by: False Chaos
Straight foreword yaoi here folks. Don't read if it's a squick factor. Enjoy if it isn't.


It might have been easier to explain away if they had both been drunk. As it were, the most potent thing running through either of their systems was teenage hormones. And about half a liter of highly caffeinated soda. That couldn't have helped things. Perhaps the fact that it was a little past three in the morning on a school night should be mentioned. And the small bowl of chocolates. Certainly that was a (if not *the*) source of problems as well.

Jounouchi and Honda sat next to one another at a small table in the brunette's house. Said table was littered with papers and pencils and half-hearted doodles. Subjects as diverse as the history of Japanese anime and the use of swords in early American military games and the price of eggplants in Brazil sat gloating in rough little piles of books. Not to mention the calculator. (Jounouchi still had yet to figure out when he was supposed to use *that.*)

All of this had to tied into a cohesive report.

A report that...

...they both known about for two weeks,

...was due in less than five hours,

...and was worth a third of their final grade.

"Y'know, Jou, maybe next time we should take some time and do the research together." Honda looked up from his personal prison of books and papers and glared his best friend. "Instead of making up some stupid excuse that 'great minds think alike and we won't have any problems putting it together.' "

Jounouchi's only response was a poorly disguised grumble through clenched teeth. He gave up the charade and yawned, his mouth gaping wide as he sucked in precious consciousness giving oxygen. "If we don't get something put together, we aren't gonna have to worry about facing Niwa-san's wrath. We'll both be drooling face down on our desks."

His friend snorted. "As if the teacher needs any other reason to be breathing down our necks. I swear, that woman's out to get us. If we don't get a decent grade, neither one of us will be passing this year."

"Maybe she wouldn't be out to get us if you'd stop making those clucking noises whenever she enters the room."

"Maybe if you hadn't've called her 'Niwatori-san' on her *first* day."

"You didn't need to burst out laughing."

"You didn't need to explain it to her."

He snickered, his amber brown eyes sparkling. "I swear, Honda, the woman reminded me of a giant chicken! She's about built like one and that hat! That big, froofy, feathered--" Jounouchi tried to smother his snickers by burying his face in his arm, "hat!" he managed to spit out. Honda merely sat back and took notice of the fact that his friend's laughter was tinged with more that a bit of panic. "She's gonna kill us, isn't she?" Jounouchi finished with weak laughter.

"More than likely," Honda replied calmly. He reached towards a small bowl that, earlier in the frantic morning, had been filled with small candies Shizuka made for her brother. His hand froze when Jounouchi looked up and glared threateningly at him.

"That one's mine."

"Convenient," Honda sighed, "since it's the only one left."

"I mean it, man. Shizuka sent those to *me.* Not my fault if you happened to be there when I got 'em."

"I don't think so. You put the candy in a bowl, on the table, *and* within reach of *both* of us. Communal property."

"Hnf. Big word. Where'd you pick that one up? Off a cereal box?" Jounouchi retorted. "*I'm* the candy maker's big brother. Shizuka made those especially for me. Overrules your 'communal property.' "

" 'Candy maker's big brother.' Only at," Honda briefly checked the clock, "3:15 in the morning could that possibly be funny." His hand skirted dangerously close to the near empty bowl. "And didn't Shizuka tell you to share?" He scratched his head as though searching for an answer and snapped his fingers when he 'found' it. "That's right! She did say to share. In fact, she was looking right at me when she said that!"

"You think I'm kidding? Just try it."

Honda smirked and snatched the final piece of candy. "Don't mind if I do," he said before popping it in his mouth.

Any other time, Jounouchi would have let it go at smacking Honda on the back of the head and watching him choke a bit. At 3:17 in the morning on a stressful school night with his last piece of candied happiness currently melting in his best friend's mouth, he did what only seemed the most logical thing to do at the time. Jou snarled, "Give it back!" and locked his mouth to Honda's with the express purpose of getting it back.

Honda went rigid in the uncomfortable wooden chair when he felt the sudden pressure of Jounouchi's lips against his own. He felt Jou's weight pressed against his own, felt Jou's warmth melting into his own, and ("oh god," his mind whispered with sick fascination) Jou's tongue in his mouth licking away traces of that now insignificant candy. Honda placed his hands on Jounouchi's shoulders, fully intending to shove him away, but couldn't--

Couldn't bear to push away this sudden source of heat and moisture and friction.

Jounouchi pinned Honda with his weight and held his face roughly in his hands. All he really meant to do was get his candy back. Really. Truth. Honest. But the sweet taste of chocolate in Honda's mouth... Never mind he was now sitting in his best friend's lap. Never mind how Honda's stiff frame now went languid beneath his own. And never mind how it wasn't about that damned piece of candy any more.

Now it was about finding out just how deep he could crawl down Honda's throat. Jou couldn't hold back a slight groan. He started to move his hips against Honda's, the sudden friction fuel to the aching fire building within him. Jou moved his hand to the back of Honda's head, messing the short hair, pulling him closer. His other traced a path down his friend's heaving chest. He didn't even notice that the chocolate was gone now.

Naturally, Honda did. But he didn't (or perhaps couldn't) say anything with Jounouchi rubbing against him with those fluid catlike motions. He felt the slick movement of Jou's lips on his own and closed his eyes. Without meaning to (but acting all the same), he unclenched his hands from Jounouchi's shoulders and ran them down to the other boy's hips, pulling him closer. He began to do some rubbing back. His hands splayed across Jou's lower back, long fingers digging into the flesh.

It was only when Jounouchi found himself brushing his tongue against Honda's that he stopped. He pulled back suddenly and froze. Jou met Honda's stare with one of his own. His hysterical mind raced to figure out the current state of affairs. Honda's hands were very close to his ass. Which, given their current position, wasn't that much of a news item. The fact that he was sitting on his friend's lap with that vicious ache between his legs was. And the fact that Honda seemed to be dealing with an ache all his own.

Jounouchi would have launched himself away from Honda if it weren't for the other boy's hands clamped (almost to the point of muscular convulsions) around his hips. "Honda!" The exclamation escaped his now moist lips as a squeak. It really was the best he could do at the time. He put his hands on Honda's shoulders and pushed himself as far back as he could. Jou stared at his friend. He noticed Honda's labored breathing and dilated pupils. Hormones. It could all be explained away to hormones and too much late night homework.

He hoped.

He licked his lips and tried to start again. Nothing. No explanation for this, no words that could force this to make sense, nothing that could make the rush of blood from his brain to his face and his groin stop. "I'm sorry." That was a start. Sort of. "I didn't mean to do that--"


The blond stared back at his friend. "Yeah?" Waited for the harsh words and blows that would surely follow.

"You talk too much." Honda moved forward to capture Jou's lips. He looked mildly surprised when Jou pulled back.

"What're you doing?" Jounouchi asked, his voice suddenly hoarse. His amber eyes were wide and he felt himself trembling. 'What were *you* doing just a minute ago?' he asked himself with a faint panic that now had nothing to do with homework.

"I don't know," Honda whispered back. He leaned forward and succeeded this time with his goal. He met Jou gently, pressing with lips that felt awkward and hesitant. Now it was Jounouchi's turn to go stiff and shocked.

What he had done before was rash and impulsive. Typical Jounouchi. But this... this was something very deliberate. Something that was *planned,* even if only in the space of two or three seconds. So he sat there for a moment, everything spinning away from its proper orbit and place. This was wrong. On several levels. On several planes of existence. Jou could think of a million reasons why they should stop. But none of them seemed to matter at the time.

So when Honda pulled back slightly and flicked his tongue against his lips, Jou gasped and let him in. Pressed against him. Sucked at the strange appendage now roaming about his mouth. Moaned into the wet heat. So many things wrong with this, but so *right* in that deep, visceral part of him where his heart was hidden. Jou wanted more sensation, more pressure, more heat, but more than anything to figure out what in the hell was going on before this got any deeper. Too bad he forgot this very important question when Honda's hands cupped the firm curves of Jounouchi's backside and pulled him closer.

Jou yanked at the neck of Honda's shirt with clumsy fingers, jerking several buttons off in the process of opening the shirt. Darkly tanned skin begged for the touch of his inexperienced hands and he obliged. He rubbed his thumb over the throbbing pulse in Honda's throat and shuddered at the moan that followed. Jou ran his hands down Honda's chest, taking in the feel of warm, smooth skin. Jounouchi barely registered his own plaintive gasp when Honda pulled away and began nipping at his jaw. He tilted his head to allow the brunette better access to his neck. Even then, Jou may have been able to pull away. But when he felt Honda's warm breath gusting in his ear as the other boy whispered his name, he knew he was lost.


From his father, a hated curse. From his mother, an admonishment. Even from his sister and his friends, his name was rarely used in anything other than exasperation. But now, from Honda (*Hiroto,* his heart whispered), it was a blessing, a talisman. Jounouchi Katsuya was lost and didn't even know. Not, if he had known at this point, that he would have cared.

So he arched against Honda when the other boy rubbed calloused fingers into Jou's back. Tight little circles. Around and around. His own hands yanked at Honda's pants, the simple button and zipper unexpectedly complex now. Jounouchi felt Honda muffle a chuckle as he traced a moist path down Jou's neck with lips, tongue, and teeth. Suddenly the pants were open and Jou's fingertips brushed against something hot and almost painfully hard. Honda gasped and bit down hard on Jou's neck, marking the other boy.

"Ahh!" Jounouchi yelped. He pulled away sharply to stare at Honda, clouded amber eyes gazing into hazel. There would be a prominent mark on Jou's neck in a few hours. Right now, however, all that mattered was making certain that there would be no time to question their actions. He leaned in to kiss Honda once more, breaking apart only to lift his arms above his head as Honda tugged Jou's shirt off. This was good. Flesh on flesh. Not quite there yet... But ahh! the feeling of Honda moving down to latch his mouth around Jou's nipple.

'Done this before, had to have done this before... Can't be this good without practice,' Jou thought with bare comprehension. Again, the feeling of teeth marking his skin, sensitive flesh retreating into a raw nub. Jou reached down once more to the other boy's pants. Honda lifted his hips to help and Jounouchi went tumbling to the floor, head striking the table. Even that didn't matter for long, because Honda went down with him, rubbed those talented fingers on the sore spot, pulled his friend closer into a bruising kiss.

"Shoes, dammit, shoes!" Jou cursed around the brunette's mouth. He reached down and jerked viciously at Honda's sneakers. Shoes off. Good. Pants off. Better. Suddenly Jounouchi was on his back with Honda's heavy weight sprawled on top of him. Not that he minded, not when Honda renewed his attentions to the blond's chest, rolling one nipple between his teeth and the other between thumb and forefinger.

Jou kicked his own sneakers off. Honda's breath caught in his throat at the sudden feeling of writhing, twisting Jounouchi beneath him. Honda tried to shrug off his shirt, but froze when Jou hooked a thumb under the waistband of his boxers. He looked into hesitant amber eyes.

"This is okay, right? What we're doing?"

"Does it matter now?" Honda whispered.

"No," Jou said and pulled the other boy's boxers off.

Honda hissed in mingled pain and pleasure as he rubbed against the rough texture of Jounouchi's jeans. It hurt, but oh god, he didn't want it to *stop* hurting. The blond sucked in a startled breath when he felt a firm thigh nudge his own apart. He thrust his hips against the sudden pressure. Jou's hands moved to jerk and tear at the button of his pants, desperate to drown his mind in the overwhelming sensations. Strong fingers moved with his own and helped him remove the offending piece of clothing.

Nothing separated them now. Both boys kept their eyes tightly shut, not wanting to see the flushed face of the other. Something sacred and ages-old was getting torn apart. Something new and uncertain was being built in its place.

Honda had to grit his teeth to keep from screaming when Jounouchi's hand closed around his aching member. He allowed himself a long groan as Jou moved his palm up and down, fingertips barely brushing the length of Honda's erection. Honda bucked frantically against the boy beneath him, his breath coming in harsh pants and cries. His hands clenched tightly around Jou's shoulders. He tried to prop himself up on his elbows, to relieve the brunt of his weight, but couldn't and collapsed on the blond.

Right and wrong. Pleasure and pain. Jounouchi felt both. This wasn't the tight, wet heat he had experienced before. This was something alien and familiar at the same time. The feeling of strong, calloused fingers wrapped around him and jerking up and down, that he certainly knew. But not this strange motion, sudden twists of the palm and stroking of fingers alien to his own ingrained patterns. And certainly not the feeling of heavy weight pressing down on him, pinning him in place, allowing no escape or quarter... He wanted to cry out in panic and flee. He wanted the sensations coursing electric through his body to crest and break. He didn't want it to end but feared what would happen when it did.

Jou moved frantically against Honda, heard the other boy cry out and empty his seed on Jounouchi's stomach. He couldn't, not yet, couldn't feel that same release, something had to break, *he* was breaking... oh god, he was breaking. Why was he doing this? What possessed him to-- Warm lips meet his own and Jou's eyes flared open to stare into Honda's, even as the blond kept thrusting and jerking his hips upwards. Amber eyes stared into hazel; warm, trusting, frightened.

And suddenly it was all okay, it was okay to scream and cling to Honda's shoulders, okay to rake blunt nails down his back and let go.... Let the edges of his vision blur.... let the sticky heat spill between them... and just... let go.

A few minutes passed before they separated, bodies sheened with a patina of sweat. Honda leaned against Jounouchi, who in turn leaned against the table. The brunette nestled his head in the crook of Jou's neck and shoulder. Neither dared to speak. Jou trembled lightly behind him. Honda reached for the other boy's hand and held it tightly. He felt a shaking arm snake around his waist and pull him close.

"Jouno--, I mean Kats--"

"Not now." Jou's voice was low and uncertain. Honda shivered at its husky edge. "Just... not now."

Honda turned and shrugged off the white, button up shirt that had remained on him despite the earlier events. Without it, a number of raw trails would no doubt be marring his back now. He used it to wipe Jou's stomach and hands, then his own. The blond remained silent throughout Honda's tender attentions. But Honda noted with some relief that at least the other boy had stopped shaking.

They got up and pulled their scattered pieces of clothing on. Honda left the small dining room to find a clean shirt in his room. He flushed brightly as he buried the other in his hamper. Jounouchi was sitting at the table when he came back downstairs. The blond sat hunched over a small pile of books and a piece of paper upon which he scribbled furious notes.

"Katsuya..." The name felt good in his mouth. Honda tried again when he saw Jou hunch even further down, knuckles almost popping as he clutched the pencil. "Katsuya, we have to--"

"It's Jounouchi. My friends call me Jounouchi." Jou tried to keep the emphasis on the word 'friends' out of his statement. He looked up at the brunette and knew from the fleeting wounded look that he failed.

Honda's voice was sharper than he intended. "We can't just pretend that this didn't happen!"

"We can for a little while."

He heard the subtle plea in Jou's voice. Honda bit down on the sudden hurt that welled within and reached for a sheet of paper. "Hand me a pen, will you, Jou?" He tried not to flinch at the relief in Jounouchi's eyes.


Niwa-san scanned the report a few moments. She beamed with unexpected pleasure. "It looks decent so far..." Intrigued, she flipped through the rest of the report. "Nice combination of diverse subject matter! Some of these topics look like they could never be brought together, and look how well you've blended them into something new!" She clucked her tongue against the roof of her mouth. "Not the best use of spelling and grammar mechanics... But I must say, this certainly looks like a passing paper!" She moved on to another student.

"Some things should never be brought together..." Jou muttered under his breath.

"But some things never work *unless* they're brought together," Honda replied beside him, equally quiet.

Jou ignored him and stared straight ahead. The droning of the teacher's voice faded into the distant buzzing of students around him. He couldn't say anything yet. Not to his friend. He bit the inside of his cheek and rested his head on his arms. Anger and doubt clambered about in his mind, dueling for supremacy. Something had to break soon. He couldn't handle this shattering of brotherhood. Jou didn't know what had been built between them last night, if anything at all, and he didn't want to find out. He only wanted things to be undone.

But that didn't stop him from agreeing silently with Hiroto. 'Maybe.'