotel."

"Thank you so much Tracey you really are a good friend."

Hours later your stuff is unpacked in the guest room and you're in the living room watching Fame or Shame with Tracey. However, you get bored and look at the time, it's around 9 at night so you decide to go for a swim in the pool. Getting up you walk to the room you're staying in and quickly put on your bikini, slip on a beautiful imported robe that you stole from your mom, then headed downstairs.

"(y/n) hey im off to bed try not to drown! Also there are towels near the pool for you!" Tracey yelled after you as you walked out onto the back patio.

"Thanks!" you yell back while taking off your satin black robe to reveal a White Angel Netted Halter Bikini. You're physique is in top shape with perfect size C cups and an impeccable bubble butt. People left and right always tell you that you should be a model. Though you never gave it a go because you thought it wouldn't work out. You swim for what seemed like a couple hours enjoying the coolness of the water. Relaxing on the edge of the pool, you're suddenly startled by a large splash at the other end of the pool. You watch as the figure swims to your side and finally emerges 2 feet away from you. Your frozen with fear, as the man wipes his eye of water. Finally he looks at you and freaks out.

"Who the hell are you!" he jumps back in the water.

"Hi uh, i'm (Y/N), I'm Tracey's friend. Uh, Mrs. De Santa said it was ok if I stayed here for a little bit." You cover yourself up even though you don't have to because your bikini completely covers your breasts.

"Oh she did, did she?" he leaned against the edge of the pool elbows back pointing his chest out staring at you.

"Um yeah, I can go if you're not ok with it." You stand and get out of the pool and walk over to your satin robe, grab it and then wrap it around yourself.

"Nah you can stay, but I don't know why you'd want to stay here when this place is full of loons."

You walk back to the pool and sit in a chair, "I, um, actually don't have anywhere else to go, my parents kicked me out about 2 months ago and i'm all out of money. I can help out around the house to earn my stay. I can get a job and help."

"(y/n) is it? Don't worry about it kid we have maids for that, as for the job part I can help you with getting a job so you can get back on your feet and even get your own place." he smiled slyly

"Really! Thank you so much Mr. De Santa!"

"Please, call me Michael."

You talk for another couple of hours and in that time you didn't even realize that you'd taken off the robe and were sitting on the edge of the pool with your feet in the water. You told him all about your parents and how they were like billionaires and never ever gave you a dime of anything. The maid and the butler acted more like parents than your own mother and father were to you. The air was getting hot so you slipped back into the pool to cool off. "Yeah I get where you're coming from doll face, I started as nothing and worked my up to where i'm at now. But now i'm rich and miserable, my marriage is in shambles, and my kids hate me."

"So… um not to pry or anything but that guy that jumped from the second story window?"

"My wifes tennis instructor. Yeah I caught them together. Next time I see him i'm going to kill him."

"A little over top don't you think?" you whispered as you lie there floating on your back.

"Maybe but imagine how many other married husbands I'd be doing a favor! Who knows how many wives he's banging."

"You have a point, but wouldn't there be a better way? Personally i'd kidnap him and put him in a storage container, ship him off to another country with no passport and no clothes, he'd show up and they'd open the container discover him and take him to the police station for questioning. It would take him a long time to get back without his passport."

"You've really thought about this huh?" Michael swam towards the edge then leaned against it. You stopped floating, sat up, and then sat across from him, mimicking his position. "You thought about doing it somebody you know?"

"Yeah my parents… they're complete assholes." You looked at him, noticing his baby blue eyes. Your favorite color eyes. Those eyes stare at you making you somewhat uncomfortable.

"Let do it." he says.

"Wha..What?!" hoping he's not suggesting what you think.

"The container idea! Ship him off to another country! I know he'll find a way back, maggots like him always do. But it would be hilarious." he smiles. You release a big breath thanking god that's what he meant. The sun was starting to peek up over the mountains and you were tired and seriously pruned. Instead of using the steps you climb out on the side of the pool. Michael follows your gesture but slips and you try to reach for his hand to help pull him back up but ends up pulling you back in the pool. Landing very close to him that you brush his chest with your right breast ¨Shit i'm sorry about that!¨ you take a step back and smile.

"It's ok no worry," this time you both use the steps and grab towels to dry off. You grab your robe and sling it over you shoulder. "Thank you for letting me stay here Mr. De San.."

"Michael, call me michael. And no problem kid!" he smiles opening the door for you.

You both walk inside and the last thing you say to him is, "I'm not a kid, i've dated guys your age, maybe even older." with that you turn and walk away to your room. You change from your wet bikini into something dry and comfy. A sexy red lacy bra and matching thong. The clock next to the bed reads 5:44am. As soon as you lay your head down you're instantly out.

Your dream was a strange one. You're sitting in the living room watching tv when michael comes in the room. He grabs the remote from your hand and turns the tv off. You protest but he grabs you roughly and lays you down on the couch. Next thing you know he's climbing on top of you, biting and kissing your neck. You're not sure of what to do but it feels so good you don't want it to stop. He works his way down to your chest and rips your tank top down and starts suckling your nipples ever so lightly. Your stomach is churning and giving you butterflies, you want more. He starts his way back up kissing every inch of your neck. He kisses and bites your bottom lip ever so gently. Michael starts licking your cheeks, leaving drool in its place. Wait… drool?

You open your eyes and see a large rottweiler sitting on the bed over you. The panic and scream are caught in your throat! You slide out the other side of the bed and stand on the floor. You have a huge fear of dogs and this is the biggest rottie you've ever seen! The dog jumps off the bed and sits at the foot of the bed looking at you. You're frozen with fear. You try grabbing the door handle a little too fast but it makes the dog growl so you stop. You reach for the handle again and this time slowly open the door and bolt as fast as you can down the stairs into the living room. The dog is right behind you barking and growling as it runs after you. You finally find your voice and scream loudly. As you turn around to face the dog you back up slowly in the kitchen. All of a sudden three men burst in from the back yard and you happen to back into one of them reaching behind you clutching for dear life. The guy named Franklin grabs the dog and yells at it commanding it to go lay down.

"Well hiya there sweet cheeks!" it's the man holding you. You look up behind you and see a face thats slightly scared.

"Jesus! (y/n) are you alright?! Chop didn't bite you did he?¨ Michael runs toward you.

"If the dog didn't I'm gonna!" he man growled and hugged you tighter.

"Come on Trevor let the poor girl go!" Franklin yelled gesturing towards you.

"I'm just shielding her from you boys so you don't look at her like perverts! Have you seen what she's wearing?!"

Oh shit! You forgot you were wearing a bra and thong… you looked down and shrieked! Michael grabbed a blanket from the couch and covered you with it, taking you to sit on the kitchen chair.

"Look at her, she's as red as a tomato!"

"Trevor stop being an asshole! Anyways um (y/n) this is Franklin and this horn dog it Trevor. I'm so sorry you had to meet them this way… or just even meet Trevor for the matter!" Michael said.

"What's that supposed to mean Mikey boy, by the way who is this your side piece?" trevor was ogling you like a thanksgiving turkey.

"I beg your pardon!" You roared as you stood up causing the blanket to fall exposing yourself once more. You went to take a swing at Trevor but Michael caught you by your midsection picking you up and turning you towards the living room. Franklin had picked the blanket and draped it over your shoulders. You glared at Trevor over your shoulder as you walked away.

"Uh, yes why don't you go um, put some clothes on. Then come back down we have things to discuss."

"Oooh I love them feisty! Next time darlin!" Trevor shouted up to you as you ascended the stairs.

Finally after 5 minutes you returned in a hoodie, jeans and sneakers. Your hair was thrown up into a lazy bun. You walked outside to the backyard where all three men were sitting and talking under a large umbrella. You sit down next to Michael and Franklin while Trevor sat across from you still staring you up and down. You glared at him the entire time. "Alright," said Michael "we have a few things we need to discuss."

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