Title: Just A Crush

Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"

Rating: PG

Pairings: Ray/Mariah. Max/Emily. Lee/OC. OC/OC. Tyson/Kai (If you want!)

Genre: Romance. Action and Adventure. Mystery. Fantasy. Horror.

Summary 1: Mariah feels rejected because Ray picked another girl instead of her. Cherry (Lee's girlfriend) and Lee tries to comfort her. Cherry succeeds but Lee ended up hurting her as well as his GF. And now Mariah and Cherry are off for an adventure.

Summary 2: Mariah, Emily, OC and OC have to control their powers to save their friends. All the while controlling their emotions and their love. But what happens when tragedy strikes? I changed the summary becoz Liana's already down! R/M L/OC M/E OC/OC

Summary 3: Will Mariah, Emily, OC and OC get to hide their secret long enough to save the ones who are really special in their hearts? Or will a few girls get in the way of their love life? See how they live in loneliness and despair. R/M M/E L/OC OC/OC


Mariah sadly walked along the riverbank... She knew she doesn't ever have a chance. Ray loved Liana... not her...

A small tear made it's way down her cheek... followed by some more.

She felt a hand on her shoulder, as she slowly looked back. She saw Lee and her friend, Cherry looking at her with concern.

"Can you please stop thinking about it for a moment?" Cherry pleaded,

"It's been a week, already!" Lee added,

Mariah wiped away her tears and laughed,

"Don't worry, guys... I'll try..." she said,

Cherry and Lee smiled,

Cherry has long, brown hair up in a high ponytail and golden eyes. She and Lee have been going out for 5 months now, and every people in the village seems to think they look cute together, even Ray and Mariah. But not Liana...

"Thanks..." Cherry sighed,

"Well, it's already time for dinner... and by the looks of the clouds, it seems like it's gonna rain soon!" Lee said, dragging Mariah up to their house.

Lee, Mariah and Cherry laughed.

"You know for a 16-year old... I still think we're just 5!" Cherry said,


"And Mariah! You better eat! You look like a stick!! You too, Cherry! The only thing you eat is one piece of bread and then say that you're not hungry and sometimes you don't even eat at all!" Lee looked at Cherry with concern,

Mariah giggled at Lee's protectiveness,

"That's what you get for ever loving Lee!" She teased,

Cherry laughed,

"Hey Lee! What do you say I dump you?" she said,

Lee looked at her with a horrific expression. Cherry and Mariah laughed even more,

"Sheesh.." Lee groaned,

Mariah just thanked God that she found some good friends to cheer her up.

When they were already back at their house, they were met by Ray and Liana making out.

Their face turned one of disgust and Mariah looked just about ready to scream.

Cherry and Lee looked at her and pushed her forcefully in the kitchen.

"Eww..." Cherry breathed,

"I cant believe Ray would actually kiss that b****!" Lee whispered,

"Mariah! You alright?" the couple looked at her and saw that she was already on the verge of tears.

Cherry quickly went over to hug her as Mariah broke down. Lee patted her back,

As they were doing that... Max, Tyson and Kenny went in. They were staying for vacation,

"I cant believe Ray!" Max said,

"Disgusting!" Tyson added,

Kenny was doing something on his laptop... Dizzy...

"What'cha doin', chief?" Tyson leaned over, as Max went to Mariah, Lee and Cherry.

A moment later, the others heard Tyson and Kenny gasp.

"What's wrong?" Cherry asked, walking over to them.

"Li-Liana.... She... White Tiger... Driger." Tyson stammered,

"What?! What about the white tiger?!" Lee exclaimed, Mariah was already wiping her tears away.

Cherry went to Dizzy and read... she, too, gasped at what she saw.

"Liana... she's a spy!!" she was wide-eyed.

Mariah suddenly became interested.

"What do you mean?" she asked,

"Liana was sent by Ukareui, a man that collects holy beasts for his own greed, to get Ray's White Tiger!!" Cherry said,

The others gasped, surprise written all over their face. Especially Lee and Mariah,

Suddenly, Ray and Liana came in, hand in hand. When Ray saw the shocked expressions on his friends face, and Mariah's red eyes, he became worried.

"Guys? What's wrong? And why is Mariah crying?" he asked,

Liana smirked the whole time,

The others looked at each other before laughing nervously.

Cherry and Mariah quickly dashed out of the room and up the stairs. Kenny hid the information and closed Dizzy for a while. Max and Tyson started setting up the table, nervously. Lee was just trying to calm himself. he felt an urge to attack Liana head on. (Keep it down Lee!)

"Guys?" Ray was way too confused,

"Um... Nothing! Nothing's wrong!" Tyson laughed nervously,

"Are you guys hiding something from me?" Ray raised his eyebrows,

"No! No! What makes you say that?!" Max said,

"Well, you aren't telling me why Mariah was crying and you didn't tell me what was wrong and you also didn't tell me why Mariah and Cherry just dashed out of the room..." Ray replied,

"Well... let's just say... those two are girls!! So don't worry about them! And Mariah just... um... had a paper cut! That's all!!" Kenny was already sweating,

Max and Tyson fell,

"Is that the best you can?" Max hissed,

"A paper cut?!" Tyson added, Lee groaned

Kenny laughed nervously,

"Aww... poor girl! Let me check up on her!" Liana faked, and before Tyson, Max, Kenny or Lee could stop her, she was already gone.

Tyson, Max, Kenny and Lee was panic, "Oh no!!!!!!"


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