"Hurry up, Jack! Bring that box to your mother!" A man told a little boy who was around six years old.

The boy rolled his blue-green eyes but obeyed. "Yes, dad…"

Jack was small for his age, and the box was almost bigger than him, but he managed to pick it up and walked cautiously into their new home.

He placed the box down with a thud.

"Goodness! You gave me a fright." The boy's mother said placing a hand against her rapidly beating heart.

"Sorry mum." Jack said with a toothy grin. He began to twiddle his thumbs together. "Mum, I've been working all day, can I please go look around town? See if there's anyone my age?"

The woman sighed but gave her son a smile, "Alright Jack, but come back before it gets too dark."

The boy smiled and kissed his mother before running off.


"Unbelievable!" Jack had his head down as he walked, his wavy brown hair covering his eyes. He had been all over town, every child he came across was either too old (in their adolescent years) or too young (baby or toddler).

A strange old woman walking out of a house caught his attention. The owner paid the woman uttering a thanks before closing the door. The old woman adjusted her bag around her shoulder before walking away slowly.

Jack wasn't a boy who normally caused trouble, but his curiosity was getting the better of him and he followed the old woman.

She made her way to a tall tower that was far in the ends of the town on top of a hill that Jack must of missed, it was very secluded. He didn't see a door though, thorns were around it.

"How is she going to get inside?" Jack asked himself. His question was answered when the thorns parted and the woman went inside before the thorns went back in place. "Whoa…"

Jack walked toward the tower when he thought it was safe. He walked around it three times wondering if there was a trick, but he didn't see anything.

Growing frustrated Jack kicked a pebble before turning to leave.

"Please don't go!"

Jack turned around with a leap. "Who said that?!"

"Up here!" The mystery person yelled.

He looked up at the top of the tower, he noticed two small hands gripping the bars and a head that could just barely peek over with dark eyes. It was a boy.

"Hello." The boy said.

"Hello." Jack said walking closer.

"I've never seen you before," the boy said trying to make himself taller. "Are you new?"

Jack nodded his head. "Yes, I just moved in with my mum and dad. They make clothing for a business...Who was that old woman I saw earlier?"

"Mombi, she's my guardian…" The boy said.

"Oh," Jack said trying to find a good spot to get a better look at the other boy. "How old are you?"

"I turned six a few days ago." The boy said with what sounded like a little pride.

Jack smiled widely. "Really?! Me too!" He again looked at the thorns but quickly back to the boy. "Do you think you can come out and play sometime?"

"No." The boy sounded sad now.

"W-why not?" Jack was upset.

The boy tapped the bars. "I'm sick. I can't leave my room."

Jack looked down, "oh…" he tried looking back to the other boy. "Well maybe I can ask your guardian if I can come in and play?"

"You can try that." The boy said sounding a little hopeful.

"I'll come by tomorrow, it's getting late and I have to go back home."

"Okay," the boy waved his hand "Goodbye."

"Goodb-oh wait!"

The other boy was quickly back at the window, "yeah…?"

"My name's Jack. What's yours?"


"Tippeta-what?!" Jack was tongue tied.

The boy in the tower laughed. "You can call me Tip."