Jack and Tip were men now, at twenty years old, although many people still referred to them as boys, all because of their youthful appearance... especially Tip.

Jack has had enough of his home life and packed a bag and left leaving a short note. He and Tip were now more desperate to get out of town with no name. He spent the last three days outside the tower, out of view of Mombi.

Resting against a large boulder, Jack waited for a signal from Tip that it was safe to get close to the tower.

The signal came when a rock flew by and hit a metal plate that was near by. Jack jumped to his feet and ran into Tip's view.


"I've been waiting forever!" Jack shouted. "How much time do we have?"

"She went to the butcher's." Tip said.


"She went to the butcher's!" Tip yelled.

"Well, how long is that?"

"I don't know, not long." Tip said as Jack began cutting into the thorns with a small sword. "I can't take it anymore, Jack. You've got to find a way in."

Jack and Tip have always said they'd be free someday. They were both convinced that day has come.

"Today's the day."


Jack felt like he has been hacking away for hours, but it couldn't have been more than five minutes.


"There's no way through!" Jack was almost out of breath.

"No, there has to be!"

"Look, it's too hard."

"Mate, you can't give up." Tip pleaded.

His friend's voice gave him new strength. "I won't. Not until I'm through. And then we're gonna..."

"...get the heck out of here." Tip finished for him.

"Yeah. Get the heck out of here." Jack said in between grunts

Tip looked up ahead when he heard a dog barking. "Jack, someone's coming up the hill."


"Someone's coming up the hill. Hurry!"


"Just go! I don't know." Tip didn't recognize the two people staggering their way.

Jack was about to run back but the strange woman called out to him. "Excuse me? Excuse me. I'm looking for a woman called Mombi." At the old woman's name Jack took off running in fright "Hey!" The stranger yelled and her injured companion collapsed to the ground coughing.


Jack muttered angrily as he laid himself down. He was so sure he and Tip would be far far away by now, but it was night and they didn't get a lot of opportunities during this hour.

The sound of light footsteps made him sit up and put a hand on his sword's hilt. "Who's there?"

A woman came into view with her hands raised. Jack recognize her as the stranger from earlier.

"It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you but we don't have much time…" She said.

"What do you mean?"

"You're friends with the boy who's locked up in Mombi's home are you?" She asked and Jack nodded his head. "I'm going to help you two escape. Come with me."

Jack thought it was worth a try, he quickly gathered his things and followed the young woman.


Tip was laying down in bed, he heard some commotion outside the room and before he could comprehend what was happening, his door was knocked down.

The stranger came into view, "Come on, we're getting you out of here." She said.

"We?" Tip questioned.

"Us." Came Jack's voice closing than he has ever heard it before.

"Jack!" Tip couldn't remember ever being this happy. For the first time the two friends embraced.

When they went through the house, all they could hear was chaotic panic from the two strangers struggling to leave, their dog barking and Mombi yelling for the door to be opened.

Tip looked for his medicine but didn't find enough of it. Jack promised they'd get more.

Jack tried taking a dagger, but Tip refused to take it. "I don't want any part of her." He'd ran out with Jack closely behind.


The two friends sat by a fire Jack has made. They we enjoying being so close, but Jack had to bring this up:

"We'd have lived a year on what that dagger would have sold for. Why'd she have it?"

"I don't know. She never told me anything. But if I took it, it would have been a part of her that followed me around." Tip hissed with pain holding his abdomen.

"You alright?" Jack asked concerned.

"I need that medicine. What if it's the only thing keeping me alive?" Tip said.

"She ever tell you about that?"

"Yeah. I got 'bad blood.'"

Jack scoffed and smirked, "who doesn't?" Jack laughed. He was probably referring to his own parents with that comment.

The two of them laughed together when suddenly Jack started to howl and soon Tip joined him…


Early the next morning, a bird was cawing and Jack woke.

"Tip?" He looked around their campsite and didn't see his friend. "Tip!"

He heard some movement, "Tip? Tip is that you?" He saw someone snatch Tip's coat, it didn't not look like his friend.

"Hey, that's my friend's coat!" Jack began to chasing the thief. "Stop!"

"Stop!" Jack shouted again and the thief hid behind a tree. "What're you doing with that coat?"

"It's mine." Said a female voice, "It's mine, it's mine, it's mine." The thief whispered.


"It's me, Jack. Something's happened." The female stepped into view and Jack started wide eyed.


There was no mistaking it. There was a crying girl standing in front of him, but this was Tip.

The boy's clothing was not meant for girls and did a poor job in supporting breast. Jack couldn't stop his eyes from drifting down.

Jack's best friend has turned into one of the beautiful women he has always talked about…

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