Eren watched in disgust as Jean nuzzled into Marco's neck and slipped his arms around the boy's waist. Jean nibbled on Marco's small black ears and whispered something playfully into them. He couldn't understand why the idiot wouldn't just ask Marco out, seeing as they both like each other. Armin and Mikasa both sat in the two seats behind him and talked quietly amongst themselves. Eren sighed, eyeing the two boys giggling together. "Why don't you two get a room already?"

Jean's ears perked up and his tail whipped back in forth with irritation. He stopped mewing over his best friend to stare into Eren's eyes. "You're just pissed because you're all alone. Don't say shit when you can't even relate to how it feels to have an actual friend."

"Jean, quit being mean to Eren." Marco bit his lip to hide his smile.

"It's not my fault he's so stupid." Jean crossed his arms and pouted, resting his head on Marco's shoulder.

"Shut up, horseface. You have no room to talk." Eren cursed silently to himself, trying to release some of his steam. He could hear Armin and Mikasa giggling behind him. He didn't understand why he was friends with Jean in the first place, oh right, because of Marco.

Their teacher, Ms. Hangi, walked in and cleared her throat. "Jean, Eren, hush up. We have a new student with us." With those words, the door to the classroom opened once more.

His heart pounded loudly in his ears as he watched the new transfer student walk in the room. The new guy's ears matched his ebony tail and his dark bangs hung elegantly on his forehead. The crystal blue eyes made a stark contrast with his pale skin. Eren could feel heat pool into his cheeks as he eyed the new guy. His teacher turned to look at the boy and asked him to introduce himself to the class. He tilted his head just enough to face his new classmates and cleared his throat.

"I'm Levi Ackerman." He didn't bother saying more than needed. Levi always hated introductions. He also hated talking. A seat was open next to a brown-headed boy with piercing green eyes. Those green eyes seemed to be watching his every move. Levi wandered over to the empty seat and quietly eased down into it. He leaned back and stared straight ahead. The teacher droned on for what seemed like forever. Levi's concentration was broken by a soft voice in his ear.

"Hey. I'm Eren." Eren couldn't hold his silence any longer. The boy next to him was beautiful. He was shocked by how full and fluffy the boy's black tail was. His own tail was fluffy, but nowhere near the volume of this guy's. Eren held his breath as he waited for the boy to speak.

Levi sighed. Shouldn't the boy be paying attention instead of chatting? He tilted his head slightly in the direction of the brown headed boy and did a quick nod of acknowledgment. Levi turned his attention back to the teacher.

Eren looked down at his hands curled against his desk. He figured maybe the new guy really enjoyed learning, so he decided it would be best to approach him after class. Eren's mind swirled with the different conversations they could have. He couldn't help but wonder what Levi was like. The boy obviously didn't like to talk much, but Eren was hoping he could change that. Once the bell rang, Eren immediately turned to face the boy next to him. "I apologize for interrupting class for you. I was just so excited and wanted to get to know you." Eren blushed at the truth in his words. He didn't mean to speak his mind literally.

Levi inwardly chuckled at the innocent seeming boy. He guessed the guy isn't as bad as he thought. "It's fine."

Eren's face burned as he thought of what to say next. Instead of saying anything, he stared at the boy. His eyes wandered up and down Levi's face, memorizing every inch of smooth skin. The boy must always have a poker face. Eren felt butterflies fill his stomach and he silently groaned and thought, of course I would develop a crush on the new guy.

Levi squirmed uncomfortably under the piercing green eyes. Those eyes seemed to look at him all the way through to his soul. Levi cleared his throat and returned the boy's gaze. "Well, Eren, it's nice to meet you." Levi tried to keep a straight face as he watched the red in the boy's face deepen.

Eren's heart pounded wildly as he heard the sound of soft lips speak his name so delicately. He tried to brush off the feeling and act normal. Straightening his back and pushing his chest out, he breathed deeply, calming his thoughts. He let a smile ease across his face. "Would you like to sit with me and my friends?"

Levi froze. There was obviously a huge change. This guy towered over him completely and grinned as if he owned the whole world. What the hell changed? Levi tried to keep his composure as he nodded his head. The guy slung his arm over Levi's shoulder and dragged him along. Levi wanted to shove the arm off, but for some reason he couldn't quite make himself. They made it to a round picnic table in the backyard of the school. Several people were gathered there. Eren continued chatting happily about all of his friends as they reached the group of people. With an arm still around Levi, the guy started pointing at his friends and saying names.

"That blonde guy is Armin, and then next to him is Mikasa. The girl shoving her face with chips is Sasha and the one trying to stop her is Connie. Then there is Annie, always scowling. Right there is Marco."

Levi looked questioningly at the guy that wasn't named. "What about him?"

Eren smirked. "The horse? I don't remember his name."

The horse in question stood up and glared at Eren. "Shut up, dumbass. Did you finally get yourself a boyfriend?"

Marco gaped at the new guy and then smiled widely. "Congratulations you two!"

Mikasa stood up and walked up to Levi, putting her face in his. "Eren would never date someone like you."

Levi was going to deny the 'dating', but this girl is definitely pissed about it, so he decided to have fun. "Jealous because he won't date you?"

Eren could see rage shake his friend and ran over to stop her from whatever she was about to do to Levi. Mikasa's long black tail swished in the air, as if she were ready to pounce on her prey. He pushed Mikasa back to her seat and led Levi to sit next to him. Once the two sat down, their tails brushed together. Eren gasped as a shock ran through his body. His tail instinctively straightened against his back so it wouldn't touch anything else. Eren tried to listen to the conversation everyone was having, but he was too caught up in entertaining the idea of 'accidentally' brushing their tails together again.

Levi listened to everyone bickering amongst themselves about what to do after school. His mind, however, kept wandering back to the boy next to him. Eren was stiff and obviously not listening to a single word his friends were saying. The guy's tail kept nervously flickering back and forth and occasionally brushing against his own. Levi tried to keep a straight face as he teased Eren, wrapping their tails around together, tangling the black and brown fur together.

Eren's legs trembled as he felt Levi's silken fur against his. Their tails were braided together and all Eren could do was try not to pant. He could feel his ears twitching and heat rise to his cheeks.

"Eren, are you okay?" Armin glanced at him in concern.

Eren felt the heat intensify. "Yes." His answer sounded more like a question.

Levi coughed into his hand to hide his chuckle.

Eren tried to stop his tail from shaking, fearing that Levi would feel it. He tried to pull back but Levi's tail was wrapped around his securely, not letting him go. He glanced down at his trembling hands in his lap, trying to hide the embarrassment on his face.

Mikasa could see the two boys' intertwined tails. She glared at the shorter boy and wished more than anything she could smash her knuckles into his face. "So you two really are dating?" She glanced back at Eren.

"No." Eren's voice broke.

Jean laughed loudly and snorted, "So you're still all alone, huh?"

Pissed off, Eren stood from the table and pulled Levi alongside him. "Come on, I'll show you around some until the bell rings." Eren took off towards his most treasured spot of the whole school.

Levi looked around, his curiosity peaked. The two of them stood on top of the school's roof. Eren didn't stop though. They kept walking until they reached the edge. The view was amazing. He could see the school's garden, filled to the brim with rose bushes and many different flowers. Beyond the garden was a baseball field, manicured perfectly and as green as the boy's eyes. Just pass the field was a pond with geese and ducks floating on the glass surface. Levi stared in awe. He could easily understand why Eren chose this as the first place.

Eren meant to look at his favorite view, but found himself captivated by the view next to him. Levi's face was glowing with the morning sun. His expression was that of incredulity. Blue eyes danced with wonder and focused off in the distance. Eren didn't really know the guy, but he felt like this was the first time Levi ever let his careful mask slip off. His lips stretched from ear to ear as he enjoyed this secret expression on Levi's face that only he was able to see. He could feel his heart pounding hard in his chest and his stomach swirl with…lust? Blue eyes met his and he jerked his attention elsewhere. His tail flicked nervously as he prayed Levi didn't know what he was thinking.

Levi didn't care to make new friends, but he guessed this Eren guy wasn't too bad. "Would you like to come up here for lunch?"

Eren's heart fluttered at the question. "Definitely." He blushed at how quickly he answered.

Once the bell rang, they made it back to their classroom. This is the worst class of them all. Eren and Jean sat together as partners. Eren plopped down next to the horseface and opened up his notebook. Jean nudged him and whispered, "Where did you two disappear to?"

Eren sighed. "I just showed him around the school."

"Your feelings couldn't be any more obvious." Jean scoffed.

Eren glared at the guy next to him. "Speak for yourself. When will you ask Marco out? We all know you're in love with him. Why don't you get the balls already?"

Jean's face fell at the comment. "You know why, asshole."

"I don't get it; your friendship with him is strong enough that it would go back to being perfect if things didn't work out."

"I can't risk that, and you know it…"

Eren felt guilty as he pushed the subject. "I'm just trying to help you out. Maybe this weekend someone will con you two into kissing."

Jean choked on the air. "You better not."

Eren held his hands up innocently. "I never said I would do anything…"

Levi watched Eren and the other guy bicker back and forth. He turned to face the blonde guy next to him. "What's the deal with those two?"

Armin snickered and quietly replied. "They have a weird relationship. They pretend to hate each other but in all honesty, they're closer than all of us."

Levi eyed the two. "Did something happen between them?"

"Um…ask Eren…"

Levi glanced over to the blonde questioningly. Obviously he wasn't going to get much more out of Armin. Levi looked back at Eren and thought about what might've happened. He definitely will have to ask Eren later. Their class ended quickly and he could see Eren rush over to him from the corner of his eye. He kept facing forward and pretended not to notice the boy's presence. A shiver ran up his back as he felt a hand brush against his sensitive tail. He whipped his head around to glare at the person responsible. Green eyes froze him in his place. He turned back and headed towards his next class, Eren by his side. The next couple of classes went by slowly. Finally it was time for lunch. Eren ran up to his side and grinned like a fool, ears twitching excitedly. They walked up to the roof and sat on the ledge, their legs hanging over the side of the building.

Eren gaped at his new friend's lunch. "Wow. That's a fancy spread." He glanced down disappointedly at his slice of leftover pizza.

Lei shrugged. "Not really. You're supposed to eat veggies, meat, fruit, and carbs. This is a pretty average lunch." He looked over towards the gross looking pizza slice. "Maybe you should start making a better lunch as well."

"Only if you make it for me. I suck at cooking."

Levi bit the inside of cheek to keep himself from smiling. "Definitely not. I don't cook for others."

Eren jutted out his bottom lip and puffed up his cheeks while he stared at Levi.

Levi choked on the bite in his mouth. He's so cute… "That look doesn't work on me."

Eren continued to pout and sighed in defeat. "One day I will taste your cooking." Then he took a bite of his pizza. "Wha oo doin' dis weekend?"

"Don't talk with your mouth full. I have no plans."

Eren swallowed his bite and beamed at Levi. "You do now. You're coming with me."

Levi covered his mouth with his hand, trying to hide his smirk. "Do I not have a say so?"

"Nope." Eren threw his arms around the shorter guy and squeezed him tight. "You have no option. I will force you if need be. Kidnapping is something I'm willing to do."

Levi couldn't bite back his chuckle at the boy's words. The feeling of Eren's warmth surrounding him felt good; really good. Levi sighed and leaned into Eren's side. "You're so odd. Is this how friends act?"

Eren felt a blush creep up his face. "Yes, but for some reason this doesn't feel like a friendly hug…"

Levi's heart started racing. "Because we're strangers?"

Eren's blush deepened. "No…" His voice broke. "I think it's because I find you attractive." He felt his heart hammering as he spoke honestly.

Levi froze. He didn't know what to say, words seemed to avoid him. He stopped leaning into Eren and looked up into his face. "Did something happen between you and that one guy you call 'horseface'?"

"What?!" Eren released Levi and hid his face in his hands. "Why?"

Something about that reaction upset Levi. "Curious. Tell me."

Eren sighed and chewed on his bottom lip. He's way too honest with this guy as it is. "We took each other's virginity."

Levi felt irked. "Did you two love each other?"

"No. We were hanging out and ended up talking about it. Soon after we decided to experiment and it led to…" Eren turned his face away.

Hearing those words made Levi grit his teeth. He wasn't sure why. "Things happen. So is he the only person you've slept with?" Levi watched Eren turn his reddened face away, preventing him from seeing the expression. Levi felt somewhat angered. "Is that a no?"

Eren really didn't want Levi to know about that side of him. He liked the thought of Levi thinking he's pure. Eren hung his head in shame and began telling his secrets. "Armin and I slept together a few times. We secretly dated, but once Mikasa caught on, she stopped talking to us. Because of that, we decided to stop dating so we could have our friend back."

Levi already didn't like the black haired girl; this didn't make it any better. "You would call her a friend after doing that?"

"Of course. We both knew how she felt about me, so we shouldn't have tried in the first place." Eren wanted to look at Levi. He wanted to see what sort of expression he was making on that carefully composed face, but he couldn't bring himself to look up.

The two of them jumped when they heard a crowd of people talking loudly and walking up behind them. Levi didn't have to turn to realize it was Eren's friends. He kept his face forward as they surrounded them.

Armin sat down next to Eren and started to tell him the big news. "Hey Eren, Reiner-"

"-Is pregnant!" Jean plopped down behind Eren. "Who knew that he and Bertholdt were each other's mate? I knew they'd been dating but…"

Eren could only gape. He had to force his brain to start working again. "So it really is true that two males can become pregnant if they're mates?" He looked over to Armin.

Armin nodded. "So it seems. The few male couples we have at school are freaking out." Armin glanced over to Marco and Jean, who were unusually quiet.

Marco sighed and began smiling again. "I think it's awesome. Well, not that they're so young and still in school, but I mean, for two guys to be able to have babies together is wonderful. It would be sad to think they couldn't experience what normal mates get to experience."

Jean stared at Marco in awe. This guy always sees the best in things. Jean began to wrap his arm around his best friend's waist like always, but pulled away at the last second. "Yeah, you're right." He looked down at his hands in his lap and began imagining Marco's tummy round with their child. His heart pounded wildly at the image in his head. He wanted that more than anything, but he just couldn't risk their friendship.

Marco glanced over to Jean, who was hiding his face. He wanted Jean to look at him, he wanted to see those honey eyes staring at him. Marco placed a hand on Jean's thigh and leaned over to whisper, "Are you okay?" He could see a quick nod and no other reply. "Liar." Marco placed a kiss on Jean's cheek. "I'll just get you to tell me later."

Eren and the others pretended not to notice the little exchange. They all talked quietly about the mates their school had, which weren't many. Eren relaxed into the conversation and let his arm press against Levi's. "Good thing those two are seniors though. I wonder if Ymir and Christa are going to try next." Eren chuckled at the thought of an obsessive Ymir circling her cute little pregnant mate.

Armin laughed. "Probably."

"So is Connie still throwing a party Friday?" Jean looked expectantly at Eren.

Eren shrugged. "I think so. We better get there before Sasha does."

Levi glanced over to Eren, recalling their previous conversation about their plans together for this weekend. That must mean that Eren plans on dragging him to that party. Levi kept his composure as he let his mind scream. There was no way he was going to a social event of any kind. Everyone stood up and headed to class once the bell rang. As they were walking, Eren slowed Levi down so they were behind the rest. Before Levi could question Eren, he heard Eren in his ear. "Do you want to hang out after school?" Levi turned his head to hide his surprise. "I guess."

Eren's heartbeat quickened. He couldn't focus on anything else other than what the two of them would do. He knew what he wanted to do, but he had to keep reminding himself that they still barely know each other. As class started, he rested his chin in his palm and daydreamed.