Author's Note: To my long time readers, I'm in the process of re-editing this story. There won't be a lot of things that are changed but maybe one or two things which I'll mention later.

Full Summary: Emma Rogers, AKA The Viper Assassin, has been under Hydra's thumb for nine long years until the Avengers rescue her from a Hydra base after receiving anonymous intel from the Winter Soldier. She's thrown into a world of freedom which she's never known but with the help of her grandfather, Captain America, she slowly becomes accustomed to her new life until Tony Stark brings up the Sokovia Accords. Emma is caught in the middle of a war as she becomes intent on protecting the man she calls her father and siding with her grandfather. Not to mention she crosses paths with a certain webslinging nuisance that knows just how to push her buttons like no other...what Emma would give for the days she spent knife fighting with her father in Siberia.

Will cover Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity War with AU storylines before Captain America: Winter Soldier and in between The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron. I'm currently writing an AU storyline post Spider-Man: Homecoming but I will be adapting the Avengers: Infinity War storyline to fit my own when the time comes.

Eventual Peter Parker/OC(Extreme SLOW BURN!)

Bucky Barnes/OC father daughter relationship

Steve Rogers/OC father daughter relationship

Peter doesn't show up until Chapter Twenty Two. I just want to emphasize that this is an extreme slow burn story because Emma is a very stubborn person. There's also a lot of character development in this story which is why I waited so long to bring Peter into this story. Her background was very important to me. The only reason I labeled this story as a romance is because there will be a lot of that later on in the story but not for a long time. Just be patient and I promise it'll be worth it.

Trigger Warnings: Just a warning that there will be mentions of rape and child abuse in this story. I'll never go into vivid detail but I just wanted to warn you guys.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from Marvel except the ones I make up myself. I also don't own the title of the story or the title of any of the parts which are song names and lyrics. 'Some Things Never Sleep' is a lyric from the song 'Queen of Peace' by Florence + The Machine. Part I's title is 'Long & Lost' by Florence + The Machine. Part II's title is 'Hardest of Hearts' by Florence + The Machine. Part III's title is 'Little of Your Love' by HAIM. I obviously really love Florence + The Machine if you couldn't tell.

Anyways...I hope you enjoy the story.

Rush Springs, Oklahoma

"Emma, sweetheart, why don't you go play in the living room? Daddy's cooking in the kitchen." Margot Rogers called out to her daughter. A four year old little girl was playing with her plastic toy horses on the kitchen floor, the linoleum cold against her small feet. She was a cute little thing with her pale blonde pigtails and big ocean blue eyes. Emma Rogers looked every bit like her father with her hair, eyes, and Margot was even beginning to see her daughter form the same smile. Emma looked picturesque in her pink sundress with flower patterns decorating every inch of it. It was still morning but the dress was already stained with grass and dirt strains which the rambunctious four year old had obtained from outside.

"Okay, mommy." Emma said obediently. It made more sense to play in the living room since there was much more space to play anyways. Steven Rogers Jr. watched from behind the kitchen counter as his daughter got up from the floor, her arms full of toy horses, and proceeded to the living room. It was moments like these that caused him to think about his own father, both an American hero and icon, who died before he was born and even before his mother discovered she was pregnant with him. Steven felt saddened suddenly because he realized that his father had missed out on a lot and above all…fatherhood which was the best thing that had ever happened to Steven.

Emma entered the living room and immediately sat herself on the floor, her feet warmed up by the soft carpet. Her mother sat on the couch, her green eyes glued to a magazine, and Emma briefly found herself wanting to be as pretty as her mother someday. Emma's mother had emerald green eyes that contrasted against her vibrant red hair and pale alabaster skin. It was no wonder that Steven had fallen so hard for her even with the large age difference. Steven was fifty two when he met Margot who had only been thirty five at the time. The older man had been working as a Shield agent when Margot, another Shield agent, was assigned to him as a partner during a mission.

The rest was history.

The family was quite content in their two story house that was situated in the middle of nowhere. Their only neighbors lived a couple miles away so the Rogers were embraced with peace and quiet which was all they could really ask for. Both Steven and Margot had retired from Shield when Margot became pregnant with Emma. Nick Fury and Margot's father had been sad to see them go but it was about time they settled down. Margot was about to flip the page in her magazine when she heard a soft thud coming from upstairs. A normal, ordinary person would've passed it off as a bird landing on the roof but not Margot. She slowly glanced up at the ceiling as she held her breath, all time seemed to freeze as she strained to hear anything from the second floor. Margot turned her attention to the entrance of the kitchen as her husband popped his head around the corner. She knew she wasn't being paranoid.

Steven and Margot shared a knowing look as Margot carefully stood up from the couch without making a sound. They made discreet hand signals from over their daughter's shoulder and Margot walked towards him until she was right in front of him. Emma was oblivious to it all as she continued to play with her horses. Steven gave his wife another look and Margot nodded in silent reply before Steven placed a chaste kiss to her forehead. He softly padded over to a gaudy looking painting of wild horses on the wall and lifted the painting up, reaching his hand behind it and pulling a gun out. Margot stood in front of Emma, blocking their daughter's line of sight, and Steven silently began to creep up the stairs.

Emma went on her merry way, playing with her toys, while Margot kept staring at the ceiling. Steven would be alright, she told herself. He had enhanced hearing and would be able to get a head start on anyone up there. Emma tore her eyes away from her toys, sending her mother a vibrant smile, and Margot forced a smile in reply even though she was beyond worried. There was more loud thumping from upstairs which seemed to draw their daughter's attention this time. The thumping was followed by two loud gunshots which caused the little girl to yelp in response. Margot took a defensive stance in front of Emma as she watched the stairs for any sign of movement.

"Mommy, what was that noise?!" The four year old cried but Margot just hushed her. There was nothing but silence for the next couple of minutes until Margot heard quiet footsteps making their way to the top of the staircase. The top of the staircase was too far away for Margot to see in her position so she was left with no other option but to wait. She eyed the decorative side table by the front door with longing. Her gun was duck taped underneath it but she would never be able to reach it in time to protect Emma. If it came down to it Margot would just have to rely on hand to hand combat. It was a moment later when she was able to see feet coming down the stairs and rest of the figure was revealed to be her husband. Margot sighed in relief when she saw him.

"Thank god." She said. Steven gave her a small smile, his gun tucked away in the back of jeans, as he made his way down the stairs.

"Don't worry it's all taken care of. I just wouldn't let Emma go up there for a while…not until we clean up." Steven said and Margot nodded in response. She was about to open her mouth to say something when three loud gun shots rang out, causing Emma to scream and Margot to look up in horror. Steven, with all his semi enhanced abilities, didn't even have time to duck out of the way when the shots hit him…in the head. A second later and his brains were splattered against the wall of the stairwell, gushing red brain matter decorating the white wall.

"Emma! Run! Get out of here!" Margot screamed at her daughter but the little girl did nothing to move. "GO!"

Finally Emma did as her mother told her and raced to the kitchen, making a beeline for the sliding glass door but she stopped. How could she leave her mother? She couldn't just leave without her mother. Her mother usually told her to never leave the house without her. Why should that suddenly change? The four year old did something very stupid…she hid under the kitchen table and watched from under the tablecloth as her father's killer entered the living room.

A large man with dark eyes and dark hair entered the room with a huge grin on his face but it was nothing like the smile her father would always give her. No, there was something very scary about that smile on his face. He looked like the wolf in the book 'Red Riding Hood' her mother would always read to her. Margot glared at the man, willing herself not to cry at the sight of her dead husband but that was an impossible task in itself.

"Margot," He greeted in a sickly sweet tone. "It's always a pleasure to see you."

"Rumlow, what the hell did you just do?!" Margot all but screamed at him, trying to remain calm in a terrifying situation.

"What do you mean? Oh…Rogers? That old prick?" Rumlow laughed a humorless laugh as he looked at Margot. "I don't know what you ever saw in that asshole but I took care of him."

"What you just did was cold blooded murder. It's even treasonous considering who you just murdered. Shield will have your head on a stick and that's after I get done with you…if there's anything left, that is." Margot told him, with pure venom in her tone. She was one second away from tearing Rumlow apart piece by piece. Brock Rumlow, however, didn't look the least bit worried.

"Oh…my poor Margot. So brainwashed by your husband that you failed to see what was right in front of you after all this time." He said in a patronizing tone. "Can't you see we're meant to be together? All this time's gone by and I still can't stop thinking about you. Remember when we used to date? We were the perfect couple and I screwed it up. I see the error of my ways now. I'm willing to let bygones be bygones."

"You're delusional." Margot spat.

"We can start right where we left off but now we have a daughter to add to the equation. I'll even raise little Emma as my own." When Rumlow mentioned Emma, Margot's glare darkened.

"You'll stay away from Emma. You've really lost it this time, Rumlow, and when my father finds out what you just did –"

"Who do you think sent out the order?" Rumlow deadpanned and Margot's eyes widened in surprise before she narrowed her green eyes at the Shield agent.

"Are you suggesting that my father is treasonous?" Rumlow smirked.

"Not at all, Margot. Your father's doing exactly what's needed to protect this country…to protect the world. He just might have a different way of going about that." Margot wasn't sure if she should believe him or not but at the moment she didn't care. She was alone in this either way and she needed to protect her daughter.

"Just come with me, Margot, and we can be a family. Me, you, and Emma together." Margot glared at him hatefully.

"Never." She hissed before bringing her knee up and kicking Rumlow in between the legs so hard that he nearly fell over from the pain. It didn't take long for him to recover as Margot lifted her leg up to deliver a roundhouse kick and he quickly ducked out of the way.

Rumlow delivered a quick punch to her face which she easily blocked until he kicked her in the abdomen when she was distracted. Margot recovered from the hit and delivered a punch to his side, causing him to wince in pain, which allowed her to deliver another kick to his side. Rumlow harshly grasped her leg when she was about to deliver another kick and flipped her onto the floor.

She gasped in pain as her head hit the floor but was quick to dodge his punches. Margot grasped one of his wrists as he was about to punch her and forced his hand back with all the force she could muster until she started hear a spine tingling, cracking sound. Rumlow grunted in pain and used his other hand to punch Margot in the face. The force of the blow impacted her nose, causing it to instantly break, a stream of blood gushing out. She retracted her grip from his wrist, allowing him regain control of the fight. He wrapped his massive hands around her pale, delicate looking throat and began to squeeze.

Margot started wheezing with the increased force Rumlow used against her and she started turning purple from the lack of oxygen. She wrapped her hands around his wrists and tried to lessen his grip on her throat but Rumlow was much too strong for her. Margot then got a new idea. She quickly wrapped her legs around Rumlow's waist and started squeezing her thighs together with all her might. One of the many lessons she learned in training was that men were bigger and stronger, yes, but women could be just as strong if they directed their strength in the right direction. Thigh strength could be a woman's most powerful weapon as well as speed.

Rumlow grunted in pain from Margot's attack and began to lose grip around her throat, causing her to rip his hands from her before she kneed him in the stomach.

Rumlow was quick to get back on his feet as he lifted himself up from the ground. He gripped Margot by her long red hair before throwing her onto the coffee table, making the glass shatter. Margot gasped in surprise as some of the glass cut into her back but she rolled over to the side before Rumlow could deliver another kick. She grabbed a shard of glass, so tight in her hand that the palm of her hand began to bleed, and slashed Rumlow's face as he went towards her again. He hissed in pain, holding his face as he tried to regain footing.

Margot used the distraction to her advantage and delivered a harsh blow to his legs, causing him to be knocked off his feet. She rolled on top of him and immediately began using her thighs to choke him out. His arms were trapped by Margot's legs as he struggled to get her off of him.

Margot placed her thumbs against Rumlow's eyes and began to squeeze. Rumlow screamed in pain as she applied pressure to his eyes. However, what Margot unfortunately didn't account for was the fact that Rumlow was able to slide one of his arms out from under her. She was too busy trying to gouge Rumlow's eyes out that she didn't even noticed when he grabbed one of the shards of glass. Once Rumlow had a firm grip on the shard of glass he quickly made a sharp motion with the shard of glass, taking Margot by surprise.

Rumlow had brought it up to her throat and slashed his way across it. Margot's eyes widened in surprise as she felt the stinging pain across her throat. Her grip loosened against his eyes and her thighs lost their strength around him. The blood gushed out from her throat, splattering Rumlow in the face, before she fell back off of him. She struggled to get back up but actually managed to although she was very weak.

"You know, Margot, this didn't have to end this way." He said as Margot staggered back and Rumlow stalked towards her like a wolf would stalk its prey. Margot lost her balance once more and fell onto her back. The pain was torturous and she could feel herself slowly drifting away but the only thing she could think of was her daughter. She knew this was the end for her even if she tried to fight against it as hard as she could.

"Don't worry, we'll take good care of your daughter…your father will make sure of that." Rumlow told her, a sadistic smile on his face. He then knelt down beside her and watched her green eyes, gleaming with horror and fear, and he knew she only had mere seconds left as she bled out. He leant down close to her, his lips an inch away from her ear.

"Hail Hydra." Rumlow whispered and he could feel Margot's heart beat quicken at a rapid pace just for a moment before it slowed back down and then there was nothing. Rumlow pulled back to look at the dead body of Margot Rogers. She was still just as beautiful in death as she was alive. He gently tucked a piece of her red hair behind her ear before placing a gentle kiss against her forehead.

"Oh, Margot…I'll miss you. I really will." Without sparing her another thought, Rumlow got up from the floor and set out to finish the rest of his mission. He really hadn't wanted to kill Margot but she left him no choice and now he had to find her daughter to finish this mess once and for all. He quietly stalked towards the kitchen, making sure that his footsteps were silent. Rumlow knew that she wasn't upstairs seeing as he had already looked and she couldn't be in the living room either. He would've heard her if she had been in the living room.

Rumlow grinned as he then heard a soft whimpering coming from under the kitchen table. He could even see tiny bare feet from under the table. So there was Margot's precious daughter...her little Emma. Rumlow easily grabbed the kitchen table and threw it against the wall, causing the four year old to scream in fright. He looked at her, expecting to see some similarities between her and Margot but all he could see was the same cute, pixie looking nose and natural rosy pink lips. Rumlow looked at her in disgust because everything else was completely Rogers. From her golden blonde locks to her bright blue gaze and she would probably even have the same stupid arrogant smile that Rogers had once she got older. No, her mother was barely there in her facial features and for some reason that pissed off Rumlow.

"Come on, little girl, don't be afraid." The little girl was sobbing pathetically and Rumlow couldn't believe Pierce was wasting his time trying to get this girl. How would she ever become what they needed her to be if she was too busy sobbing and screaming?

"Y-you did something to d-daddy and m-mommy." She cried and Rumlow grinned at her but that only seemed to scare her more.

"That's right and if you don't get up from that floor right now I'll do worse to you." This seemed to terrify the little girl more because a pool of urine appeared on the linoleum floor. Rumlow gave her another disgusted look.

"Don't worry, once we're done with you you'll never piss yourself again…not unless you want some broken fingers and I would hate for you to break anything. It would be a shame." Rumlow told her in a sickly sweet tone before grabbing her roughly. She let out a surprised yelp as he threw her over his shoulder and turned in the opposite direction.

Tears streamed down Emma's face and she cried even more hysterically as she spotted the dead bodies of her parents. She knew something was wrong even though she was too young to understand the concept of death. Her father unrecognizable on the staircase with his blood splattered all over the wall and his brains blown out. Her mother on the floor, her throat slit, a pool of blood surrounding her body as she continued to bleed out. The sight was traumatic but Rumlow had little care as to how something like this would impact a four year old.

"We'll take good care of you, little girl, don't you worry a hair on that pretty little head of yours." However, this did nothing to comfort Emma as the small girl was torn away from her home and away from the parents who had adored her. The day her parents died was the day her childhood had been stolen from her. It would almost be a decade before Emma was able to retrieve it again.