Hi, this is my first Charmed fanfic story. It's been rolling around in my head for a long time now, and I've finally decided to write something down and see how it goes. This is going to focus a lot on Prue and Phoebe's relationship. There is going to be bad things happening and it's going to be a bit dark before it gets better. A lot of this is just my imagination. I will be putting trigger warnings throughout if I feel something could be triggering. If someone things a warning is needed where there isn't one please let me know! Hope you enjoy. Please review and let me know your thoughts. Ps-image isn't mine taken from Google. Charmed is owned by Aaron Spelling and Constance Burge.

TW: Kidnapping

Prue and Piper were reading a magazine together while Phoebe played tag with a few of the two of her neighborhood friends. Prue looked up and could see Grams watering her plants through the window and Phoebe laughing and running away from Grace who was currently 'it'.

Grams waved to Prue from the window and gestured for her to keep an eye on Phoebe. Prue nodded and looked back at Phoebe, her and her friends gave up on tag and started jumping rope. Prue smiled and went back to the magazine.

The past few years were rough first losing their mom and then their dad leaving soon after. Prue felt like she needed to become her sisters protectors, she needed to take care of them, even though Grams told her to just be a kid.

Prue looked back up at Phoebe and smiled as she gave a wave. Prue waved back and then laughed when she looked at Piper who was blushing at the picture of a very cute very shirtless model. Prue nudged Piper, "So is he your type? Muscular and a super hottie?!"

Piper pushed Prue in the shoulder and tried to deny. Prue and giggling when she heard what sounded like a car screeching to a halt. She looked up and saw the Phoebe and her friends stop jumping rope.

The person in the car rolled down the window and looked like they were asking for directions. Prue got a really bad feeling about it. She stood up and started walking towards them, while she called Phoebe's name. "Pheebs. Come here for a sec."

Phoebe turned to face Prue and started to walk towards her. All of a sudden the back passenger door swung open and two arms were reaching out. The other girls screamed and ran away, while Prue screamed for Phoebe. Phoebe tried to run but the arms held her around her waist. She tried squirming away but the persons grip was just too tight.

Phoebe looked at at Prue and reached out her hands hoping her sister could save her, "Prue! Help! Grams!" But before Prue could get there the arms yanked her back and she flew into the car. Phoebe was still struggling but it was no use, the person flung her into the empty seat next to him and slammed the door shut. The car took off tires screeching. Prue got to the car just as it took off, she banged her hand against the window but nothing happened. All the windows were blacked out and all she could hear was Phoebe yelling out for her.

As the car drove away she tried to chase it, but it was too fast. Before she even thought to look at the license plate the car was gone. Prue screamed and cried right there in the middle of the street. Someone had just kidnapped her baby sister and she could do nothing to stop it.

Piper doesn't like to think about what happened, but Prue can't stop thinking about it. She remembers everything too clearly. She remembers how beautiful the day was, she remembers how happy Phoebe looked, how relaxed she and Piper were, how simple things were. She also remembers the car, it was all black, a sedan, with all black windows. She remembers how her hand hurt for days after due to how hard she hit that car window hoping it would break so she could rescue her baby sister.

She remembers the investigation and Andy's dad, Inspector Trudeau, coming over and asking questions. She remembers how the other kids on the block cried and said they were sorry for running away and not helping. As much as she wanted to Prue couldn't hold a grudge against them, they were kids. They were all kids.

The thing Prue hated the most was remembering the first dinner without Phoebe and her silly jokes, the first birthday without her sister jumping on the bed and yelling so everyone knew who's birthday it was (like they could ever forget), the first day of school and the sad sorry looks both she and Piper received.

Prue sometimes hated remembering, hated thinking about what happened, why it happened. But sometimes it was the only thing she could think about.

The kidnapping of Phoebe shaped Prue's life, she was always wondering, always looking, never giving up hope that one day she would find her sister. It's how she became a cop. She wanted to prevent things like this from happening, so another family wouldn't have to go through what hers went through.

Currently working homicide along with her long time best friend Andy Trudeau, Prue is doing the best she can to put bad guys away and keep herself and Piper safe.

Sometimes Prue envies Piper's ability to trust to see the good in people; and sometimes she wishes Piper would look for the bad so she wouldn't get her heart broken.

Prue smiles when she thinks of all Piper has accomplished. Now 21 Piper is finishing up her last year at U of San Fran., as is graduating with a degree in culinary arts and business; she hopes to one day own a club or restaurant. Prue couldn't be prouder of her sister.

Then she thinks about what Phoebe would be doing now. She would be 16, almost done with high school. Prue wonders if Phoebe would be athletic or book oriented like she and Piper were. She wonders if she is tall, is she healthy, is she happy, is she still alive? Prue hates to think it but knows she would be naive if she didn't even at least consider the possibility that her sister never made it to her 7th birthday.

Prue sighs and looks at the computer screen, as of right now both she and Andy are twiddling their thumbs waiting for something to happen, for someone to be killed (as horrible as that is) or for another detective to need some help. In the mean time Prue sits back and thinks about her family. Maybe one day it would be whole again.

"Hey, could we get some help over here?! She's a fighter!"

So here's the first chapter, please let me know what you think. I am still writing this fic so updates will probably be slow. Thank you for reading!