Hope you like my first Alec story, any word that contains a *before it is a 1920's slang word, you can find the translation at the end of the fanfic, thank you!

Volterra, 1924

I look at my surroundings, high buildings, many vendors selling their merchandise and people going on about their business.

Girls chatting, Men going to work and stupid boys looking lustily over at me and I mean I can't really blame them with my short black dress draped around my hourglass figure, my curled red hair and my blood red lips.

So in short I'm a beauty it is to be expected, I am a vampire not that they can see that as my red eyes are covered by my sunglasses, if those lowly humans knew who i was they wouldn't be able to even scream before i sink my teeth to them and end their worthless life, I smirk at the thought.

Unfortunately the morons mistake my smirk for an invitation and start to walk towards me and as much as I would love to drain the blood of their useless bodies, I am in public so I shouldn't draw attention to myself.

Any other day though those fools would have been my snack.

I walk away from them and with so many people I quickly lose them and well if I could avoid the Volturi for ages, what makes you think I can't outrun some pests.

Which brings me back to the reason I am here in Volterra, as it's not to sightsee as I have been doing for 3 hours but to join the Volturi.

And no it's not because I admire them, for serving justice onto those who infringe the laws because we all know that's *bushwa, they destroy whoever is in their way and manage to find an excuse to punish them.

I'm also not joining them for the need of power as I already have plenty of my own thanks to my powerful gift.

I'm joining them because I want to destroy and kill who I please.

It's not fair we can't kill many vampires and humans while they can kill and destroy whoever they wish and do it in the name of justice and we get punished for doing the same thing.

And let's just say their punishments aren't pretty at all.

Of course I know the Volturi don't accept just anyone and thankfully my gift is very rare and useful so they would be fools to not recruit me and normally I don't like working for anyone but I have grown bored over the centuries as I could only kill very little to not make myself known to them.

Though I will demand certain conditions for me to join their guard, I'm not just gonna do their bidding and not get anything back for myself as its already hard for me to join them, I have always been a leader and not a follower.

First condition, I will be able to go out and travel whenever I wish as I'm a free bird who enjoys her freedom and I might have been undead for centuries but I can never get bored from visiting countries and exploring, as cities change over time and It's good to learn about the changing customs, lands and people.

As I have learn over time how priceless knowledge is, knowing the right information can help you make the right allies, know the terrain well and have advantage against your enemies.

Second condition, I can destroy who i want, when i want since I'm sick of having to keep it small in fear of, no scratch that not in fear as i don't fear anyone or anything so I'm sick of having to keep it small in annoyance of them coming to recruit me or punish me.

They will probably recruit me since I doubt they will want to kill me thanks to my gift.

So I could have made a massive scene and they will come for me but they won't let me make my conditions since I already violated one of their laws so what I'm doing is the most beneficial to me.

You might be wondering what is the powerful gift I'm talking about, well it is pyrokinesis.

In other words the ability to control fire with my mind and how can vampires die?

Well by being burnt and it just so happens I can burn whoever i wish, making me a powerful vampire.

Hopefully its not a hassle to live with them as I have never been with a coven for too long as I have never been a team player the most I have lived with a coven is for 3 years and surprisingly some covens have offered me to be an official member but I always reject them, it always manages to surprise me covens want me despite my horrible personality.

But some have worst personalities than me and despite a part of me wanting to stay with some covens I reject them as dangers follow me where I go and I enjoy danger but most don't and want a peaceful life.

And theres always danger with the Volturi so they're used to it like me.

While I am strolling around I catch a sweet smell.

I look over the scent and see a beautiful dark haired woman wearing a red dress, talking about touring the Volterra castle with humans and I can immediately notice she's a vampire with her pale, inhumanly beauty and her sweet vampire smell.

I smirk finally founding myself a guide straight to the leaders.

Straight to the mouth of the lion.

I stride towards the woman, and say with my melodic yet confident voice "Do you have room for one more tourist?"

She looks at me, her smile dropping, noticing I am a vampire even though she can't see my eyes before her smile returns to her flawless face but not quite reaching her eyes.

"Of course we do, please stay with the group, the tour is about to commence".

So the rumors about them bringing tourists to the tower and drinking from them were true after all, what else could she be luring them for.

I made sure to drink before coming since I don't want to fight with a Volturi member for a pathetic human.

I like killing and all but i'm still intelligent to avoid an unnecessary battle with a vampire.

Of course I could just burn them completely and be done with them but where's the fun in that?

Though they are an entire army against only one me so I could die while I fight with a few.

So its best to be cautious with each step I make here.

The gorgeous woman, who introduced herself as Heidi, started showing us inside the massive castle and naming many historical pieces and information and I looked around the beautiful rooms and pieces though more discreetly unlike most tourists who looked eagerly and chattered loudly amongst themselves.

Unfortunately not all tourist were looking at the castle as one black haired man, who looked to be in his late twenties, kept looking me up and down, lust clear in his eyes before coming my direction.

"Hey doll, this is a beautiful castle but it's nothing to your beauty, so why don't you come with me after this tour?" The idiot told me with an overbearing grin.

I roll my eyes, of course this *sap would think I am easy after all I look like a *flapper, short dress, flashy colors, accessories and my inhumanly beauty might make it look as if I wore a lot of makeup, the only thing that makes me look different is that I have long curly hair in contrast to their short bobbed hair.

"Would you *pipe down and *scram? I'm not interested in you" I tell the schmuck with an icy tone, expressing my disinterest.

The moron just laughs and calls me "*a bearcat" and doesn't leave, if anything he seems more interested now.

I scan my surroundings to see if there's a way to ditch this idiot but to my surprise I am met with furious green eyes.

A blonde with bobbed hair and short yellow dress, a flapper, was glaring at me and whispering to her brown haired flapper friend.

"She thinks she looks that good with that cheap dreary black dress" the blonde whispers to her friend but my vampire hearing made it easy for me to hear her.

If that *dumb dora knew that this dress was more expensive than all her wardrobe put together.

And who wears a bright yellow dress with equally bright yellow hair? Are you trying to rob people's eye sight?

"*What's eating you, cutie? Cmon show me a smile on that beautiful face, don't be a *wet blanket, come with me, I've got *jack to buy you pretty things" the *drugstore cowboy tells me with a leer.

"*Dry up" I tell him angrily, my temper rising with each word he says

I hate bastards who think women are only objects for pleasure who you can buy with *dough.

But as much as I want to kill him i know the Volturi will take care of him but i can't help but give this scum a warning to back off from me as I don't know how long it will take for us to reach the leaders room.

"Cmon don't give me the *icy mitt, you-" he was saying before he starting screaming and crouched to the floor in pain from his now burnt tongue.

That will teach him to stop spouting trash from his mouth.

Some tourists help him up and ask if he is okay but he can only nod, shock clear in his face and he looks over at me and I smirk at him, fear strikes him and he gets far away from me.

Whats wrong? I thought you wanted a smile?

I see from the corner of my eye, Heidi see the scene before her with calculative eyes before faking her part as a guide and asking if he's okay, he was about to ask if he could leave when she flashed him a smile and he shuts his mouth.

She must be Volturi's fisher, who can attract anyone she wishes.

She continues her tour but not before shooting me a suspicion look in which i gave her a sweet smile.

The blonde flapper keeps glaring me but now with more intensity.

Whats her problem? The idiot isn't paying me attention anymore, she can have him.

I ignore the hateful flapper to look at Heidi and catch her looking at me before turning away and explaining some painting.

She was probably waiting for me to do something to the human but she will have to wait as i'll give her a show when we enter the leaders room.

The blonde flapper decided stop being a coward and strides towards me with a scowl in hope of making me feel intimidated but she only managed to amuse me.

"Listen missy, you might think you have John wrapped around your little finger but your just a little girl to amuse him so don't start thinkin' you're *the bees knees, you' like what? 17? Well i am 25 a full grown woman that is actually close to john in age and class" the blonde says haughtily at me "John might have real *heavy sugar but don't even think he will spend any on a *baby vamp, gold digger like you!"

I roll my eyes and reply "Well for your age you're very immature to assume I have any remote interest in trash such as 'John', and trash like him aren't worth my time thought I suppose pests stay together so you'd make a great couple and you are wrong i am not 17, I am 15 and it appears I am more mature than you in other areas as well" I say as i motion to her underdeveloped bosom.

She screams undignified and stalks away as I just wounded her pride but well that's what she gets for acting all high and mighty with me.

I like that women are leaving their passive roles but that still doesn't give her the right to try to step over me just because i'm younger, well physically.

I see as Heidi tries to hide her laughter and manages to compose herself and give me a smirk in which I return, and then continues to show us the castle.

Thankfully we manage to reach the leaders room before I humiliate another human.

"Please everyone follow me to the most grand room of the marvelous castle" Heidi says giving a dazzling smile with her eyes darkening and it seems I was right, I made sure to stick to the back as the heavy wooden doors opened.

I see many vampires waiting in the throne standing up like statues while only three vampires are seated in thrones.

The one who sat in the center had shoulder black hair, who had eccentric features and wore a crazy smirk, kinda creepy if you ask me. To his right was a blonde guy with a scowl, If he can scowl by having food brought to him i don't think he can be happy. The man on the left had long brown hair and tired burgundy eyes and wore a bored, tired expression.

"Welcome! And thank you for the meal" the creepy, black haired vampire said with a smirk.

And just like that the vampires launch themselves to the humans and I quickly but discreetly hide behind a pillar and blend with the shadows to let them finish their meal.

I better than anyone know its not good to negotiate in an empty stomach.

It isn't until I am safely hidden behind the pillar that I smell the most enticing and sweet scent I've ever smelled and feel drawn to it like a moth, the scent attracting me more than any human's blood i have ever tasted.

I felt the need to run towards the scent but decided against it, instead I poke my head out from the pillar and follow the scent and see a handsome guy, dark brown hair styled perfectly, porcelain skin, angelic features and blank burgundy eyes, he was smaller than most of the vampires but something about him just screams power.

As he skillfully draws blood from his victim without letting a drop of blood cover his angelic face

His face blank not showing any emotion, making him seem as a mystery which only thrills me more to know who this handsome guy is.

I could only focus on him as unfamiliar feelings came through me and i felt my cold stone heart flip, confusing me as I have never had such feelings after centuries of 'living'.

Close to the beautiful guy i see the idiot who I burned his tongue, cry and beg for his miserable life.

Disgusting humans like him should suffer 10 times more than the rest.

And just as I thought that, the human screamed and recoiled in pain and an angelic petite blonde girl sauntered over to him and drank from him.

He deserved it.

I kept my gaze on the beautiful guy the whole time as everything about him draws me to him making me forget the rest of he world until the screams ended and i snapped from my reverie and put my focus back on the leaders

"Clean up" the black haired ordered said as he sat back in his throne.

Lower rank guards followed to dispose of the bodies and clean up the remaining blood off the floor

After they finished their job I took that as my cue and confidently strode to the center of the room while taking off my sunglasses "A magnificent tour and even better hosts" my melodic, angelic voice resonated in the master's room.

Everyone looked startled, not expecting me here except Heidi.

I received some glares, some intrigued and drawn glances that come from my beauty as I'm incredibly beautiful more than an average vampire, probably because i was already very beautiful as a human.

Including one from the gorgeous boy who looks intently at me with widened eyes many emotions in his eyes compared to his blank stare from only a few minutes ago, he completely loses his posture feeling drawn to me as well as his mouth opened slightly and his gaze burned with awe, fondness, desire and lust.

He even make a step towards me when our crystal ruby eyes meet but was held back by the angelic blonde girl from earlier and she glared at him, making me feel thorns inside.

Who's that girl? They seem very close, are they together? Why is she touching him?!

Focus on the goal, Seraphina! Don't think about him.

Remember you don't deserve love.

"Who are you?! How dare you just come here unannounced!" The blonde of the leaders said enraged making me shift my focus back to the leaders and I could have sworn I saw pain in the boy's eyes as my gaze left him.

"I am Seraphina and I wish to join your coven" i said confidently, no fear in my voice.

The blonde leader must be Caius and from what i learned he has no gift making him powerless compared to me.

"And you think you can come here unannounced?! You have to send a letter if you wish to have an audience with us, we should have you punished just for that!" Caius continued, still enraged.

I see the beautiful boy tense from his master's words and he looks at me worriedly but my expression and confidence doesn't falter and much less by a vampire who bears no gift.

Thankfully, for the boy as I wasn't worried, the black haired man places a hand on Caius's shoulder and says "Calm down, brother, i'm sure we can forgive the lady if she gives us a fine proposition".

He must have noticed my confidence and no vampire would feel this confident unless they had a powerful gift or they were fools.

And I am no fool.

The black haired man extends his hand to me and says, "May i?"

I wasn't sure but now I've confirmed it, he is Aro the vampire who can see someone's whole life with a simple touch.

I have always guarded my secrets with my life but I know they won't trust me unless I give him my hand thankfully I have a few tricks up my sleeve to hide secrets no one must know.

I smile "of course" but then I hear a low heartbeat hidden away "though it appears we have a hidden little mouse"

In an instant i grab the 'mouse' out of her hiding spot and throw her in the center of the room and surprise, surprise it's the haughty blonde flapper from earlier, she looks at me in fear and cries out "I-Im sorry! P-please! I won't tell anyone, I beg you!"

"Humans like you make this horrible world even worse than it already is" I tell her, my voice full of venom.

In a flash she screams and recoils in pain and her tears worsen.

"Jane, I don't remember giving you an order" Aro tells the angelic blonde girl with fake pain in his voice, the girl in turn looks at him with worry.

"Master, it isn't me, I'm not doing it" Jane says, worriedly.

Oh? Jane? As in the witch twins Jane? How interesting...

"Blondie's right, she isn't doing it" I say and all of them look at me in expectation except Jane who glares at me.

"I did it" a satisfied smirk appears in my flawless face as they all look at me surprised even the gorgeous boy who hasn't tear his gaze away from me since I showed my presence.

I had lit up a flame inside the flapper's body burning her from the inside making her recoil in pain.

I snapped my fingers and the flame inside of her disappeared making her stop screaming and breath heavily still crying.

I crouched down to reach her height and grabbed a piece of her hair, making her gasp in fear as she starts breathing more heavily.

"Such a pretty yellow color just like the sun" i say as i looked at her hair "I wonder if it burns just as brightly...?"

She widens her eyes as fire leaves my fingertips and burns her hair and then burning her whole, a minute passes and she is completely ashes.

I turn towards the Guard and see many vampires shocked others look at me in fear, Jane looks amused and the angelic boy looks at me proudly and seems happier when I meet his gaze.

I quickly tear my gaze from him before he hypnotized me further, the feelings inside of me are unknown to me, I don't understand what attracts me so much to him.

I look at the leaders, Caius looked at me so shocked he actually had no words as he stared at me dumbfounded, i thought it was impossible to shut the man up.

The bored looking man stares at me for a second before returning staring blankly at nowhere.

Aro creepy signature smile widened as his eyes seemed power hungry and he said.

"How fascinating..." he breathed out "Seraphina, was it...?"


Bushwa: bullshit

Sap: a fool

Flapper: A stylish, brash, hedonistic young woman with short skirts & shorter hair

Pipe down: stop talking

Scram: ask someone to leave immediately

Bearcat: a hot-blooded or fiery girl

Dumb dora: unintelligent woman

What's eating you: What's wrong

Wet blanket: a solemn person, a killjoy

Jack: money

Drugstore cowboy: a guy that hangs around on a street corner trying to pick up girls.

Dry up: shut up, get lost

Dough: money
Icy mitt: rejection. To reject someone

Bees knees: An extraordinary person, thing, idea; the ultimate

Heavy sugar: a lot of money

Baby vamp: a very popular young woman or an attractive girl.

Wooo finished it! Sorry for taking forever but I had most of the chapter done in my school laptop but i had to turn in the laptop and I forgot to send the fanfic to my email (thankfully I sent the Seth fanfic or I wouldn't have been able to post chapter 13) so i had to rewrite it sometimes I cry to myself saying i choose better words in the original one but oh well I tried.

Anyway it was fun writing a different main female character, she's very different than Stella (main female character from my Seth story) s/12372314/1/True-Love

Having lived for many years as a vampire she has different viewpoint on things specially humans who she hates very much.

Also some words sound different or weird because this happened in the Roaring Twenties so there was a lot of slang in that time period though many words are modern words that wouldn't be used before and I'm sorry i tried, hopefully you don't mind.