Grima heard a lot of noises. Strange noises. Not the ones he normally heard from the Golden Hall. Normal he would hear Eomer, Eothaín and the rest of their clan running around, screaming and laughing with each other. Or he would hear the Rohirrim coming back from their patrol, sometimes with their loot, captures from little groups of orcs and other dark creatures, who seemed to walk around at the borders of Rohan. But this time it was different. He heard voices he had never heard before; a crying woman, some young voices, nothing familiar. Curious he stops writing and stands up, a moment hesitating if he would have a look. What use would he have anyway? Then he makes a decision and leaves his room.

In the Golden Hall he first notices a tall woman, crying in panic. He also sees a bunch of small kids, boys, standing aside. And he sees a girl, probably around his age, with blond hair and a curious look in her blue eyes. Soon he founds out what happened. This little family travelled around Rohan and was attacked by a group of orcs. The father was badly wounded and had just died under the hands of the best healers of Rohan. That also explained why the woman was crying so much.

The days went by and the members who were left of the family were soon excepted as inhabitants of Rohan. They had a small house in Edoras and the small kids were playing along together with Eomer and his friends, who were the most popular kids around. It probably helped a lot that he was cousin of the king, thought Grima often bitterly, although he would never speak that out loud. Grima never meddles in the affairs at the court and he also didn't try to socialise with the new inhabitants of Edoras, he simply didn't care. Until one day he met the girl in some of the big corridors of the Golden Hall.

"Hello," she said with a happy voice.

"Hello," Grima mutters, trying to get away as soon as possible.

"You are Grima aren't you?"

He only nodded his head, now it would come. Now she would laugh at him and make fun of him like they always did. She would probably have heard all the stories from Eothaín and of course she wanted to confront him with her knowledge.

"I'm Selenya. Why are you always alone?"

The honest question totally overwhelmed him. "You probably heard why already," he said bitterly.

"I have heard some stories, but that doesn't mean I believe them also."

This time Grima really looked at the girl in front of him. She had long golden blond hair, clever blue eyes and a white skin, although not as white as Grima's. She was wearing a typical brown Rohan dress and she has a short dagger hanging on her belt. "You better believe them. You will get in trouble if you don't believe them."

The clever look in her eyes changed in a stubborn one. "I can choose my friends myself, thank you. Why can't I be a friend of you?"

Grima still couldn't believe that he was having this conversation in the first place. It didn't happen very often that somebody was nice to him in the first place. He was often called names, like his much-hated nickname Wormtongue, or people simply ignored his presence. King Theoden was sometimes nice to him, but only in a polite way and why not? He was the King and an adult and Grima was just a young, orphan boy. "I don't have any friends." After that remark Grima tried to get away, back into his chambers.

Selenya grasped his arm. "Why? Why don't you have any friends?"

"I --- I don't know."

Selenya was silent for a moment, then she looked again at him. "What do you like?"

"What do you mean?"

"What do you like to do? Your Hobbies?"

"I love to read," Grima couldn't help to smile at the thought of his wonderful collection of books, his greatest treasure, "and to write."

"Reading! Ow I love to read! I wish I had again some books."

Grima looked surprised at her. "Women don't read." At least in Rohan most women didn't. It wasn't that women were stupid in Rohan, almost the opposite, but women didn't had much time to read. They were taking sword fight lessons and they had to take care of their, almost always more than one, children and they often worked on one of the farms with the horses.

Again changed the clever look in the stubborn one. Grima already started to recognise it. "I like to read and I am a woman!"

Grima couldn't deny on that fact. She was probably the most stubborn woman he had ever seen, not that he had seen many woman or girls in his live. He appearance often scared them away and he liked it better that way. Who would notice him anyways when Eomer and his clan where near?

"What's your favourite book then?" he challenged her, convinced that she would say something-complete ridicules.

"The stories about the Elf Lord Gawain."

That's how a close friendship started.


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