The Forgotten Past By NightElfCrawler

Chapter Four

It had been several days, and so far the search had turned up negative everywhere they had looked. There was no new asteroid or moon base, the previous bases were unoccupied or destroyed. The Brotherhood seemed oblivious, or didn't want to talk. No one had seen Magneto, Mystique or any of their lackeys since the last altercation.

The institute was very quiet now, as the students were forced to go on with their lives at school while their teammate was still missing. Amanda had stopped going to class, and was broken up completely blaming herself for what had happened, even though it wasn't her fault. Danger Room sessions were serious, and in general everyone did better, as they leaked their anger and worries out that they didn't speak of during the day. Xavier spent every day in Cerebro, scanning the world for any sign of someone that might lead them to where Kurt was being held.

At dinner, no one spoke. It had been exactly a week now. They were beginning to despair that they might never see Kurt again. Rogue however sat there with an angry look on her face and spoke up quietly. "Why don't you tell them, Professor."

Everyone looked up at her, some confusion on their faces. However Xavier knew exactly what she meant. He frowned a bit. "I still don't feel it's in my place to tell anyone details of Kurt's life that he himself doesn't know yet."

Rogue glared up at him. "You should have told him to begin with." She said quietly. "And now Magneto's got him..he's going to finish what he started when Kurt was an infant."

Xavier sighed quietly and then Jean spoke up. "Rogue's right..we should have told him. We can't keep it from him anymore."

"But have we a right to keep it for him from everyone else?" Scott questioned. "It's something very private."

"Yeah, and four of us know about it already!" Rogue exclaimed. "Why not the rest! At least then they'd understand wha he got nabbed."

Kitty bit her lip and glanced over with a pained look. "What is it Professor. what have you been keeping from us and Kurt?"

Xavier sat for a long while, and then finally began to divulge the details that had been kept secret for so long, unaware that the occupants of the room were not the only ones listening in to the conversation. "Kurt.was involved in some experimentation by Magneto when he was an infant. It is quite possible that he is the way he is due to those genetic experiments. the only one who knows for certain is Mystique and Magneto however." He paused. ".it's not entirely clear what was done to him.It may be something we take for granted every day, or something that has not yet surfaced."

As everyone took in this new information in their various shades of shock, fear and surprise, another pair of ears was burning in rage and betrayal, hundreds of miles away.

Kurt glared up at Magneto with anger, horror, and hatred. "You..." He whispered, as the screen continued to play the image and audio of the hidden devices planted in the mansion, buried within the mansion's own security system. The shock of what he had just heard hadn't quite registered yet. He was still trying to process what exactly it meant.

Magneto just smiled. "Now now Kurt.. I don't think you realize what exactly I was attempting to do." He paced back and forth in front of Kurt in the laboratory as the youth was strapped to a chair, and contained from teleporting by some kind of magnetic collar and shackles attached to the chair. "I made you better than you were. stronger, faster, more agile, more abilities." He paused and glanced over at him. "You should be thanking me, really."

Kurt just narrowed his eyes and barred his fangs in response. "Tell me the truth.did you do.this to me?" His tail flicked back and forth in it's restraint angrily.

"What?" Magneto smiled slowly. "Oh you mean your appearance? No my boy, that was not my doing. I would never want to curse someone with an appearance that clearly stood them out as a mutant. I'm afraid that your appearance was your mother's doing.genetics are like that I'm afraid." He smiled at Kurt's apparent relaxation. "You see? I only enhanced your abilities. Your appearance has nothing to do with the procedures I did on you when you were young."

Kurt looked as stoic as ever, and his eyes flashed with anger. "That still is no excuse. You have no right."

He had been kept in his room for most of the time he had been a 'guest' of Magneto. However, after the longest time of just sitting there, having nothing to do but think, Magneto had finally arrived, and taken him, by force, to this lab. He had calmly explained that Kurt had no choice here, and if he co-operated things would be less painful for him.

Thus, he had been strapped there, his injured leg still in it's cast, and was forced to watch as his trust in Charles Xavier slowly leaked out of him, hearing the secrets he'd been keeping from him. yet then just revealed to everyone else before to Kurt.

Tears threatened to leak from his eyes, but he held them back rigidly. Don't give in.

Magneto watched as Kurt wrestled with himself, internally. "Charles means well, Kurt." He soothed, with a kind voice. "He only wanted to make sure you were ready, before telling you the truth." Kurt's eyes flicked up to him, still accusing. "But then.weren't you ready much earlier than he thought?" He continued, slowly weaving the threads of doubt into the youth's mind. "Weren't you grown up before most, treated differently since birth you already knew much of what others did not, much earlier." He saw the flicker of understanding in his eyes, and smiled mentally, continuing. "You know. given enough time I just might be able to even give you the abilities of your mother." He said very slowly, throwing in the hook.

Kurt's eyes lifted, and though he probably didn't intend it to show, a spark of hope flashed there.

Magneto smiled and threw in the sinker. "I know what you wish. be normal.I can give you that. You can live with your mother. She does care for you, despite her odd way of showing it, Kurt. I can promise you, whatever I offer is not barbed. I will help you, not harm you."

Kurt's eyes looked halfway between being convinced, and not trusting him. Magneto knew he couldn't push the boy, that would plant seeds of doubt that would come back and bite him in the ass, so he offered a show of trust. to break that wall. He released the restraints and just stood there, arms folded. "I won't force you. But I do want you to see the truth. Charles has known this whole time about your past. Yes, I was the one who is at fault in a sense, but all I did was improve you. make you better, enhance your powers. Think about what powers you do have, and doesn't it make you wonder, where did you get them all?" He saw Kurt's wary look of understanding, and smiled friendly-like, and removed his helmet, and casually put it on the table. "Truth be told Kurt, I do want to be your friend. I know your team versus mine have always been at odds with one another, but for what reason? Because my ideals are realistic, while Charles' is wishful thinking. I have never lied to you." He said pressing the point. "However, Charles." He trailed off with a wave of his hand. "I will let you draw conclusions."

Kurt was torn. What Magneto said made sense, and had an air of truth, unfortunately. Had all his life been a lie? Was Xavier ever planning on telling him the truth? Magneto told it to him, though harsh as it came across, it was the truth. He had never kept anything back, though now Kurt almost wished he had. He couldn't imagine what to do now..

He lifted his head, seeing Magneto was watching him with a cool gaze, letting him think things through. He shifted in the chair, since standing was awkward in a cast. ".what. would you want me with you for?" he asked slowly.

Magneto waved a hand. "Want you with me? No my boy, merely asking you to join up in my efforts. You don't have to become a member of my team. I thought, however, your mother might like it if you stayed. she has wanted her son back for a long time."

Kurt bit his lip pensively. He felt lost and confused. He knew he shouldn't trust Magneto, yet. why was that? Because Xavier said so? But then he couldn't trust Xavier either anymore. Who could he trust. himself. "If. I stayed." He said softly looking up at Magneto. "What would.."

"No prerequisite." Magneto cut him off with a smile. "But an offer to finish the advancements I began. You see Kurt, the reason I began on you so young, was that it gave you the potential to adapt, and to shape who you would be, as you truly were. However, I still could finish and fully recognize your potential genes." He nodded at the equipment around the room. "It is your decision however. You mother, and myself, have been through the same process, and we are fully using our powers to their maximum extent. I offer you the chance to become more. Perhaps it might give you some more confidence in yourself." He added with a raised eyebrow. "You are so timid about your appearance, when you should not be." He took steps forward, not threateningly, but solidly, like a father or a professor lecturing a student. "You are who you are. Nothing can change that. It's what you decide to make of it that determines the course of your life. You are so afraid of people, because cruel things were done to you in the past. but if you are confidant in yourself, you see ways out of such situation that you would not otherwise see, when clouded with fear." He watched Kurt's eyes widen in wonder. "If you find yourself ugly, other people find you that way. It's the inner reflection that counts. If you portray yourself to be strong, you will be." He folded his arms, and leaned on the chair's arm casually. "It's all in the matter of how you carry yourself."

He could tell from the wondrous look in the youth's eyes, that he had caught his fish. Kurt was hooked in, and it didn't take him long to nod once. "I. understand."

"Is that what you want?" He asked facing him with an ever present smile. "Do you want to be a warrior, fearless and proud?"

"Yes." He said with conviction and earnest. "I do. I want to be comfortable with who I am."

"Good." He clapped a hand on Kurt's shoulder. "Welcome, my young friend to the Brotherhood."


The door to the brotherhood of mutant's manor flung open with a loud CRASH, making the youths sitting on the run down sofas jump several feet in the air.

"Whoa! What the heck was that!?" Todd jumped up and hopped into the hallway almost instantly followed by Pietro and Fred. The three of them came to an immediate halt, seeing a figure standing in the doorway, imposing, and with a smirk on her face. "I'm baack." Mystique said in an amused manner. "Are you surprised?"

"Uhhhh Mystique.. Hi.whattookyasolong?" Pietro said in a rush, running a nervous hand through his silver hair. He, like the other two, failed to notice the second figure in the doorway behind her.

"I thought I would let you boys sit this out a little while." She stepped in with a flaunting hip swing. "After all, school seems to be going SO well since I've left." She bit out the last with a snarl.

The three exchanged glances. "Yo, that's not our fault." Todd said, shifting on his feet, loose laces scuffling under his shoes.

"Well, I'm back, and things are about to change." Mystique said with a purring voice. "Meet your new member." She stepped aside, and all three eyes gazed onto the shorter figure behind her, that moved into the light.

A boy who held himself high, full of confidence, stepped forward on slightly bent legs. He wore black leather pants, tight up top, falling loose below to allow movement of his feet. His tail swished behind him casually. A black plain tank shirt was tucked into a belted waist, where a silver chain was clipped onto his belt. A leather jacket was slung casually over his shoulders, open at the center. His eyes were covered by some Matrix style shades, his hair pulled back into a low 'guy' ponytail. A few gold earrings pierced his pointed ears in different places.

Todd's eyes bulged. "No way.."

Pietro scowled. "No WAY is blue boy gonna stay here!!"

Mystique growled. "What did you say about my SON?" She snapped, and the three fell silent. Her tone lightened, but still held it's dangerous edge. "I would hope you three will treat him with respect as you would each other. I'm going to arrange a room while you three get to know each other." She smirked, and glanced at Kurt, then put a hand on his shoulder patting him gently. "Have fun, don't hurt them too much."

The three boys stood in silence, watching as Mystique walked up the stairs, then their eyes instantly locked on Kurt's frame, and hostility welled up.

"So what are you doin here, freak?" Pietro growled folding his arms. "You're an X-geek, not one of us."

"Yeah. I mean, you just don't fit in here, yo." Todd added, but with less force than Pietro. There was something about the way Kurt stood that unsettled him.

Fred just stood quiet, watching, not sure what to make of it, since he hadn't dealt with Kurt at all, except in brief passing.

"Well!?" Pietro tapped his foot rapidly with impatience.

Kurt stood there, casually, then slowly, a three fingered hand reached up, and removed the glasses with casual difference. His eyes began lowered, towards the ground, but slowly lifted, causing all three boys to stiffen. A red tattoo ran across his left eyebrow, down across his lid, and onto his cheek. His eyes were no longer just solid yellow irises, but his whole eyes glowed bright gold, no sign of iris or pupil in sight. As he met their gazes, they saw only a cold, hard look there, no sign of the fuzz boy they used to know.

His voice came quiet, chilling, and dangerous. "What did you call me?" No hint of a German accent anymore, only deadly intent.

The three all gulped, and exchanged looks that said 'oh shit'.

Pietro spread his hands and quickly backed off. "N.nothing man.. Just jokin."

Quicker than a flash, there was a *bamf*. Pietro glanced around wildly in panic. It was one thing to run from fuzz butt, it was another to outthink where he would port to. Unfortunately for Pietro, he stalled too much, and Kurt was on him with another *bamf* before he could move, and he froze as a strong tail wrapped itself around his neck, and two arms clung to his head on either side, two feet strongly gripping his shoulders. "I could teleport your head, right off of your body, did you know?" He whispered quietly in Pietro's ear. "I don't think you're quick enough to outrun that."

Pietro gulped and a look of terror flashed over his face, as he glanced at Todd and Fred for help. But the two boys couldn't help him. He gulped. "Y.. yeah. I got your point. sorry Kurt. we're cool."

Kurt stayed there for a few more long moments, his tail tightening hard, making Pietro cough and choke for breath, before he finally let go, and nimbly jumped off, his eyes intensely watching the silver haired youth.

The three stared at him with a nervous gaze, and he casually leaned against the wall, watching them, a slight smirk on his face.

Mystique appeared at the top of the stairs. "Kurt, darling, your room is ready, come on up." She turned and continued up around the corner. Kurt straightened, and didn't so much as glance at the Brotherhood, and simply teleported out of sight.

The three let out their breaths. It felt as if they had been holding them for hours. "Wholly shit.." Todd gasped. "Did you SEE that?!"

"See it!? I felt it." Pietro rubbed his neck, where a red welt was forming from the grip Kurt had held around his neck. "That little twerp coulda killed me!"

Todd shuddered. "Yo.. fuzz butt was never violent. kinda psychotic, freaky and funny, but not violent. what the hell did they DO to him?" He actually was shocked and concerned. Yeah, he and Kurt hadn't ever gotten along the best, but they had an understanding between them, two misfits among most. He couldn't believe that the self-assured, dangerous mutant they had just seen, had once been joking, laughing, gullible blue boy. "Yo, this is fre~aky." He shuddered. "I SO do not wanna get on his bad side.."

Just then, Lance walked in, jingling his keys, and spotted the three standing there like a clique of teenage girls. "Hey, what're you losers doing. Looks like you've seen a ghost." He eyed them warily. "Did Toad shower again?"

Given the look from their eyes, he frowned knowing something was up. "What then?"

"You're not going to believe this..." Pietro began.

Author's note: bwhahahaha. that's all I have to say ^.~