This is my attempt at a fix-it fic. Because five years later I still think Mary and Marshall are endgame. This story picks up at the end of season 4 and deals with Mary giving birth and how her opinions on family change. Canon compliant through season 4 and then veers sharply.

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING. This is basically just fluff to soothe my shipper soul.

Enjoy! Reviews are appreciated. No hate - please and thank you.

Mary sighed both at the effort exerted to get herself up and at the sight of her partner, best friend, and perhaps soul mate walking away towards his girlfriends. That was when the pain in her stomach shot through her like she had been stabbed and shot at the same time.

"Marshall!" she gasped out.

He was by her side in an instant, guiding her carefully back to the altar, (Chuppah), speaking calming words that she was only partially hearing. Her entire focus was on the pain in her abdomen and worry for her unborn child.

She noticed somewhat unconsciously as each new person joined her. She heard Abigail's accented voice calling calmly for an ambulance. She noticed Mark's appearance, his panicked features in sharp contrast with Marshall's outward calm. She saw her mother fluttering helplessly next to a cool and collected Stan. But behind them all she noticed Peter, who had been heartbroken just a few hours before, looking on with nothing but concern. She promised herself to try and fix things with him and Brandi.

But all of this was consciously blocked out by pain and the sound of Marshall's voice.

When the paramedics came she grasped Marshall's shirt with all of her strength.

"Don't…" was all she managed to get out before he grasped her hand.

"I'm here with you. All the way."

The paramedics didn't protest when he climbed and back and they were off in a flash. Marshall held her hand and murmured encouragement. Once they were at the hospital however, he was forced to remain behind despite his frantic attempts to keep up with the gurney. Finally she lost his hand as she was pushed into another ward. She blacked out a few seconds later.

Author's note: hoping to update this fic every few days. It's mostly written but life still happens so stay tuned! Thanks for reading :)