RWBY Reacts to Ships

By: RandomReaderThatWrites


Ruby: Hello Readers! We are back in a new fanfiction. The author of this story just learned that she cannot write long stories, 'cause she can't keep her attention in one place and so will get ideas of other stories, forgetting past ones… and so on. To solve this problem, she decided that writing short stories is the best thing she can do. So, this is a 20 chapter long story.

Weiss: Firstly, the author does not own RWBY, we belong to Rooster Teeth. Now, starting from the next chapter, the countdown begins. 20 chapters, that's the decided length, however the reader has requested your help for two of the chapters since she does not know what ships we should react to. Leaving a review with your opinion and favorite ships will do.

Blake: Secondly, we do not accept flames. This story is written for fun, and has jokes on purpose. Some of our reactions may just be OOC for the sake of the story. Said story will be updated daily, and if the author doesn't have time to post the chapters, you will get two in the next day.

Yang: This means that if chapter 1 is updated on July 10th and chapter 2 doesn't come out on July 11th, you will get chapter 2 and 3 on July 12th. You get it? Good. Now, to show the author you like or know how she can improve her writing, please do leave a review.

Ruby, Weiss, Blake: *Stare*

Yang: What?

Ruby, Weiss, Blake: There was no pun in the whole statement.

Yang: You could tell. Oh, you are so Weiss guys!

Ruby: Yang, no more please!

Blake: Also, the author will give you the titles of the following 5 chapter on each update, just to let you know on what she is working.

Weiss: Until further update, Auf Wiedersehen.

Yang: Wow, Weiss became German. Anyway, have a look:

Chapter 1: White Rose

Chapter 2: Lady Bug

Chapter 3: Enabler

Chapter 4: Monochrome

Chapter 5:Freezerburn