Marisa and Reimu were flying by the Scarlet Devil Mansion. According to Diesel's tracker, he has been circling the mansion. Hong Meiling, SDM's gatekeeper kept firing warning shots at Marisa to keep her away.

"Stop shooting danmaku at us!" she shouted.

"Just stay away from the mansion!" Meiling shouted back.

"We're looking for Awdry!" called out Marisa.

"Hah! Stop looking for a man who's already dead!"

Just then, Diesel and Seija stopped their car in front of the gate. Meiling walked over to tell them to leave.

"Actually." said Diesel slyly, "We're here to tell you that Christopher, Wilbert's son is roaming these parts."

"Yeah, you don't want to be turned back into a faulty Class 17, or worse, die." said Seija.

"So?!" shrugged Meiling, "How does that affect me?"

"Well, in case you get hurt, die, or have a fate worse than death. I want to make sure you and your loved ones get compensation." oiled Diesel.

"What Diesel here is trying to say," said Seija, "Is that we are selling insurance policies. We are here to make you safe and sound."

"I don't think I can trust you, Seija." replied Meiling, she and almost everybody else distrusted Seija Kijin.

But Seija reversed Meiling's feelings about buying the fake insurance, and she was soon handing her pay to the two.

"Thank you, for your business." said Diesel, handing Hong Meiling the phony document saying that she was insured.

The two left to find some more gullible costumers. Leaving behind a very confused Meiling, now broke and with a piece of paper that amounted to somebody saying "Gotcha!" to her.

Reimu and Marisa continued their search and soon found nothing. They flew down to the ground and walked right past Meiling, who was reading over the worthless paper.

"That was easy." said Marisa.

"I think that Diesel is more help than I thought." replied Reimu.

The two walked into the giant mansion, they wondered the halls until they came across Mavis, the head maid.

"What are you two doing here?!" she exclaimed.

"Well, we're both looking for Remilia, to tell her that Christopher Awdry has been hanging around here." said Marisa.

"Well, that would explain why some things were going missing."

"Like what?" asked Reimu.

"Some books, some tea, bits of machinery that I have no use for."

"The books and tea were me," said Marisa, "But not the machinery."

Mavis sighed and told them that Remilia was in the hall she usually sat in. The miko and the magician found her eventually.

"Hello, Reimu. Hello, Marisa. Fancy seeing you here?" said Remilia frigidly.

"Remilia." Reimu began, "I have word that Christopher, the son of Wilbert, has been hanging around your mansion and we're here to do something about it."

"Oh." said Remilia, "That would explain a few things, these past few nights have had strange occurrences. I once saw a figure outside from my bedroom's window, I thought it was Aya writing an article. Then my sister, Flandre, said she had been hearing sounds that she claims have 'gotten louder'."

"That must be Awdry!" said Marisa.

"Yes. But what would Awdry would want to do with the Scarlet Devil Mansion?"

Christopher Awdry continued to use the homemade drill he had made. He was going to tunnel his way into the Scarlet Devil Mansion, to find Sakuya Izayoi, the maid who finished off his father. However, he didn't know that Sakuya was dead, and that Mavis had replaced her, with Remilia giving Mavis the last name "Izayoi".

"That bloody basement mustn't be too far!" he said.

He then felt the drill hit something hard.

"Damn! Another big rock!"

He set the drill to go faster, gasoline fumes filled the warm humid air. Christopher had kept a tag reading "Luckily, no one was hurt." in case he managed to get injured.

Suddenly, he felt the drill give and move forward. The drill yanked out Christopher and he landed hard on the floor.

"Ouch!" he exclaimed, but he was finally in the mansion.

"Now to find that Izayoi!" he thought, "But first, where I'm I?"

Reimu and Marisa were climbing down the stairs, when they heard a loud crash.

"Whatever that is, it must be what Flandre was talking about." said Marisa, and the two walked faster down the stairs.

They entered the basement, Reimu grabbed a light switch and the basement lobby lit up. It was one big room, with multiple halls going in several directions. Reimu and Marisa knew from experience that one hall on the left lead to Flandre's chamber, the sound came from the opposite end. So they went in the hall the right.

There were numerous rooms, Remilia's blood cellar was down this hall. A cold refrigerated room containing plastic lined barrels of blood, all organized by type and viscosity. There were several rooms dedicated to storage, some had artifacts with labels in Romanian and sometimes Hungarian. Reimu and Marisa scanned the room with the eastern European items.

They were at the far left corner, when they heard something scurry across the other side.

"That's him!" cried Marisa, and they followed suit.

Christopher ran out of the room as fast as his old legs could let him. Reimu was gaining on him, so he turned a corner was was spotted by Marisa, he pushed down a bookcase and several boxes and small crates fell onto the floor. He continued down and exited the door. Christopher slowed himself down and came to the large hall. His first step was to get away from Reimu and Marisa, so he ran into the hall in front of him.

He came to a large door, Christopher opened it and shut it tight. He decided to wait until Reimu and Marisa had left, then he could return to his current mission. Presently, a little girl dressed in red and a white mob cap pulled on his shirt. Christopher turned around and saw her.

"Who are you, little one?" said Christopher.

"I'm Flandre." replied the girl, "Have you come to play with me."

Christopher didn't like the deadly smile on her face. But he knew that as long as the tag held out, he was going to be fine.

Reimu and Marisa left the room, and wandered around the basement for several minutes.

"Shit! We lost him." said Marisa.

"We'll find him." reassured Reimu, "This mansion is too big for him to explore efficiently."

Reimu and Marisa climbed back up the stairs to warn Remilia that he was in the building. When they did, Remilia ordered every exit to be locked, Christopher was to be trapped. No one was coming in or out.

"Mavis!" called out Remilia, "Will you check on Flandre?"

"Yes, mistress." grumbled Mavis, she didn't like the basement, she thought it too creepy.

She went down the stairs and heard loud noises coming from Flandre's room. Mavis broke into a sprint, she wanted to make sure Flandre was okay.

But Flandre was okay, it was Christopher who wasn't. Flandre's idea of playing involved intense violence and lots of sadism. Christopher looked like he was sent to hell and back and nearly died on the trip back. He winced every time Flandre used her Laevateinn to whip him or to tattoo something by scarring him.

"I hope...the tag...holds out." gritted Christopher in severe pain.

Flandre took out a spell card: Taboo "Four of a Kind".

Three other Flandre's appeared.

"Say, let's see if he'll break." said one.

"Yeah. I want to see if this plaything can hold out?" said another.

"Let's do something I saw in a doujin that I found in one of the storage rooms." said the original Flandre, darkly.

"Yes! Let's!" said the fourth.

So they tied Awdry's legs and arms together, beautiful knots were made around his chest. They then started to beat him into submission. He hated it, but he reasoned that if he is to kill Sakuya (Who is replaced my Mavis), that he must endure.

Before any of the four Flandre's could do anything serious to him, or anything dirty as the doujin entailed. The door opened and Mavis walked him.

"Flandre!" she said in a firm voice, "Awdry's son is here, if you ever see him, subdue him until Reimu comes."

Mavis looked at what the Flandre's had been playing with.

"So." said Mavis, "Your Christopher?"

Christopher couldn't reply, he had been gagged.

"Oh, so I suppose you were going to kill us? Well, that's not going to happen. I won't let you avenge your father, after what that Fat Controller did to us!" Mavis nearly ended her sentence with the word "engines".

Christopher tried to yell something at Mavis, but he was severely muffled by the gag.

"I suppose Flandre has got you under control. I'll just get Reimu to come over then, to clean up the mess." Mavis left the room and shut the door.

Christopher rocked and rolled violently to free himself of his bondage. The thin rope snapped and he managed to free himself, he ripped the gag out of his mouth and charged at the door, body slamming it open.

"Aw. Our toy escaped." said one of the Flandre's.

"Let's get him!" said the original Flandre darkly, the three other Flandre's merged back together and Flandre followed suit.

Mavis was just about to go up the stair when she heard Christopher screaming, he ran towards her. Christopher jumped up to perform a jump kick into her upper chest. She screamed and grabbed for something that was inside one of her pockets. She felt something, and pressed the button.

Everything slowed down to a halt. Awdry was floating in air, just like if someone had pressed the pause button. Mavis pulled the thing out of her pocket, she gasped.

"This is Sakuya's pocket watch!" she said.

She looked to the clock that was on the wall, that too had stopped. Mavis looked around, then she remembered that Sakuya's knives were still in her room. He quickly went up to the room she had been living in and grabbed as many throwing knives as she could.

Mavis tried to throw the knives, they just stayed in place as soon as they left her hand. She then threw them like darts at Christopher, until she had used up all the knives. She clicked the top of the pocket watch and time resumed.

Christopher crashed into the wall and most of knives got him in the back.

"I killed him!" thought Mavis in complete horror.

But unfortunately, no one was hurt. Christopher got up and grabbed a few knives out from his back and tossed them at Mavis, she clicked her pocket watch and time stopped again. He simply walked aside and resumed time, the knives missed.

"Shit!" said Christopher.

He grabbed more knives and threw them, every time, Mavis would click the pocket watch. She did this until Christopher had no more knives.

"Sakuya." he said finally, "I will avenge my father, you finished him! Your the one that pulled those trucks filled with explosives from Anopha Quarry!"

Mavis stopped, "I'm not Sakuya. Sakuya died in the explosion."

"Then who are you?!"

"I'm Mavis! Or should I say, Mavis Izayoi! The successor to the position of head maid, now I can control time. I will stab you until you croak old man!"

Christopher paused dramatically, "You? You are Mavis? That BR Class 04 shunter?"

"I was." said Mavis.

"Impressive, you still work for someone else. Whether its for a quarry foreman or for a small timer vampire, you also and shall always work for someone, you will always be beneath someone!" said Christopher.

Mavis stopped, he was right. Mavis had always been an underling of some kind. But she wouldn't let Awdry control her, not like the way his father did. She stopped time, "You are wrong." she said and threw a knife between his eyes.

She resumed time and Awdry collapsed to the floor, the knife jammed into his skull. Unfortunately, no one was hurt. Awdry laughed and laughed and laughed. He laughed at Mavis and her young naivety, he laughed at how stupid Mavis was. Mavis felt hurt, she felt like her efforts were in vain. She then paused time one last time and stabbed two knives into Awdry's butt. Mavis ran quickly upstairs and shut the door and resumed time.

"AAAAHHHH!" screamed Christopher, he fell to the floor in pain.

His tag was beginning to tear, so he scribbled down another tag "Luckily, no one was hurt.", he threw down the old tag and charged up to the stairs.

He fiddled with the doorknob, the door had been locked. He fiddled faster and harder once he heard Flandre's childish laugh.

"Fiddle diddle riddle diddle riddle diddle!" said Christopher in anguish, he had quoted Michael Rosen.

Finally, he just kicked the door down and ran into the halls of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Flandre used her spell card again and her three clones came out, they all agreed to split and hunt him down. After all, they reasoned that if they caught Awdry, Remilia might reward her by taking her out of the basement.

Reimu and Marisa were chatting up with Remilia over a cup of tea. Then Mavis walked into the room.

"Mistress, I have confined Christopher Awdry to the basement. Whatever's left of him will be toyed with by Flandre."

"Good." said Remilia, "Your turning out to be just like my old head maid."

"YOU THOUGHT WRONG!" came a loud voice.

Christopher Awdry entered the room, his wounds had already healed and he was filled with energy.

"Now, I see I can kill all of you! It'd be easier that way, in order to avenge my fallen father." said Awdry.

Christopher walked closer and closer, he wrote down that he had a Lewis Gun. A light machine gun landed in his arms and he aimed for the miko, vampire, magician, and the maid.

"Get ready, Marisa." said Reimu, "This going to be quite the fight."

"I'm ready for him!" replied Marisa.

"Count me in, I'm tired of just talking about him." said Remilia.

"Let's fuck him up!" said Mavis.

This was going to be one epic fight...