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Chapter 13: Buffy's Plan

Buffy walked briskly into Awaken Church, she needed to meet up with Andrew before he left for the day. Although, she had a great time on the school field trip with Angel as their group chaperone, they had gotten back from the Sunnydale Zoo later than expected. Angel had given her a ride to the church because he knew she needed to get there for her community service, but he had informed her that he wouldn't be staying at the church very long because he needed to get back to campus but he was sure someone could give her a ride but if she couldn't find a ride to call him.

"Dang, girl!" Angel laughed, walking through the front door of the church. "Trying to keep up with you at church is like trying to keep up with my mom."

"Sorry." Buffy shook her head and smiled at Angel. "I didn't think you were coming in, you said you needed to get back to campus."

Angel smiled at her. "I was going to stop in and talk to my dad and Oz about this Sunday."

"Oh?" Buffy glanced behind her to see if she could tell if Andrew was still there. She really needed to talk to Andrew but she would take talking to Angel over anything. "Are you taking this Sunday off again?"

Angel shrugged. "I will probably come for at least one service, unless they really need me."

"Oh, okay." Buffy nodded. "You probably won't be here tomorrow either, huh?"

Angel shook his head. "I really need to focus on my school work, I had already volunteered to do the Zoo trip before things got hectic so I'm going to have to make up for the hours I lost doing homework."

"So, I guess you won't actually be over tomorrow to help with the basement." Buffy wondered.

"Oh, man!" Angel smacked his forehead with his palm. "No, I said I would be there and I will. I might just be a little late."

"Don't be silly, Angel." She offered him a small smile. "School comes first."

"Psst!" Came a hushed whisper, Buffy and Angel looked around but didn't see anyone, Angel raised his eyebrow when the voice sounded again. "Buffy…"

Angel narrowed his eyes at the sanctuary doors, where he was sure it was coming from. "It sounds like you are needed."

"Clearly." Buffy gave him a teasing smile before she turned around to look at the opened door and then back at him. "I'll see you around then."

Angel nodded and smiled before Buffy walked over to the door behind her. He laughed when he watched Buffy slowly walk towards the door and peak around the door to see who it was, before he walked towards his office.

"Psst! Buffy!" Came the voice again, Buffy looked down to see Andrew Well, just the person she wanted to talk to, hunched down on the other side of the door, as if he was hiding. Looking up at Buffy, Andrew glanced around the room and then back to the blonde. "The Eagle was spotted with the sheep in the Bat Cave during the last moon."

"What?" Buffy asked, looking down at Andrew. She really liked Andrew, but sometimes he was a little weird.

"The Eagle was spotted…" He started to repeat himself but Buffy cut him off.

Buffy shook her head. "I heard the words that came out of your mouth, Andrew, I just don't understand what they mean."

Andrew stood up tall. "I saw Angel with the blonde at Pastor Giles house last night."

Buffy nodded her head, but her eyes showed slight fear for the older blonde boy. "Of course, that's what that would mean."

Andrew nodded. "What else would it mean?"

"Don't know." She shrugged. "Anyway, you don't have to keep giving me updates now. Angel told me earlier that he isn't dating her."

"But… but… she was at their house." Andrew said nervously. He really liked Buffy, and he like that Buffy liked Angel.

Buffy shrugged again, she didn't know why Darla would have been at the Giles house the night before, especially since Jenny had said that she didn't know who the blonde could have been. "I wanted to talk to you about something else."

Andrew perked up. "Oh?"

Buffy gave him a small smile. "You still need people for the sound and media team, right?"

The blonde boy nodded. "We always need more people, we would never turn anyone away. Why? Do you know someone?"

Buffy smiled and nodded. "Me."

Andrew laughed. "What?"

"Yeah, me." Buffy repeated.

Andrew stopped laughing. "Buffy, your community service is over after this weekend, what would be the point?"

Buffy looked around the sanctuary and threw her hands up in defeat. "Does everyone know about my community service now? Was it in the church bulletin? Was it, was it in the newspaper?"

Andrew nodded. "Most of the staff knows, but Xander told me. But, Buffy, by the time we got you trained up to be on the team, you …. Wait, does this mean that you are staying? After your community service is done?"

Buffy shrugged. "Why wouldn't I? I figure, I can serve on the Media team first service, teach Kid's Min second service and then attend third…"

Andrew jumped up and down excitedly. "Prayer really does work! When do you want to start?"

Buffy smiled and shrugged again. "if there is anyone to start showing me the ropes tonight after I'm done with the classrooms and sending out emails then I could start training tonight."

"If you feel comfortable enough with what you have learned…." Andrew trailed off. "We do need someone to help out on Sunday."

"I'm in." Buffy smiled.


The next morning, Buffy was at the church early to get some last-minute emails out to the Kid's Ministry team, sanitize the classrooms and redecorate the Kids Sanctuary with the new theme for the series. It was going to be an extremely busy day to start with and to top it off, she was meeting with Andrew afterwards to go over more training for the Media team. She didn't know how much work went into everything that Andrew and his team did and she also didn't know how technology challenged she was but Andrew told her that she didn't completely suck.

"So, what are we thinking?" Jenny asked, walking into the Kids Sanctuary, with a plastic container in her hand. She lifted a roll of duct tape, then looked up at Buffy. She didn't even have to look up to know that Buffy was there, the blonde seemed to be more on top of things than Jenny was at times. "Death Star on the floor made of colorful duct tape?"

Buffy pursed her lips, she had really hoped that Xander would have been able to help out with this part of it because he was the leader of the design team and Buffy herself wasn't very creative, but Xander was busy working on the new set for the adult sanctuary. It also would have helped that Xander was a Star Wars fan and that was the new theme. "Yeah." Buffy looked around at the carpet in the sanctuary. "I'm going to need to run out and pick up the cardboard cutouts of the characters too."

"Which ones did you end up getting?" Jenny asked, setting the container on the counter in the back of the room where the Kids sound team worked their magic. She really loved having Buffy help out, Buffy really lessened the load put on the older woman's shoulders. It was certainly less stressful with Buffy around, she silently prayed that Buffy would stick around after this weekend.

"Han Solo, of course." Buffy smiled, then thought for a second. "Luke, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan, R2-D2, C-3PO, Yoda and… Darth Maul. The last time I spoke with the store manager, which was last night, he said the Princess Leia hadn't come in but if it comes in today then I will definitely grab it too."

"Sounds good." Jenny smiled brightly at Buffy, Jenny pulled her phone out of her back pocket when she heard a ping sound. "Woah, you have been manning some serious hours, Buffy." Jenny scrolled down on her phone. "Do you know you only have a couple more hours of community service left?"

"What?" Buffy asked, looking down at Jenny's phone. "That can't be right, we figured that Monday would be the end."

Jenny shook her head. "According to this, after today you will be done. That's what happens when you practically live here."

"Weird." Buffy shrugged, then looked up at Jenny. "The cardboard cutouts are pretty big, so…"

"Do you need someone to drive you?" Jenny asked, figuring Buffy wanted to go back to work talk, instead of her community service ending. "I'm sure Angel wouldn't mind taking the truck and helping you."

Buffy pouted, she hadn't gotten then chance to see Angel, she didn't even know he was there. "Is he here? He said he had a lot of school work to catch up on."

"Huh." Jenny shrugged. "I just assumed that he was here doing Worship, he has been really busy lately. I worry about him."

Buffy nodded, agreeing with his mother. "He has to write and deliver a sermon to his class, which he is pretty nervous about."

Jenny smiled at the blonde, she was happy that the two were still talking and that Angel had confided in her, when it came to his school work he was normally very private. "He told you he was nervous, huh?"

Buffy nodded, grabbed a roll of the red duct tape and looking back down at the floor before grabbing a piece of folded up paper from the container that held the tape. Unfolding the paper, she looked at how the tape should be placed. "His professor is pretty hardcore and tough with the grades in general, but this sermon…" Buffy got down on her hands and knees, setting the paper down on the floor beside her. It would suck if she screwed up. "… the grading is intense. So many points need to be hit in the sermon and a certain number of verses need to be referenced but growing up, Pastor Giles always taught in series and teaching out of one book at a time, well, you know." Buffy shrugged, of course she knew, she was married to the man. "So, Angel is so accustomed to that type of teaching and that is what he wants to do too."

Jenny smiled as she watched the blonde talk about her son and mindlessly place the red duct tape on the floor in the correct places.

"He's going to do amazingly though." Buffy smiled, finally looking up at the dark-haired woman. "Angel was born for this."

"I couldn't agree more." Jenny smiled wider. "I think you were too."

"Me? Be a Pastor?" Buffy shook her head. "I had a mini panic attack the first day I was supposed to teach the four-year olds."

"Not preaching, Buffy." Jenny said softly, before sitting on the floor with Buffy. "This." She motioned around the room. "There are times when I think you do my job better than I do."

Buffy laughed, it was funny that Jenny said that because it was exactly what she wanted to do. "How exactly did you get this job, Jenny?"

"I married the Pastor." Jenny laughed.

Buffy smiled and nodded, there had to be another way to get into this field without marrying a Pastor. "Is there any… special schooling that you need...?

"Buffy!" Jenny gushed. "Do you want to do what I do?"

Buffy bit her lip and nodded. "I love this job, Jenny. If I could, this is what I would be doing. Whatever I need to go to college for, I will…"

"You don't have to go to college, Buffy. Not at this church at least." Jenny smiled. "Most churches ask that you have a Master's Degree to be Kid's Ministry Director, but I don't have one. I just have a passion for children."

"But you are already the director at Awaken." Buffy reminded her. "I think I want to get my Master's Degree… I'm going to."

Jenny smiled brightly at the blonde, she knew that Buffy was the perfect person for this type of job and for her son.


"So…" Oz trailed off, setting his orange juice down on the table in front of him.

Angel looked up at Oz quickly before looking back down at his notebook he was writing in. He was almost done writing his sermon, then he would just need to edit it. "What?"

Xander looked from Angel to Oz and back again. "I think what our friend, Oz here, is wondering about is… you spent a lot of time with Buffy during the Zoo trip and you have yet to tell us anything."

Angel smiled at the thought of Buffy. "Why exactly would I tell you guys?"

Oz looked to Xander, then to Angel. "Because we are your best friends."

Angel sighed. "We just talked, and worked out a few things…"

"A few things?" Xander leaned forward in his chair, resting his arms on the table in the Sunnydale University cafeteria. "Like what did you have to work out?"

"Well, that guy that I told you about…" Angel uncrossed his leg, setting his notebook on the table. "The one that was drunk." Both of his friends nodded their heads. "She said he isn't her boyfriend, and apparently she thought Darla was my girlfriend."

"That's crazy!" Xander shouted. "Why would she think that?"

Angel sighed again. "She thought Darla and I were on a date that night. And it's exactly that, crazy. Doesn't she know that I'm crazy about her?"

Oz shrugged. "Have you ever actually told Buffy flat out that you like her?"

"Well…" Angel shrugged. "No, not really."

"Then you are in the same boat as Oz." Xander noted. Both of his best friends were having girl problems and his biggest problem was the X button on his PlayStation controller was starting to stick. He really needed to buy a new controller.

Angel looked between his two best friends. "What do you mean?"

"Well, Oz never came out and told Willow that he likes her and Willow told me yesterday at the Zoo that she met someone online." Xander told him.

"On what line?" Angel asked them.

Xander laughed, shaking his head. "Online… on the internet."

"What?" Angel asked again. Meeting people on the internet was a thing? Between his mother's computer smarts and his father's inability to understand anything technology based, he always thought he had fallen in the middle. Right now, he felt closer to his father than ever before, how didn't he know people met online?

Oz nodded. "I guess his name is Malcolm."

Xander nodded, he felt bad for Oz but at the same time, Oz didn't step up. "She met him recently but hasn't told Buffy about him yet… something about a cooking class and a deal that she made with Buffy. I don't know, she went into Willow speak around that time."

"She tell you where he's from?" Oz wondered.

Xander shrugged. "Elmwood."

Angel raised his eyebrows, that was about eighty miles from Sunnydale! He didn't know how often Buffy got on the internet but if Willow spent enough time on the internet to meet someone then Buffy probably did too. Now he had to not only compete with the guys at her school but guys that didn't even live in the same town too! "Oz, you need to ask her out!"

Oz raised his eyebrow at Angel.

"You don't have the same problem as me!" Angel exclaimed. "Willow is already eighteen, I have to wait until Buffy turns eighteen! Ask Willow out!"

Oz shook his head, he wasn't much for competition, if Willow already met someone then he wasn't going to get in the way of that. Buffy on the other hand, didn't seem to have another guy in her life. "She turns eighteen towards the end of next month, right? Are you going to wait until she is eighteen to ask her out or are you going to ask her out before she turns eighteen so she at least knows you like her?"

"Do we even know if she is going to stick around after her community service?" Xander jumped in.

Angel shook his head. "Very good question."

"Ask her!" Both of his friends shouted at him. "Angel, man." Xander turned more towards his hard-haired friend. "Her community service is over on Monday, that means tomorrow is her last Sunday. What if she doesn't come back?"

Oz nodded. "And you said you wanted to take tomorrow off from worship, if you don't go to church tomorrow, who knows if you are going to see her again."

Angel's eyes got large with shock, weren't his friends supposed to make him feel better?