Author's Note: To readers who are also reading my main Anakin and Arthur story, this is NOT connected to that storyline because I have now introduced the Stark family. This storyline happened because a few years ago this storyline arc was on TV and I decided to see what it would be like with with Anakin and Arthur as brothers so its more of a one shot now. Enjoy!

Horror, sadness and tragedy had crept over Camelot, straight into the walls of the castle, the King was dead. He was killed by an assassin who had secretly infiltrated Camelot. Now Anakin and Arthur were left without a father and Morgana left without the man she had came to care for as she did for her own father. Anakin felt the blame the most because he felt like he could have done more to save him but failed.

Over the years, there had been many, many near fatal disasters. The most recent being when Palpatine attempted to turn both princes into his servants forcing them to murder their father. He failed, thanks to heroics of Uther's friend Obi Wan, Anakin's love Padme and their friends Merlin and Morgana. However his partner Morgause took off and has since then promised she would fulfil Palpatine's plan.

Though this lone assassin wasn't working for Morgause and now Anakin, Morgana and Arthur were left alone. It also meant that Anakin would now ascend the throne and become King of Camelot which brought on a lot of responsibilities which Anakin felt he was ready for. He knew he had the guidance and support of his family but deep down, he wondered if he really could live up to his father's expectations.

Gaius stood on the right side of the bed, as Anakin, Morgana and Arthur all stood to the left. Uther's still body laid in the bed before them. Anakin and Arthur kept one arm around Morgana. Both boys felt tears moving down their cheeks. Obi Wan watched from a short distance away along with Gwen, Padme and Merlin.

Gaius then pulled up the white sheet over Uther's face before he sombrely looked up at the princes and Lady. "I am sorry" he begins to speak in a slow voice before he goes on "The King is dead" he informs them. Anakin feels a hard lump in his throat as he slumps down into the chair behind him.

Padme hurries over towards Anakin wrapping her arms around him as Arthur holds Morgana close. Arthur looks over at his brother before he heard his brother whisper to Padme.

"I'm glad you're here" he confesses as she holds him close, consoling him. Gaius then moved back over towards Obi Wan. Gwen looked over at both men as Obi Wan who spoke in a whisper

"I know it's not the right time, but something is not right about the King's death" he confessed as Gaius nodded.

"I believe someone else had gotten to the King without any of us knowing, inflicting a fast action death" he explained going on "But now is not the time, we just need to be there for his sons and Morgana" he reminded him as they looked back to see Padme consoling Anakin who had turned back to Arthur and Morgana who were feeling all alone, no mother, no father anymore.

A few hours later, Anakin, Arthur and Morgana were left alone to mourn their father. Uther's body had been moved to the throne room and dressed in his formal robes. Merlin decided he would wait outside for his friends.

He looked so peaceful. It was hard to believe he was never coming back. Morgana sat quietly as Anakin and Arthur stood in front of their father, in quiet reflection.

Then as the sun rose the following morning, Merlin was now slumped down on the floor, looking over at the wall beside him. He then heard the double wooden doors beside him opening and he turned to see the sun glaring behind him and the three figures of Anakin, Arthur and Morgana staring down at him.

"Merlin" Anakin spoke up as he then turned his head towards them keeping quiet as Anakin went on "It's a new day" he tells him seeing Merlin getting to his feet. Arthur tilted his head

"You've been here all night?" he asks as Merlin nodded

"I didn't want you all to feel like you were alone" he confessed seeing Anakin, Arthur and Morgana exchange small smiles with each other at his gesture

Anakin smiled "You're a loyal friend Merlin" he tells him. Merlin simply gives them a soft smile watching as Arthur, Morgana and Anakin exit the room before Anakin turns back to close the doors on the room. They then look back at Merlin

Anakin sighs "You must be hungry" he tells Merlin as Merlin laughs

"Starved" he confessed. Morgana giggled slightly as Anakin and Arthur simply smiled, giving nodding

"Us too" Anakin replied before they headed off to breakfast. Like Anakin had told Merlin, it was a new day and the start of a new King's rule.

By midday, Camelot was abuzz with preparations for the coronation of Anakin as King. Royal advisors and friends moved through the courtyard and up into the castle where they would be lead into the throne room. Merlin and Gwen stood alongside Gaius and Obi Wan up front whilst opposite them, in their finest, royal clothes, were Arthur, Padme and Morgana.

The excitement was building up around the throne room, for a new King was to be crowned. The horns were playing outside as the double wooden doors open to the guests, before prince Anakin, dressed in his silver chainmail, red cape over the top moved into the room.

The guests all bowed as he past including Merlin, Gwen, Obi Wan and Gaius. As he past Morgana, Padme and Arthur, they allowed themselves to smile, proud to see Anakin move past them and up the steps towards the throne, where Geoffrey, the court's genealogist and ceremony master was waiting.

Anakin knelt before the throne as Geoffrey then stepped up beside him, royal crown in hand. He then began to speak, "Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the people of Camelot according to the respective laws and customs?" he asks him as Anakin, staring straight ahead with a strong serious look on his face, answers him

"I solemnly swear so to do" in a firm, clear voice before Geoffrey goes on

"Will you to your power, was law and justice in mercy be executed in all your judgements?" he asks him hearing Anakin answer once more

"I will" still in a clear, strong voice before Geoffrey continues, lifting the crown higher over Anakin's head

"Then by the sacred law vested in me" he tells him lowering the crown down to place it on top of Anakin's head going on "I crown you Anakin, King of Camelot!" he declares. Once the crown is placed on his head, Anakin silently gets to his feet and turns back around to the room.

Arthur then speaks up "Long live the King!" he exclaims before the crowd began to chant, "Long live the King, Long live the King!" they chanted as Anakin stands in his place hearing the crowd continue to chant.

Morgana and Padme share a smile together as they happily chant "Long live the King!". Merlin was one of the last, as he was in deep thought, taking it all in, before he then joined the chanting

"Long live the King!" he cried. Merlin would ensure he keeps his two friends safe even more, especially now that one of them was King.

With Anakin as King, Camelot had continued to remain strong and powerful though without magic. Since Uther was killed with magic, Anakin, in agreement with his brother, had agreed that Camelot was safer without magic and that didn't stop the enemies attempting to kill the King. Whilst Morgana and Merlin thought that magic wasn't all bad, they believed one day Anakin will bring magic back.

In the meantime, the changes kept coming. Anakin was truly in love with Padme and wanted to make her his Queen. So with Merlin's help, he planned for a romantic proposal in the throne room. On the night of the proposal, Anakin found Padme in her room, combing through her curls at her dresser. He watched her quietly before he then moved over towards her, slipping his arms around her waist.

"I have a surprise for you" he whispers to her making her blush,

"Ani" she softly replies, using her nickname for him, "You don't have to surprise me with anything" she reminds him as Anakin kisses her on the cheek

"You'll like this one" he assures her, taking out a piece of cloth and gently placing it around her eyes hearing her giggle once more feeling the blindfold slip over her eyes then taking her hand helping her to her feet. He silently led her from the room, not noticing his brother and Morgana spying from around the corner.

Anakin had only told Arthur, Morgana and Merlin of his plan to propose to Padme and had asked them to keep it a secret. They couldn't be happier for their friend. Beloved by his people, respect from the kingdoms around them and now he was taking the next step, marriage. Arthur watched them turn the corner, smiling to himself-he already had one sister, Morgana, now he was going to have another one, Padme.

Anakin had led a blindfolded Padme, all the way to the throne room which had been decorated beautifully with flowers and the only light came from the candles all around the room. There was the dining table in the middle with only two chairs. Once Anakin closed the doors, he then takes the blindfold off Padme's eyes,

Padme looks around the room in complete awe and delight. Anakin then takes her by the hand and leads her over to one of the chairs, not knowing that Merlin was sneaking up around the back corner to check in on his friends.

Anakin then takes a seat opposite Padme, who was still admiring the beautifully softly lit room. He stares back at her, taking her hands into his before he then gets down onto one knee before her, her eyes widen.

Anakin then clears his throat "Padme" he breathes squeezing her hands gently seeing her looking back at him as he goes on "Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?" he asks. A smile crossed Padme's face. Did she just hear him right, was Anakin, the King, asking her to marry him!

Unable to respond, Padme then stuns him by throwing her arms around him and passionately kissing him! Confused by her speechless reaction, Anakin felt her hands place on his face as he then asks, "Is that a yes?" seeing her happily nod

"Oh yes!" she cries, feeling the tears in her eyes "Yes!" she smiles seeing him grinning back at her. Padme then watches him lift her hand up to place a simple yet elegant silver thick ring onto her finger.

Padme happily smiles back at him, still unable to believe what had just happened. Anakin then pulled Padme to her feet, wrapping his arms around her waist then spun her around whilst Merlin, who now had a pleasing grin on his face, quietly left his friends alone to celebrate their engagement.

All of Camelot had taken the news of the King's engagement to Padme Amidala with excitement and happiness, no one more happier than Arthur, Morgana, Merlin and Gwen. Anakin had even organized for a tournament for his future bride. The crowds had gathered in the stands to watch as the King, his brother and the knights would ride and collect the small decorative hoop then pass them up to Padme who was sitting up in the royal box with Morgana.

The crowd cheers excitedly as they watch Anakin, in his armour ride out to one end of the field, lance in one hand ready to begin. He holds tightly onto the reins with his other hand before he gently taps the side of the horse as he takes off down the field towards the target. Anakin, through his helmet, readies his lance, keeping it firm and straight. His eyes on the small circular hoop, and minutes later, the lance caught the hoop causing the crowd to cheer even loudly as Padme and Morgana both smiled and clapped.

Merlin and Arthur watched as Anakin then turned his horse around heading towards the royal box. Padme blushes before she gets to her feet and moves towards the end as he holds the lance up to her. She reaches out to take the small hoop off the lance smiling playfully back at him which only made him grin up at her only making her giggle ahead of him moving off the field.

Arthur had moved away to prepare for his ride leaving Merlin alone to wait for Anakin. He smiles over at him as he sees Anakin ride over towards him, taking off his helmet. Merlin shakes his head,

"I've got to hand it to you, if nothing else it's certainly an original engagement present" he teases right as Anakin simply tosses his helmet to Merlin who quickly catches it in his arms. Anakin then descends his horse as Merlin goes on "Well, as romantic gestures go, you could have given her flowers?" he suggests whilst Anakin remains silent moving past him "Could have had a song written" he continues before he then looks over at him as he goes on "Instead you've given her two days of sweaty men knocking the sense out of each other" he comments

Anakin, meanwhile, has moved over to a small table, pouring himself some water. "Exactly, as it should be" he explains, silver cup in hand, he turns to look back at the event. "My father had a tournament before his wedding, it's tradition" he informs him taking a sip from his cup as Merlin is quick to point out

"Ah, so it's not even an original gesture then" he replies as Anakin shakes his head, before he answers him

"I think my future wife understands" he only replies gesturing towards the royal box where Merlin sees Padme moving back towards the edge as Arthur has now ridden over to her, lance in hand with hoop attached. He holds his lance up to her as she smiles down at him

"Thank you very much" she tells him taking the hoop into her hands. Arthur grins back at her before riding off back to his brother and Merlin. Arthur then descends his horse and moves over beside his brother.

"Well, I think this is going well, Padme's enjoying this attention" he grins as Anakin agrees, though he cannot take his eyes off his future wife as he then points out

"She is, although Merlin was telling me I should have given her something more romantic, like flowers" Arthur then looks back at their friend, shaking his head,

"It's tradition Merlin. Something you wouldn't understand" he snaps back at him. Merlin only shakes his head. If he was allowed to use magic, he could have helped make this more interesting but for now, he would let the people help celebrate their King's upcoming wedding.

The day had finally arrived. The day of King Anakin's wedding to Ambassador Padme Amidala. The throne room was being beautifully prepared with tall pots of flowers which lined the aisle down the middle lined with velvet rope. Two beautiful red cushion thrones with gold edges sat at the front of the room. Servants moved around the room ensuring everything was finalised.

Whilst, in two separate rooms of the castle, the bride and groom had awoken and were now getting ready. Merlin was helping Anakin into his ceremonial robes and crown whilst Gwen was helping Padme. Her long hair done into lush curls and laced veil over them. She was now helping her into her gorgeous cream and white laced wedding corset dress which flowed to the ground.

Gwen was fixing up the bottom of the gown when she heard Padme softly speak,

"Gwen" she spoke as she looked up at her hearing her ask "Do you think I'll make a good Queen?" she asks quickly adding "I've only been an ambassador and nothing more. I don't know much about running a kingdom, only to be there for support" she confesses as Gwen smiles

"You'll be a wonderful Queen, m'lady. The people already love you and since this engagement, they've grown to love you even more. You make Anakin happy and if the King isn't happy, it reflects on the people" she explains getting to her feet as Padme then hugs her

"Awe, Gwen, you always know what to say to make me feel better" she replies adding "But I told you years ago, you can call me Padme. We're friends now" she reminds her. Gwen nods, fixing up her veil

"You look beautiful" she tells her right as another voice joins them,

"Are you ready Padme?" they asks. It was Morgana, dressed in a long white sparkly sleeved dress and small diamond clips in her curls. She had a look of excitement on her face. Padme nodded,

"I think we are" she tells her. She felt the nerves happening inside of her but she truly loved Anakin and Gwen's word gave her the confidence to become the Queen she hoped she could be.

Meanwhile, Merlin had just finished slipping Anakin's red cape over his silver polished chain mail. He then placed his King's crown on Anakin's shoulder length blond hair. He dusted the shoulders, smiling at his friend

"There, you're ready sire" he smiles as Anakin straightens up,

"Thank you Merlin. You're a good friend and a loyal servant, when you want to be" he smirks as Merlin just rolls his eyes right as Arthur walks into the room.

"Nervous there brother" he teases seeing Anakin shake his head as Arthur goes on "The guests are being led into the throne room now and one tease, Padme looks beautiful" he grins cheekily. Merlin tilts his head

"When did you see her?" he asks as Arthur continues to smirk

"On my way here. I saw her moving down towards a side room with Morgana and Gwen. If she's nervous, she's not showing it" he admits. Merlin was ensuring the final touches on Anakin's outfit. He then stood back, hands clasped behind his back

"You're all ready Anakin" he smiles. Anakin straightens up, smiling between his friend and his brother before he then led the way from the room with Arthur and Merlin following him down to the throne room where the guests were waiting.

Minutes later...

Merlin had headed inside the room and now stood next to Obi Wan and Gaius. He spotted Morgana opposite him, standing with Gwen. He smiled over at Morgana seeing her smile back. He then heard the trumpets sound before the doors open. Anakin and Arthur then emerged into the room, all eyes on them as Anakin led the way down the aisle towards the front.

As Anakin and Arthur moved past their guests, they quietly bowed to them in respect. As they pass Morgana, she smiled as she bowed seeing them reach the front. Arthur turned towards his brother and bowed to his brother.

Anakin nodded and smirked back at his brother before he then stepped back into the front row as the horns sounded again. When the doors re opened, all eyes saw a beautiful young woman in a cream white laced wedding dress and veil, with a small bunch of flowers in her hands.

Anakin was speechless. He knew Padme was beautiful, but here she was, a true beauty. Padme moved down the aisle, gracefully. She felt the nerves inside of her feeling all the eyes on her, especially the ones at the end waiting for her.

She saw Merlin, Morgana, Gwen and Arthur all bowing to her before she reached the end. Morgana moved up towards her to take the flowers from her before Anakin took one of her hands in hers, leading her up towards Geoffrey. They shared a lovingly smile between each other before they stopped and turned to face one another.

Anakin then slipped his other hand into hers, warm to touch but soft. He noticed she couldn't stop the smile on her face only making him smile. Geoffrey cleared his throat and began

"My lords, ladies and gentlemen of Camelot" he began before continuing "We are gathered here today to celebrate, by the ancient art of hand fastening, the union of Anakin Pendragon" he pauses at the same time Anakin smiles back at Padme who blushes slightly as Geoffrey goes on

"And Ambassador Padme Amidala of Mercia" he declares. He then looks over at Anakin, "Is it your wish Anakin to become one with this woman?" he asks him seeing him nod.

"It is" he replies as Geoffrey then turns towards Padme,

"Is it your wish Padme to become one with this man?" he asks seeing her, trying not to cry, nod

"It is" she simply and softly replies. Geoffrey then looks around the room

"Do any say nay?" he asks the guests. There is silence in the room as Geoffrey then moves on. He takes a green floral wrist bracelet in his hands and begins to wrap it around both their hands. "With this gallam, I could tie a knot and by doing so, I bind your hands and your hearts" he tells them, however Anakin and Padme only had eyes for each other

"For all eternity" he informs them. Anakin then clears his throat before he speaks

"I, Anakin Pendragon, king of Camelot. I shall not seek to change thee in any way. I shall respect thee and respect ..." he promises. Arthur looks over at Morgana with a grin, they were both proud of what was happening on this day to someone they loved.

Geoffrey then spoke once more "I now pronounce you husband and wife" he concludes looking from Anakin to Padme. He then moves aside as Anakin lifts Padme's veil before he leans closer towards her and together they shared a passionate kiss in front of their guests right as they began to happily applaud their King's happiness and marriage to the lovely Padme Amidala.

His marriage to Padme sealed, it was now time to crown Padme, Queen of Camelot. The guests, including, Arthur, Merlin, Obi Wan, Gaius, Morgana and Gwen all assembled in the throne room. Anakin, stood in his silver chain mail with red cape over the top and golden crown on his head.

Padme, dressed in a beautiful deep royal purple long dress and brown hair in thick beautiful curls slowly moved down the centre towards him. Anakin smiled as he watched her reach him and silently kneel before him.

A servant moved up alongside Anakin, with a red velvet cushion with a beautiful polished crown on it. He takes it into his hands and turns back towards Padme.

"By the sacred laws of Camelot, I crown you, Padme" he speaks in a firm voice lowering the crown onto her head, "Queen of Camelot" he declares. When the crown is placed on her head, she looks up at him seeing him hold his hands out to her. She gently places her hands in his as he helps her up.

Arthur, Morgana and Merlin all smile as they watched Anakin and Padme passionately kiss before she moves up alongside him, his hand still in hers. He looks over at the guests, "Long live the Queen!" he exclaims hearing the crowd begin to chant

"Long live the Queen, long live, the Queen!" they cried at the same time, Anakin looked over at Padme, smiling proudly at her seeing her lovingly smile back at him. His life was perfect-his kingdom was strong as ever, he still had his brother, and friends Morgana, who was like a sister, Merlin and Gwen and now his stunning wife Padme, was now his Queen to help him rule Camelot.

However, in the darkness, Morgause was still intent on fulfilling the plan that began with Palpatine. She had been keeping a close eye on Camelot, seeing Anakin's reign continue, his marriage to Padme and now Camelot had a King and Queen. Morgause was going to use this to her advantage-take Camelot out from the inside.

She was gazing through her crystal, now seeing the King, with his arm around his beautiful wife, laughing with Arthur and Morgana. She saw him whisper something to Padme, who giggled and they shared another kiss together. Morgause smirked,

"Enjoy her company while you can, your highness. For she will be the death of you" she declares.