And that's not to say she wasn't a fan of the color pink. Really, it was a fine color. She was fond of the color pink, it was her Mother's favorite color but….the school was pink. It just...how could she take this school seriously when the damn color was pink? And a light pink, at that. Not that the certain shade really made a different but...it's just...it was pink!

Next to the scowling girl, a younger girl smiled serenely. She was noticeably shorter than her companion with silk-like hair that was trimmed neatly to her shoulders. Black bangs were pushed back and held in place by a white headband, revealing excited dark green eyes. "What does the color have to do with anything, Iz?" She asked in amusement.

The girl next to her, Isabella, stood taller with a mane of thick, curly brown hair with blonde highlights. Wild bangs crowded hazel brown eyes but the girl seemed unaffected by it. She folded her arms across her chest with a frown. "Well, it clashes with the God-awful uniforms, for one," Isabella replied blankly. Isabella Giovanni was seventeen years old and new to Ouran Academy for her last school year. Not by choice, obviously. If it was up to her, she would have finished her last school year back home in Italy but her parents had a different idea.

Isabella was born to Alphonse and Masami Giovanni amid controversy among Masami's family. Morimoto Masami was the heiress of Morimoto Industry, an Automotive Company worth billions when she went on a vacation to Venice, Italy at the age of eighteen. It was there that she met up and coming businessman, Alphonse Giovanni. Despite being seven years older than Masami and already married with three sons, the two fell in love.

Masami returned home to Japan briefly only to run off back to Italy to be with Alphonse. Her family had been furious but nothing they said or did could bring the runaway heiress back home. Masami was then disowned and her younger sister, Chihiro, was named the heiress. Alphonse then divorced his first wife, Francesca, and married Masami. A year after marriage, Masami was pregnant with Isabella. In that same time-span, Francesca seemingly vanished completely, leaving Alphonse's three sons behind. Masami was glad to raise Francesco, Alonzo and Vicente along with Isabella.

For years Isabella lived peacefully with her family. She didn't really know her Mother's side of the family except for Chihiro and her daughter, Fumiko. Chihiro had been the only one to forgive and keep in touch with Masami and her family during her exile. Isabella and Fumiko had essentially grown up to be best friends despite the far distance between the two.

And then recently, Masami's mother reached out to her. According to Shinobu, Isabella's grandfather's health was failing drastically. She begged to see Isabella, to have Isabella meet Hiroki before dying. For some reason Isabella refused to understand, Masami thought it would be good for Isabella to spend her last year in Japan in order to get to know her family.

And that is how Isabella ended up in front of Ouran Academy with Fumiko, dressed in that God-awful buttercup yellow dress. Isabella was not happy with the sudden arrangements but she never was one to argue with her parents. Alphonse was initially uneasy with Isabella living in Japan but Chihiro volunteered to house her until the year was over and well, he really didn't have much of an argument after that.

"There's nothing wrong with the uniforms. I quite like them," Fumiko pouted momentarily, flicking some of her hair back into place. Isabella glanced at her younger cousin and then looked down at the dress. She pinched some of the fabric between her fingers, pulling at the skirt. Fumiko smacked her hand away like she was a child. "You'll wrinkle your dress!"

"Well, of course you like the dress. You don't know any better but I do. This is horrible, honestly, the color, the shape….the sleeves. Everything about it but then again, the school is pink so I'm not really surprised," Isabella huffed irritably.

Fumiko waved her cousin's concern off with a flippant wave of her hand. "You're just being dramatic. Now come on, the first bell will ring soon and I would hate for you to be late," Fumiko stated before approaching the school. Isabella rolled her eyes but obediently after Fumiko. She paid attention as Fumiko expertly led her through the hallways, making small mental notes of anything that stuck out just in case she found herself lost and on her own. Fumiko chattered all the while but Isabella barely reacted to it, all too used to her cousin's chatty ways.

"I'll meet you later for lunch, okay? I'll introduce you to Ayame-chan and Yuna-chan, they're excited to meet you," Fumiko explained in front of Isabella's classroom. The tall brunette nodded distractedly while looking over her schedule. The Japanese school day was so different compared to the Italian school day and she having some trouble trying to wrap her head around it.

Fumiko was gone before Isabella could really reply, leaving her alone in the freakishly large but empty hallway. Isabella frowned tightly and glanced towards the classroom door. She was never one to be nervous given her blunt nature but she was in a completely new environment and knew no one except her cousin. Her cousin who happened to be a year younger than her and thus, a second year, not a third year.

Sighing heavily and steeling her nerves, Isabella entered the classroom. The classroom, although not noisy in the first place, came to a quiet lull at the sight of her. Not only was she a new student, she was clearly a foreigner given her mocha complexion and insanely curly hair. "There you are," the teacher turned to her and Isabella vaguely remembered that her name was Muramasa. "Don't be shy, come in. Come introduce yourself," Muramasa smiled in what Isabella guessed what supposed to be reassuring. At least the woman was trying, she guessed blankly.

"Good morning," Isabella greeted politely, hoping her accent didn't bleed into her Japanese. "My name is Giovanni Izabera," She tried to smile pleasantly and wondered if she failed. "I'm from Italy and I'll be staying with my Aunt and cousin for the year. I'll hope you'll take care of me," She kept it short and simple. Honestly she didn't really care if her classmates cared for her or not. She'd rather get the year over with so she could return to Italy. She didn't really have any intentions of making friends. Those were useless attachments that she didn't really need.

Muramasa assigned her seat, placing her in between two girls. They were friendly enough to greet her but she knew it was only because they had to, not because they wanted to. But that was just fine with her and she politely showed them the same kindness.

'Her hair is so wild.'

'She's really tall.'

'She doesn't really look Japanese and her accent sounded strange.'

'I've never heard of the Giovanni family. Do you think she's here on a scholarship?'

Izzy resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Her hair was not wild and she did too look Japanese! She also was not deaf. She took a quiet but deep breath and tried to focus on whatever it was Muramasa was talking about. Her eyes discreetly scanned the room, studying her classmates and making mental notes. 'Is that….is that a child?' Izzy blinked while her brows crinkled in surprise. Sitting three seats to her left appeared to be a elementary-aged boy with golden locks and honey-brown eyes. Izzy took notice of the stuffed rabbit hugged to his chest and frowned, clearly disturbed. She seemed to be the only one surprised to see him there and for the thirteenth time that day, wondered what she got herself into.

"Busy-Bee~!" Fumiko sung as Izzy made her way towards her. Izzy scowled and leaned forward, slapping her hand against Fumiko's mouth. Her younger cousin giggled but didn't seem to mind as Izzy leaned in exceptionally close and spoke quietly. Fumiko kept giggling and Izzy blankly wondered what the hell her cousin found so funny.

"Never utter those words outside the safety of our home again," Izzy threatened ominously with a dark look across her usually cool face. Fumiko continued to giggle even after Izzy slipped her hand away to settle down next to her. "This school is weird," She stated after a short pause.

"You'll get used to it," Fumiko continued to sing, despite Izzy's mutterings that she couldn't sing very well. "Oh, look! There's Ayame-chan and Yuna-chan," Fumiko motioned to the two girls that were approaching. They were about the same height as Fumiko with Ayame having long maple colored hair fashioned into two braids while Yuna sported mid-back length black hair.

Ayame grinned widely while Yuna's smile was more toned down and less….psychotic, according to Izzy. "Hi Giovanni-san! I'm Ayame and this is Yuna. It's nice to meet you, Fumiko-chan told us all about you," Ayame greeted kindly. Izzy wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not. If Fumiko told them all about her, they'd know that she was painfully blunt, aloof and barely sociable. She also had a terrible temper and well….she wasn't sounding like a good person, now that she thought about it.

"You can call me Izabera. Or Izzy, if you'd like," Izzy told them instead of replying to Ayame's statement. She was positive Fumiko didn't really tell them all about her because the two smiled joyfully and sat down.

"What brings you to Japan, Izzy-chan?" Yuna prompted quietly. "Fumiko-chan says you're from Italy."

Izzy knew someone would eventually inquire as to why she was suddenly here. Her classmates had whispered among themselves, trying to figure out her sudden transfer without actually asking her upfront, all day. "I grew up in Italy and didn't really spend time with my Mother's side of the family except for Fumiko and her mom. My mom thought it would be a great idea to spend the last school year here," Izzy explained shortly. She noted that the lunch prepared by Chihiro's kitchen staff was strictly Japanese and she found herself missing the Italian cuisine she was used to.

"That's nice of your Mom, although I suppose it's hard getting used to the different cultures," Ayame noted and Izzy nodded to her words. "I know Fumiko's family owns an Automobile company. What about your family?"

"My family owns a lot of businesses, mostly wineries but we've also branched out to jewelry, fashion, banking and real-estate," Izzy answered automatically. They probably weren't too well-known in Japan but her family was a big thing back in Italy and even in the United States.

Ayame whistled low and Izzy was sure that wasn't something lady-like but it didn't bother her. "You've got a lot to live up to then," She commented, clearly impressed with the Giovanni family.

Izzy shrugged her shoulders. "I have a lot of older cousins and three older brothers. I'm actually the youngest of my generation," She corrected Ayame. She had no intentions of taking over the company her Father built from the ground up. Especially since she had three older brothers who were ready and willing to take over when the time called for it. There was also her seemingly endless amount of cousins who were almost evil in their ambition to inherit a company they had nothing to do with. It didn't make sense to expect such a thing.

"But you're older than Fumiko-chan," Yuna offered in that same quiet voice.

And that was the problem. She was older than Fumiko and their only other cousin, Katsu. Masami had been disowned but she was still the eldest daughter. The eldest daughter conveniently had a child before Chihiro or their brother, Takuma had their own children. Of course Izzy argued that since Masami was disowned and replaced by Chihiro, Fumiko should be the sole heiress to Morimoto Industry, not her. Shinobu and Hiroki then reminded Isabella that she was by default, the oldest and had the best personality when it came to running a billion dollar company. Fumiko was rather childish and Katsu was too….soft, to put it delicately. Masami and Chihiro both saw the reasoning but Takuma, on the other hand, had been rather…..furious that his son wasn't being considered but Masami's mixed breed of a daughter was. But that was a story for a different day, Izzy mentally reminded herself.

"Yes, well, that's still being discussed among the family," Izzy said shortly. Yuna and Ayame silently got the idea that the subject they were approaching wasn't a good one. "I have a question I was hoping you girls could answer. I noticed that in some of my classes, there's a very young boy. Is he in an accelerated program?"

The three girls seemed confused until a light bulb went off above Fumiko's head. "You mean Honey-chan!" She exclaimed brightly. Izzy only blinked at her because why was his name Honey? Perhaps because he was so young? He seemed freakishly popular, if she remembered correctly. "Don't be silly, Iz. Honey-chan isn't a young boy. You two are actually the same age."

Izzy frowned in confusion and looked towards Ayame and Yuna. Fumiko had the tendency to exaggerate but the two girls only smiled and nodded along to her words. "Huh," She uttered after they stopped nodding. "That's….odd," She decided after a moment's pause. The school was full of oddities, it seemed. She wasn't sure how she felt about that or if she should feel anything at all.

"Which reminds me, actually. Would you like to attend the Host Club with us after school?"

"The what?"

"The Host Club, Iz, pay more attention."

"I am paying attention. What the hell is a host club?"

"Don't swear, Iz. We've talked about that, Mama and Auntie says it's unbecoming of a woman to swear like that."

"Do you know my brothers?"

"You can't blame your potty mouth on the boys," Fumiko tutted. "Anyway, as I was saying, the Host Club. It's a club made up exceptional good-looking boys who entertain the female student body after school," Fumiko explained simply. Izzy frowned again and in the back of her mind, she could hear her Aunt Camilla saying that all that frowning would give her premature wrinkles and who wants that?

"Is that…..legal?"

To her surprise, Ayame snorted rather boyishly. She slapped her hand over her mouth and turned away in a vain attempt to conceal her laughter. Yuna glanced over at Ayame and smiled weakly before turning back to Izzy. "Of course it's legal, Izzy-chan," She replied since Ayame was too busy giggling and Fumiko was left speechless.

"That sounds a lot like prostitution," Izzy commented blankly.

"Izabera!" Fumiko gaped, scandalized that something like that would even come out of her cousin's mouth. "The Host Club is a respectable and savory club! Don't sully their reputation like that," Fumiko looked as if she was ready to slap Izzy for her insolence.

"You're one of the girls they entertain, aren't you? Is that what you do with your allowance? My, how frivolous," Izzy uttered in a haughty voice. "What exactly goes on at this Host Club?" She asked, not really interested. But it seemed like it was very important to the three and Izzy was always one to get information, no matter how useless it was to her.

"There's seven Hosts you can designate with different personalities and types and you spend the afternoon with them, usually conversing and being served light snacks," Ayame finally managed to come down from her laughing fit to explain the basis of the club.

Izzy was clearly puzzled. "So you pay to spend time with these boys? They charge you to...talk to you? That's...that has to be illegal somehow. Morally, I mean, honestly, how good looking are these boys?"

"They're Godsend," Fumiko sighed as if in a trance.

"I highly doubt that…"

"Izzzzzzy, you saw Honey-chan today, didn't you think he was the cutest thing you've ever seen in your life?"

"I was more concerned as to why a child was currently present in the classroom."

Ayame snorted once more but this time Yuna joined in, giggling more girlishly behind her hands. Izzy and Fumiko were opposites in every sense of the way down to their sense of humor. Despite their opposite personalities, the friendship between them was obvious. Izzy found herself actually smiling prettily at the giggling duo. Despite their eccentric interest in the Host Club, they seemed nice enough.

"Well, that settles it—"

"That settled nothing—"

"You're coming with us today."

"As much as I would like to—which is not a lot—I have more things to worry about today," Izzy pointed out dryly, expertly ignoring Fumiko's pout. "For example, the curriculum being taught here is something completely different than what I was taught back home. I have a lot of catching up to do if I want to stay in the top classes."

"She has a point, Fumiko-chan," Yuna reached over to pat Fumiko's hand. "Why don't we let Izzy-chan get settled and then drag her to the Host Club?"

"Dragging sounds so violent."

"I doubt you will come willingly, Izzy-chan, but you simply must come eventually."

Izzy got the vague feeling that Yuna wasn't suggesting anything and that one way or another, she would attend the Host Club with them. She sighed heavily, at least they were agreeing that she didn't have to come immediately even though she didn't want to come at all.

"Fine, you girls win," She conceded, mentally exhausted by all this Club talk. She never was one to give up easily but something told her she was fighting a losing battle. Her life seemed to be full of losing battles lately. Izzy could only sigh heavily before turning towards her lunch.

Japan was strange. The girls were even stranger.

Hey y'all. Surprise, I know right? I was picking through Ouran Fanfic and I came across two stories that seemed oddly similar to my own Ouran fic, not that I'm saying that anyone copied or anything. It just sounded...I don't know, similar. I'm not going to call out anyone or say anyone's names because I could just be paranoid but either way, it got me thinking that my fic was pretty messy. I mean, I wrote the fic back in 2012 with the intentions of being a funny light-hearted story but somewhere in the middle the plot got a little muddled and choppy and well...reading it now, I'm not happy with it.

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