Chapter 2 – Dead inside

Hello, so I've decided to keep going on with this fanfic because it's much more fun than Game of Embers which takes a more serious side. I wanted to expand my writing style by being able to write a more serious story but it's really hard so An Eternity Past is more my forte since the MC is are more upbeat person like myself. Anyway, skipping all the boring stuff, please enjoy this chapter and fanfic and thanks for the support!


It was the same as usual. I would walk to school with Tetsuya, getting jeered at when we walk past some asshole from the main campus, get into the tin shed, learn nothing except that us cripples suck and only exist to do manual labour, have lunch, get bullied, lose my temper, get in trouble, get lectured by teachers and Tetsuya and then go home. Ha! I wish.

Everything was the usual until lunch. My twin and I were at our usual eating place, alone and just how we liked it until one of my classmates came running over, screaming bloody murder.


The class gathered as this girl started waving around some fresh newspaper. Tetsuya and I exchanged looks and went over to investigate, and I began to wonder how the hell she managed to get the newspaper. Thankfully, someone else asked her in my place.

"Okay but first of all Kae, how did you get that newspaper?"

"Uh? I stole it. Tehee! Anyway, that's not important. Look at the front page!"

She showed us and there was a collective gasp. On the front was a picture of the school and underneath, in huge bold letters, was a very interesting announcement.

After several reports of rebel cripples in schools attacking, the Royal Counsel members plan to visit Teiko Academy to assess the school. A planned inspection to be held on the 9th of February.

I could feel a marvelous plan conjuring up in my mind and a sly grin grew on my face.

"Oho, what an interesting development. I wonder what we should do about this."

Everyone turned to me as I stroked my imaginary beard. Many of them smiled at the thought while others looked like they were ready to restrain me.

"Um nothing! If we act out, they could expel us or worse…send us to the-"

He didn't finish his sentence. We all knew what happened to cripples who were either too old to go to school or committed a crime. They were sent to manual labour in factories and mines or became slaves.

"You worry too much, I was joking. I'm a troublemaker but I ain't dumb. Besides, Tetsuya wouldn't let me do anything. He's too sensible."

My brother proceeded to stare at me with his usual unamused expression. Another reason was that my hand had not yet healed from the trespassing incident, so I wouldn't have been able to do anything successfully anyway.

The bell went for end of break and the group dispersed and the girl grabbed the newspaper and stuffed it inside her old green jacket. The cripples couldn't afford uniforms, so we literally had no uniform rules other than guys must wear long black pants and a white blouse or shirt, while girls had to wear knee length black or grey skirts or long pants with a white or black blouse or shirt. As for jumpers and shoes, we were allowed to wear anything. I often just wore my black track pants and a white shirt and when it was cold, my grey hooded jumper. Tetsuya opted to look more sensible and professional, so he would wear the uniform pants and blouse from when he went to Teiko Middle School.

The teacher walked in, her face as annoying as usual. She hated being there to teach us and we hated her teaching us. We would have rather just did self study. She slammed her books against the table to get our attention before starting.

"This Friday, the 9th, there will be an inspection. The counsel members will be inspecting the main campus as well as this…class."

She paused on before saying class, as if she was questioning whether this was a class or not.

"I expect you all to not speak unless the Counsel Members speak to you, which I highly doubt they will. If any of you step out of line, you will be punished."

Then she looked directly at me as if daring me to step out of line. She looked like she wanted me to step out of line so she could have a legitimate reason to publicly humiliate me. Unfortunately for her, I wasn't going to give her that pleasure.

"Let's begin then."

The 2 hours seemed to go on forever and I continued to stare at board and the random squiggles on it. While I wasn't observant like Tetsuya, I was a fast learner so I never bothered to pay attention in class. The teacher's voice became muffled as I zoned out completely, wondering if my friends at Seirin missed me as much as I missed them and whether it was a good idea to come here. I knew it was important to Tetsuya that he came here and for me to be here with him but at times, I wish I hadn't.

My thoughts were disrupted when I felt the slightest vibration in the ground. I glanced around to see if anyone else had felt it but judging from the fact that everyone was still writing down notes and focused meant no one did. I looked over to Tetsuya to see if he noticed it too but he didn't look up from his book. Thinking it was just my imagination, I turned back to the board when suddenly a violent and powerful vibration shook the classroom, causing the lights to flicker, the tables and chairs shook and fell over with the students still on them. The class was in panic mode and the teacher made a screeching noise as she dumped the rest of us and ran outside.


The students made a mad dash for the doors as they began to flow out of the classroom. Everyone seemed to be out when I noticed a hand poking out from behind a set of fallen tables. I ran over to see that the girl was out cold and crushed beneath the tables. Carefully, I lifted the tables off of her and tried to pick her up but the constant shaking and falling bits of the building was making it difficult.


I heard my brother's concerned voice from outside. It was too dangerous for him to come in and I needed to hurry and get out.

"Don't come in! I'm fine!"

Ignoring the block of roof that fell onto my shoulder, I grabbed the girl a bit too roughly and pulled her onto my back, her feet still dragging along the ground. I ran for the door, avoiding the fallen chairs and debris and raced out the door just as the whole roof collapsed. I fell to the ground with the girl still on my back, huffing and puffing. My shoulder was aching and numb and I knew I probably bruised it. My classmates ran over to help me and the girl.

"We need to get her to the nurse. She was crushed under a few tables."

"What about you? Are you hurt?"

"Nah, I'm fine."

The teacher returned with a few others, hysterical about what had happened. It was revealed that some kids from the main campus had been caught trying to scare us by causing the ground to shake but the building was very unstable so it collapsed. They were punished but not as bad as I would have hoped. It was literally an apology letter for disturbing the class to the teacher, not us, but the teacher. I felt enraged that they got off easy for something that almost cost us our lives.

Tetsuya and I were excused and allowed to take the girl to the nurse, because if news got out that someone was almost killed on school grounds at Teiko Academy, things would go to shit for the school and students. The nurse was one of the few people who were against to this disgusting system and genuinely cared about the students. Scrap that, she was the only one. The other two nurses were nice but they didn't care about the students, they were just there because of the good pay.

"What happened here?"

"Some students played a prank on the class and caused the tin shed – ugh, the building to collapse. She got knocked over and crushed under a few tables. I'm not sure if she has any broken bones or anything though."

"Ah, so that was the shaking. I could feel it from here. Is everyone else alright?"

"Yeah, it was just her."

The nurse instructed us to carry the girl over to one of the spare beds and watched as she used her abilities to detect any injuries. The nurse had an incredible ability to detect and heal internal and external injuries…however, she couldn't heal genetic or chronic illnesses.

"We have to get back now. Thank you for taking care of her."

Tetsuya politely said while I also said my thanks. We were about to leave when she grabbed me by the shoulder, causing me to cry out in pain.

"Oh, you're not leaving until I see this."

I knew she was talking about my hand but after my outburst, she wanted to see my shoulder too. So there I sat on the chair next to her desk as she undid the poorly wrapped bandages and flicked me in the forehead.

"OW! WHY!?"

"I can't believe you didn't come see me about this. This is a deep cut usually made from a sword. How did you even get this?"

I kept my mouth shut, somewhat embarrassed.


Reluctantly I told her. The whole time she was quiet, focusing on closing up the gash before wrapping it up in a more sanitized and better bandage. Then she told me to show me my shoulder. Sure enough, it was purple with dark blue and black spots and hurt like hell when she pressed it.

"There's nothing broken or dislocated, just bruised so I'll leave this to heal naturally. As for your hand, try not to use it too much, you don't want to reopen the wound. And next time, just come to here anytime before 7pm if you ever get hurt and don't grab swords! Now out!"

Just like that, we were tossed out and I laughed. If possible, I wanted to hang here with her for the whole day instead of going to class…which reminds me, how were we going to study if the Tin Shed had collapsed? I really hoped we wouldn't have to join up with the main campus. That would really suck.

When we arrived back with our class, who were still outside and waiting for orders, the teacher got us all to listen in as the teachers delivered the Principal's decision regarding our class.

"Until they build us another classroom, we will be using the spare lecture room in the main campus building."

My jaw fell. I cursed at myself for what I had thought about on my way back from the nurse's office. Why? Why did I have to jinx myself?! And just like that, I had found myself sitting at a desk in the main campus building. It was so clean and sparkly and proper that I almost went blind. The class had received a lot of attention from the rest of the school when we stumbled our way in. We received many strange looks and glares from our fellow schoolmates but I reveled in it. To make things worse, I hung back a little and began to strut my way through the corridor which earned me murderous looks. It was fun until Tetsuya showed up and dragged me back to the group.

The teacher eventually left and we began our self study session. It was a time where the class did absolutely nothing, well, most of the class anyway. Many of the desperate students believed that if they were smart enough, they would be granted a place in the main campus and accepted. It was sad because that was never going to happen. And I pitied them for ever wanting to join those people in the main campus. The class president stood up and settled everyone down.

"Okay, look everyone. We should make the most of this and used it wisely. We're never going to get another chance to study here and use the facilities. It'll be tough but know that we have each other, so we should look out for one another."

I really respected our class president. It wasn't official because our class wasn't really a real class but we elected him anyway because he was responsible and cool.

"That means you Kuroko-Chan! Don't mess this up!"

"Roger! Don't worry prez, I'll try to behave."

The class rolled their eyes. They knew that I couldn't behave even if I wanted to. The door slammed open as a bunch of main campus brats walked in, 6 girls and 3 boys.

"Look you peasants. Just because you get to study here for a week, doesn't mean we let you go walking around the place like you own it."

"Are you sure you aren't talking about yourself?"

The group snapped their head towards me. Tetsuya gave me an exasperated look but the rest of the class burst into snickers and giggles.

"Huh, it's you. That cripple girl who always get in trouble. Do you think you're cool just because you have a smart mouth? Are you so desperate for attention that you start trouble?"

"Sorry but once again, I think you're talking about yourself. You're the one looking for attention since you actually bothered to come here to threaten us, well, try to anyway. Also, no. I don't think I'm cool, I know I'm cool. Don't be too jealous though."

The girl's mouth twitched in anger as she lashed out and threw a punch at my head. It was sort of predictable and I dodged it easily. Her friends swung at me and I managed to deflect their attacks. The class rushed over to try to break up the fight but the main campus girls were crazy because I had touched a nerve. One of them managed to kick me in the arm and another landed a blow to my chest.

"Aww, come on, 6 against 1 seems hardly fair. Hey, why aren't you boys joining in? Are you hiding behind these girls?"

The guys growled and stomped over to join the fight but they didn't notice Tetsuya walking over and stood next to me since he was the human phantom.

"Um, excuse me but I think that's enough. If you continue to fight, it will get the attention of teachers and you will get into trouble. Let's stop here. Fighting won't solve anything."

The group screeched as they jumped back.

"Since when were you here?"

"I was here the whole time."

Ah, Tetsuya's signature line.

"Don't get in my way cripple. We need to teach this bitch a lesson."

"Sorry, but I can't let that happen. If you continue to fight, a teacher will be alerted and-"

There was no warning when one of the guys kicked him in the stomach and sent him flying into the desks. There wasn't any further need for restraint as an overwhelming fury seized control and with a fast strike, I socked the guy in the nose, a sickening crack resonated through the air as he flew back and blood gushed from his nose.


I rushed over to my fallen brother, he was clutching his stomach and wincing. The sight of seeing him in pain sent my body into killer mode. How dare they hurt him. I stood up and faced them, pure murder was painted on my face as I gave them my scariest glare. The seemed to flinch but then rushed at me and my instincts kicked in.

I swerved and dodged all of their attacks and lashed out. I caught one of the girls in the neck and threw her into two others. I swiped one guy in the knees before bringing my elbow to his face and smashing his face. The remaining guy and 3 girls rushed at me at the same time to try and throw me off but I didn't care. As the guy threw a punch at me, I caught his arm and twisted it around his back and shoved him into the girls causing the lot to fall over. One of the girls threw her hand in front of her and a beam of light shot out, sizzling the wall behind me.

"Oh, so you're using your powers now? Am I too much for you?"


She continued to fire beams of light at me but I ran towards her, dodging left and right until she was close enough for me to launch into an uppercut and hear the sound of breaking bones as my fist connected with her chin.

All around me was carnage. There was blood on my fist and the students had been knocked out. My rage was still boiling inside but I was calm enough to stop myself from continuing my attacks.

"The next time you hurt or even lay a hand on Tetsuya, I'll skin you alive."

My voice was laced with fury and everyone knew I was serious.

"Huh, not bad for a girl."

I turned to face the owner of the voice to see a tanned male slouching against one of the desks and my eyes instantly went to his hair. Dark blue…where have I seen that befor- oh…oh no…

"Oh shit."

"OMG! It's Aomine Daiki! One of the Generation of Miracles."

"What's he doing here?"

He ignored the whispers from my classmates and glanced over at the damage I had done. I stood in a defensive posture as he continued to approach and then stood over my brother, on his face was a blank and bored expression. I looked over at my brother and saw the look of recognition in his eyes. He got up and dusted himself off and then stared up at the tanned male.

"Yo Tetsu."

"It's been a while, Aomine-kun."

End of chapter

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