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Jessie A: Yes!!!!! Another fan fic by me! I love making Kids Next Door fan fiction now. But I don't think my friend Anthony wants to be in it anymore. So he will not be in the fics anymore. And it will be just Kearra and me now. Well enjoy the fic. ^.^

Numbuh 2: Wait a minute. Why is the Operation called B.A.B.I.E.S? O.O'

Jessie A: Because I thought it would be cute if you and the rest of KND were turned into babies on accident.


Numbuh 2: * whining * I don't want to be turned into a baby!!! .'

Jessie A: You're acting like one right now. -_-;

Numbuh 2: Am not! =(

Jessie A: Are too!!!! :o

Numbuh 2: Am not!!!!! =(

Jessie A: * angry * ARE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .;

Numbuh 2: Okay, okay, you win. O.o;

Jessie A: That's because you know I will kick your butt. ^.^'

Numbuh 2: That too. =(

Jessie A: Okay, lets shut up and let the readers read the fic. =|

Disclaimer: Does' not own Kids Next Door. Also does' not own Harry Potter. Only owns her fan kids.

Chapter 1: The Babies Next Door

At the TGC place, the place seemed to have gone different. It wasn't steel anymore. It was wooden, there were windows, and there was a garage next to it. Jessie, the Mexican with long black hair and brown eyes, was looking inside the garage. There were only two big motorized scooters inside. One was purple; the other was red and gold. There was one scooter missing, and that scooter belonged to one of her friends, Anthony. It was last week that he announced that he had to leave off to Michigan. Jessie sighed and went inside the wooden house. Soon the Kids Next Door would be coming over.

In the conference room, Jessie was at the steel table, sitting in the cool chair that seemed to be off the Austin Powers movie. In the conference room, Jessie was trying to make a potion. She had finally finished and put the potion inside of a 20 oz pop bottle. Jessie screwed the top back on and set it down. She had to get something to test it on. Jessie told Kearra to keep an eye out for the Kids Next Door when they come. She went off to explore in the basement, which is now known as Jessie's sanctuary jungle place, to see if there were any bugs or frogs down there for testing. The doorbell rang. Kearra went to open the door.

"Hey you guys." Kearra said with a smile letting them inside.

"Hello, Kearra." Numbuh 1 said.

"Just make yourselves at home and I'll be right back." Kearra said and went off.

Numbuh 2 looked at the 20 oz bottle and grabbed it. He opened it and took a drink. The look on his face was approving. He must have liked it.

"Hey you guys, try this stuff." Numbuh 2 said tossing the bottle to Numbuh 1. He took a drink of it and passed it on to everyone else. The potion was gone, and the bottle dropped.

Coming from the basement, Jessie had a frog in her hand.

"Don't worry little guy, it's only a little potion test." Jessie said in a calm tone.

There was a sudden pierce scream coming from the conference room. Jessie ran towards the conference room to find an empty 20 oz bottle on the floor.

"Oh no, wonder what happened." Jessie thought.

She looked up to see Kearra holding a baby with black sunglasses on. There were 4 other babies on the ground. One had a pilot helmet on; another was covered in a big green shirt, another that had a big orange hoody covering it, and the last had a big red hat on its head.

"Oh great, now I know what potion I accidentally made." Jessie said, grabbing 'The Standard book of Spells' grade 4. (She hasn't gone back to Hogwarts yet. This is still during the summer.)

"What potion was it?" Kearra said

"It was the de-aging potion. This makes a person a baby when they drink it. In the book it says it takes about a week to get a year older. So I suppose we are going to have a busy nine weeks." Jessie said.

"Nine weeks?" Kearra asked.

"Yeah, 'cause they're only a year old now." Jessie said.

"Well, I'm only taking care of two of them." Kearra said.

"Yeah, let everyone blame everything on me. Punish me by letting me take care of three kids. Because Jessie was too stupid enough to label the bottle 'do not touch'." Jessie said in an angry tone.

"Well, yeah, that is the reason. So just pick out the three kids and be on your way to do whatever with them." Kearra said.

"Okay. I'll take Numbuh 2 . . ." Jessie was cut-off.

"Of course, picking your boyfriend." Kearra said sarcastically.

"He's not my boyfriend!" Jessie said in an angry tone.

"Yeah, whatever." Kearra said.

"Okay, like I was saying, I'll take Numbuh 2, Numbuh 3, and Numbuh 1." Jessie said.

"Alright, and I'll take Numbuh 4 and 5." Kearra said picking them up. She took the both of them to her room. Inside Kearra's room was all purple. Every single think inside of her room was purple. (It's true; everything in her room is purple. She likes purple too much O.o;)

Jessie took Numbuh 1, 2, and 3 to her room. Of course her room was painted red and gold. She had Gryffindor posters on her walls. Jessie also had The Chudley Cannon's posters on her walls. Numbuh 1, 2, and 3 were fascinated.

"This should keep them entertained." Jessie thought and put the three of them in a playpen. She went to her bed and put on her headphones and started to listen to Eminem. (And yes I do listen to Eminem. So don't flame me for liking his music.)

The three babies didn't like the idea of being put inside of the playpen. So they made a plan to get out of it. The plan worked, which was to tip it over. Jessie didn't hear any crashes or anything because of the headphones and that she had fell asleep. They walked over to her bed. The babies wanted to play. Numbuh 1 climbed up on the sheets to get on the bed. Numbuh 3 also followed the procedure. But, alas, Numbuh 2 couldn't because of his weight. (Numbuh 2: That wasn't really nice to write that about Me. * cries * Jessie A: Oh shaddup ya crybaby.) Numbuh 1 and 3 walked over to Jessie and to find that she was asleep. Numbuh 3 lifted up the left headphone piece and screamed in Jessie's ear. Jessie woke up and nearly jumped out of her skin. Numbuh 1 and 3 laughed.

"Oh, VERY funny." Jessie said rubbing her left ear. "Where's Numbuh 2?" Jessie thought. Her question was answered by a loud cry.

Numbuh 2 was sitting on the floor, crying his little eyes out. Jessie sighed and got off of her bed. She went to Numbuh 2 and picked him up. He stopped crying immediately. Numbuh 2 was now giggling because Jessie was holding him.

"What's so funny?" Jessie asked him, even though he might not understand. It looked as though he was trying to say some.

"F-oo" Numbuh 2 was trying to get the rest out.

"Foo what?" Jessie asked.

"F-ood. Food!" Numbuh 2 shouted.

It looked as though Jessie would have smacked her forehead with her hand.

"Oh good grief. Is that all he ever thinks of: food?!" Jessie thought to herself. "Oh, you want food." Jessie said trying not to laugh or anything because of her thought. Numbuh 2 nodded, with a smile on his face. "Okay, I'll go and get you guys some bottles. Just stay in the room." Jessie said and left out. But before she left to the kitchen, she locked the lock that was on the door so just incase they did try to leave.

Jessie went to the kitchen, and was surprised to see Kearra trying to make formula for the babies. Of course she failed to do that because she didn't know how to make them. Jessie sighed and shook her head.

"Don't tell me you don't know how to make the formula." Jessie said biting her lip from laughter.

"Well, no I don't know how to make bottles. But since you're acting like a know-it-all then you do it." Kearra said a tad bit mad.

"Okay, I will then. 'Cause I knew how make the formula when I accidentally turned my cousin into a baby." Jessie said and began to make the formula.

When she had finished making it and put the formula in the five bottles, she squirted some of it on her wrist for the temperature to see if it was just right. And when it was right she gave Kearra two of the bottles.

"Have fun." Jessie said and walked away with three bottles.

"Know-it-all." Kearra thought.

Jessie walked back to her room and unlocked it. She looked down the hall to find that Numbuh 4 and 5 had gotten out of Kearra's room.

"Kearra! Your little ones got out of your room!" Jessie yelled so that she would hear.

Kearra came rushing from the kitchen and was surprised to see that Jessie was not lying. Numbuh 4 and 5 were crawling out in the halls. Jessie walked inside of her room to find all three babies on the floor looking innocent.

"Okay, who did what?" Jessie said thinking they looked suspicious. Maybe she was overreacting (Jessie A: Woohoo! I used a vocabulary word . . . I guess. Numbuh 2: Good for you! Jessie A: That means I'm 100% smarter than you, Numbuh 2. Numbuh 2: Don't rub it in.).

She sighed and picked up Numbuh 2 and put the bottle in his mouth. He seemed to be drinking it fast.

"He must be really hungry." Jessie thought. Jessie also hoped that Kearra knew to burp them after they have their bottle.

She sighed and took the empty bottle out of Numbuh 2's mouth and put him over her shoulder. She started to pat him on his back so that he would burp. He did burp, except it was really loud and it nearly made Jessie and Numbuh 1, and 3 jump out of their skins.

"Okay, you're done." Jessie said twitching for a second.

She picked up Numbuh 1 and put the bottle in his mouth. She had to admit that they all did seem pretty cute when babies. When Numbuh 1 finished his bottle Jessie put him on her shoulder to burp him. He burped like an average baby would. She then did the same thing for Numbuh 3. And when Numbuh 3 was finished drinking and was burped, Jessie laid down on the floor. It was a bit hard to take care of babies, especially if they are your friends. Jessie's eyes were closing slowly. The only image she last seen was all three of the KND babies were looking at her.

Jessie A: I know this chapter was pretty short, but I'll make the next one longer. ^.^

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