Its been a couple weeks since our favourite dragon slayer joined Kouh Academy and he's fitted in nicely, he's made lots of friends and people he'd risk his life for. Although he is sometimes stalked all the way to the Gremory Castle and also having extremely boring lessons, he is having a great time.

Natsu's Dream

"Rias I thought you said there was multiples sight seeing's of angels here, I really wanted to see them." The pink haired devil whined, pestering rias like a crying baby to a mother.

"Oh shut up Natsu, you're lucky we're even here." Rias replied angrily in a deep tone.

"So mean..." Winced Akeno and Issei.

"You don't have to be so mean Rias." Natsu said with watered eyes, drawing the attention of the girls around him.

'How dare you! You evil bitch, how dare you make Natsu cry!' Akeno Thought as a dangerous golden aura surrounded her.

"I really don't know why but I feel like punching rias in the face." Koneko muttered confusedly.

"I'm so sorry Natsu, its just I'm having a really weird feeling, please forgive me." Rias cried as he rubbed herself onto his leaned shoulder.

"Now that you mention it, I am feeling some sort of nostalgic feeling from that forest, I think we should go check" Natsu said curiously.

The forest was quit dark for the middle of the day, it had tall dark brown trees, with the occasional red pose petals fallen out of nowhere, but in the middle of the small like forest it had a beautiful clean white water fountain... the scenery was truly beautiful.

"Guys lets go, it might be dangerous so don't forget to stay alert." The king Rias ordered her peerage.

"Yes, Rias!" They said in union.

"Koneko come in-front please, you have the strongest defence magic here, it'd be quite useful if we had an altercation with an enemy." Said rias.

"Yes, my king." Koneko bowed.

"Don't worry, that is no position for such a cute girl like you Koneko, I'll take it!" Natsu smile which Koneko found cute.

"Thank you Natsu." Koneko muttered with a extremely blushed face.

'Koneko as well!?' Thought Rias and Issei in awe.

"Don't worry, its no job for such a cute girl like you." Smiled Natsu.

"Yeah like Natsu said, its no job for a cutie like you." Issei smiled with a perverted look on his face.

"Die pervert." Koneko said with a disgusted tone.

"Well shall we get going, people may be in danger." Said rias.

"Yes, my king." Replied her peerage.

-Deeper into the forest-

As natsu walked further into the forest he felt a some what nostalgic feeling, something he hasnt felt in a while, something he craved, something or someone from his old world that made his heart stop. He began to smell the air to identify who it was and he was shocked so shocked he started to cry.

"Natsu are you oka-" Rias was cut off.

"ERZAAA!" Natsu cried as ran further into the forest.

"Umm whats going on rias?" Asked issei & kiba.

"I really dont know but it seems serious." Rias said in a concerned tone.

"Everyone follow him!" Rias ordered.


"Please be ok Erza." Natsu worried.

Natsu then reached the forest but what stopped him from going any closer was the smell of blood & dead bodies.

"Erza?!" Natsu said shocked that the person who he cried day and night for was right in-front of him, but what confused him the most was the new apperance his love had...

Although her hair was scarlet before this was extremely red, she had beautiful red lips which confused him since her lips were slightly reddish pink, she had extremely pale skin and grey emotionless eyes which worried the dragon slayer. For her clothing she had a white bushy wedding dress, she also wore gold bracelets and gold earrings. But that's not what concerned the dragon slayer the most, it was the beautiful feathered wings on her back.

"Erza you're alive?!"

"What happened to you?!"

"I thought you died." Natsu screamed but the crimson haired girl simply just stared at emotionlessly.

"I love you Erza, please come back to me!" Cried Natsu.

Although Natsu didn't get an instant reply he saw that a crimson aura enveloped the beauty as she began to rise.

"Erza what are you doing?" Worried Natsu as Erza began to point her hand towards him as crimson swords & spears began to appear.

"I hate you." Erza muttered as a tear of blood crawled down her cheeks & a crowd of crimson blades came crashing down at the dragon slayer.

Although it was whispered, with natsu's enhanced senses he was able to hear it clearly, he felt hurt emotionally and also physically, he didn't even care if he died because the person he cared for murdered his soul.

"But let me know why Erza, what did I do?!" Screamed Natsu.

"You killed m-"


'Well thats enough of that.' Vediga thought to himself.

'Its seems like him and his mate are supposed to meet, it must be fate.' Thought the black dragon.

'This world may suffer the same fate as his old one if so... I guess that's why he's called END.' Thought the dragon in hope.

"ERZAAAA WHAT DID I DO!" Screamed Natsu as he awoke from his slumber.

'I guess he's awake now, lets see what this boy can do to make this day less boring.' The Black Dragon emperor thought tiredly.

"Is everything ok, Natsu?!" Rias said as she came screaming into the room.

"Yeah, I just had a very bad nightmare." The famous dragon slayer said as he rubbed his head.

"Was it about someone from earthland?" Rias said with a concerned look on her face.

"Don't worry Rias, I'm fine, I'm going out today, getting fresh air you know." Natsu said as he kissed rias on the head.

"Ok, be careful." Blushed rias as he excited the room.

'I'm worried about you Natsu.' Rias thought with a concerned look on her face.

1k word introduction, yall like that?


"You ok Natsu?" Vediga asked the boy.

"Yeah I'm alright, I just had a bad dream nothing I cant handle, hehe." Chuckled, although Natsu was a great actor, Vediga knew it was still bothering the boy.

"I'm sorry to say this Natsu but... they're dead, Acnologia killed them there was nothing you could do and it wasn't your fault so please don't blame yourself." Vediga sternly said to the dragon slayer.

"I know but I cant help but think about them, they were my friends after all." Smiled Natsu.

"Hmm, it seems like you need a break from all this stress, lets go have some fun today!" Vediga said excitedly.

"Lets go!" Natsu shouted out loud drawing the attention from others but what he didnt see was the little girl in front of him.

"Dumbass, watch where you're going boy." The black holy dragon shouted.

"I'm sorry miss are you ok?" Natsu said sheepishly as he helped the girl up.

"Yeah I'm fine, sorry for getting in your way." Blushed the girl as she rubbed the dust of her dress.

"Beautiful..." Muttered the dragon slayer at the sight of the angelic being in front of him.

She had long straight blonde hair, beautiful emerald eyes which could hypnotize anyone, slight they pale soft skin, and just above average bust size, and a very child like build, although it was quite attractive she was very short.

"Well I'm Natsu Dragneel, sorry for knocking you over is there anything I can do for you as repayment?" Bowed the young dragon slayer.

"No its ok, it was my fault anyway, I'm new here so I shouldn't of barged into my senpai." Sheepishly said the girl as she followed on with a bow.

"Your new here?" Natsu asked.

"Yes, I just moved her a week or so ago with my fellow nuns." Asia smiled.

'Hmmm, a nun.' Thought the black dragon.

"That's so cool how about I show you around town." The pink haired host said excitedly.

"Are you s-sure?" Stuttered the blonde nun with a huge blush on her face.

"Of course, I wouldn't of said it if I didn't mean it." Smiled the pink haired demon.

"Thank you s-sir." Blushed the short beauty.

"Call me Natsu and lets go!" Shouted the dragon slayer.

An Ice-cream stand

"What would you like asia?" Smiled Natsu.

"N-no you don't have to its not right." Stuttered the nun.

"Of course I do, I barged into you also you're new here let me show you a good time." Chuckled Natsu with a perky smile.

"Your such a nice person I wish I could be with you everyday." Cried asia as she hugged the dragon slayer.

"I promise ill repay you." The small girl said with a fire in her eyes.

"Don't worry about it wend- I mean asia." Laughed the pink haired host.

'This is almost depressing, gosh I cant wait till he reunites with his friends.' Thought the emperor of black dragons in a crummy mood.

"So what would the princess like." Smiled the tanned demon.

'Princess?' Asia blushed immensely.

"Please don't laugh but I've never had Ice-cream before." Muttered the golden haired nun as she hid the blush from her face.

"Seriously, well lets make this something to remember!" Cheered the handsome Dragon Slayer.

"Of course but do you mind if we walk and eat, I need to get to my church." Asia asked politely.

"Sure." Smiled the dragon slayer.

"Sir, could I get 4scoops of vanilla ice cream please?"

"Of course, for dates its free, enjoy guys." Waved of the shopkeeper.

"Its not a date!" Blushed asia & Natsu as they screamed to the shopkeeper.

"Ohhh, young love." Chuckled the man.

"Is that your church." Pointed Natsu to the massive building up top the hill.

"Yeah, I never knew it was that big from a view since I've only been in and seen it a handful of times." The blonde angel said.

"Oh well I guess you should get going." Natsu said as he rubbed his head.

"Yeah, thank you for today I wish I could repay you somehow." Bowed the golden haired angel.

"Lets do this again sometime I had fun." Natsu said as he waved off the nun.

"Yeah me too, bye Natsu-senpai." Blushed asia.

"Just call me Natsu, we're probarly the same age anyway." Natsu said in the distance.

'Hmm natsu, I hope we can see eachother more.' Smiled the blonde teen.

I bet you're wondering why so little action & suspense? Ohhh trust me there is more to come hehe.

Gremory House

"Rias I'm back!" Boomed through the house.

"Natsu! Where was you this whole time?!" Screamed the crimson haired princess as she ran down the stairs.

"Its only 4pm." Said the Dragon slayer nonchalantly rubbing his head in a bordered manner.

"You where out for 2 hours! You made me worry so much!" Cried rias.

"Rias its not that serious hes not a baby." Rias's mother, Venelana said as she walked into the hallway.

"Hello Rias's mother, how are you doing?" Natsu said kindly.

"Im good Natsu thank you for asking, oh Natsu I forgot to mention how good you look today." The brunette haired mother said with a hungry & starved look in her eyes.

"Thank you, so do you Venelana." Blushed the pink haired dragon slayer.

"Aww such a lady killer, well I should leave you and rias to talk she seems pretty angry." Chuckled the purple eyed mistress, justifying how red Rias's cheeks were.

"Bye, rias's mom!" Waved Natsu.

"Bye my love." Venelana said as she blew Natsu a kiss.

"Rias your mom is super nice I wish you were like that." Said the soon to be dissembled Natsu nonchalantly.

"I am nice you bastard! Stop crushing on my mom you idiot!" The enraged rias screamed at the pink haired dragon slayer.

"Oh Natsu I am so sorry for shouting at you." Rias said as she started to look at a crying Natsu


"So Natsu do you get it?" A white haired girl said to the young pink haired dragon slayer.

"I think so let me try it, Lisanna." The little dragon slayer said with a fire in his eyes.

"Great, now go and fall on Mira on purpose although make it seem like an accident, then use my secret move..."

"Tears of a baby: Fake crying!" The now identified friend of the young dragon slayer screamed.

"Yes, sir." Natsu said as he saluted his friend in a similar way they do it in the army.

"Oh hey Natsu how've you been?" A drunk Macao asked.

"I'm good, same old." Natsu answered as he continued to walk to the white haired demon, Mira.

"Hey, Mira!" Waved Natsu as she began to ran closer to the girl.

"What's up midget." Surprisingly responded the white haired mage.

"Nothing much Mira do you know where-" Said Natsu as he tripped down on to the white haired take over mage knocking down her food.

"Natsu you dumbass, what are you doing!" Mira uncontrollably screamed in a crazily gesture grabbing the attention of other mages in the guild hall.

"Lets pray for him." Cana and Macao said as they got in the praying position.

"Dumbass..." A raven haired shirtless mage muttered.

"I'm sorry Mira, it was on accident I didn't mean to hurt you." A sly dragon slayer said using his masters secret move.

"You idiot that doesn't cu-" Mira started to scream but stopped dead in here tracks when she glimpsed at the young boy.

"Amazing... to think he mastered my skill so easily..." Lisanna muttered in a distant.

"Oh Natsu don't worry about it, where does it hurt do you want me to kiss it better for you." Mira said as she began to rub her body on to Natsu with love heart in her eyes.

"What the fuck!" Screamed the whole guild.

Rias & Natsu

'Lisanna, it seems I have to use your secret move.' Natsu thought as tears began to form in his eyes.

"Natsu, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to make you cry!" Rias said worriedly as she started to hug the dragon slayer.

"Don't worry about it, its my fault for angering you, I shouldn't of said those mean things about you." Smirked Natsu at the deception of the king Rias.

"Great, since you have barely done any work for us you can finish of your contract work."

"Oh yeah sure I'll do it, but I'd like to walk, is that ok?" Asked the dragon slayer.

"Yeah but be you have to be fast." Rias smiled.

"Should I get going now or.." Said Natsu.

"Yeah, depending on how quick you complete it depends oh how many stars they give you." Winked Rias in a cheekily manner.

"Ok, see ya Rias."

"Bye Natsu." Waved rias as he exited the mansion.

With Natsu

"Hmmm, from this map it seems this is the house." He said as he looked at the house that was a couple feet from him.

'Ewww, what the heck is that smell.' Though Natsu as he walked closer to the house.

"Be careful Natsu, that stench that you are smelling is indeed blood, also it seems like its coming from the house." Vediga explain coming out of his slumber.

"Lets go in, I trust you have my back, Vediga." Natsu said as she opened the door to the blood stained house.

"Always, be careful it seems you have company." Vediga said.

"So be as quiet as possible." Ordered the black dragon.

"Hello, is anyone there?" Natsu yelled.

'Kill me now, I'm sorry Igneel but your son is an absolute imbecile.' Mentally screamed the black dragon.

"Who the fuck are you?" A white haired anorexic guy said as he held a sword emitting infinite light.

"I'm apart of the gremory clan, you summoned me here?" He asked.

"Hmmm devil scum? I wouldn't mind chopping you handsome ass up!" The white haired exorcist said as he charged the host of the black dragon.

"So I guess this was your doing." Natsu asked with slight annoyance & anger.

"Sure was, you should of saw the was I cracked open they're skull, it was delightful." The white haired sword user said as he stuck his tongue out in a weird way.

"Ok then I wouldn't mind beating you to a pulp." Smirked Natsu as he went a blaze.

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist" Roared Natsu as he began to charge the white haired exorcist with pure bloodlust.

"What the fu-" Said the sword user but was cut short as a flaming fist slammed in right into his face with shear power & might, slamming him into the wall.

"You bastard! You broke my fucking jaw." Desperately spoke out the white haired exorcist as he pointed at his jaw.

"Learn how to hold back young one, power with no control can either kill you or you opponent." Sternly but kindly said Vediga in a light voice.

"I did I swear I swear." Cried Natsu.

"Oh sorry dude." Said Natsu in a uncaring tone.

"You'll pay for that!" Screamed the white haired exorcist as he pulled out two pistols from the left & right side of his hip.

"Bang bang bitch!" The exorcist said shooting Natsu, spraying his whole body with his light bullets causing the pink haired dragon slayer to let out a little grunt.

"Hahaha. Dumbass never let your guard down." Giggled evilly the exorcist beginning to get up.

"Bastard!" Angered, the fire mage shot multiple fire balls heading towards the exorcist."Shit!" Muttered the exorcist in a worried tone. "Light Bullets." Yelled the exorcist as he began to shoot white bullets colliding with the dragon slayers fire orbs creating multiple shockwaves in the process.

"Hmm, it seems like those bullets have done quite the number on you." Spoke out the black dragon as Natsu began to fall to his knees in complete shame and pain.

"Are you done already? Haha, one of the gremory is said to be stronger." Maniacally laughed the exorcist as he held his sword at the neck on the dragon slayer.

"Ahhhhhh." Screamed a known voice.

"Asia what are you doing, have you even finished the magic circle?" Shouted freed in shock and anger grabbing the attention of the pink haired host he turned his head to see the blonde haired angel Asia.

"Asia what are you doing here?!" Shouted Natsu in confusion.

"Natsu?! Why are you here?!" Worried asia as tears began to crawl down her face.

"What is this a teen romance show? I'll tell you what he is... he's devil scum!" Laughed the white haired exorcist.

"No it cant be!" Yelled in shock as she held her mouth.

"Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't tell you, I thought we would never see each other again, I didn't feel the need to... I'm very sorry Asia, please forgive me." Natsu said as he left his head to hung in guilt and shame.

"I think its time to slay this devil." Said the white haired exorcist in disgust.

"No!" Asia screamed as she came in front of the blade, shielding Natsu from the bright sword.

"This shit is extremely annoying, get out of the way bitch." Yelled the exorcist, striking the nun with his sword, tearing her clothes leaving her bare breasted.

"I haven't had a blonde before, hehe." Laughed freed as he began to touch her, but she started to be a struggle so he easily knocked her out just by back hand slapping the poor angel.

"Don't touch her!" Natsu screamed beginning to stand as lightning and flames started to envelop him.

"What the.." The exorcist shrieked in bewilderment and in a overwhelmed tone.

"Lightning Dragon's Ro-" Screamed out Natsu but stopped in his tracks as he fell back to the ground.

"Boy, accept it, your hurt and you cant even stand, please retreat." Calmly spoke Vediga.

"If I do she will die!" The dragon slayer creeped up with a flame in his heart.

"Haha, I actually thought you were a problem!" Laughed nervously as he began to walk closer to the bleeding devil.

"Say your prayers scum." Said the exorcist as he swung his sword.


"How you doing Natsu, we felt tremendous magical energy so we guessed it was you." Kiba said as he came through a crimson magical circle almost ready to fight anything that awaited beyond the magic circle, clashing with the exorcist.

"Natsu are you okay?!" Screamed Rias as she began to tend to Natsu with low level healing magic.

"Yeah, don't worry about me its just a little scratch." Said Natsu, letting out a small chuckle.

"Shit its not strong enough!" Cursed the crimson haired princess in anger.

"Let me, I know I've caused so much trouble but let me be of help for once." The blonde haired nun cried with watered eyes as she began to wake.

"I guess so but only this once." Rias said with authority and base.

"Hey asia, are you okay?" Said Natsu with a smile.

"Yes, thank you for your concern, but I am extremely sorry for what happened here, I hope you forgive me!" Cried asia as he began to heal the fallen gremory.

"Don't worry, also this is not your fault at all." Softly said the dragon slayer with a kind smile.

"Sorry to interrupt but we need to hurry." Akeno said in a cheekily manner.

"Sorry, this is all I can do at the moment, I've closed all wounds but there may be internal bleeding." Asia said as she began to stand as did Natsu.

"Nun bitch we need to get going, I cant hold him off for much longer." Said the exorcist pulling put his dual pistols letting of a barrage of bullets that were unluckily blocked by the blonde haired swordsman.

"What do you mean? Isn't she coming with us rias." Natsu worried in confusion.

"Natsu, nuns and devils cant just come together Natsu, they hate us and were different from them." Rias said with anger.

"Kiba lets go!" Rias said.

"I gotta go I'd love to fight some more, what's your name exorcist?" Said Kiba as he stepped in the newly made teleportation circle.

"Backing out? well the names Freed and id too love to chop up your devil body." Freed said in a cheeky manner.

"We cant leave her she's gonna die!" Said Natsu as he tried to escape from the crimson circle.

"If your safe Natsu I'd gladly die Natsu, I wish we could spend more time together but it seems my time is over." Cried asia.

"Bye hehe." Laughed freed as he started to make a magic portal.

His eyes were shadowed with his spiky pink hair and when ever he does that he is going to do something either really stupid or really smart and I guess this is both...

"No... This is not how it goes!" Shouted Natsu as he began to get flashbacks of his dead friends and family at his fairy tail guild.

"Natsu are you ok?" Asked a concerned rias.

"Ill see you guys later, I'm going to rescue are friend asia." Natsu said with a smile as he broke out of the teleportation circle.

"Noooo." Rias yelled but was cut off when she disappeared as well the peerage.

"Not too fast!" Yelled Natsu as he grabbed the leg of the exorcist trying to pull him back in but got dragged in with the magic portal.

"Well this must be fun, there's about 100 fallen angels here, they seem to be having some sort of gathering." Vediga said alerting the young dragon slayer.

"Just great, but to be honest... asia did a shitty job of healing me I feel pain everywhere." Said Natsu as he began to take in the area he was in and.

"She said she would close the wound from the outside, and especially if its bullets, there is a high chance of internal bleeding." Said Vediga.

"Where did asia go?" Worried Natsu.

"Please let go!" Asia screamed as two fallen angels began to pick her up and carry her away in the distance.

"Ahhh shit!" Natsu yelled beginning to chase after her.

"Where do you think you're going, devil scum." Appeared freed with his famous light sword and guns.

"Hahaha, its just you!" Laughed Natsu as he pointed at the white haired exorcist in pure amusement.

"Is it really? Look up dumbass." Said freed to see that dozens of fallen angels in the sky with light spears.

"Natsu watch out!" Vediga warned as a light spear came diving down to the chest of the dragon slayer.

"Shit!" Natsu hardly said coughing out gallons of blood in the process.

"Natsu..." Said the black dragon.

"Yeah." Replied Natsu.

"Its time wake up... take my power." Softly said the dragon emperor.

"What do you me-"

"Copy after me young one...

"Spilled with blood said with words marked with blade, you will swear to use this power to protect and to use it for good will, reach what is within you and awaken it."

"Spilled with blood said with words marked with blade, I will swear to use this power to protect and good will." Repeated Natsu.

"Now bring out the power that I placed within you!" Yelled the dragon as a purple energy became to spiral around the dragon slayer.

"Kill him, kill him now!" Screamed freed, ordering the fallen angels to do as he pleased.

"Say you prayers, devil scum!" Said the fallen anger in anger throwing the light spears towards the dragon slayer.


"That devil was annoying, great work guys!" Laughed freed as he started to walk away.

"Yo guys what is that noise." Said one of the fallen angels.


"Its coming from the devil look, clear the dust." Said a fallen angel as the angels began to flutter there wings, clearing the dust.

"These light things aren't that bad." Burped out Natsu as he continued to eat them.


"He's eating the spears!" Said freed in shock.

"Hey guys, want to have some fun...

"I'm fired up now!" Said Natsu as his sacred geared fist collided with his regular in unison.

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