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Psychological Profile of Akane Tendo

Akane Tendo at first glance appeared to be the first human to ever be afflicted with Mad Cow Disease. However further examination proved this to be false (Blood work came back negative).

Upon further examination the following diagnosis was rendered; Ms. Tendo seems to be suffering from severe abandonment issues stemming from the loss of her mother at a very young age. Consequently this seems to have retarded her emotional development. As having no proper example for male/female relationships has left her with no decent example on how a couple are expected to behave, when put into such a situation she has reacted inappropriately in the extreme.

She has since based her views on the actions of those she has been exposed to (See file on: Tatewaki Kuno manic/god complex/severe psychosis). Ms. Tendo has since learned to associate violence and/or anger with sexual attraction when it comes to the male gender. Her feelings towards the female gender have become somewhat confused as well since her engagement (See file on: Ranma Satome gender confusion/stunted emotional growth/possible retardation stemming from physical abuse and neglect/acute galeophobic).

Simply put, she is a nice girl but a violent maniac.

It is the opinion of this board that she continue being held in protective custody until such time as her violent, anti-social behavior can be curbed. A standard drug regiment of Prozac and Thorazine should prove effective against the majority of her outbursts until such time as therapy has been proscribed and completed successfully.


"Oh my!" Kasumi exclaimed, dropping the letter to the floor. "I guess the latest outburst at school was simply too much for the school board. I hope they won't keep her and Ranma too long." Brushing her long brown hair back over her shoulder she quickly retrieved the errant page.

"Sis," Nabiki replied patting her on the shoulder "from the damage estimates we received they had no choice but to plead temporary insanity. The charges against the three of them were too much for even Kuno to foot the bill without requesting help from his father. And you know how much he hates his father. We'll be lucky if they get out before spring. Besides, maybe they can help her."

Nabiki handed a letter with 'To the parents of: Ranma Satome" on it in bold letters to her older sister, while her mind went through the various ways she could use this to their benefit.

"Do you really think so?" Kasumi asked with a faint smile on her face, imagining a quiet day at home where she wasn't required to put her contractor's license to use rebuilding some portion of her home.

"As long as they don't mistake Ranma for female and put him in the same ward everything should work out fine." Nabiki smirked considering how Ranma's luck usually ran.