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Chapter 15

Principal Collins stood from his seat, his brow creased with worry as he regarded the two Bender children. Samantha had turned grey, her breath coming in short shallow gasps, while her brother only stood there with his eyes tightly closed, with grim expression.

"Is everything alright Isaac? Samantha?" Collins asked quickly.

"They are fine Mr. Collins," Sharon answered for them swiftly. She gave him her best smile, and waved a hand at him in reassurance. "They are just a little surprised to see me is all! Their father and I are having a little spat over their recent actions," she said the last in a low whisper, and lifted her shoulders in a careless way.

Collins raised a brow, his expression unconvinced as he approached the door and placed a hand on Isaac's shoulder. "Are you alright?" he asked again, quietly.

Isaac opened his mouth to reply, but his mother's voice, sharp and warning, rang out before he could utter a word. "Isaac, honey, come sit over here by mommy," Sharon called, her tone dripping with sweetness. "Samantha? Come here to me." Her words were said softly, but with an underlying sharpness that both of her children recognized. Responding automatically to her tone, they sat down beside her before both could really understand what they were doing. Instinct had taken over, and both Isaac and Samantha regretted their gut-wrenching reaction to her poisonous voice. A look of disgust came over Samantha's face, and she attempted to rise in defiance. Her mother's hand wrap around her arm, nails digging painfully into her flesh. Years of similar abuse was the only thing that kept Samantha from crying out. She glared at her mother, unholy hatred in her gaze. Denying her mother the satisfaction of hearing her cry out had always been one of her few triumphs, and now was no different.

Oblivious to the exchange between mother and daughter, Principal Collins moved back to his chair behind his desk and slowly took his seat. The phone began to ring and with a wave of apology he motioned toward the phone. Sharon nodded at him cheerfully, a small, madonna smile on her lips. Collins lifted the phone and turned away from them, talking softly into the phone. Sharon took the opportunity to jerk Samantha forward violently to where she was almost laying across her lap. Speaking slowly and softly, making Isaac lean forward to hear her, she said, "Say anything little ones, anything at all, and I swear by god that I will make sure that by the time I am finished with your father he will be penniless, and under investigation for rape."

"Daddy would never do something so horrible!" Samantha hissed at her quietly.

Sharon gave her a coldly sly look. "Oh really? All it takes to destroy someone nowadays, little Sam, is a well placed rumor. People love to believe the worst in everyone. And it's not like his sweet little girl is an innocent virgin now, are you?" Sharon's deep brown eyes flashed with satisfaction, as both her children paled considerably. "Oh ho, how wonderful the gossip and ruin will be if such a seed was planted in Shermer's gossip community. Your father would be destroyed forever."

With that, just as violently, Sharon thrust Sam back into her seat. The girl looked like she would be sick, and whispered brokenly, "You are evil."

Sharon only smiled as Principal Collins turned back around and replaced the phone on it's reciever. Pausing, he registered the tense silence between the three family members sitting before him and shifted. Instead of remarking on the pale faces of the two children, he heeded the look on Isaac's face and addressed their mother. "Now Ms. Bender--"

"Mrs.," Sharon corrected automatically.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Bender. Like I was saying, there is no reason to remove Samantha and Isaac from Shermer High. Their infraction was a major one, however I have dealt with the situation accordingly and have assigned the appropriate punishment. Believe me, the consequences are severe. We are not lax in discipline in my school," Collins told her.

"That may be," Sharon replied, "and I am not finding fault in your methods of punishment Mr. Collins. I am sure you are doing what you believe is right in order for them to make up for their little...escapade. However, placing them in a school that can monitor them more carefully is what I think would be best for them at this point." Sharon smiled at Principal Collins, then transfered her gazed to her children, her expression turning to one of convincing parental exasperation. If Isaac wasn't so petrified, he would have given her applause for her remarkable performance.

Principal Collins looked at her with a mixed look of confusion and disbelief. "Have you spoken to Mr. Bender about this decision?" he asked.

For a split second the carefully placed mask that Sharon wore slipped and her true face came forth. A twisted expression of loathing and viciousness leaked out before her mask returned. Collins reeled back from the shock of her expression. His palms began to grow hot and sweaty. He tried to catch Isaac or Samantha's gaze, but niether would look him in the eye.

Sharon quickly attempted to make up for her slip up, and gave the older gentlemen a dazzling smile. "I am their mother, Mr. Collins. I have always been in charge of the academic decisions that have been made since they were in kindergarten. I am also an authorized signee on their paperwork here in school. I believe that gives me the authority to remove them from school, whether it is for a day, or forever," she told him firmly. She grabbed Isaac and Samantha's arms in a painful grip and rose to her feet. In order to avoid more pain from her red colored lacquered nails, both siblings rose as well, and didn't resist.

"Now Mr. Collins, if you don't mind, I think my children and I will be leaving. You of course have prepared a copy of their school records? I can't enroll them in Pinedale without them," Sharon asked loftily, clearly aware that she had the upper hand in the conversation.

"Well, yes, but--"

"Samantha, Isaac, please thank Mr. Collins for all he has done," Sharon interrupted.

Isaac nearly choked, the words lodged in his throat. Samantha simply raised her eyes from the floor and said, "Thank you Principal Collins, for being so understanding with us, even when you didn't have to." Her expression was resigned and filled with a despaired finality that forced Isaac out of his disbelief.

He gulped back the lump in his throat and echoed her sentiment almost to the letter. Without giving either of them another chance to add more, Sharon led them out of the office, her fingernails digging into their arms in a continued warning. As she signed the paperwork and gathered the documents she needed from the front desk, Isaac and Samantha stood behind her, the latter clutching her brother's arm, her face pressed into his shoulder. Isaac simply stood as if made of stone. He couldn't even bring himself out of his stupor to attempt to sooth his sister. Instead he ran his mother's threatening words through his head. Slowly he began to face the fact that his mother did not, or rather, could not love them. He almost broke down in tears then and there. At least John would be safe from her, was all he could really think, as Sharon turned and took hold of their arms again and led them out of the building.

It was unnaturally cold outside, almost as if the elements themselves were in tune with the mood that followed them. As they made way for the visitor parking lot, Samantha finally burst from her shock and dug her heels. With irregular speed, she twisted herself away from Sharon and danced several feet away, her breath making puffs in the afternoon air. "No, no fucking way! I am not going anywhere with you," she announced quietly, her voice desperate.

Sharon just laughed. "Oh, I think you are, dearest Sam! You need to accept the fact that we are going to be together for just a little while longer," her voice became bitter, her eyes flashed fire. "Don't worry, I don't plan on putting up with either of you for longer than I have to. I've made a lot of mistakes in my life, worst of all you two. I thought if I gave your daddy," she intoned the last word with contempt, "a brat or two he might hang around. I shoulda known better. You two are going to go to a nice little alternative school in Chicago, and I get to milk your father of as much money as I can until you Sammy girl are eighteen."

"You can't get away with this! Dad will stop you!" Samantha yelled at her. Isaac came up behind Samantha and placed a soothing hand on her shoulder. His sister didn't glance at him, but she leaned back into his palm, and he wished he could enfuse strength into her.

Both siblings started as Sharon let out a peal of laughter. "Are you shitting me? You really think your daddy really wants you? Please!" she scoffed. She glided forward, a grin widening her face as she came directly in front of her daughter. She could tell Sam wanted to back away, but pride kept her still. Getting so close to her face that her lips were nearly touching Sam's, Sharon whispered, "When we got together he said he didn't want any kids. When he found out I was pregnant, both times he wanted me to get rid of you."

Sam stumbled backwards, nearly falling on her ass. Isaac froze, her last words playing over and over again in his head. He wanted to crumble to the ground, he wanted to scream at the top of his lungs, but nothing came out. He could feel bile rising up his throat and he fought to control the urge to throw up. He wanted to remember the last year and everything that John had done for them, but a small voice, the voice of the little boy that he used to be whispered in his ear, that maybe what she was saying was true.

Sam meanwhile stood hunched over, also trying to control a fit of nausea. Her heart beat a painful tattoo in her chest and she tried to control herself. A ditzy spell hit her, and she straightened in an attempt to get over it. Sharon stood only a couple of feet away, a smug expression on her face. That expression burned into Sam's eyelids, and she felt hatred pour out of her body for this woman. She wanted to be able to look at her mother and feel something other than loathing, but she couldn't. It had always been this way. Part of her used to feel guilty for hating her mom. Sam remember a friend once telling her that she didn't have to like her parents, but she had to love them. This was not the case between Sam and Sharon. The mutual hatred was the only common ground they had. Sam listened to Sharon's words in her head again, her chest beginning to burn and pulse painfully. Shaking her head, she confronted her mother, her faith in her father stronger than her fear for the woman before her. "You're lying."

The grin on Sharon's face was wiped clean. Her face twisted horribly, her loathing, disgust and fury contorting it. "Am I?" she hissed furiously. "You really think your dad would have been away so much if he loved you? Please! You and Isaac were just poor substitutes for the little brat and bitch he lost. You were never what he wanted, do you hear that?" She began advancing forward and circling them both.

"Shut up," Sam demanded quietly.

"He never wanted you. Not Isaac, not you! He saw you as burdens, unwanted little bastards. John wanted his little brat, Lauren, not you and your needy big brother!" Sharon snarled, ignoring her daughter and she turned to Isaac. "You always followed him around like a damn puppy, always wanting your daddy! Daddy this, and daddy that. Its no wonder you drove him away," Sharon accused him cruelly.

Isaac reeled backwards as if she had physically attacked him. "No..."

"Oh yeah. You were like his shadow, and it annoyed the hell out of him. You were of use to me, but I should have stopped after you," she purred viciously. "You little girl have been nothing but problems since you were born," Sharon snorted furiously. "Like I would name you Lauren or something. Both of you were good for nothing..."

"That's enough," Isaac croaked out hoarsely.

"...you were just mistakes both of us couldn't get rid of."

"Shut up!" Samantha screamed at her. Isaac watched as if time was slowing so he could feel every bit of pain he knew was coming. Sharon's open palm surged forward, connected solidly with Samantha's cheek with a force that knocked the sixteen year old girl back. With a furious scream, Samantha launched herself at her mother, her shoulder connecting with Sharon's midsection and both females fell to the ground, a rolling mass of snarls and fists. Time returned to normal and Isaac raced forward and slid to his side trying to grab ahold of his mother and pull her off of his sister. Sharon's foot shot out with a lot of force and met with Isaac's stomach. He recoiled in pain, gasping for air. Even through his inability to breath he tried frantically to help his sister. He had never seen either of them like this, and he was terrified. Samantha and their mother continued rolling on the ground, fists connecting randomly. Suddenly Sharon managed to straddle Sam's nearly exhausted form and began to pummel Sam's vunerable body.

"Mom, NO!" Isaac wailed out desperately, coughing violently as he tried to get over to were they had rolled away from him.

"SHARON!!" An enraged roar split the air, and Isaac nearly cried in relief as John flung their mother off of Sam. "What the fuck is the matter with you! You could have killed her!" John roared, fury turning his face deep mottled red.

Sharon laughed cruelly. "What's the matter John, surprised? Don't worry, I was just helping you get rid of your two problems. Maybe with them out of the way you can go back to your life with that red headed slut like we never existed!"

Isaac rushed to his sister's side and felt the tears in his eyes as he gazed down at her. Samantha's face was a growing patchwork of quickly forming bruises. Her nose was bleeding and she winced in pain as he lifted her halfway onto his lap. He felt hands on his shoulders, people trying to get to his little sister, but he shook his head furiously and cradled her in his arms gently. He could recognized Principal Collins voice softly asking him to relinquish her, and another gentle, feminine voice trying to coax and calm him. "She is my responsibility," Isaac turned them away, his voice breaking. He could hear his parents screaming match through the fog in his brain as he ran shaky hands over Sam's face.

"Don't you ever say that! I love my kids!" John bellowed.

"Loved them so much you stayed away more then you were home! You loved your precious brats so much you never saw them? What wonderful logic," Sharon screamed back. "You never wanted me, you used me as a god damn incubator for your spawn and you left to jack around while I was stuck here in Hicksville with two whinny kids! You might as well have put them in the ground too, as much as you care about them, or me!"

John sucked in a breath. "You bitch! Don't you ever say that again! EVER! I worked to feed my family, to give them everything I never had! What the hell happened to you Sharon?"

"You, John, you are what happened to me. Did you really think I would settle for second best, hmmm? Go to hell, and take your spawn with you!" she spat at him and hurried away as a symphony of police sirens could be heard in the distance.

"Don't you ever bother us again Sharon, do you hear me? Stay away from us!" John yelled at her retreated form.

Amidst police sirens, Sharon's hasty retreat with squealing tires, and the distant sound of the end of fifth period, Isaac gazed up at his father, his sister still cradled in his arms.

John ran over to them, moisture forming in his eyes at his daughter's face and dust ridden body. He reached over for her, but Isaac slid back, carrying Sam with him. She groaned in pain, but still buried her face into Isaac's chest, issuing no complaint. "Who is Lauren, John?" Isaac asked him calmly.

His father's eyes closed grimly, and he shook his head sadly.

"Who the hell is Lauren!" Isaac yelled at him.

John was so startled, he nearly fell backwards on his butt. "Isaac..." he began pleadingly.


The teenager turned away from his father and could see his friends all running toward him from the admin building. It also put Claire, in his line of sight. "Huh," he grunted humourlessly, shaking his head. "Claire." He spoke as if her presence proved everything. Isaac stood ackwardly, still carrying his sister carefully.

"Isaac you don't understand," John told him frantically, scrambling to his feet.

"No," Isaac denied, backing toward his car in the student parking lot which was thankfully not that far from where they stood. "I think I do understand. Damn you John, if you didn't want us you should have stayed gone. You should have stayed gone..." he accused, forcing the words out of his lips through his fog of emotional agony and pain. Ignoring his father's pleas and his friends crying his name, he hurried to his car, and placed Sam in the backseat. John watched torturously as his son pealed out of the parking lot, the smell of burning rubber assaulting his nostrils.

"Damn it!" John yelled at the top of his lungs. He could feel Claire's arms encircle him and he let go of the tears that he had held back. "What the hell do I do Claire?" he asked quietly. He could see the Clark, and Johnson kids heading over to him, and the huge crowd of teenagers who had remained to watch the drama. Principal Collins and his faculty were attempting to herd them away.

"God, what do I do?"

"I don't know," Claire murmured, shaken by everything that had just happened. The police sirens blared loudly, while theyhugged each other, emotionally drained...and afraid.

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