The next morning you woke up from the sun shining in your eyes through the window. You lay there and think about last night, about Michael. From all your experiences with older married guys you know not to rush after them because their minds are in conflict with themselves. They want you but want to stay with their wives. So you're going to let him come to you this next time.

As you get dressed you look over to the alarm clock and see its nine in the morning. You get dressed in some short shorts and a crop tank top with a light jacket. You leave it unzipped to show off your flat and toned stomach. You throw on some white trainers, put your hair up in a cute messy bun, then run down stairs and grab a bottle of water from the fridge. As you get to the front door your stopped by an all too familiar voice from behind you.

"Where you off to?" Michael called out, coming down the stairs.

"Morning Michael, I'm just off for a run, gotta stay in shape." You take out your phone and wireless earbuds and get them ready.

"Oh mind if I join you?" you look at his shirt and shorts. He's already sorda dressed for running. Let him come to you.

"Sure, but only if you can keep up though." you laugh and wink.

"Hun I used to be the head quarterback of my school. An all around athlete."

"Yeah but that was how long ago?" you try to hold your laughter, but fail.

"You just watch and see." he said as he slips on a pair of running shoes that lay next to the front door.

"Ok well I'm running about ten miles today. Think you can do it?"

"Thats nothing! Let's go." he walks out the door holding it open for you.

"Alright I'm running to the pier. I'm telling you that, so if you fall behind you can get a cab and meet or wait for me there." you take off at a nice easy slow pace while laughing."

"That's more than ten miles darlin." he groans as he keeps up with you.

"Already complaining?" you grin knowing damn well it was way farther than ten miles.

"Not one bit your on, loser buys lunch!" he yelled as he took off full sprint down the road then turned the corner.

You run slow and steady for what seemed like a forty minutes, so you stop and take a sip from your water bottle. There's sweat forming on your forehead. You take off your jacket off and tie it around your waist and then continue running. A little while longer you spot Michael doubled over heaving and gasping. You smile as you pass him and you call out "Haven't you ever heard the term slow and steady wins the race?" you laugh loudly as you continue to run past him towards the pier. Twenty minutes later, you notice a taxi slowly driving next to you. The back window rolls down and you see a defeated michael staring at you.

"Alright you win get in, I'm buying lunch." you stop and smile and walk up to the side of the cab.

"No get out and finish the run with me, we can walk the rest of the way if you want. It's good for you Michael." you open the door and put your hand out for him to grab. He hesitates but grabs it and gets out. He hands the cab driver a twenty dollar bill.

"Alright, alright but I do need to get back into shape. With all these um, jobs were going to be doing I need to be able to run without pulling something." he smiles.

"Who said I was doing more than the one job huh?" you look at him kinda serious. "I'm not a criminal." you say softly.

"That's not what lester says. Pulling people's credit card numbers and using them as your own." he cocked an eyebrow and pursed his lips.

"HEY! That's not the same or fair." you stopped, got in front of him and put a finger to his sweat soaked chest. "I'm behind a screen safe behind closed doors. I'm not out shooting guns at people or gangbangers or killing people. The people I rip off are rich assholes." you finished the sentence in a hushed mumble and turned around quickly. But before you could totally turn around michael grab gently at your arm and turned you back around.

"What was that last part?"


"Yeah it was, what did you mumble!" he smiled and let go of your arm "I won't judge you."

"I used to rip off the rich assholes that I dated. But I don't do that anymore." you blush, turn away, and start walking again. You hear Michael following you and say,

"It's alright everyone has a past and I can't judge you because of what I've done in mine." he laughs "and i've done some fucked up stuff darlin." his comment makes you feel better.

"Well I don't know the first thing about heists, so your all going to have to teach me." You turn to hide your face so he doesn't see you smiling.

"No problem hun, Trevor and Franklin would love to help out."

You guys arrive near the pier finally. You check your phone, it read eleven forty seven.

You turn to Michael and smile, "I think someone owes me lunch!" you smile and walk over to a small little hot dog stand and wait for him.

"You don't want something more appetizing?" he smirks.

"What you don't like hotdogs?" you gasp. Bringing your hands to your chest dramatically.

"Never really found the right combination that I enjoyed."

You grab his arm and drag him to the hotdog stand. "Two hot dogs please, you know the way I like them!" You've been here plenty of times for them to know your order by heart.

"You got it ma'am" the younger kid about 17 said. A couple minutes later he hands you the hotdogs and Michael pays.

"Close your eyes and try it!" you grin big with large doe eyes.

"Alright." he does and he takes a big bite and savors it. His eyes shot open and looked at you in awe. (y/n) these are amazing! I think I found my new favorite combination." he smiles and continues to eat his. You guys start walking along the shops near the pier. "What's in it?" he asked after his third bite.

"Well mustard, ketchup, mayo, a slice of pickle, and the hotdog is wrapped in bacon. Sometimes it's good with coleslaw as well." you smiled and you took a bite out of yours. You guys walked until you were almost under the pier on the beach.

"What an interesting choice, I like it." he said as he finished up the last bite he had. You walked into the water, just enough to get your feet wet and looked out across the ocean.

"Yeah a special someone made it for me one time, I think that's what made me fall in love with him." you smile at the memory.

"Well sounds like he has good taste." Michael said lowly. You finished up your food and turned around to face him.

"Yeah he was a great guy with an enormous heart." you smiled once more. "Think you can run back?"

"What?! We just got here fifteen minutes ago, and just ate food. I'll cramp!"

Your back was to the pillars holding the pier up, and you slowly started to step back. Your pace quickened and you spun on your heel and ran under, running fast, away from Michael.

"Where are you going!" you here him yell out as he tries to follow you. Your laughing loudly and switching directions left and right. Circling back behind him you still hear him calling out your name. It was the middle of the day, yes, but under the pier it was pretty dark. You slowly run up behind him and scare him. "Oh you little shit!" he yells as he jumps. But when he turned around, you were already running the other direction, looking back laughing over your shoulder at him. He started to chase you and he was gaining ground. You cut left then right then left again, through the pillars hoping to lose him. You looked back slowing your pace and saw he wasn't behind you. You turned left again and when you went to look forward you bumped into something hard. It made you scream a little. It was just a pillar though. About five minutes pass by and you were getting nervous now. Where is he?! You think as you turn In place looking every direction, the only sound of the crashing waves getting louder and louder as the tide started to rise.

You turned to your right and start to walk calling out his name, only to be drowned out by the water. Now your getting worried, "This isn't funny anymore where are you?" still nothing. You turn left and still no Michael. The water was rising fast leaving little run around room under the pier. Your heart beat starts to quicken and you look through the pillars out into the water seeing if he got swept away by a wave. Nothing. "AAAHHHHHHH" you scream as something grabs you from behind picking you up by the waist.

"Ooh you're a feisty little one!" you didn't recognise the voice so you tried to look behind you but a hand came from your waist to shove your face forward. This wasn't michael. You try to get free by kicking and scratching. "Hold still you little bitch! And shut up, no one can hear you." the man pressed you into the pillar, ripped the jacket tied around your waist off, then began tugging down on your shorts. The other hand held tightly against the back of your neck pushing your face extremely hard against the splintery wood. His action pushed the air out of your lungs making it hard to breathe, let alone scream. After he had your shorts down around your ankles this stranger's hand slid along your inner thighs coming closer and closer to your pussy. "Oh yeah you like that, you little slut. I can tell your dripping down your legs. His hands were moving your thong to the side and rubbing slowly but firmly rubbing your vulva.

"Stop!" was all you could choke out.

"Mmmm so wet and all for me." all of this was happening so fast within minutes. He was cutting off your air and your vision was getting blurry. You heard the zip of what was most likely the guys pants and felt him press himself against your inner thighs.


All of a sudden the weight of the man was gone and air was flowing back into your lungs burning your windpipe. You fell back against the pillar and blinked a couple times trying to regain consciousness. You looked over to Michael holding a large piece of driftwood, kicking the man in his side over and over, then pull out a gun from his hip. He must have been wearing a holster under his shorts. How did you not notice? "Michael!" you could only whisper, your throat burned like hell. "Michael," he looked over to you with a fire in his eyes and a facial expression you've never seen before. How could a beautiful handsome face turn so sinister so fast? "No, don't." you cry out to him and he rushes to your side leaving the man on the ground clutching at his sides. He most likely had many broken ribs.

"(Y/n) are you ok?! Look at me," you looked into once baby blues now fierce dark blue eyes. "Are you ok? Where does it hurt sweetheart?" he cupped your chin in his hands and examined the scratches and cuts all over your face.

"Hurts everywhere. But my throat the most." was you could muster. You looked over to the man still laying on the ground in the fetal position. Michael didn't look at your body as he helped you pull up your shorts. What a gentlemen. But anger was boiling inside of you and you were pissed that this man just tried to rape you. "Giv… give me that." you didn't wait for him to respond as you ripped the gun out of his hands and walked as best you could over to the man. You shoved him over with your foot. The man was now sprawled out flat on his back, looking at the gun in your hand with wide eyes. He started blubbering like a huge baby.

"Ple...please! I'm sorry!" he put his hands up to shield himself, like that was going to help stop a bullet.

Michael walked over to you, "(y/n) don't."

"Why not!" it came out in a dark husky voice. Anger was taking over you and you wanted the man to pay. "You were just about to kill him!" you yelled back.

"I know but I've killed people before you never have."

"How do you know!" your starting to angry cry. The gun still pointed at the man.

"Because you're shaking violently. You cant even hold the gun still."

"No i'm not!" but you were, your whole body was shaking from anger, fear, and pain.

Michael smiled and came up behind you repositioning your legs and put one hand around yours that were clutching the gun desperately. And the other hand grabbed your waist. You instantly fell back into him. Melting into him. He hummed some sweet tune in your ear. You closed your eyes and you moved your head to the side, giving him your neck, which he lightly kissed then said "Now your ready darlin." It was as if something snapped inside you. Your eyes shot open and your grip was more firm and aim steady. You aimed straight at his forehead. And pulled the trigger. There was nothing. What? You fired again and again and still nothing. You whirled around to face Michael. Confused and a little angry. He looked at the cowering man beneath them crying, "Get the fuck out of here!" he sounded almost italian. The man picked himself up or tried to and scrambled away from them as fast as he could. "Did you really think I was going to let you kill him." he looked you in the eyes and had a serious face.

"Ye….yes.. I," you looked from him to the gun to the ground where the man used to lay. "I don't get it, wh...why?" you were getting mad. "Why build my confidence all for nothing."

"When I saw you reaching for the gun I quickly released the clip and I saw an opportunity to test you. I wanted to see if you would really pull the trigger. If you'd really kill him." he cocked a grin, one you didn't know either to punch or kiss.

"Test me for what?!" your patients were wearing thin.

"If your going to run with Trevor, Franklin, and I, then I need to know you'd be there to have our backs and really pull the trigger. It's not how we were going to test you but I saw the opportunity and seized it." you looked down at the gun in your hand and turned it over and over. You handed it back to him, which he put the clip back in and stuck it back in its holster. You tried walking a couple steps but your legs faltered causing you to fall to the ground. You thought Michael was bending down to help you back up but instead he picked you up bridal style. He started walking out from under the pier back into the sunlight. He walked until he sat you down on the sand under a large umbrella, then sat next to you. "Let me see your face." he said and he gently grabbed your chin and pulling it to face him. You winced when he touched your temple. You didn't even realize you were bleeding when he brought back his hand it had a lot of blood on it. "He really bashed your head in, damn. You have some splinters we can get them out when we get home." Michael then examined your neck and throat there were dark marks already forming. "Do you want to go to the hospital?" he was still holding your chin looking at your throat.

"No I don't…" you coughed lightly and winced, "I don't do hospitals."

"Alright, I'll call Lester and see if we can't get a guy or girl to come look you over. I would've been there a lot sooner but somehow I smacked my head on one of the pillars back there and went dizzy for a couple minutes. Then I heard you scream and I ran in that direction."

"Well i'm just glad you found me before he ugh well yeah…" your cheeks burned red and your stomach twisted as you sat there staring at him. Into his now baby blue eyes.

You sat there next to each other for what seemed like 30 minutes, but in reality it was only like 12 minutes. After a little bit you look over at him and lean in to kissed him on his cheek. "Thank y.." Michael leaned in and kissed you deep and passionately, cutting you off. You kissed him back putting a hand to his cheek cupping it. He gently pushed you down onto the ground and got on top of you, never breaking the heated kiss once. His right hand came up to your exposed stomach and slid under your crop top and bra. He gently and carefully pulled on your nipples, sending shivers up and down your spine. He broke the kiss only to kiss ever so gently and slowly down your jawline to your bruised neck. He lifted your shirt up exposing your perfect breast.

"Oh wow they're so perfect, so beautiful." his breath hitched as he said this.

"They're also real too." you blushed a deep red. He came back down to them and stuck one of your nipples in his mouth and lightly sucked on it. You arched your back into him wanting him to never stop. You knew that he knew you just went through a traumatic experience, but you weren't a normal girl, and you needed him badly. Needed him to help you forget. You felt pure bliss, you didn't even care if anyone was watching. He switched to your other nipple and lightly bit and pulled on it, making you gasp out loud. His hands explored your body slow and gentle. He would never hurt you, not unless you begged him to. You sat up and kissed him some more, then straddled his lap feeling his hard on through thin layers of clothes. You ran your hands through his hair while kissing his neck, and jugular. In one quick motion Michael picks you up and walks towards the water. You looked at the water then back to him then double take. "Oh no you don't" you hold onto him tightly.

"Oh I think so sweetheart." he grins wide.

"Michael nooo!" you scream as he starts running for the water. He laughs as the water hits both of you guys as he submerges you. You come up for air and gasp not caring about your throat or that pain you're in. You want him, you want this. You swim up to him and wrap your arms around him. He kisses you as he grabs your ass pulling you into him. Your legs wrap around him and once again you feel him right against your crotch. Your aching so badly. "Take me," you whispered in his ear.

"All you had to do was ask." he reaches down and pulls himself out of his shorts as you pull away to pull your shorts and underwear off and hold them in your left hand so they don't sink. You wrap your legs around him again and you can feel him at the entrance of your pussy. He slides slowly into you inch by inch. You moan into his ear. He bites your neck hard and he slams you onto the rest of his cock. You scream out in pleasure and in pain. He must have been 9 to 10 inches long! He's sucking on the side your neck trying to mark you, where there wasn't any marks or bruises. You release your bun letting your wet hair fall down around your shoulders "You're so fucking tight, I love it." he mutters against your neck.

"Well I haven't had three kids like your wife." you smirk. "Oh yeah! Oh god fuck me, yessss." he picks you up by your waist and slams you back down on his fat cock. "Oh yesss michael fuck me!" you're so close but make yourself hold off from cumming. You want to cum with him. You don't want this to ever end, knowing he'll be sleeping in same bed as amanda and not you later this evening. While you're just down the hallway all alone. Your left hand held the base of his neck along with your shorts, while the right hand held the side of his head while you passionately kissed him like there was no tomorrow. Cause there probably wasn't, he might change his mind in the morning. His thrusts went deeper and deeper inside you. You could feel him start to shake. You broke the kiss and whispered in his ear, "fuck me Mr. DeSanta, cum for me baby."

"Oh (y/n), oh fuck! I can't get over how tight your little pussy is. It's mine now, no one else's, got that?" he bit and chewed on your earlobe.

you continued to whisper in his ear until he climaxed. "I'm your little fuck toy use me and abuse me anytime. In the middle of the night. In the car. Across the dining table while everyone's asleep. In the middle of your wife's cherished tennis court. Fuck me where ever, when ever Michael." He was grunting, oh he was ready, "cum for me baby."

"Your my little slut, my little toy." He started pounding into you with crazy speed. He was so huge and stretched your pussy out completely. When he came he bit down on your shoulder drawing blood and leaving teeth marks. You cried out as your orgasm rocketed through you.

You both stood there panting foreheads touching each others for a while. "We should probably head home and shower. Also clean your wounds." you both started wading towards the shore, then you remembered you were naked from the waist down. So you quickly, in the water, throw your clothes on and catch up to Michael. You both were exhausted he picks up his phone from the ground and calls a cab. You pick yours up and check the time, its around one in the afternoon.

You both are almost dried off by the time the cab driver pulls up. You both get in and tell the driver where to. The car pulls away leaving the beach behind. You lay your head down in his lap and fall asleep from exhaustion. Michael plays with your hair and rubbed your back.

You later woke up on the couch in the living room with a blanket tossed over you. Where the hell am I? You think. Oh yeah we're home duh. What time is it? You reach for you phone and find it on the little coffee table. The screen read 7:29. Jesus! You winced a little as you tried to sit up. Your neck burned inside and out terribly. There was movement in the kitchen and you got up to go check it out. It was Mrs. DeSanta. When she realised you were standing there she jumped and grabbed at her chest. "Oh dear, you startled me." she did a double take when she saw your purple throat, bruised forehead, and bite marks all over you neck and shoulders. "Jesus (y/n) are you ok?!" she practically screamed out rushing up to you.

"I, uh…" you closed your eyes because everything was making you dizzy. Your voice was horse and groggy. You reach out and grab onto the counter in front of you. "Yeah I just went for a run earlier down to the pier and, I went under the pier figuring it would be ok since it was the middle of the day," you sway a little. "and I just remember being jumped. The guy didnt get a chance to do anything to terrible to me, some perserby saw and helped me, then gave me a ride home."

"We should get you to a hospital (y/n)! Here let me get my purse."

"No, no i'm ok, it's not as bad as looks I promise." you smile and say "I'll be ok I promise. I think i'll just go soak in the hot tub to relax my muscles." you wince once more.

"Are you sure? Ok, well call me if you need me hun. I'll be at a yoga retreat for the next couple of days. But i'll answer the phone if you call." she gently hugs you and holds your chin like a mother would. "If you ever need anything hun, seriously just call."

"Ok I will thank you." she lets go of you and your eyes follow her to the front door where she picked up some bags and exited the house. You walk up stairs and go into your room, where you slip on a simple plain white lace bikini. You grab your robe and slip it on. As you make your way down the stairs you see headlights through the glass stained front door windows from about 2 different cars pulling into the driveway. You figured, might be Tracey or Jimmy, because neither of them were in their rooms when you were upstairs. You shrugged your shoulders and went to the kitchen to get some water, which you drank two glasses of. Just then the door opened and you heard two male voices, only one familiar.

"(Y/n) hey where are you?" you saw Trevor round the corner with a guy in a white coat. "Oh there she is," he gestured to you. "Michael called and told me that you got into a little predicament today." he said eyeing your neck and shoulders.

"You crossed your arms and raised your eyebrow what exactly did he tell you?" you tried to sound tough but it came out in a rough husky voice. You cringed at how you sounded.

"Just that someone got the jump on you. What's their name i'll go kill them."

"No it's fine I handled it." you looked over to the man in the white coat. The private doctor. The doctor you were sure only dealt with criminals.

"Alright, this here is Dr. Peterson. Michael asked me to be here while he examined you. He had to go to an emergency movie meeting thingy." he rolled his eyes.

"Alright." you walked over to a high bar chair and sat down. You uncovered your shoulders but left the robe on around your breasts in fear of Trevor ogling you.

"My my! Those are some nasty bruises my dear." the man grabbed your chin gently moving your chin up so he could get a better look. He held his stethoscope to the base of your throat and listened. "Staggered breathing," he noted out loud, as you winced from the cold instrument. "sounds like your windpipe was slightly crushed but not to terrible. You'll be ok just need to take it easy for a week or two. I have some pain medication I can give you," he rummaged through a large black bag pulling out prescription bottles. "and a cream that'll help the bruising fade faster. Use it twice a day, alright?" he smiled at you.

"Yeah ok. Thanks doc." He laid the meds on the table next to you. He then turned to Trevor who escorted him out. You went out the back door and removed your robe and laid it in one of the lawn chairs next to the hot tub. The hot water felt all to amazing on your skin. You messed with the jets until you found a setting you liked. Laying back you closed your eyes and just relaxed. Footsteps approached and you opened one eye to see Trevor sitting in the lawn chair. "Please Trevor i'm not in any mood to mess around." you sighed.

"I know, I just wanted to make sure you're actually ok." the tone in his voice made you open your eyes and look at him. He was being sincere. No smirk or grin like normal on his face. Just concern. You sat up a little.

"I'm ok I promise I really am." you smile slightly. "It just hurts. But i'll be ok." Trevor nodded and looked up to the night sky.

"Well no one else is home, and michael told me to stay with you until he came back."

"I'll be ok. You don't have to stay, really." you cocked an eyebrow.

"Well it'll make me feel better knowing your ok till he gets back."

"Ok fine just let me sit here in peace though." he nodded and sat back in the chair playing on his phone. A couple minutes later you heard him snoring. "Oh jesus." You get up and nudge him awake. While he's coming to, you put your robe on and tied it. "Trevor wake up, your snoring is going to wake the whole city!" you laugh a little. He blinks and looks at you then turns on his side and goes back to sleep. "Trevor! Wake up and come inside it's way too cold to be sleeping out here." you shake him hard and he swats your hands away. You roll your eyes. You look at the cold pool water, then back to him. You walk over to it and pick some up with cupped hands and stand back over Trevor. "Sorry but you gave me no choice." you dumped it on his neck and part of his back. He jumped out of that chair like no other. "Oh good you're up. Look i'm going to bed and im not letting you sleep outside. It's to cold. And plus if someone were in the house trying to hurt me you'd be out here most likely locked out. So come on." you gesture to the back doors and start walking. He follows you and walks to the living room and literally plops down on the couch and was out again. You rolls your eyes and walk up to your room. You get ready for bed and dressed in a tank top and warm pajama pants, then settle into bed and crash out.

Author's note

I hope you like this chapter! Please leave me feed back, negative or positive I accept all. Just would like to know if this story is doing alright! I enjoyed writing this chapter I thought it was fun. I also tried to make it longer. Happy Holidays!