A/N: So, what seems like an awfully long time ago, there as this writing meme going around, asking authors to put their playlist on shuffle and write inspired by whatever song came on, only for so long as the song was playing. I am so highly inspired by music, I tried to do that (although, to be honest, I cheated sometimes by listening to the song until I got inspired, then restarting it to actually write. I sometimes didn't stop when the song stopped, either, if my inspiration hadn't been exhausted…I'm bad, I know…lol)

These and the ensuing chapters are the results. I will add to it if I ever try doing this again. Who knows.

What I'm going to do is number them and give you the name of the song that came on that inspired the one-shot.

Special A/N for 01: I remembering hearing once that the comics did this thing where Raven died and was reborn a few years later. This isn't directly related to that, but…it could be, I guess?

Short Ones
By Em

01. Remember the Time, Michael Jackson

"Do you remember the time / when we fell in love?"

"Robin, let me pass."

He cocked his head to the side. "You really don't remember?" he asked curiously.

She sighed, just a small exultation of breath, but he could read the frustration in it. "You are being tiring."

His eyes opened wide, and then he laughed. "Oh yes, I can imagine I am." He leaned against the wall on his right, which did absolutely nothing for giving her space to pass. "I'm sure it's very tiring to be reminded of things you try so hard to forget."

She looked at him then, really looked at him. "If you understand that, why are you insisting on trying to make me remember?"

He smiled softly at her, "because it's important," he insisted, the amused tone in his voice gone. She started to shake her head and he stood up straight again, knowing instinctively she would try to get past him again. "It is, Rae," he leaned a little closer. "You know me," he said, his voice low and intimate. "You love me."

She looked at him, the confusion plain in the shadows in her eyes for just a brief moment before she wiped her expression clean with considerable effort. "No," she shook her head. "I don't."