This is dedicated to all E+T fans, especially to my idol, Ate Ekai and PHR Novelist, Ms. Rose Tan. I also wish to dedicate this fic to Kyteaura (how are you, friend?) and Mehrielle (did I get the name right? I hope so!) This is my graduation fic for all of you.

He could see it clearly. The chandelier hovering precariously above eleven-year-old Daidouji Tomoyo was slowly losing the bare threads of the rope it was hanging to.

"Watch out!!!" he yelled, his legs suddenly springing into action.

Tomoyo's eyes widened, as if she was an antelope about to be pounced on by the King of the Beasts.

He pushed her out of harm's way just as the hundred-pound chandelier crashed onto the makeshift stage.

But the noise…the commotion…

He couldn't care less for them.

Because he was shocked into immobility by the fact that his lips and Tomoyo's were locked, with him on top. The girl's frightened eyes were gaping at him.

"Earth to Eriol Hiiragizawa! Calling, calling! Yuhoo?" Akizuki Nakuru waved her hand in front of her master's face who looked like that he drifted into some God-made paradise again. She immediately knew why.

Spinel did too, as evident bt its snort. "Master Eriol, forgive me for saying this but you are such a space cadet!"

"Wow, really? Where's his rocket ship parked?" asked Nakuru in interest.

The feline ignored her. "Daidouji Tomoyo has already passed in front of you two point forty five seconds ago."

"Point forty six," corrected Kinomoto Sakura as she looked at her stopwatch.

"You're such a loser," said Li Syaoran, hitting Eriol on the back. "Why don't you just go right up to Daidouji and tell her that she never left your twisted little brain ever since that incident when you were both eleven…er at least, she was. You're suppose to be Clow Reed junior, right? All-knowing, all-powerful, and all those crap?"

Eriol glared at him. "And you're a Clow descendant, right? And I don't remember you taking it easy with your confession to Sakura. If not for Daidouji-san's and my intervention, you will still be twiddling your little thumb, wondering when you'll get the nerves to get to first base with her."

Li's face flamed. "Hey, that's out of the topic! Besides, you never helped! You-"

Sakura patted Eriol gently. "Eriol-kun, it's been 5 long years since that incident. Don't you think it's time to move on? I mean, it's been 5 years since you and Tomoyo-chan stopped talking, which is a shame, considering how close both of you were to each other in the past."

Eriol groaned. "Will you guys get off my case? You're trespassing on private affairs already!"

"Just like what you do best," retorted everyone.

He looked away. "Fine! But stop making such a fuss on my infatuation with her, ok?"

"Unrequited love," said Nakuru in mock pity while clicking her tounge.

"Stop that! I can always erase your existence!" threatened the all-powerful Clow reincarnation.

"Hah! Go ahead! I can always open my big mouth and blab to her your feelings!" snapped the all-too-sneaky servant of the not-so-all-powerful-anymore Clow reincarnation.


"Coward!" everyone jeered.

He scowled. "Geez, good God, you gave me the freedom to choose my friends and I didn't do it wisely. I'm sorry!"

"Well, you deserve it," said Sakura. "All it takes are three words…three one-syllabic words, and you can't even say them."

"Because," he said through gritted teeth. "Those three little words, Sakura dear, mean everything to me! Understand?"

"Completely," said Syaoran, who for the first time, finding that he could relate to his least favorite Tomoeda character.

"But look here," said the feline. "Tomoyo Daidouji is not just some girl. She's beautiful, wealthy, bright and nice. Get it?"

"Don't you think I know those already?" he snapped back.

"What the talking cat means is that every XY-celled person in the campus wants her, so if you don't act now, someone else would," said Li.

Gee, that thought hit him only now. "OK, so what do you want me to do? Walk right up to her and scream at her face how much I worship the ground she walks on?"

"Major turn-off!" said Nakuru, wrinkling her nose in distaste. "I have an idea!" she said a minute later. "Let's create a situation where my master can confess without being out of place!"

Eriol frowned in concern. "Create? Situation?"

"Listen, back when you were eleven, you saved her right?" said Nakuru. "Then why don't you save her again? Play hero! Any woman will fall for those who got Superman complex, you know."

"Think that would work?" he asked in doubt. "And where will we get the goons?"

Sakura took out a Sakura card. "Do this look familiar?"

He sweatdropped. "Um…"

"You can't say no!" cried the former card captor. "Everything is ironed out to the very tiniest bit of detail!" Or at least Nakuru says so.

She desperately wants to see her best friend and her Clow mentor together. She can see that they can make a really cute couple.

Li was skeptical, on the other hand.

Never trust a Hiiragizawa and his slaves. They all work in one peculiar way.

Always not fair. Always not safe.

And as he looked with narrowed eyes on the giggling Nakuru and his girlfriend who suddenly decided to be a matchmaker…he sighed.

Where Sakura goes, he goes.

I'm sorry, Daidouji. I'm not a good friend, he thought as he sighed again.

Will Nakuru and Sakura's plan work? Will Li's point of view on Hiiragizawa and associates change? Will Eriol ever find peace of mind now that his friends are starting to take revenge on his Clow Reed mode in CCS Season 3 by meddling with his lovelife? And when will Syaoran no Hime update this again? Will this be another hiatus ficcie? When will these interrogations end? These and more on the next chapter of…Hero.

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