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Chapter 21: The Prom

Buffy stood in front of her floor length mirror, gently swaying in her flowing white dress. She couldn't believe this moment was here, she was going to prom, and with Angel! There was a time when she never thought she would go to prom, heck, there was a time when she didn't think she would make it this far in high school! Her life had certainly changed, it was odd that it was all because Principal Snyder had assigned her to community service. Turning around, Buffy let out a low whistle when Faith walked in to their bedroom. Faith smiled and spun around. Faith's black floor length dress fit her like a glove. Joyce had made a comment about the cutout sides, she couldn't help it, she was a mother, but she reasoned that at least the dress wasn't showing any other certain body parts.

"You look pretty smokin' too, B." Faith smiled, walking up behind Buffy. "You sure you can show that much cleavage though? You are a Christian now, and your date is practically a Priest."

"He's not a Priest, Faith." Buffy rolled her eyes playfully, turning back to the mirror. "He's almost a Youth Pastor." Buffy looked down at her chest, was she showing to much cleavage? She didn't feel uncomfortable. "He can still date, if he wants too."

"Wait, so Pastors can get married?" Faith asked, using the same mirror as Buffy to make sure all her hair was still in place. Unknowing to each other, all three girls had decided to put their hair up in buns, but luckily, they were different styles.

"Yes." Buffy laughed. "Pastor Giles is married to Jenny." Buffy turned around when she saw Willow's reflection in the mirror. "Anything yet?"

Willow shook her head with a worried expression. She had been waiting for Malcolm to show up for the past hour. "What is he's not coming?"

"Hey, if it makes you feel any better…" Faith shrugged. "Our dates aren't here either."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "I told Angel to come at 5:00, it's only 4:30."

"But… but I told Malcolm to come at 4:00 because then we could get to know each other before going to prom." Willow said nervously.

Buffy walked over to her best friend, taking her by the hands. Buffy didn't really like the thought of some strange guy having her address but she didn't want Willow to freak out any more than she already was. Plus, she was really hoping that Angel and Xander would get there before Malcolm, if she had known that Willow wanted him to come earlier then she would have asked Angel and Xander to come earlier too. Her mom was home, but she just felt safer if Angel was there. "Will, it's still early. Give it some time, just relax."

Willow nodded.

"To bad we don't have anything to drink." Faith sighed. "Then she would really relax."

"Faith!" Buffy exclaimed, she told her best friend multiple times that Willow didn't drink and neither did she… anymore.

Willow got an excited look on her face that was also mixed with fear when the doorbell rang.

"Girls!" Joyce called upstairs. "Angel and Xander are here!" Buffy had told her mom that Angel and Xander were just going with her and Faith as friends, which made Joyce feel better since they were both Christian boys. Joyce did, however, know all about Malcolm and that was why she made sure she was home when the girls were leaving for the prom. She didn't think it was a good idea for Willow to meet up with a boy she met online without an adult there. "Oh! Camera…" Joyce pointed out as she walked out of the foyer.

Faith was the first one to make it to the stairs, she smiled at Xander, who was staring at her with his mouth open. "Ay, caramba!" Xander mumbled, before tearing his eyes away from Faith and looking at Angel. "I recently learned that, you like it?"

"No." Angel shook his head, but smiled.

Faith laughed as she walked down the stairs, once she was in front of the two guys, she raised her eyebrow at Xander. She was pretty sure he was drooling. "B will be right down, she's talking Red off the ledge."

"Why?" Angel asked, worried. "What's wrong?"

Faith leaned forward, towards the guys. "Malcolm hasn't shown up." She whispered, then stood straight up again. "Apparently, Willow had asked him to come even earlier than Buffy thought she did, just so things weren't weird." When Faith noticed she had lost Angel's attention, she followed his eyes to the top of the stairs where Buffy was.

Angel felt like he couldn't breathe, form words, or even look away from Buffy. Her blonde hair was in a bun with a few strains of hair hanging down, her long white flowy dress had thick straps and the neckline was lower than he had ever seen Buffy wear, a thin gold sash rested just below her chest and she had white strappy high heels on. It was the cleavage peeking out of the neckline that was where he was going to get in trouble, he could see it now. Angel swallowed thickly.

"Angel! Breathe, man!" Xander exclaimed, slapping his friend in the stomach. "Breathe!"

"I… uh... o…" Angel shook his head, and Xander slapped him again. "I can't!"

"In…" Xander placed his hand on his best friend's shoulder and took a deep breath. "And out." Xander exhaled, to show Angel. "You okay, buddy? You gonna make it?"

Angel shook his head, as Buffy walked down the stairs. "She… she…" Angel gestured with his hands in front of him. "She has…"

"Yes, Buffy has boobs." Faith nodded. "She is a girl. Wait, is this the first time you have seen cleavage? Cause seriously, B's cleavage has some serious bang for a first timer."

Angel narrowed his eyes at Faith.

"Oh, wait." Faith laughed. "You walked in on her in the bathroom, you should be fine."

Buffy got to the bottom of the stairs, and walked over to Angel, she took one of his hands in hers and smiled up at him. "You look handsome." Sinfully so, no man should look that good in a classic tux.

"You…" Angel shook his head and smiled. He could do this, he could get the words out. "You look gorgeous."

Joyce walked back into the foyer with the camera and snapped a picture of her daughter and her date. "We should take pictures before it's time for you to leave." Joyce looked around. "Where is Willow?"

"She's still upstairs." Buffy told her mom. "She will be down, she just needs a sec."

Joyce frowned. "Is everything okay?"

Buffy nodded. "It will be, once Malcolm shows."

"Oh. No." Joyce shook her head, she knew exactly how that felt.

Angel raised his eyebrows, realizing he almost forgot something. Reaching over to the table beside the door, he grabbed a container. "Can't forget this." He smiled, opening a white rose corsage with thin gold ribbon and gently slipped it on her wrist.

"It's beautiful, Angel." Buffy smiled, Angel had told her several times in the past couple days that it was fine not to get him a boutonniere. "It matches my dress perfectly. Thank you."

Angel smiled at Buffy, then looked at Xander expectantly.

"Oh!" Xander exclaimed, turning around to grab his own container, with a red rose corsage in it, he held it out to Faith. "Angel made me get it."

Faith laughed as she put the corsage on herself.

Willow slowly walked down the stairs, once she got to the bottom of the stairs, Joyce rubbed her back to try to comfort her. "It will be okay, Sweetie. You know, homecoming, in my freshman year of college, I didn't have a date but I dressed up and went anyway."

Buffy was worried about her best friend, the whole reason they were going to prom was because of Willow and Malcolm. She hoped her mom had a happy ending that would get Willow feeling better. "Was it awful?"

"Yes, it was awful." Joyce nodded. "For about an hour."

Buffy gave her mom a small smile. "Then what happened?"

Joyce laughed. "I met your father."

Buffy looked up at Angel, then to her mom. "He didn't have a date either?"

"No." Joyce took a deep breath, and shook her head. "He did. And that is a much funnier story that you will NOT get to hear. The point is, I went anyway and it wasn't the end of the world, I had fun."

Suddenly, Willow's phone went off in her hand and she smiled excitedly. "It's Malcolm!"

Joyce dropped her hand to her side. "Well, at least she is happier."

Buffy laughed at her mom.

"Okay, come on!" Joyce motioned for Buffy, Angel, Faith and Xander to stand closer. "Let's take pictures."

Willow walked back in the foyer, with a small smile on her face. "He's running late because of traffic, he said he will meet us at the school."

"Oh, but then I won't be able to get pictures of you guys!" Joyce exclaimed.

Buffy shook her head, wrapping her arm around Angel's waist to pose for her mother. "We will take picture of them for you, mom." She glanced up at Angel and whispered. "Are you sure you want to do this right? This picture thing with my mom might just be torture."

Angel shook his head. "No, not torture. Not if I'm with you."

"Sweet boy." She whispered, laying her head on his chest as her mother took pictures and then instructed them to get into another pose.

"Okay, now Xander and Angel, stand behind the girls with your arms around their waist." Joyce smiled, holding up her camera. "Classic prom pose." She smiled at the picture on her digital camera. "You guys are getting the pictures done when you get there too, right?"

Buffy shook her head, did those professional pictures cost money? "Mom, I don't think…"

"Yes, we are, Mrs. Summers." Angel smiled.

"Great!" Joyce gushed. "Now, when you take pictures of Willow and Malcolm, make sure to take the same poses that we just did, that way we can edit the pictures and make it look like you are all together. Wouldn't that be cool?"

Buffy raised her eyebrows at her mom, she loved her mom, she really did, but she was getting crazy with this whole prom thing.

"How about just the three girls now?" Joyce asked, the boys stepped out of the way as the girls started striking different poses for the pictures. "And now just the boys."

Angel shook his head, as Xander ran back over to where they were taking pictures. "Come on, Angel, 007!" Xander's obsession with James Bond was on the verge of scary.

After taking pictures in every pose that Joyce could think of, she finally let the five of them leave the house. Buffy paused when they stepped outside, looking towards the road. Angel's car wasn't there. "Please tell me that the neighbors just got married."

"The neighbors are old, B." Faith shook her head. "That would be gross."

Buffy turned to Angel. "Please tell me you didn't…"

"Angel thought it would be cool to go to prom in a limo!" Xander laughed, and ran in front of his friends.

Angel smiled down at Buffy. "Be a princess, just for tonight."

"Be my prince?" Buffy smiled, holding her hand out to him. "Just for tonight."

Angel took her hand in his. "For as long as you want me."

Buffy smiled as Angel helped her into the limo. Forever, how does forever sound?

When Angel got in the limo, the door shut behind him, he and Buffy both looked at Xander and Faith in shock when they saw them kissing. Xander felt eyes on them and he broke away from the kiss. "What? I'm not as saved as him!" He exclaimed, pointing to Angel. "I'm weak!"

"She's sixteen!" Buffy exclaimed, how come her and Angel had to wait but Xander and Faith didn't have to? Faith is younger than she is!

Angel rolled his eyes and shook his head, as he looked out the window, he didn't want to see his best friend making out with his date. He smiled, turning back to Buffy when he felt her lace her fingers with his. Holding hands was good too.

Willow bounced giddily on the limo seat, Malcolm was going to be at the school. She was finally going to meet him! They had been talking on the internet and then texting for a couple weeks, and now that the time was here, she was really excited and also nervous. "I gotta pee."

Buffy laughed at her red headed best friend, then made a grossed-out face when she could hear Xander and Faith kissing. They shouldn't get to kiss because she couldn't kiss Angel. This totally isn't fair!


Cordelia narrowed her eyes at a limo pulling up to the school, Cordelia, her friends and their dates were the only ones that could show up in a limo, it was an unwritten rule! Crossing her arms, impatiently, she waited for the couple to get out of the limo.

"Come on." Kevin smiled at Cordelia, he had finally gotten her to go to prom with him, he heard that she had her mind set on a couple other people to go to prom with but they didn't go to high school and she would have to ask them. He knew that Cordelia never asked a guy out, so he took the opportunity.

Cordelia shook her head, tapping her high heel clad foot. Why were these people taking forever? The brunette scoffed, they were probably having sex in the back of the limo, people at this school were so skeezy! The limo driver made his way to the back of the limo and opened the door, Cordelia craned her neck so that she could see the people better. Cordelia gasped and started to panic when she saw Angel climb out of the limo, turning around to offer his hand to someone. Why was Angel here? He was in college! She didn't think in a million years that he would go to a high school prom! If she thought for even a second that he would then she would have sucked up her pride and asked him herself. She looked down at her dress, with its deep plunging neckline and slit all the way up her thigh, she couldn't let Angel see her like this, it would ruin the whole image that she had made for him and everyone else at the church! Cordelia quickly walked into the school, grabbing Kevin's hand, trying to act as normal as possible. Great, now she was going to have to hide from Angel all night!

Xander climbed out of the limo and looked around the school, he never wanted to step inside that school again but Faith was worth it.

Angel rolled his eyes at his best friend when Xander didn't help Faith out of the limo. Xander often complained that he didn't have a girlfriend, but maybe he would have one if he paid more attention. The driver offered Faith his hand, then Willow as they got out of the limo.

Willow looked around the parking lot for Malcolm. "Do you see him?"

"Him who?" Xander asked.

Buffy rolled her eyes, did Xander not remember their conversation about Willow being ax murdered? "Will, it would probably help if we actually knew what he looked like."

Willow's eyes suddenly got large. "Oh my… Buffy! I don't even know what he looks like! How am I supposed to know that I'm going to prom with the right person?"

Faith chuckled. "This is a small town, right?" She shrugged. "Anyone you don't recognize, probably him."

"We will wait with you." Buffy whispered, laying her head on Willow's shoulder.

Willow scanned the parking lot, once again. "I don't want you guys to miss too much of the prom."

"There gonna be food here?" Xander asked, suddenly realizing that Angel didn't let him eat dinner before they picked up the girls. Angel was too focused on making sure everything was perfect.

"Oh course, there is gonna be food!" Faith lightly slapped Xander on his arm, then turned to Buffy seriously. "There is going to be food, right, B?"

Buffy nodded with a soft laugh. "Yes, they said there was going to be food."

"But we are still going out to eat afterwards, right?" Xander asked, seriously. "When me and Oz went to prom, we went out to eat afterwards."

Angel closed his eyes, letting out a sigh. Leave it to Xander to be worried about food, and it seemed like Faith had picked the perfect date because she was worried about food too.


The group had waited outside for forty-five minutes, they had seen so many beautiful dresses being worn by countless high schoolers. Xander was starting to get bored, while Buffy, Faith and Angel were feeling concerned for Willow. Malcolm still hadn't showed up.

"Will." Buffy whispered, lightly rubbing Willows arm. "Do you want to wait inside? Maybe dance a little, while we wait?"

Willow thought for a moment, she looked down at her dress, then she remembered that she wasn't used to wearing heels and in all her stressing over Malcolm, she didn't realize that her feet were killing her from standing for so long. She looked to her best friend and nodded.

"Okay." Buffy whispered again, wrapping her arm around Willow as they walked towards the entrance of the school.

"Willow…?" Someone called from behind them.

Willow and all her friends turned around to look at who had called her name. "Who… who are you?" Willow and her friends looked at the man concerned, he was nothing like Willow had envisioned. He was an older, short man, with slightly graying hair. "Are you… are you Malcolm?"

The man nodded. "Sorry, I couldn't get here sooner."

Buffy scowled at the man, this was exactly why you need to confirm that someone is real when you meet them online.

"You must be Buffy." Malcolm smiled. "Willow told me a lot about you."

This time, Angel scowled, he didn't like it that this older man knew anything about Buffy. What kind of guy that must be in his thirties would be talking to a high school student online? This guy was sick. Stepping up closer to Buffy, Angel put his arm around Buffy's shoulder.

"I… I thought…" Willow looked confused. "I thought you were younger… you said seventeen."

Malcolm nodded. "I did, I used my sons age. I just wanted you to like me."

"Son?!" Willow and Buffy exclaimed at the same time.

"And what?" Faith glared at the man, walking towards him. She was pissed, she didn't understand why someone would want to have an online relationship, especially someone as cool as Willow, but she still wanted it to work out for the red head. "Did your WIFE stop you from getting here on time?"

Malcolm nodded. "She doesn't know that I talk to girl…"

Malcolm didn't get to finish, because Faith kneed him in the groin. He doubled over in pain, gasping.

"Oh!" Xander and Angel cringed at the same time.

"Come on, Red." Faith turned around, grabbing Willow by the hand, and walking into the school. Willow was going to have a good time, no matter what. "Maybe we will get lucky and somebody already spiked the punch."

"Woah." Xander shook his head. "Willow got catfished."

Angel shook his head, he had never heard that before. "What does that mean?"

"You know, the show on MTV." Xander tried to explain. "It's when someone lies to get someone into an online relationship." He motioned to Angel. "Hey! We could be Nev and Max! Tracking down them catfish! Well, I would have to be Nev." Xander motioned to Angel's hair. "Because you know, Max has grey hair."


Willow suddenly stopped dancing with Faith, she didn't want to fake having a good time. How could she have been so stupid? She had told a guy that she didn't even know, all about her life, not just all about her life but about Buffy and her friends too. She walked over to the table where the girls' purses were, and sat down sadly.

Buffy stopped dancing with Angel, stepping back, she held up her pointer finger. "Just one sec."

"Of course." Angel nodded, he completely understood that Willow was hurting. He wished things had worked out better for Willow, and he hoped they were about to get better for her. As much as he wanted Willow to have fun tonight, he also wanted to have fun with Buffy.

"You okay, Will?" Buffy asked, sitting next to her best friend, as Faith sat on the other side of Willow.

Willow shrugged. "I think I'm just going to go home. This was a bad idea."

"Red." Faith shook her head, as Willow stood up to gather her things.

Buffy and Faith both stood up, watching Willow. Buffy looked over to Angel and frowned, she didn't know what else to do, they had tried everything. Looking around, Buffy smiled. "Willow…" She whispered.

The redhead sighed, she knew that Buffy and Faith were just going to try to make her stay. "What, Buffy?"

Buffy nodded towards the entrance, causing Willow and Faith to look in that direction. Willow's mouth dropped open when she saw Oz looking right at her, wearing a tux and holding a plastic container in his hand.

Willow looked at both of her friends, then back to Oz, the two girls gave Willow a slight push towards Oz, before she started walking on her own.

"Hey." Willow whispered as she made it over to the red headed man.

"Sorry, I'm late." Oz smiled, with a shrug. "I wanted to get you…" He held out a red orchid corsage. "I figured the red would go perfectly with your hair."

Willow smiled at the shorter man. "You like my hair?"

"Of course." Oz motioned to his own red hair. "It's like fire."

Willow laughed, as Oz put the corsage on her wrist. She felt like she was going to cry, but this time for a whole different reason. The guy she had been crushing on for several years had showed up at prom for her, after her original date had been the complete opposite of what she thought. How did Oz know though?

Buffy walked over to Angel, who was smiling at his best friend and Willow. "Did you…?"

Angel turned to Buffy and shrugged. "She deserves to have a good time."

"You, Angel Giles…" She smiled, wrapping her arms around his neck. "…are amazing."

Angel shook his head, placing his hands on her waist, as they slowly started to sway to the music. "Anyone would have done it."

"No." She whispered, leaning her head against his chest, as the lyrics to Wild Horses began to play, and Buffy couldn't help but think wild horses never could drag her away from Angel. "They wouldn't."

Willow smiled excitedly as she danced with Oz, nearby Buffy and Angel, she gave Buffy an enthusiastic thumb up. Buffy smiled happily at her friend, giving her a thumb up back.

If even for tonight, life was good. Buffy was getting her normal teenager experience with the guy she loved, even if they couldn't technically be together until she was eighteen, and tomorrow they had to go back to being friends. Tonight, she just wanted to pretend that they were a couple.

Cordelia has been successfully avoiding Angel all night, in fact, she hadn't even seen him since he climbed out of the limo, even though she was curious as to who his date was, she was happy that he hadn't gotten a glimpse of her in her dress. Angel didn't know what she was really like, and she wanted to keep it that way. Cordelia rolled her eyes, she couldn't believe that Kevin actually brought her punch to drink! Didn't he know if she spilt that on her dress it would ruin the whole night? Or if she drank it and it left some horrible red stain on her mouth! Cordelia stopped walking, her mouth dropped open in shock when she saw Angel Giles on the dance floor with Buffy Summers in his arms. Her eyes widened in shock when she saw that his head was resting on Buffy's head but his eyes were locked with hers, his eyebrows raised. She started to panic and turned around to leave the school gym.

Buffy lifter her head from Angel's chest and whispered. "You okay?"

Angel smiled down at her, lightly tracing her jawline with his thumb. "Yeah, perfect. You?"

"Equally as perfect." She smiled, she didn't remember ever being this happy, or this content. She could stay in his arms forever and it wouldn't be long enough. "Thank you for coming with me."

Angel shook his head, still smiling. "I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."


"Are the guys still in the bathroom?" Buffy asked, smiling at her two friends, as she sat down. "I thought us girls would be the ones that took forever… big dresses and all."

Faith laughed. "I think Xander ate something bad."

Willow laughed and shook her head. Tonight, had certainly turned around for her. "I think all the food here is bad."

"Good thing we are going out to eat after prom." Buffy smiled, as she got up.

Faith looked at her questioningly. "Where you goin'?"

"To make sure our dates didn't fall into the urinals." Buffy laughed.

"Eh." Faith shrugged. "My date probably fell in the toilet."

Buffy laughed, holding up her dress slightly so that she didn't step on it, walking out of the school gym. She smiled when she saw Angel looking at the trophy box. "Hey, what are you doing out here?"

Angel smiled at Buffy. "Xander is having some issues."

Buffy laughed. "Fall in the toilet?"

Angel laughed softly and shook his head. "Not when I left, but who knows now."

"Faith is convinced that he fell in." Buffy pointed to the bathroom door, but walked towards Angel. "You should probably be in there and help Oz get him out."

Angel nodded. "I think Oz has it covered."

"Have you seen the size difference between Xander and Oz?" Buffy laughed, but when Angel didn't she started to get worried. "Hey, what's up?"

Angel shook his head. "Nothing."

Buffy gave him a pointed look. "Don't nothing me. I know something it up, Angel, what is it?"

Angel took a deep breath, shaking his head. "You know, my parents never kissed when they were dating, they said it was too much of a temptation, but they didn't force that choice on me. They said I had to find what worked best for me… I made this choice a long time ago that I wouldn't kiss a girl without dating her and I wouldn't date a girl without knowing for a fact that I would marry her."

Buffy looked at Angel, confused. "Angel, what are you…" Buffy was cut off when Angel took her face in his hands, gently kissing her. Buffy was surprised but it only took her a second to respond, she had kissed Pike before, but it was nothing like Angel. Angel was so gentle, she could barely feel his lips on hers at first, and it sent shivers all through her body. She smiled against his lips as she realized he tasted like chocolate and mint. Angel pulled away from her, but Buffy didn't open her eyes right now. "Peppermint pattie." She whispered. Oh. I shouldn't have said that… but the mint chocolatey perfection.

Angel raised his eyebrow at Buffy, waiting. "How was that?"

Buffy slowly opened her eyes, with a small smile and whispered. "Butterfly producing." Angel smiled, glancing down at the floor, then back up at Buffy when he heard her speak again. "Angel, was that your first kiss?" He had mentioned that he didn't want to kiss a girl, without dating her and he had never dated anyone before, it had to have been his first kiss.

Angel nodded, unsure of what she would think.

Buffy smiled a little wider, placing her hands around his neck, she played with the short hairs on the back of his head. "How about a second one?"

Angel laughed before leaning back down to kiss her again, resting his hands on her hips. Buffy pouted when he pulled away from her, cutting the kiss short, she looked over towards the bathroom where Oz and Xander came out of the bathroom bickering.

"If you would just get rid of the watch all together, it wouldn't have fallen in the toilet." Oz reasoned with Xander.

Xander sighed. "How would I know what time it was if I didn't have my watch?"

"Oh, I don't know, a cell phone." The shorter man shrugged. "And why is your watch Tweety Bird? Correct me if I'm wrong but you are almost twenty-one."

"Don't knock my Tweety Bird!" Xander exclaimed, then looked towards his other best friend and his date. "Angel, he's knocking my Tweety Bird!"

Angel shrugged. "Maybe it's time to get a big boy watch."

Buffy laughed, looking up at Angel. She really loved that man.

Xander looked at his two friends, Buffy had her hands resting on Angel's shoulders and he had his hands on her waist. "Are you guys dancing out here?" He asked confused, shaking his head, he started to walk towards the gym entrance. "The music is in there…"

Angel took Buffy by the hand, and joined Oz and Xander as they made their way back to Willow and Faith in the gym. Xander turned to Faith, maybe Oz was right and he should do something for Faith. Apparently, when Angel called Oz about what had happened with Willow and Malcolm, he had told Oz that Xander didn't even help Faith out of the limo or put her corsage on her. "Drink?"

Faith looked at Xander oddly, was he seriously going to wait on her now? Looking to Buffy, the blonde gave her a nod, she knew Faith wasn't used to a guy doing anything for her and she would need a little push. In the three years, she had been dating Benny, the most he did for her was open a bottle of vodka and take a drink out of it before handing it to her. "Sure, why not."

"Buffy." Angel smiled. "Would you like a drink too?"

Buffy shrugged. "Sure."

Angel turned to walk away, but Buffy was hesitant to let go of his hand for a moment. Angel smiled wider at her and he whispered. "I will be right back."

Oz smiled at Willow, he was happy to be here with her tonight and would gladly wait on her hand and foot. "Would you like anything, Willow?"

Willow smiled at Oz. "Whatever they are getting."

Oz nodded before following his two best friends over to where the food and drinks were laid out on a table on the other side of the school gym.

Faith looked around at all the students dancing, then turned to Buffy as the blonde sat down. "You know, you and Angel look all cute together out there. With you wearing all white, you know…" Faith clicked her tongue twice. "You kind of look like a bride."

Buffy laughed at her friend's comment, then she remembered what Angel had said, he didn't want to kiss a girl without dating her and he didn't want to date her without knowing he would marry her. Were they dating now? But she wasn't officially eighteen for another ten days. More importantly, did he just propose to her? Okay, so it wasn't in the traditional way, but he definitely hinted at it! Normally, she would be overly excited to tell her friends what had happened in the hallway but she was still seventeen and Angel was twenty-one, she didn't want him to get into any trouble. "Faith… I think it's a little soon to be talking about that."

"You know, I was thinking a princess." Willow thought for a moment. "But now that you mention it, Faith. I can see the bride."

"You guys…" Buffy smiled, getting married wasn't something that used to be on her to-do list, but since meeting Angel a month and a half ago, it was something that she had thought of several times. She even had the name 'Buffy Giles' scribbled on her school notebooks.

The girls looked up when they heard a gasp. "What are you doing here?" Harmony Kendell demanded, pointing at Faith.

"You sold me a ticket, remember?" Faith lied.

Harmony thought for a second. "Oh yeah!" She laughed, then walked away.

"Airhead." Faith shook her head, pointing at the ditzy blonde.

Buffy smiled happily when she saw Angel making his way back over to the table they were sitting at, she really wanted to kiss him again but she knew there were way too many people. The one thing they could do though, was dance, at least then she would feel his arms around here. Angel handed her the fruit punch, and she took a sip out of it before setting it down and taking his hand. "Come on."

"You don't want your drink anymore?" Angel asked, as she pulled him towards the dance floor.

Buffy shook her head, smiling. "I want to dance with you more."

Angel laughed, as they found an open space on the dance floor. "And why is that?" He asked, taking her in his arms.

"Because then your arms are around me." She smiled brightly. "And that's the only place I want to me." Buffy quietly sang along with the lyrics to Everywhere by Michelle Branch, to Angel. "When I touch your hand, it's then I understand, the beauty that's within, you always light my way, I hope there never comes a day, no matter where I go… I always feel you so. Cause you're everywhere to me and when I close my eyes it's you I see. You're everything that makes me believe, I'm not alone."

Angel smiled, and had the urge to kiss her, he had only kissed her twice and he found that it was addicting. Now, he knew why his parents had decided not to kiss until their wedding day. "Buffy…"

"Hmm?" She asked, looking up at him, smiling.

"I just…" Angel trailed off. "I feel like my parents are going to be upset that we kissed… we told my parents and your mom that we were just going to prom as friends. And not to mention, you are only seventeen."

"We did go to prom as just friends." She nodded.

Angel shook his head. "But we aren't leaving as just friends."

Buffy smiled again. Did that mean they were a couple? "Okay, so what if we don't tell them?" At the look on Angel's face, Buffy continued. "Don't lie, that's a sin, but just… don't tell them. I mean, if they come right out and say, 'did you kiss at prom' then sure, tell them."

"So, if they don't ask then don't tell?" Angel asked.

Buffy nodded again. "It's not lying, it's just not getting all extracurricular with the details."

Angel nodded, he thought he could do that. He had never actually kept something from his parents before but at the same time, they didn't know every detail of his life. "I really want to kiss you right now." He whispered.

Buffy let out a breath of relief. "Oh, thank God! It's not just me!"

"Here…" He glanced around the gym at all the other students having fun and dancing. "…probably isn't the best place."

"I would be more than happy to go make out with you in a broom closet." Buffy suggested. "I have never done it before, but I hear it's the new 'in' thing."

Angel shook his head and laughed, before leaving the dance floor, holding Buffy's hand.

Walking a little way down the hallway, Angel opened a door, allowing Buffy to go in first. Buffy looked around the classroom that Angel had picked. "Or we could make the science room the new 'in' thing." She laughed, turning around in front of a table. "This is my seat."

Placing his hands on her hips, he gently lifted her up, helping her on to the table, and he stood between her legs, as she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him down for a kiss. When Angel broke away from the kiss, Buffy smiled sarcastically. "Mmm, Dr. Gregory would just love this."

"Yeah?" Angel laughed, bending down for another kiss.


Buffy, Angel, Willow, Oz, Faith and Xander all sat around the circular table at the restaurant, it was one of the many restaurants in Sunnydale that stayed open on prom night thanks to an organization called SADD: Students Against Drunk Driving that organized safe activities to do after the prom had ended and designated drivers for those who needed a ride. One the way to the restaurant, Angel had told Buffy that he was a part of the SADD team when he was in high school so he knew which restaurants were the good ones to go too.

Angel smiled at the young waitress that brought them their late-night food, then smiled at Buffy when he felt her take his hand under the table. They seemed to do a lot of under the table hand holding, and he assumed it would continue to happen until her birthday, when they could officially be out in the open.

"You guys disappeared for a while there." Xander noted, eating his nachos.

Buffy and Angel looked at each other, what had felt like a quick make out session to them had actually been almost an hour and they had only stopped because they could no longer hear the loud music being played in the gym. They were both shocked that prom was already over. "We went to… talk." Buffy volunteered. It wasn't a lie, there was some talking…. A very little amount of talking but there was still talking!

"You couldn't talk in the gym?" Willow asked.

Angel looked to his friends, then glanced at Buffy out of the corner of his eye. "Too loud."

Faith smiled at the pair, if Angel wasn't so gung-ho on being the son of a preacher, and even a preacher himself, she would have thought they went to make out or have sex like so many of the other students at prom. Sadly, for anyone that was interested in a Christian, that wasn't going to happen, poor Buffy would have to wait until she was married to get any kind of action. Suddenly, the smile fell from Faith's face, Xander was a Christian and she was interested in him. She wouldn't be able to have sex? She didn't know if she could handle that. Looking over at Xander, she shook her head, he had said he wasn't as saved as Angel, maybe that meant he was open to it. "What are we doing tomorrow?" Faith asked, eating a fry.

Everyone looked at her like she was crazy.

Faith shrugged, looking at Xander watch, she shook her head when it seemed to be stuck at 11:07PM, so she glanced down at her phone. "Okay, so it's technically today."

Buffy raised her eyebrows at Faith. "Church, and you are coming with."

"What?" Faith asked, she didn't sign up for that.

The blonde nodded. "You don't have to stay all day, just go to one service. Tomorrow is my first official day working, don't you want to support me?"

Faith narrowed her eyes at the blonde, Buffy knew that Faith would always support her no matter what. "That was a low blow, B… I admire it."

Buffy smiled in victory. "Plus, you can help me keep an eye out for Gary. I invited him I don't even know how many times."

"Who?" Xander asked with his mouth full.

Willow thought for a second. "That guy that you worked with at The DoubleMeat Palace?"

Buffy nodded. "I really thought I was making a break through with him."

Angel shook his head. "Really? I didn't see any."

Buffy pouted, and once again, Angel had the urge to kiss her.