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Being the crazy-ass jumped up cadet that had the balls to demand from Captain Pike to turn the Enterprise around, that probably was the first clue that James Tiberius Kirk was no ordinary person. He had witnessed genocides, survived massacres, been tortured, and literally felt the weight of the universe on his shoulders, but amidst all of that he still found it in himself to have the kindness and compassion that not even saints would have. This is the story of the Captain of the Starship Enterprise and the man behind that mask.

13 years ago:

His best friend, his confidante, his somebody to lean on, his defender, his brother has just walked out of his life ignoring his desperate pleas to stay. Sam Kirk has just left his little brother Jim all alone in the middle of Riverside, Iowa with an alcoholic for a stepfather.

Jim decides that if even Sam who has stuck with him through the hell that is Frank, decides that even he isn't worth staying for, then it isn't even worth the effort of staying alive. It's not as if there's anybody worth staying for or anybody who will miss him. Everybody is either gone or dead, his fucking self-sacrificial father whom he never even got to meet, the woman who gave birth to him who can't even look him in the eye, and last but not the least heartbreaking George Samuel Kirk Jr. Everybody leaves eventually, that was a lesson he learned well today, and one he would never forget. Frank would probably even be glad to be rid of him.

Tears sting Jimmy's eyes and he wants to lie down and never get back up.

"I told you to clean the goddamn car, you worthless piece of shit! That's why your fucking brother left you in the dust!" Frank yelled, and then he smacked little Jimmy in the face. Oh well, Jim thinks, at least I'll be sporting a hella rad bruise by tomorrow.

Jim turns back and his gaze lands on the cherry red Chevrolet Corvette. He gets up and does what he doesn't realize he'll be doing for the rest of his life; he struggles on. As he gets to the part of cleaning inside the car he opens up the sun visor and a key fall on his lap. An idea forms in Jimmy's mind and soon enough he is racing with it, and apparently the 300-year-old car is too.

'Sabotage' by The Beastie Boys is playing. Jim loves this song. His heart is thumping in his chest so loud that he can hear it over the noise of the engines. The wind is in Jimmy's hair, the music is roaring in his ears, he breathes and lets out a cry of satisfaction. It is now that Jimmy truly feels present, he feels happy, it has probably been years since he last felt this overwhelming feeling of contentment. The last time he has felt this way was before Winona got married to Frank, Jim was probably only 5, he and Sam were staring at the stars thinking of the Kirk brothers against the world, together.

It has been years since that happened, but it seems like centuries.

Fuck, Jimmy thinks. He curses himself for thinking of such a memory. Reminiscence won't do him any good now.

Ring! Ring! Ring! Shit, Frank was now calling the car, Jimmy decided to answer it, since well, in a car that can go at least 150 miles per hour it's not as if Frank is going to run after him.

"Listen here you piece of crap, you're going to bring that car home and when you do I am going to beat your ass into next Tuesday. Do you have any idea how much that car is wor-" Ooops, Jimmy has had enough of his annoying stepfather's bitching. Jimmy ended the call. Double shit, I'm going to die if Frank ever gets his hands on me. If, Frank ever gets his hands on me. Emphasis on the if Jimmy thought.

He knew the topography of his hometown pretty well, he knew that there was a rock quarry somewhere ahead, and he also knew that crashing a car off that height would kill him. Jimmy Kirk was 11 years old and he was contemplating suicide.

"Attention Citizen! Pull over your vehicle now!" Triple Shit, a police officer on a hovercycle called over to him. He made a hard right and crashed open a gate leading to the rock quarry.

The cop turned on his siren and proceeded to chase after him. He can see it now the big gaping hole in the earth which plummets two hundred feet below. He's gonna do it he thinks, he's going to plummet to his death in a fiery explosion of gas and car parts dropping from an insane height. What an epic way to die, the eleven-year-old part of him thinks. Jimmy Kirk is going to rid himself of his own misery and he is going to rid the world of the mere annoyance that is him.

The ancient motor vehicle skids over the edge and he almost does too, grabbing and clawing at the ground desperately trying to survive which was the complete opposite of what he was trying to accomplish not a minute ago, but he makes a split-second decision that he does not die today.

"What is your name citizen?" The police officer chasing him calls.

At first he stands shakily on his legs, but he distributes his weight evenly between them he shouts loud and proud "My name is James Tiberius Kirk!"

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