The Forgotten Past By NightElfCrawler

Chapter One

"Can anyone tell me what, for example, the air speed velocity of an un- laden swallow would be given the headwind blowing from the east at five miles per hour, the direction of the swallow in a north-easterly direction, and the pull of."

Good god, will this class ever END? Kurt Wagner yawned widely as he glanced out of the window on the second story of Bayville High. Not only was math something he absolutely abhorred, but it was a bright sunny warm day, but not the kind of warm that made you wish you WEREN'T covered head to toe in blue fur. It was perfect for a trip to the lake for a swim, fishing, or trying to dunk Kitty or Amara in while they weren't paying attention. But no doubt he wouldn't get the chance to do that today, Logan had scheduled a two hour long danger room session directly following school. He claimed that all the young X-men needed to fully test all their skills against him. therefore he had arranged some verdamnt tournament to have them all compete against one another. Oh joy..

He jerked up a bit as he felt a pencil eraser poke him in the arm. He turned halfway around in his seat to see Amanda giving him one of those 'shouldn't you be paying attention' looks. "Something tells me you hate math." She whispered at him with an arch of one of her beautifully shaped eyebrows. His insides virtually melted. "I should volunteer you for the answer."

He gave her a grin back and rolled his eyes. "I know the answer, anyway, 'Manda."

She gave him a surprised look that was quickly replaced with suspicious curiosity. "Should I ask?"

He grinned. "What? Don't you watch movies?"

She just gave him an odd look, just as the bell rang, preventing the looming possibility that he'd have to reply anyway. He quickly shoved his books into his backpack and tossed the odd paperclip at Amanda as an afterthought. She just threw it back with a grin as she stood up. "So.." She spoke up, tossing a strand of dark hair over her shoulder with a flip of her hand. ".Am I going to at least be allowed to watch you perform your wonderful talents at this 'very important' training session of yours?"

Kurt sighed and ran a hand through his dark hair with a hand, and laughed a bit. "I wouldn't mind that at all. I'd get all the attention from the one cheerleader!" He put his arm around her shoulders as they walked down the hall, towards the exit of the building. "But. somehow I doubt Logan and the Professor would approve." He glanced down at her, raising an eyebrow himself. "Besides. what about your parents? I'm sure they will suspect something if you don't come home on time."

She shrugged a shoulder. "I wouldn't worry about them. They've been so uptight ever since." She trailed off, and glanced up at him apologetically.

Kurt sighed a bit. "Ja. ever since I nearly destroyed their house.."

"But it wasn't." She began in protest.

"Ja ja ja!" He interrupted. "It wasn't my fault, you've told me that a hundred times, libeling." He chuckled pulling her close as they walked down the steps to the school's entrance. "But the fact still remains. I'm not supposed to be allowed near you."

"You know." Amanda started with a thoughtful look. "I've been thinking about that. I mean, I'm 16, I should be able to date who I want, despite what they say."

"Isn't that what you've been doing?" Kurt questioned with a teasing grin. "Or is pizza and a movie not a date anymore?"

She smiled up at him and leaned her head against his shoulders as they walked. "No. it's not that.. Just I want to give it another try."

Kurt blinked in alarm, and turned his 'blue' eyes questioningly at her. "I'm not so sure that's."

Amanda put a finger up on his lips with a smile. ".not such a good idea. Yes I know it's not, but they have to accept the fact that as much as they forbid me, I still am NOT going to give up my fuzzy just because they say so.. Besides. I was thinking there was a way you might be able to regain their trust after what happened, and change their minds in the process."

Kurt looked thoughtful and scratched his head. "How? I can't exactly just go up there in a nice tux, bow and scrape, and try to apologize more.."

Amanda giggled a bit. "I'd love to see that..."

Kurt looked down at her questioningly.

"You in a tux...with a matching bow tie for your tail!" she giggled more.

A grin split across Kurt's face and he chuckled in reply. "I'm not so sure about that.bows on the tail always look.. Um. fruity?"

Amanda grinned. "I think it'd look cute."

Kurt merely rolled his eyes in response.

Amanda shook her head, her hair shaking loose brushing against his arm, making him smile. She glanced out across the street at the busy crowd vacating the school grounds. "My dad needs to re-paint the house tomorrow. He doesn't want to have to do it all himself, and I promised him that I'd bring a friend to help him out.." She hesitated. ".I didn't tell him it was you though."

Kurt bit his lip, which had to be done properly in order not to puncture it with his sharp fangs that were appropriately hidden behind the hologram. "I don't know, 'Manda.Won't they just tell me to leave again?"

She shook her head. "No, because I promised him I'd help too. that way we can finish painting the house over the weekend, and he doesn't have to hire someone. My Aunt's wedding is next Wednesday, and there's no way we'd get the house all nice looking unless we all helped tomorrow. So if he says no, then he's just pretty much committing the whole house painting project to failure."

Kurt looked dubious still, and so Amanda tweaked his tail, hidden safely beneath his waistline. "Come on, give it a shot. I mean the worst they can do is still say no and yell at you to leave.and if they do that then they're just stubborn idiots."

He nodded slowly and she grinned brightly in return. "Great! You won't regret it, Kurt!" She hugged him tightly as they walked, and he smiled, squeezing her shoulder in reply. They walked on for a few blocks, the crowd beginning to thin out slightly as they approached the block where Amanda's home was. She glanced up at him. "So, you're still sure I can't come watch?"

"Nah.I mean.. The professor still doesn't know that you know about. everyone else. He still thinks that the only mutant you know about is me."

Amanda raised an eyebrow. "Come on Kurt, it's not too hard to put together, I could have figured it out on my own anyway. I mean a place for 'gifted' youngsters? And goodness knows it's not your grades that make you gifted, Kurt." She teased poking his stomach. He grinned back and squirmed. "I mean, that has to mean everyone else is 'gifted' in another way other than brains."

He shrugged. "Well. ja but still... saying it is one thing, telling the Proff about it is another."

She snorted. "I don't think he's that dense, Kurt.He probably knows already."

Kurt looked skeptical. "Ja but. asking you to keep quiet about everything."

"But I'm already that!" She protested. "Come on Kurt, you're just making more excuses. just like you do when I tell you to.." She reached over and punched his watch off. "...turn this thing off."

Kurt gulped and glanced around with some paranoia, but they were alone. "Amanda!" He exclaimed, and went to turn the watch back on, but her hand stopped him. He blinked down at her with his faintly luminescent yellow eyes.

"Come on Kurt.when are you going to stop hiding behind the masks, and excuses." She asked, her eyes pleading. "You know I don't care how you look. and no one at the institute does. why are you so afraid of it yourself?"

His eyes turned sad for a moment, and looked away from her. "Because." He replied quietly, then spoke up a big louder and re-connected with her eyes. "Because of people like your parents. they forbid because they don't understand me.they're afraid.."

Amanda searched his face and looked a bit skeptical. "Is it really that? You're worried that they're afraid, or is it the other way around. I think you're afraid of making that leap.People aren't all the same.I think you underestimate them.Why don't you give it a try instead of putting it off."

Kurt was a bit astounded. Amanda had always been discouraging of him wearing the holo-watch, but she'd respected his shyness.. Now for the first time she was actually challenging him, and what she said seemed to make some sense, though it still terrified him. He looked at her, then down at the watch, and then back at her and sighed. "Ach.You floored me."

She grinned and released his hand, and watched with some disappointment as he instantly pushed the button re-activating the device. "Just think about it. ok?" She kissed his cheek tenderly and waved then walked the one more house down the street before turning into her own driveway and giving a final wave before entering her house.

Kurt stood there for a handful of minutes before sighing a bit, and casting his glance back down at his hand once more. So normal looking, or it so appeared. He had longed for the time where he could be 'normal' and do things that normal people did.. Now that he had the opportunity, he was being asked to throw it away for the stares, the fear, and the hatred again.

He shook his head quickly and realized how late it was getting, and just tensed his mind, and a plume of smoke with a soft sound of a bamf was all that was left on the sidewalk.

"All right squirts, listen up." Wolverine paced back and forth on the Danger Room floor, eyeing the recruits in front of him with some intimidation. "The rules are simple. Defeat your opponent using whatever means you can, without killin or hurtin em too bad. The point of this little 'game' is to test if ya have been payin attention these past few months.. Whoever wins against their opponent two out of three times goes on to fight the other victors. The one left standin afterwards gets to fight me." His pacing stopped and his eyes narrowed with some kind of feral glee as he eyed the group of students standing awkwardly in front of him. "Got it?"

The group of teens looked a bit disgruntled as they all grumbled an affirmative reply to their defense instructor.

"Great.. So that kinda rules some of us out." Rogue growled with some sarcasm.

Wolverine glanced over at her and glared her down. "Not so, runt.I said any means. So if ya take their power, then so be it."

Rogue blinked but then grinned. "In that case, easy as pie."

Kitty shuddered. "Like, ick.I so do not want to go against Scott or Jean."

Bobby grinned a bit and sidled up to Kitty. "Why not? I'd think you could just avoid anything."

Kitty snorted. "When I'm paying what happens if I turn around?"

Bobby shrugged, and played with a snowball in his hands idly. "I think this ain't so bad."

Rogue glanced over at the group. All the new recruits were here too, as well as the advanced team. Scott and Jean would be participating as well, while Storm, Wolverine, Mr. McCoy and Professor Xavier acted as referees and medics when the time came for that. Since it was an all out, injuries were likely. Rogue glanced over her shoulder, and spotted Kurt, being rather quiet today oddly enough. Normally the elf was at least doing a handstand, or hanging off something nearby as Logan lectured, but this time he was standing quietly with a distracted pensive look in his eyes.

"Elf!" Barked Wolverine. Kurt's head shot up startled, and his whole posture changed instantly to one of a more aggressive one. "You and Magma." He pointed to one section of the quartered room. "Iceman, Wolfsbane section two, Shadowcat and Cyclops section three, Rogue and Jean section four. NOW!" he barked, and all the teens went scrambling.

The next two hours were long and tough for everyone involved in the tournament. For those not, they watched on and cheered from the sidelines for their chosen friend. A small betting pool was even unofficially introduced for those who cared to bet their allowances. At the end of the two hours, everyone trudged tiredly out of the room, dragging their feet.

"Like. I'm SO not making it onto the next round." Kitty sighed as she rubbed her sore shoulder. "Scott totally kicked my ass."

"Tell me about it.." Rogue growled. "I didn't even lay a hand on Jean the whole time.. How can Logan expect us to actually compete against them.?"

"No idea. but at least it means we'll be out of the runnings early and get to watch the rest, right Kurt?" Kitty asked glancing over at their blue companion.

Kurt glanced up and blinked and then nodded. "Um. ja sure."

Kitty and Rogue exchanged glances. "Did you even hear what we were saying?" She asked with a miffed look.

Kurt blinked and rubbed his head. "Ja, of course I did.."

"So how did you do against Magma, Kurt?" Rouge asked as they reached their respective rooms. "The way she's been going she probably toasted ya."

Kurt shrugged mildly and seemed to brush it off. "Oh well. um.. I'm sure it wasn't that easy."

Kitty suddenly got a suspicious look. "Kurt. did you like, win against her?"

He threw them a lopsided grin. "Um. well she almost one a round.but I was too quick I guess.."

The girls glanced at each other and Rogue snorted. "Well, ya wont' last long against Scott or Jean, I can tell ya that."

Kurt's eyes twinkled a bit. "Care to make a bet on that?" He offered with a grin.

Rogue matched his grin with a smirk of her own. "Yer on, fuzz butt.. How much."

" about a full dinner at restaurant of choosing for the winner and one friend paid for by the loser."

"Yer on!" They shook hands, eyes both matched with equal intensity.

Kitty shuddered. "Totally freaky. like you two may not be blood related, but you sure can't tell it.." She stared at them both.

A few hours later, Kurt was stuck on a math problem as he lay on his bed, after having showered from the workout. He knawel on his pencil's head as he stared cross-eyed at the geometry problems. He hated math... hadn't he made that clear enough to everyone before?

Just then he heard a shriek that sounded like someone had walked in on Kitty in the shower again. but normally that was him. He blinked a bit as he heard footsteps thundering down the hall outside, followed by Kitty's voice screaming for someone to get out. He grinned a bit and turned his attention back to math as his tail snuck into the potato chip bag and grabbed a quick bite. As hard as he tried, he still couldn't get his mind off of Amanda.darn it, this was the last place he needed to be distracted. Unless he started doing better in math he was likely to fail the class.

As he lay in thought, a soft knock sounded on his door. He glanced up, mouth full of potato chips and pencil stuck in his hair as he scratched his head with it. "mmmf..cmm immm?" he managed, mouth full of a crunchy mass of chips.

The door opened slowly, and Kitty's head poked in. At first he didn't notice anything wrong, and grinned waving a hand, cheerily invited her in. "Hi Kitty!" He said as he gulped the mouthful down so he could talk. "What's up?"

However, as she slowly stepped in, her silence still remaining, Kurt blinked and noticed her eyes were a bit puffy and red. "Kitty? What's wrong?" He asked, sitting up, bringing his legs down from in back of him so he could stand up. "It wasn't me this time, I swear it!" He quickly added. However, something in her face made him sober up quickly. "What's wrong?"

Kitty looked to be on the verge of tears. She lifted her gaze up at him, and he could see her lower lip quivering. And as he wasn't one to let someone stand there about to cry when they needed comforting, he teleported directly over to her just in time to have her throw her arms around him and start bawling into his chest. Kurt stood there a bit surprised. Kitty hadn't ever actually been overly affectionate to him. one reason why he'd given up flirting with her long ago when she'd picked Lance instead. But she still was a friend, and a teammate besides. He maneuvered her down to his bed, and sat her down, still letting her hold onto him. He gently smoothed her back as she bawled, and finally when she slowed down he reached over with his tail and snagged a tissue from his bedside table and handed it to her. She straightened up and took it with a fleeting smile, and wiped her eyes with it.

"So.what's wrong?" Kurt asked again now that she was calmed down a bit. "Is it my socks? Did I leave them in the shower again? Ach, I know they're stinky but really, no need to make a big fuss." He went on, and threw a glance at Kitty. She was looking confused for a moment, since Kurt didn't WEAR socks.then it struck her that he was trying to joke, and she smiled a bit and sniffled some.

"Thanks Kurt." She finally said quietly. "I didn't mean to." She gestured at his tear soaked shirt. ".but.thanks."

" it anything you want to talk about?" He asked, now that she'd calmed down a bit.

Kitty hesitated, then looked up at him with forlorn eyes. "Can I ask you a guy question?"

Kurt blinked and scratched his head, but nodded. "Uh, sure."

"Is like, every motivation for what you do with your girlfriend just to get her to have sex with you?" She bit out, sounding VERY pissed suddenly, her eyes slit with anger.

Kurt was a bit taken aback, and slightly embarrassed, but he thought now he knew what was wrong. "Um. well I can't speak for every guy." He said slowly. "But I don't think any decent guy would think that way.."

Kitty still didn't seem appeased by this and glared at him. "Really? You like, don't think about it when you're with Amanda?"

Kurt's cheeks redden a bit. Boy this was awkward. "Er. well I can't say I don't." He stuttered. "But that's not why I go out with her." He glanced at her and lowered his voice a bit. "Is this about Lance?"

Kitty sniffled and looked about ready to burst back into tears, but gave a small nod. "He. like called me up and started TOTALLY ratting me out.he wanted to know why.. Why I still wouldn't sleep with him. he said he'd given me more than enough time to sit on it. and that I must be a lesbian for not saying yes yet!" her voice had continuously rose until it peaked on a shriek at the end.

Kurt looked a bit uncomfortable, but he couldn't say he was surprised.. "You know that's not true." He said firmly, putting a hand on her shoulder. "He doesn't have a right to push you like that. besides, we're still teens."

Kitty gave him a look that told him she thought he was nuts. "Like. you're so naive, Kurt." She finally said with a smile, that promised something more than just a passing attempt to cheer up. "Not very many people wait anymore.."

Kurt sighed a bit. "Ja. I know, but what can I say, I was raised in a very conservative village that didn't talk about things like this." He gave her an awkward grin. "Very taboo."

She nodded a bit then glanced back up at him, feeling his furry arm comforting against her shoulders. "So, you don't think he was right?"

"Of course not!" Kurt exclaimed. "If he can't respect you for who you are, and for what your wishes are, then he doesn't deserve you." She blinked a bit, and he reddened slightly. "Well it's true. there are better people out there who would treat you better than Lance has." he trailed off, aware he was going pretty far into his own biases against Avalanche.

However, Kitty didn't seem to mind, and smiled, leaning her head against his shoulders. "Thanks Kurt.. You've always been there for me.. Even though I've been a real jerk to you sometimes." She looked up, eyes suddenly inquisitive. "you. wouldn't consider." She trailed off, blushing a bit at the unspoken question.

Kurt felt some twinge of regret in his soul. If only she'd been earlier. "I'm sorry Kitty." He said quietly. "But I'm going out with Amanda. You can still be a good friend though." He put a hand on her head and teasingly ruffled her hair.

She smiled a bit sadly, then shook it off quickly and stood back up, wiping the remains of her tears away. "Yeah... I thought so, but.. Just wanted to ask." She turned to go.

"So. who were you yelling at to get out of your room?" he asked curiously remembering the scene earlier, as he sat cross-legged on his bed, his tail wiggling with amusement at his side.

Kitty blushed. "Whoops... I should probably go apologize to her." Seeing his confused look she explained. "Rogue. I kinda was rude and after Lance called.well yeah."

Kurt grinned a bit and nodded. "Good luck then."

Kitty smiled and waved. "Thanks. really Kurt. for being such a good friend.."

Unbeknownst to the two inside, they were being watched by a pair of beady eyes, staring intensely through the glass from a crow seated in the tree outside the balcony window. The eyes narrowed on the crow, and it alit and flew off after a short while. Soon, my son, soon.

Author's note: Unlike some previous stories I've written, I DO have a good story planned here, but just need some introductory plots to get it going. For those expecting a Kitty/Kurt relationship, sorry, but while I see Kitty and Kurt being friends, their 'relationship' ended after the first couple eps in evo. ^_^ So deal with it.