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Shermer High School's cafeteria buzzed with the normal activity and gossip. Everyone sat with their own clicks. They even had their own tables. The Popular People sat at the tables closest to the parking lot doors. The Jocks sat in the table next to them, since they usually mingled from time to time. They even dated on occasion, though it still boggled the mind how two species with so low of I.Q.s would chose to come together. Then, far away from the Populars of course, their were the Drama Queens, comprised of the drama department and foreign exchange students. The Fine Arts, which included the band, choir, orchestra and art departments. The Student Council and Saints tried to sit as close to the Populars as they were allowed. Far away from them all (by choice, don't get it wrong) at tables nearest the back walls, were the Rejects, full of 'Losers,' and 'Stoners.' Whenever the Geeks managed to get their heads out of the books in the library (or dirty magazines, it was surprising how perverted their minds were) they would sit at the table opposite the Rejects. They only managed that because the Rejects didn't really cared that they were there, and one of the Geeks had connections. They were protected, and in return, they helped when someone was having problems with school work.

Isaac Bender, known in Shermer High to be the one guy you do NOT screw around with, stood braced against the wall, his arms crossed, watching the goings on in the cafeteria with his usually brooding silence. Thought to be the Bad Boy of the school, he had no qualms in kicking anyone's ass. His black hair and dark brown eyes inherited from his father, gave him a look of mysteriousness. Though handsome, he was tough, and didn't let many around him. He had few friends, and those who were his friends, were the only ones not truly scared of him. But his dark glance wandered around the cafeteria and rested on the one person he detested the most. Amarice Chesterfield. The most popular girl in school, daughter of a once Shermer High Most Popular Girl in School. Homecoming Queen (the announcement and dance hadn't happened yet, but his contact in the Student Council already told him the results) and shoe in for Prom Queen. She was rich, dumb, and if he didn't miss his guess, a vision of virginal perfection. He snorted in contempt. He shared four classes out of seven with her. When she and her divorced mother moved back from New York, they were both in second grade, and had been in the same classes for the most part. Even now he doubted she even remembered his name.

It was then that Jennifer Clark walked up to him, her wild now dyed black hair tamed back with a large clip. "Hey Isaac!" she murmured. She tapped her fingers on her notebook, a sign Isaac recognized as one of nervousness. He eyed her out of the corner of his eye, but waited patiently for her to decide when to tell him what she was there to tell him. Jennifer was one of the few he considered a true friend, both her and her brothers. He heard her swallow. Damn. It must be important.

"Um...you see...I was kind of hoping...my mom bought me a pretty dress and even though I am not popular...I wanted to go...DAMN IT!!" she cried. She immediately quieted as Isaac looked down at her, his eyebrows raised. "Isaac," she whispered, "will you please take me to the Homecoming Dance?"

Isaac froze completely. He stared at her in shock and confusion. "What?"

Jennifer groaned. "Please? I know how you feel about dances, and I would go with Bobbie, but he is planning to take Annie with him...it is her first dance, and she was so heartbroken when no one asked her to go. Bobbie had to take her, as her big brother. Come on. One night, a couple of hours is all I'm asking."

Isaac took a deep breath to calm down...shit, it wasn't working. "ARE YOU INSANE!" he roared. Every face in the cafeteria turned toward them. Isaac gave them the most evil look he had, and they looked away quickly.

Jennifer bit her lip. "Please? If you don't take me, my dad is going to take me. Tom, Brent and Alex are working that night, he is the only other option beside you. He will never let me go with someone else that he doesn't know, you know how my dad can be sometimes!"

Isaac resisted the urge to grin. His godfather, Andrew Clark could be a sadistic bastard when it came to guys dating his one and only daughter. Even his wife Allison would joke about it from time to time. When she started going out with Bobbie Johnson, Andrew was pleased beyond reason.

"I think Bobbie is the only boyfriend Jennifer has had that Andrew hasn't taken out back and wrestled with. The last guy left with a dislocated shoulder," Allison joked.

When Bobbie was around to listen to what Andrew used to do to guys who tried to take advantage of Jennifer, he would leave the Clark home pale and somewhat freaked. Still, the two stay together. Now Isaac's best friend was asking him to attend a social function. One that required dressing up...and socializing. Ugh.

He would do almost anything for Bobbie and Jennifer. Chauffer them around town, yes. Make him get up at 4am and drive Jennifer to Springfield for a violin competition, sure. Cut his hair, once in a while, yeah. But pretend to mingle and actually give a shit about school, the goings on, fake school spirit? He meant it with love, but they could kiss his ass.

He was about to tell Jennifer that very thing when she did the one thing that she knew would get Isaac to do anything. Her eyes began to water, and a single tear spilled down her cheek.

Fuck. Isaac gave her a hug and whispered for her to stop crying. Finally, to make her stop, he said, "Fine, damn it, I'll go to the stupid dance."

"Really?" Jennifer asked, tears drying out immediately.

Isaac knew he had been had. "Bitch!"

Jennifer smiled sweetly at him. "Aw, I love you to! See you this Saturday at 7:30pm, ok?" Without waiting for an answer, she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and hurried off happily.

"Why me?" Isaac muttered. He glanced on last time at Amarice Chesterfield before walking slowly out of the cafeteria door. He had to make it to Government class before the bell rang to turn in his homework. He had to continue to pretend to be a slacker. He had a reputation after all. It wouldn't help for anyone to know he was sixth in the class, beaten by Bobbie (he was third), and a few others he didn't care about. Jennifer was eighth, something she hated. She always fought with Isaac, trying to get him to slip so she could slide up past him. After removing the sheets of paper from his locker, he entered Mr. Jorsacks government class and handed the teacher his homework. The teacher nodded. He had a deal, that for the most part, the teachers respected. He would do the work, pass the tests as long as they didn't make him answer any questions in class. For the few dickwads who didn't respect his ways, he never answered anyway. It hurt his grades a little, but he didn't really care about that as much as he knew he should. The bell rang and several seconds later students piled in. Amarice and her Bimbos walked in, all French perfume and with look-down-my- nose-at-you-lesser-beings attitudes.

Bobbie hurried in, spotted Isaac and waved. He took the desk next to him, and they gave each other primitive high-fives. "Jennifer said you agreed to take her to Homecoming."

"Yeah," Isaac mumbled in annoyance.

"You fell for her crying thing again, didn't you?"

"Shut up!"

Isaac spent the rest of the class period envisioning different ways to make Jennifer pay, and every so often, a good idea on how to knock Amarice off her high pedestal would push it's way through his mind. When the day ended, he drove Bobbie and Jennifer home. Jennifer took the passenger seat, just to annoy him. Throughout the whole drive, Isaac would glance at her angrily while she smiled innocently back. After leaving Bobbie, he stopped in front of Jennifer's house.

"I hate you sometimes," he said, in their serious-sounding joking way.

"Yeah, well I hate gaining weight, but I keep going back for chocolate," Jennifer told him.

"What?" Isaac asked, totally confused.

Jennifer just smiled and skipped up the walkway and into her house.

"Women," Isaac muttered, and drove away.


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