Thomas was a human, with two legs, two arms, and two hands. He drives buses and trucks with his two friends, Percy and Toby.

Today, he was on his lunch break and was fishing in the Misty Lake. Thomas held his rod and waited patiently.

"Hi, Thomas!" said Cirno.

"Hello, Cirno." replied Thomas.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to make some fish and chips."

"Fish and chips? Like those thin crunchy things?"

"No. Those are crisps." chuckled Thomas.

"I always thought that chips were called chips, not crisps. Say, what are chips if chips are crisps?" asked Cirno.

"Chips are fried sticks of potato." explained Thomas.

"So they're fries."

"No. Its chips."

"Thomas." said Cirno in a serious tone, "Its called fries!"

As the two argued over what was called what, something tugged on Thomas' fishing rod.

"Fire and Smoke!" said Thomas, "I caught something!"

Thomas reeled hard, whatever he caught must be huge as his rod was bending down, almost to the breaking point. He reeled and reeled and reeled, until something came out of the water.

"Bust my buffers!" said Thomas (The saying was just a habit of his), "Its a mermaid!"

"Hi, Wakasagihime." said Cirno.

"Hi, Cirno. Who's this cutie."

Thomas was frozen in surprise.

"Oh, this is Thomas." said Cirno, "He used to be a tank engine, now he's a human."

"A human you say. Don't they know better than to not be in the Gensokyoian wilderness?" replied Wakasagihime.

"Yes. But he drives a bus! Sometimes a truck this big." said Cirno, raising her hand high.

Wakasagihime laughed, "Hey, Thomas. Why are you fishing up here?"

Thomas plucked up courage, "I was going to make fish and chips."

"Chips? How do you cut then so thin?"

"Those are crisps!" said Thomas indignantly.

Cirno and Wakasagihime laughed at him. Apparently in Gensokyo, chips are fries and crisps are chips, and Thomas is just going to have to live with it. Wakasagihime said she needed to go and Cirno said her goodbyes to her and she sunk beneath the water.

"You people are just odd!" said Thomas.

"That's Gensokyo in a nutshell." replied Cirno.

Thomas sighed. But then they heard a rustling in some nearby bushes. Cirno produced a small chunk of ice and tossed it at the bush. A man came out and caught ice and threw it on the ground. He walked towards Thomas and grabbed him. Thomas looked into the man's face and soon recognized him.

"Christopher?" he said.

"Thomas!" said Christopher, "Which one of the Yakumo's killed my father."

"Hell if I know."

Christopher's grip became harder, "Ow!" said Thomas.

"Which one of them did it?!"

"Like I said! I don't know!"

Christopher was about to strangle the answer out of Thomas, when Cirno created a sharp icicle and stabbed it in Christopher Awdry's butt cheek.

"GAH!" he exclaimed.

Christopher dropped Thomas and he kicked Cirno to the ground.

"I suppose you know who." he said darkly.

With Christopher turning his attention to Cirno. Thomas kicked him right on the butt, he landed on Thomas' fishing equipment. Thomas grabbed Cirno and ran to where he had parked his bus.

"Come on! Come on!" said Thomas, trying to turn on the bus' engine.

Finally the engine caught on and Thomas was soon driving away. BANG! BANG! KISH! Christopher was shooting at Thomas' bus, the glass broke and Cirno ducked under a seat.

Reimu was bored, she was watching George play jump rope.

"Bat shit, rat shit, dirty old twat." began George, "69 assholes tied in a knot. Hooray. Lizard shit. FUCK!"

This amused Reimu, she'd never seen a man several inches high talk so vulgar and in such a comedic way. She heard the beeping horn of a bus.

Thomas and Cirno ran up the shrine steps.

"What's the matter, you two?" asked Reimu.

"Do you know anything about a man named Christopher Awdry?" said Thomas.


"I saw him, at Misty Lake."

Alec appeared, "Reimu, you must go to where Christopher is and defeat him."

"Right. I'll see if I can get him."

Reimu was flying high over Misty Lake, with her gohei in hand she was scanning the area. She then heard the sound of a gun firing.

"So that's where he is." thought Reimu and she swooped down towards the forest below.

Christopher was holding up Bill, Ben, and Daiyousei.

"Good going Ben! Now this old fart's got a gun to us!" said Bill.

"Your fault for tossing that rock in the woods!" said Ben.

"It's not my fault!" protested Bill.

"It is!"

"It isn't!"

"It is!"

"It isn't!"

Christopher lost patience and fired a warning shot high into the air.

"Shut up you two."

Daiyousei was about to cry, she didn't want to die, not now. But then they heard the sound of danmaku being shot. It was Reimu, firing ofuda directly at Awdry. She flew by and was turning around to fire again.

Christopher Awdry wrote something down on a piece of paper and an old WW2 Anti-Aircraft gun appeared. Reimu dove down, she was about to fire more ofuda, but then a large explosion came up behind her. She had to fly lower as all sort of shrapnel were flying about. Christopher fired more shells, but Reimu had the speed advantage and dodged the shells like if it was one of Cirno's spell cards. She launched another ofuda attack, this time, it hit the Anti-Aircraft gun and it was destroyed.

Reimu pulled out a spell card, "This ought to stop him!" she pulled out the following spell card: Spirit Sign "Fantasy Seal -Spread-"

Danmaku whizzed about, it blanketed the sky in magical lasers. Bill and Ben ran for cover and Daiyousei joined in with Reimu by supporting her with her own attacks. All what Christopher could do was to grab his Sten gun and fire at the miko.

Reimu dodged every bullet and was just about to use another spell card, when she felt something pierce through her thigh. Christopher had just managed to shoot her in the upper leg. Reimu had to stop and nurse her wound. Giving Christopher the chance to escape. Reimu got on the ground and stumbled for a bit before sitting down by a tree. She lifted her skirt to see where the bullet had went. A small hole, covered in blood was found right by her side. Daiyousei flew away to get help. Reimu had to hold back her tears, it hurt like a bitch and Reimu couldn't do anything about until help arrives.

Luckily, Daiyousei had flagged down Toby's bus. She told him what had happened.

"Let's go get her and bring her to Eientei!" he said.

Daiyousei climbed aboard and Toby drove off to find Reimu.

Reimu was on a bed in Eientei, Henry and Eirin dug the bullet out. Luckily it had only been a submachine gun bullet and was no bigger than what Reisen used for her pistol. Ringo suddenly appeared.

"I almost had him. I was this close." said Reimu.

"It wasn't your fault." said Ringo, "Sometime we need to take more care of what we're doing."

"But I nearly got him!" protested Reimu.

Eirin walked in with some tea, she looked at the 20 centimeter man that Reimu was talking to. She put the tray down and looked at Ringo.

"Don't I know you somewhere?" she asked.

"Do you watch Shining Time Station?" said Ringo, winking at the reader.

"No. I thought you played for The Beatles. Your the drummer!"

"I may sound the same, look the same, and have the same skills, but I'm not exactly like him." said Ringo, "One of the differences is that he's big and I'm small. He's also not a conductor."

"Oh. Nevermind." said Eirin.

Eirin turned her attention to Reimu, "How did you get that bullet wound?"

"Its that Christopher Awdry! I nearly got him and I was just about to stop him, but he shot me and I had to stop using my spell cards." explained Reimu.

"I'm sure you'll get him next time." said Eirin.

"One could hope. I don't even know where he is." replied Reimu.

"Just take care of yourself Reimu In the meantime, me, George and Alec will see if we can do anything."

"But Ringo? Who will take care of my shrine in the meantime?"

"I think some of your new acquaintances might just be able to help run your shrine." said Ringo, and he blew his whistle and disappeared in a cloud of magic gold dust.

Percy, James, and Gordon, all came to help run the shrine. Percy and Gordon knew something about what a miko does and thus only cleaned up the shrine. But James knew how and even dressed in Reimu's clothes, one day, he came out of the shrine wearing Reimu's PC-98 era outfit.

"Look at me, Gordon! Aren't I a splendid miko?" said James.

Gordon could only groan, "Oh the indignity!"

As for Christopher, he disappeared back in the woods of Gensokyo, making plans for his next move.