A/N: Now I know that some of you may not be more thinkable that Johnny Test is a big rip-off of Dexter's Lab, but this is my first fanfiction about the show and yes, I give fanfictions that such a beginner category known as Age changing but if you give me a chance, I Think that you might had to know if the seventh season would've happen, you might had to read this fanfiction as we go alone.

Chapter 1:An very expensive rejuvenation machine

One day after school, Johnny knew that was seriously going to notice that was simply tired as he matted that he was up with it. "I'm definitely up with it!" as he gets to throw his backpack onto the couch.

As his dog Dukey had to walk up, he knew that he was going to make sure that was going to ask him of how it was his day. "So Johnny, How's your day?" he asked. "All that I had to is to make up as they could possibly to see of what it'll be like if I was to bored to do anything as they could notice about." he said.

"So, I Think that you might had to learn that it was going to make it possibly to let things are not going to do whenever they feel like it."

"To tell you the truth, I Think that I might had to learn that you might had to see that it wasn't the first time that I had to do anything as they might if I could be years younger again."

"Yeah, but I think that it could be that it was going to notice that it wasn't the first time that could be happening that should be that quite simply that you'll have to learn anything as they could notice to be younger again."

Just then, his parents came in. "Johnny, I think that you're going to see with the invention that Susan and Mary made that they won from a game show." said his mom Lila.

"Whatever is it, I'm in no mood." said Johnny. "But son, it's very exciting!" as Johnny groans.

"And the best part of it is, you'll get to be a part of it." said his dad Hugh.

"You're smiling because that my sisters want to be putting a test on me?" asked Johnny. "Who are you and what have you done with my real parents?" he demanded.

"Come, we'll show you." as they get to show Johnny as they took him to the girls' lab.

"Behold, we show you our latest machine." announced Susan, the twin star with her star hair bracelet. "We spent exactly $372,000.00 on it so we might had to show that we get to see that you're going to love this machine."

As Johnny gets to see it. "I understand that you spend over $372,000.00 on that machine but isn't that a little expensive?" he asked.

"It's not just a machine, it can make people younger in a instant." said Mary, the twin sister with the moon hair bracelet.

"We called it the Rejuvenation Maker." as Johnny cross his arms, amused. "Did you spent all that game show money on that sorry excuse of a machine?"

"Hey, we didn't go though a lot of trouble to turn down a lot of offers." as Susan gets to show off here. "Well, I don't know about you but I think that it could be that very simply had to let anything as they could notice that they might had to let anything as they quite going to let anybody as they might to let anything notice about it when they could be that it was going to notice about it."

"And besides, we were just hoping that you'll be honor of the Rejuvenation Maker's first tester." said Mary.

"I-I-I I'm not sure that I could be that quite simply more notice about this, I mean that I'm only 11 years old!" Johnny protested.

"Not for long." said Susan as she and Mary had to push him into the Rejuvenation Maker, Johnny had to be pushed as Dukey get to see him.

As the Screen has been turn on, they could see Johnny. "Hmm, you know Johnny's been though a lot of trouble, I think it's time that he'll get to start his life his over again." said Hugh.

"Really?" asked Johnny on the screen. "Well, why you didn't say so?" he said. "make me younger! I'm in the mood after all!"

As Susan gets to set some numbers up, they get to make sure that she might get to make it as she gets to notice that she was going to pick a setting. "I might get to be setting to be that quite up to 1,200 watts of difficulty, no, no, better go low and limited to just 37." as she gets to go for it, she might had to make it as she and Mary could notice about it.

"You know, I'm beginning to have some second thoughts-" as Hugh began, but it was too late, he notice that the machine has already begun as he might had to notice that he was going to surely as he was going to notice that he and Lila feared. "Wait, we changed our minds, we don't want you to be doing this to Johnny."

"Too late, I Think that it could be that quite simply had as they could get this as they could go for as the machine make Johnny to feel younger." replied Susan.

"10 years to be younger to be exact." said Mary.

"10 years?!" the parents panicked as they get to mess up the machine. "What are you doing, that's dangerous!" shouted the girls panicked. "We don't care, we're stopping the machine so we can save Johnny!" said Lila as they get to mess the machine.

As just as matter of fact, they get to stop the machine, the machine has exploded. "Now look what you've done!" Said Susan and Mary as the machine to a stop. What could ever happen to Johnny? Find out next chapter!