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~* Just A Crush *~

= Chapter 16 =

A lone figure looked out in the horizon as the sun started to set. Her arm rested on her knee as her whole body depended on it's own balance to keep herself from falling off the stone ledge of the balcony.

"Anything wrong, Cher?" A voice interrupted her thoughts,

Cherry looked at the door and sighed. Her knees straightened on the ledge and both of her arms rested behind her head, as her eyes went back to the sunset. "I'm worried, Lee."

Lee sat on the ledge, beside the girl's feet. "About?"


Lee's ears perked up, "What?"

"Well," She began playing with her hair, "I don't know if I can take knowing that Mariah's gonna die if we don't succeed, and I'm really not sure about your reaction in the facility about us."

Lee grinned, trying to light up the mood, "We know that you guys will succeed. And we don't care if you have powers like this or that, as long as your still the same girls we used to know! Got it?"


Lee's eyes bulged out as he leaped out, forcing him to fall backwards. He squeaked as he knew that he'd fall, but as his legs slipped off the ledge, Cherry calmly swayed her hand and held Lee up high in that air.

"Just kidding about that, Lee." She grinned, amusement in her voice.

"Good," Lee narrowed her eyes, "Now could you please put me down?" It's not fun being five floors up in the air, you know. It made him nauseous.

"Well..." Cherry's eyes twinkled, "Fine then, since you asked so nicely." She directed her palm to the floor of their balcony and closed it. Smirking as Lee fell to the floor with a thud.

Scowling, Lee stood up and rubbed his bottom. He glared as he saw Cherry's hand fly to her mouth, "Don't say a word."

Cherry giggled, "I won't."

"Now," Lee dusted his clothes, "The reason I was here was to drag you down to Cheylea's room for a meeting whatever."

The girl chuckled and stepped of the ledge. Smirking once more as Lee laid his hand in front of her, waiting for her to take it patiently. "What a gentleman."

"One more word, and you're dead."

"Aww, wittle Lee don't wike me anymore..."

"Shut up."

It's been two days before Emily's departure for Jemule, and she still hasn't come back. The five teams all waited patiently in a four star hotel given to them by Doctor Judy, as the tournament would be held in New York. Just one week more before their ship to the said state would be due for them. They also got Mariah a room for her to rest, while she's still in that condition, so that she doesn't have to stay in the facility too long.

~~ ju$t @ cru$# ~~

"Must we have this meeting?" yawned Lyra, her silver hair scattered throughout the bed she was currently occupying,


"Argh! How long will those two lovebirds keep us waiting?!" Shane scowled, a vein popping on his head,

"Relax, cuz." All eyes flew to the door where Cherry and Lee stood with amused faces, "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today."

"Very funny, Cher. You crack me up. Ha ha ha." Shane rolled his eyes, grinning at how his sarcasm made all the girls giggle.

Cherry sat on one edge of the bed, greeted by a tired look of Lyra. Lee sat next to her and they all watched as Cheylea stood up, her face void of emotions.

"Well, it's been four days since Emily's departure. All we need to do now is to wish for her to hurry, as Mariah doesn't have enough time."

"How..." Ray trailed off with a squeak, "How much longer will Mariah live?"

"Well," Cherry replied this time, a sad smile on her face, "When Cheylea and I scanned Mariah's condition, the Black Core was in her for three weeks and a day ending now. The symptoms of the Black Core are usually one week of depression, one week of weakness, one week of not acting himself, and one week of unconsciousness. So in simple math, that's four weeks. The remaining days for Mariah is just six days now."

"SIX DAYS?!" Ray fainted,

"RAY!!" All the BladeBreakers went to Ray's side, including Kai who was fanning Ray's face slightly with Tyson's cap.

"Gosh," Kevin had a weird look etched on his face, "Love does make you go crazy."

"It's a scary thing." Gary nodded, along with his green-haired companion.

Just then, Cherry, Cheylea and Tyson's heads shot up.

~~ ju$t @ cru$# ~~

"Ah yes, so I'm guessing that you are the Eternals." One of the top maids of the hotel checked her list again and looked back up to the team in front of her, who all nodded slowly, "Then another visitor, Harmony Nevaeh." She looked at one girl who stood at the side, and smiled slightly as the girl smiled back.

Harmony has shoulder-length red hair and soft emerald green eyes. She was wearing a loosely fitting black shirt with faded blue jeans. A soft smile graced her lips, and she bowed politely. "It's nice to finally meet a high ranking maid of a five-star hotel." She grinned,

"Ah well, that's certainly not a compliment you hear everyday." The maid, Resha, chuckled, then turned back to the Eternals. "So, let me list you again. Where's Tara Hino?"

A girl stepped forward, her eyes slightly half-opened. She has waist-length ebony hair with red streaks and a starburst at the front. Her emerald green eyes was slightly blurred and her pale skin made her more eye-catching. She wears a black sleeveless polo neck and matching black combat pants. A red sash circled her waist and her elbow length fingerless gloves stuck tight on her skin. "Right here." She said with a yawn,

"Kayly Santiago?"

Another girl stood next to Tara. Her mouth was set in a straight line and her hands lay limply on her sides. Her raven-black hair reached down to her mid-back and it was streaked with orange high-lights. Her green eyes shone with golden flecks. She wore a loose button-down sleeveless black shirt tucked into her black jeans. Her height reached about 5"5, and her thin figure showed more of her height. "Present."

"Well, how about Amanda Jae Brady?"

One more girl stepped forward with a slight smile. Her blood red hair was covered with gold streaks and her emerald green eyes twinkled. Her tanned skin also gave her more appearance. She was wearing a tight, black leather pants and red shirt with a black vest above it. Her wrist was adored with black wristbands, and she also had black shoes to match. She had her eyes fixed intently on Resha's lips[1], and she just nodded.

"And lastly, Nanashi."

Nanashi stepped forward with a slight sway. Her long auburn hair reached her ankles with chin-length bangs at the sides of her face. She's wearing a baggy black flare jeans with a red sash that's tied at her left side and ends at her ankles to keep it up. And also a blackish, redish tube top with a black trench coat-like shirt over top. Her soft voice was barely heard, "Nice to meet you."

"Well, that's everyone. Will the Eternals and Harmony follow me, as I will show you to your rooms."

~~ ju$t @ cru$# ~~

"What's wrong?!" Max looked at them,

"Mermaid..." Tyson murmured,

"M... Mermaid?" Kenny furrowed his eyebrows,[2]

"There's another great energy here." Cheylea stood up,

"We'll go check it out." Cherry followed suit.

Tyson quickly followed them, "I'll come with you." Cherry and Cheylea just nodded with slight smiles, as the three of them left the room, leaving their companions looking at each other with confused faces.

~~ ju$t @ cru$# ~~

"How can it be possible?!" Cherry asked, more to herself than to anybody, for the umpteenth time. "There's only four priestesses. And a priestess is the only one that can have this faint, yet strong aura. It's certainly not Emily or Mariah, as their aura's have a more different source than this." She muttered,

Cheylea, ignoring her oblivious teammate, walked faster, "The source is just below us. There's an elevator here if we just turn right." A few more steps, and they turned a corner. And true enough, an elevator stood at the sides.

"Hurry up." Tyson was shaking with anticipation, but his head throbbed painfully. 2 years and we're finally gonna see each other again. Memories flashed inside his mind and he couldn't help but sigh.

"Tyson..." Cherry looked at the World Champion quizzically, apparently reading his thoughts. I know it's not nice to invade, but I couldn't help it.

They boarded the elevator, and pressed the button that would get them one floor below. It only took a minute before the elevator doors opened, and the source became stronger than before.

Walking slowly, they came face to face with a group of girls. One obviously a maid - a top one, that is, considering how she's dressed - while the others are just simple teenagers.

Tyson froze in his tracks and looked at the girl on the farthest left. "Mermaid..."

"Tyson." Nanashi trembled,

Amanda grinned, So... He's Nanashi's closest friend that the said girl always talks about.

It was then that Cherry and Cheylea snapped out of their own worlds, and realized how the source was dying to push them. They looked at each, and nodded. Then they scanned the girls, tracking down where the source was most powerful - and all their senses rested to the girl on the front, beside the maid. How...?

= She looks... harmless. =

// You can definitely say that again. //

"So... Nanashi?" Tara whispered, "Care to introduce us to your... friend?"

"Oh... yes, of course." Nanashi sighed, her voice still barely heard, "Guys, this is Tyson." She waved her hand on the blunette's direction, who simple waved with his jaw still on the ground.

Cheylea nudged him on the stomach with a sigh, and his jaw automatically fell back into place.

"Oh, right... yeah... hehe... Hi." Tyson showed a goofy grin,

Nanashi shook her head with a small smile, He doesn't change, does he?

"So, care to tell now what's your story?" Kayly stared at the girl,

"When I got amnesia, Tyson was the one who took me in. I stayed with him for years, but I suddenly got an image of person, so I set out to find him, leaving Tyson and his grandpa with a farewell." Nanashi's mouth was set in a straight line, despite the sadness in her voice. She pushed some of her hair out of her face and crossed her arms with a sigh.

Cheylea looked at Tyson with a weird expression, "And you didn't tell us, even the BladeBreakers, because...?"

Tyson showed yet another grin, sheepish this time. "I supposed that there was never a right time to bring it up."

Cherry did no movements, her mind was still set on the girl. Harmony tilted her head as she felt someone look at her, but as she did so, Cherry quickly averted her gaze to Tyson.

~~ ju$t @ cru$# ~~

Emily silently walked through the halls, staying under the shadows as she slipped past numerous soldiers. She turned a corner swiftly and found herself walking through another hall, where magnificent portraits hung on the walls. She walked farther, and soon found herself amazed at the last portrait at the end of the corridor. Mariah... This is Mariah - no... This is Marquise.

She smiled to herself and walked more. A few more steps, and she found herself in front of large doors made of marquises. Shivering at the cold atmosphere, she hesitantly opened the door to a crack, enough for her to see without being seen. She slid her head in and sighed, Good, no one's around.

She entered the room and closed the door silently behind her.

Memories flashed as she walked further into the room. The bed... where Marquise was born and died. Emily could feel tears at the back of her eyes, but soon blinked them back. She had a job to do. She looked around. The room was huge! Bigger than the Level 4 of their facility. It made her nauseous just thinking about how big the palace really is. There was a small stairs at one side, where the second floor of her room could be seen clearly from where she were. A big window stood at the side, it's curtains cast aside, with the queen-sized bed in front of it. At the very end of the first floor, there was glass door, also with curtains that was cast aside. It led to the balcony, which also had stairs that led to the garden.

Filled with anticipation, she shakily walked up the stairs. The second floor was also as big as the first, but this one had a lower roof. There were two doors adjacent to each other. As she walked further, she saw a couch in one side, with a small lamp beside it, decorated with corals. And in front of the couch, was another huge window that showed a scenery of the ocean.

And just close to the window, was a table on the middle of the room, and a shelf was pressed tightly to the walls, filled with all sorts of snacks. The room ended with another window, but it was stretched upwards.

Emily sighed and walked back, stopping between the two adjacent doors. She opened the one to the right, and saw that it was a bathroom... A huge and clean one that is. She sighed. Man, everything they have here is humongous! I wonder what my room looks like... Shaking herself out of her thoughts, she went to the other door. It was a closet. On one side was all the gowns, dresses and fancy clothes. The other side was the simple, casual ones. And at the end of the closet, was the shoes. Woah, she has some closet here.

She walked back downstairs and went to the bed. She saw something glint and smiled. It was a necklace. Perfect. It was the necklace that she wore in memory of Marquise. It was also the necklace she wore when they found the cure.

Looking around one last time, she sighed. She wished that she could wander more and see the other's room, or at least, her room, but no way was she gonna lose Mariah again. Concentrating on the five star hotel that Cheylea showed her through mental connection, she closed her eyes and disappeared, necklace still held tightly in her hand.


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