As dawn rolls in for Ashland, Orgeon, Coraline wakes up from the sun shining through her window. She sits up and stretches to get the day started, almost. Coraline jumps from her bed and goes downstairs to have breakfeast, Mel and Charlie were sitting at the table before Coraline was. "Darn it! I would I was gonna beat you guys down the stairs to the kitchen!" Coraline exclaimed. "Oh, Coraline. We all know you're the early bird in this house, but the reason why we woke up early is because we wanted to tell you that Danielle's mom invited us to her Ross family reunion."

Coraline felt a wave of happiness flow through her, Danielle Watkins is her second best friend from Ashland Academy. Danielle always had a great attitude, a great taste in music, and great stories to tell about when she had a chance to play Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Sometimes they were funny, sometimes they were sad, or downright creepy. Coraline couldn't wait to see her again, with her shiny dark brown hair, and sparkling brown eyes.

"Can Wybie come to?" Coraline asked, putting her hands together and hopping up and down. Mel gave a nod, "If his grandma will let him." Coraline gave herself a proud smile. "Oh! Forgot to mention. At the reunion they are doing a water balloon fight, so while you're at it, pack some spare clothes and your swimsuit." Mel informed, while drinking her coffee. Coraline nodded at rushed upstairs to get her stuff ready.

As she finished, she ran back downstairs and rushed out the door to inform Wybie about the Danielle's reunion.