Chapter 2 – The GOM are maniacs!

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~Tamiko's P.O.V~

After I got changed into my training clothes which included a pair of bike shorts, a plain black tank top and my good pair of sneakers, Akashi walked me to the doors which lead to the special training field used only by the top fighters. With a gentle push, the doors opened ever so slowly. I could already hear the voices of Aomine and Kise who were arguing like always. Akashi led me to the training grounds were only the strongest and most skilled fighters were allowed to practice. In other words only the GOM and a very small selected people which included myself and Tetsuya. I took in a deep breath and walked in. I noticed Akashi's eyebrow rose slightly, inspecting my every move and it was pretty unnerving.

"After you, Tamiko."

I gave him a small nod as I gazed at the lush green field, equipped with all the training gear fighters could only dream of. At one far end was Midorima who was practicing his archery skills. Bundles of arrows were clumped together on his back while the ones that he had set loose were found only at the centre, few of which had cut clean through others. I gaped in awe but the sounds of blades colliding caught my attention. In the middle of the field was Kise and Aomine sparing. Each clang sent shivers down my spine as their movements began to speed up, their blades becoming flashes of silver which danced with their wielders. But my eyes were focused solely on Aomine. He was beautiful. Not a move was wasted or out of place. His technique may have been brutal and wild but it was nothing short of perfection.


I snapped out of my trance and turned to face the piercing eyes of Akashi Seijuro who was watching me like a predatory hawk.

"Oh, right sorry Seijuro-kun. I blanked out for a bit. Could you repeat what you said please?"

His expression didn't falter which scared me, like how can someone be so unexpressive? He always had this passive expression on his face as if he was trying to hide his true feelings and thoughts behind a mask. At times, I could see a very faint smile or scowl, depending on what he was experiencing but they were both extremely rare to see. In short, Akashi Seijuro, the Crown Prince was a robot; a scary and intimidating robot.

"Remember what I said before. Take this seriously and focus. I do not take lightly to those who fail to accomplish what is asked or those who disobey me. Pick your choice of weapon and I want you to spar with Ryota."

"Um…my weapon is back at my locker and I don't suppose you'd let me go grab it?"

A hint of annoyance flashed in Akashi's eyes and I shut my mouth and went over to the sword rack. Note to self, do not piss off Seijuro-kun by questioning him.

I scanned the rack. It was full of big broad swords and long swords but they were not my style of weapon. I preferred smaller and lighter swords, I couldn't picture myself lugging a huge sword around. Then a large hand fell onto my head and I spun around to see a sweaty Aomine stare down at me.

"Hm? Picking your sword? Where's your katanas?"

"They're in my locker but Seijuro-kun wants me to just pick the ones here. It's hard though because they aren't my style!"

Aomine scanned the rack with me and pulled out a long sword, but unlike the others, it was light and smooth. It wasn't the same as my katanas but it was comfortable.

"Wow! This one feels good. Though, I'm not familiar with using long swords. I guess it will do for now..."

Aomine smirked a friendly kind of grin. It was unlike him to smile like this. Ever since he had awoken, his attitude had been pretty nasty but I guess our bond was pretty strong.

"You're welcome Tami. Now get over there before that bastard Akashi skins you alive."

I stuck out my tongue and flipped the bird before rushing over to the sparing area where Kise was gulping down water after his spar with Aomine. It was evident that he had lost since he was huffing and puffing like crazy.

"Um…You okay Ryota? Are you able to spar with me?"

But internally I asked myself, the real question is, am I ready to fight him? Even if he's tired, there is a very very slim chance of me beating him. GOD if you can hear me, please let me beat him! Even if it is a little victory. Kise instantly straightened up and puffed out his chest.

"Hm! Of course! I just need to have some water and I'll be fine! I won't go easy on you because you're a girl. I'll beat you!"

My mouth curved into a fierce smile as I accepted Kise's challenge and prepared myself. Momoi and Akashi were standing on the side, waiting for one of us to make the first move and start the match.

"The rules are that you can use any weapon you have and hand to hand combat is allowed. The first to end up on the ground, pinned or to surrender loses. Begin."

I lunged with the speed of a striking viper. I swung to Kise's left which he blocked perfectly and went for my right shoulder. I managed to dodge by rolling to the left and swinging my leg out in hopes to trip Kise but he jumped back with the agility of a cat. A mocking smirk was plastered on his face, he was toying with me. I wasn't going to let him bait me into doing something stupid by getting me angry. I had learnt that lesson a while back when I sparred against Aomine and he kept teasing me. I ended up with large bruises all over my body and a large cut across my left arm. Thank fully it wasn't deep and it healed quickly.

This time, Kise lunged and I barely managed to keep up with his blade as a flash of silver appeared to my left, slicing a bit of my flesh as I went to block it but ended up getting knocked over. I quickly rolled over onto my feet and jumped into the air. I placed all of my weight into the blade as I swung down on Kise's head. He blocked the attack with his own blade. Good! Now if I swing my foot around and adjust his attention to my body instead of my sword, I could switch it into my other hand and get him.

With a fierce kick, I slammed my foot against Kise's sword which caused him to flinch and at that moment, I flicked my sword into my left hand and swung it without hesitation as I managed to cut his stomach. The light armor he was wearing protected him from it being too deep. Using his broad sword as a platform, I pushed off and flipped backwards, landing on the floor while Kise swung at me, barely missing.

Phew, that was really close. If I hadn't pushed off, he would have got me across the face.

The match continued to intensify as I began to get the hang of sparring and picked up my pace and confidence. My arms were beginning to get sore and tired. The weight of the long sword's large blade was a lot heavier than my katanas'. From the furrowed look on Akashi and Kise's faces, they realised this too. Kise's stamina was incredible and so were his skills. I had underestimated him badly. Even with fatigue pretty much knocking on his doorstep, he was still beating me easily. He wasn't as good as Aomine but it was enough to keep me on my feet constantly and I had to push myself to the limit just to avoid getting hit. So far, I had received a very nice and painful kick to the stomach as well as a few cuts on my legs and arms. The matched had reached its 15 minute mark and my limbs wanted to fall off.

"Had enough yet Tamikocchi? You look like you're about to pass out. Akashicchi! Is this enough yet?"

"Not yet, I can go on for a bit longer!"

I didn't dare to turn to look at Akashi. Rule number 1 was to never keep your eyes off your opponent in the middle of a match, and Kise just broke that rule. If I was going to beat him, I had to outwit him. At this rate, I wasn't going to beat him with strength or stamina. I had to beat him by using my speed and wit.

Okay, from where I hit him, it seems that his left side is weaker. Also, he seems to not be using his abilities yet so he still has that up his sleeves. I have to act fast. It seems he won't distracted easily so I have to get him when he least expects it. But that seems pretty obvious. He is probably waiting for me to do something unexpected. If I tried to distract him with an unexpected move, he might think that I would continue with it or go into a basic attack. Either way, I have to be ready to change my tactic if he stops my attack.

But my body seemed to completely forget that as I rushed at Kise. His body tensed as he prepared for my attack. But my body reacted oddly to this by throwing the fricking sword at his face which caused him to narrowly dodge it by jumping to the right. In that moment his eyes followed the sword and not me. I chose that as the perfect moment to attack and with a final push, I flew into the air and tackled Kise to the ground. With a perfect round house, I kicked his sword away and pinned him with my foot against his throat. I was oddly surprised that it actually worked as I took him completely by surprise and he didn't get time to react.

"Enough! Tamiko, get off Ryota."

I leapt off him and held out a hand as I helped him up. I was sweating buckets and my lungs felt like they were going to shrivel up. I almost collapsed onto the ground but Akashi's presence reminded me to keep it together and show him that I was capable of staying in this class.

"That was amazing Tami-Chan! You managed to beat Ki-Chan for your very first spar!"

"No, it wasn't amazing Satsuki. Ryota was already pretty beat because of his spar earlier with Daiki. If he was in top condition I wouldn't have been able to beat him. I got lucky and that was it."

Akashi nodded in agreement. The look on his face resembled something of amusement but once again, it was hidden behind his mask.

"Tamiko is right but that was a good match. I have seen enough and I can see the potential to improve. That is all. You can go rest for 5 minutes and then I want to see you at the Ring."

I cocked my head to the side, the confusion on my face indicated to the others that I had no idea what the Ring was.

"If you keep heading to the left, you'll see a large patch of open area made of cement. The Ring is there and it's a special program that is activated by magic. It will measure your body and abilities and create a program specially designed for you. You will be practicing by fighting against enemies made of magic. It is done in levels and stages. The final stage has only been beaten by myself and Daiki. You manually select the type of weapons you want to use and the program will do the rest."

My eyes lit up with excitement and Kise laughed at me. Now this was cool. Only the GOM had this sort of training equipment. When Tetsuya and I were in the other class, we fought against wooden dummies and were not allowed to spar because we were not ready or as the teacher said, 'haven't blossomed'.

"Tamikocchi is so cute! You look like a little kid getting candy."

I had noticed that Tetsuya, Murasakibara and Aomine were missing. Midorima was at the archery area but he had been watching the entire match between Kise and I.

"Hm? Where are the others?"

Momoi smiled as she handed me a massive drink bottle and a towel which I thanked her for,

"Mukkun had an appointment with a teacher about his grades so he left early. Dai-chan? I'm not sure but he might have gone to the showers. But Tetsu-kun? I have no idea."

Hey Tetsuya! Where are you?

Silence…After trying several times with no luck, I gave up. I finally cooled down and my body began to recover. Kise was the weakest member out of all the GOM as he hadn't found his style yet. So far, he was only using basics and twisting them a bit but like me, he still had lots of improving to do. Here, I felt most connected with Kise because we were on the same level…ish.

Today, Akashi was only supervising me because he wanted to make sure that I knew what to do as well as if I was actually okay to stay in this class. Well, it wasn't really a class since they didn't have a teacher because they didn't need one. Everything was done by themselves and instructed by Akashi who was the captain and Momoi who made regimes and training plans for them. Today, both Momoi and Akashi were going to watch me go through each of the sections of combat training such as combat, accuracy training, and of course swordsmanship. So far, they had ticked off swordsmanship due to the spar with Kise so I still had the combat training at the Ring and accuracy which I guess was going to be at the archery section.

We approached the Ring and my mouth open wide with awe. It was huge. It was like the size of two basketball courts but in circular form. At first it looked just like an ordinary platform made of cement but when Akashi unlocked it using his voice, the whole thing transformed into an arena of some sort. My body was buzzing with excitement and I couldn't wait to get into the Ring. My happiness was short lived as upon approaching the Ring, a teacher appeared and told us to return to the grand hall because the principal had an extremely important announcement to make. He told us to quickly get changed and head to class in 5 minutes.

My face fell as Kise pat me on the back with a sympathetic look,

"Don't worry Tamikocchi! You'll be able to do this another time. Besides, today you were just going to register yourself into the system. It takes at least a day to come up with programs."

I gave him a small smile but it didn't hide the disappointment that I felt. I quickly changed back into my school uniform comprised of a knee length red skirt and a simple long sleeved white blouse which was completed with a crimson red bow and knee high socks. I sprayed on a light layer of deodorant and washed my face before quickly stuffing everything into my bag and rushing out. Momoi was waiting while Akashi and Kise had gone ahead.

"You were really cool today Tami-chan! I didn't think you'd hold up against Ki-chan!"

I shot her look which she interpreted as an offended look and her eyes widened and she became flustered; stuttering as she tried to correct herself,

"N-n-noo that's not what I meant! Please don't be offended! I meant because you weren't trained like he was, I was afraid you might get hurt!"

I let out a hefty laugh which confused her but brought reassurance as I pat her on the shoulder,

"Don't worry Satsuki, I wasn't offended. The old me would have but I guess when they changed, so did I. In all honesty, I knew that I probably wouldn't have won against Ryota. I haven't received that support or training they have. Heck, the only reason why I was even accepted because Seijuro-kun saw me practicing and thought that I may or may not be good enough so he decided to test me out today just to see. But I guess, from what he said, I'm alright. But unlike Tetsuya, I haven't gotten a style. Tetsuya had been in Akashi's sights since he unlocked his misdirection skills as for me, I'm still just working on the basics and getting used to it so that it becomes second nature."

Momoi glanced down at her watch and noticed that we had one minute to get to the hall otherwise we were very dead. I ran and tossed my bag into my locker and both Momoi and I raced towards the hall. It was funny because the hall was on the other side of this humongous school and we weren't even close. We looked at each other with fear as we begged our legs to go faster. With seconds left, we finally arrived at the hall and saw that everyone was already lined up and staring at us. I tried to alleviate the embarrassment by casually strolling in and standing in line. My twin was watching me with pure amusement in his eyes.

Don't you dare Tetsuya. I will fight you.


And the connection went dead. The homeclass teacher smiled at me with a fox like grin before walking off. Aomine who was further up in the line smirked at me and I couldn't resist mouthing to him, 'Shut up Ahomine!'. This only caused his smirk to grow. I could see the distaste in Midorima's eyes as he saw the interaction between Aomine and I. I wiggled my fingers at him in a 'lady-like' wave but only served to anger him as he shot me an icy glare and mouthed one simple word, 'die'.

I bit my lip to hide the laughter that was about to erupt from my throat and get me into serious trouble. Akashi whom was in the other class with Midorima only needed to give me a single look and I lost all need to laugh. I gave him a nervous smile before facing the front.

The principle appeared on the stage. He was a relatively young man, probably in his early 40s, who wore a black suit and a matching red tie. His blonde hair was slicked back giving him a very sophisticated and authoritative look.

"I apologise for interrupting classes but I have an important announcement to make. I have received news that due to an attack on one of our neighbouring and partner country, we are in lockdown and the King has ordered that students are to remain at school where it is safe. The attackers were targeting young adults and teenagers, most of which were students. So far, they have killed over 30 students with hundreds more injured, some were attacked alone and others in groups. General Aomine has also stated that combat training is to be doubled just in case there is an attack and that you will be assigned partners. It is highly unlikely that there will be an attack on this school due to the very advanced security of Teiko's army and borders but it is a precaution which must not be taken lightly. Your families have been informed and we will be opening the boarding houses where you will be staying. This weekend, you will go retrieve the belongings that you will need from your homes and move into your assigned dorms. They have been picked at random and you will find out what dorms and partners you have tomorrow morning in home class."

There was a slight buzzing as students began to whisper to each other; some excited, others shocked or angry. Everyone was going to be fine but Akashi lived at the castle so does that mean he was going to stay there or was he going to be at the dorms? And if his father, the King, had decided this then shouldn't Akashi have known already? There were so many questions that I want answered but that wasn't going to happen. After another 10 minutes of rules and warnings, we were dismissed and the day ended just like that.

I grabbed my bag and stuffed all the books I needed for the night and my katanas before heading to the front gate where I waited to Tetsuya and the others. Tetsuya and I lived with our grandmother because our parents were missing; not dead…but missing. Well, that's what I believed anyway. When Tetsuya and I were 4 years old, our parents went on a mission to investigate the actions of an ally turned enemy country called Kirisaki Daiichi. They went to speak with the Lord of Kirisaki Daiichi, Hanamiya Isamu and never returned. The King wouldn't say if they were dead or not but many rumours stated that they were. It didn't matter if they were dead or not but they didn't return, leaving Tetsuya and I alone with our grandmother who had recently lost her husband to illness.

"Ah Tamikocchi! Are you waiting for the others?"

"Hey Ryota! Yeah, they sure are taking their time though."

"I ran into them before and Aominecchi said he had something to take care of so he told me to tell you to go ahead. Kurokocchi also said that too. But I can't allow you to go walk home alone. It's dangerous. I will escort you! I hope I get you for my partner!"

I rolled my eyes at Kise's exaggerated speech and we walked out of the gate together. The walk was surprisingly awkward because Kise was on the phone talking, sorry…arguing, with his sister.

"I won't be able to model today! Get someone else to stand in for me! You know I have a busy schedule today! I have to catch up on my school work! NO!"

This seemed to go on forever and I just tuned him out. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a black figure watching intently. The body wasn't moving but the head was and at an impossible angle before it vanished into the greenery that decorated the city. A slight chill ran up my spine and I went into high alert. Kise seemed to notice my body tense and he ended the call with his sister.

"Tamikocchi, what's wrong? You got all tense all of a sudden."

"It was nothing. I probably just imagined it. My eyes like to play tricks on me when its dark."

"Oh yeah! Aren't you afraid of the dar-"

My glare shut him up. I didn't like people stating my fears out loud. There were two things that I feared as much as I hated; the dark and insects.

"Don't worry Tamikocchi, I will protect you."

Kise wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in tight. His hug was warm and I allowed it. Usually Kise's hugs were horrible because they ended up with me on the floor or constricted. Unlike normal people, Kise and Momoi had to tackle their victims before suffocating the life out of them.

"Thanks Ryota. I'll see you tomorrow!"

"YEP! See ya!"

That fearful feeling of being watched didn't vanish when I arrived at my house and Kise left me alone. I was afraid that I might have led whatever it was to my home. But it wouldn't have gotten in because my grandmother was a master of magic. She used to be a nationally recognised magician before she retired. Ever since my parents vanished, she tried teaching Tetsuya and I protective magic but for some reason, we could never do it. By the age of 12 or 13, pretty much all of the kids had awoken and unlocked their magic but not Tetsuya and I. We became worried that we didn't have magic and the mental connection we had was the closest thing. Our grandma told us stories of the mysterious history of the world. She often referred back to the twins, children of the spirit beast Queen and the human King who saved the world. But they had awoken their magic at the age of 14 while Tetsuya and I were now 14 and almost 15.

"Oba-Chan! I'm home!"

My sweet darling grandmother rushed to the door and welcomed me with a tight hug,

"Welcome home Tamiko darling! Oh? Where's Tetsuya?"

"He's with Daiki. He stayed back at school for a bit but he'll be home soon. Oh did you get the news about the attack and how we're supposed to stay at school?"

The grave look on her face said it all as I hurried after her into the kitchen,

"Yes and I am worried. The attackers have not been identified and they are loose. I am afraid that they might change their target. I have been called by the Council. They want my help again."

"That's great news! Well, it's not a great situation but you get to use your magic!"

The soft smile on her face made me cuddle her. She was so sweet and kind.

"Anyway, is there anything you want me to help with?"

She shook her head and smacked by butt, causing me to yelp as she started to laugh,

"No darling. Go clean up and call your brother please. I am beginning to get worried."

I grabbed my bags and went upstairs and dumped my stuff next to the door before heading towards the bathroom.

Hey Tetsuya! Where are you? Oba-chan is getting worried!

At first there was silence and I began to panic but then his voice came through and I sighed with relief.

Sorry, I'm almost home. Aomine-kun took longer than I thought. We were heading out when the home class teacher stopped him and began to talk to him about his grades.

God, he hates that so much! But what happened next?

The teacher began to reprimand him but Aomine-kun wasn't particularly interested and began to head out the door when the teacher lost it and the two began to argue which caught the attention of the Principal who was walking back to his office from a meeting. Then when he got involved, Aomine-kun finally behaved.

Jeez, and he calls me the trouble maker! Alright, hurry home Tetsuya! We're having Oba-Chan's signature stew again!

After a nice hot shower, I went back downstairs to help my grandmother set up for dinner. As I got to the bottom step, Tetsuya walked into the house.

"Oba-san, I'm home. I'm sorry for arriving late."

"Tetsuya, welcome back dear! That's perfectly fine! Quickly clean yourself up and come down for dinner."

"Yes, I won't take long."

Sure enough, 10 minutes later, Tetsuya was done and we were all sitting down at the dinner table, enjoying our meal and laughing about the incidents that happen at school. My grandmother was quite a rebel back in the day and she laughed when Tetsuya told her about my troublesome self.

"Oh Tamiko, you were just like me then. Always in trouble and then somehow, I managed to drag your grandfather down with me too. He was a lot like Tetsuya actually. So quiet and calm. You could never know what he was thinking. He was so mysterious and my curious self couldn't help but want to find out more about him. Before I knew it, my rebellious heart had been stolen."

She seemed to realise that she was rambling on a bit and blushed red,

"Anyway, I only ask that you work hard in all of your classes and be happy. Now, off you go. You've had a rough day at school and should finish your homework and sleep early."

Tetsuya and I both helped her carry and wash the dishes before she went to the couch and turned on the news. Tetsuya and I shared a study room where he actually studied in quiet while I sat there listening to music while doing some 'math homework'. My playlist began to roll through my nice ballads, classical and orchestral music and my fatigue knocked me out cold.

A raspy whisper could be heard in the darkness that surrounded me. It was beckoning to me. A low growl and almost thunderous voice boomed above but I couldn't see anything.

"Little creature. I will devour your soul. I will see you boil and burn when I roast you; hear your screams."

I began to panic. The darkness. I couldn't see.

"Tetsuya!? Anybody!?"

A chill rose behind me as an excruciating pain spread like wild fire over me and I howled and screech in pain. I turned to face my attacker and was greeted by a disfigured being with long irregular limbs and the creepiest bloody smile before it rushed at me with an ear piercing screech that almost stopped my heart.


I screamed, unable to move in utter terror. I remember the pain as it tore into my flesh with its jagged saw like teeth and ripped me apart and the constant horrific screaming that came from my mouth. In the far distance, I could hear someone calling my name and I cried out to them, thick tears rolling down my face.

I bolted upwards as I was met with the concerned looks on Tetsuya and my grandmother's faces as my face grew hot and steaming tears slid down my cheek.

"Darling are you alright? Tetsuya and I could see and hear you screaming. We tried to wake you up but you wouldn't. Are you alright? Was it a nightmare?"

I couldn't even reply as all that escaped my mouth was sobbing and wails. I hugged my grandmother tightly and received calming emotions from Tetsuya through our connection. The sobbing wouldn't stop and my grandmother got me some nice warm chamomile tea to soothe the soul. After a few sips, my emotional roller coaster stopped and I was calm again.

"Now, tell us what happened."

I retold them about my nightmare and the reason why I was screaming was because of the pain. When I pulled up my sleeve to show them where it had bit me, I was mortified to see a purple bruise and red bite mark on my arm. I leapt up and fell backwards onto the floor. I lifted up my shirt to only see the stomach and sure enough, there was a large jagged bite mark and scratches all over. My grandmother's face went from sympathetic to horrified in a matter of moments as she rushed downstairs and called the Council. Tetsuya stayed with me, holding onto my hand and hugging me, gently patting my head. It was soothing but it wasn't going to make me forget about what had happened.

"Wait, if I got hurt in my dreams and turned out that I got hurt physically too, does that mean you did? You know, because of our mental bond?"

He shook his head and showed me his arm and stomach but there were no marks, no redness...nothing

"I didn't feel any pain but I could feel the overwhelming sense of fear coming from you...It was like the time you found out mum and dad were-gone."

The tears began to re-emerge and slid down my cheek in slow droplets, like rain on glass windows. This was the first time I had felt so terrified, enough to cause my whole body to tremble and my mind to blank out. I could only see its face. The creatures face was painted in my mind like some demonic photograph.

"I'm scared Tetsuya."

I only ever let my weakness come out with him as he helped me up onto my feet and onto the comfort of my bed. I obviously wasn't going to be able to do any work that night and my fear restrained me from letting Tetsuya out of my sight.

"Tetsuya, is it alright if you sleep with me tonight? Like when we were younger?"

The gentle nod reassured me as he turned off the light in the study room and before turning off the light in my room, laying next to me.

"It'll be okay Tamiko, I'll be here."

"Thanks Tetsuya. I hope we can figure out what is happening and soon. I don't want to be a bother to you or Oba-chan. For now, let's not tell the others. We don't want them to worry or panic."

Tetsuya gave me a small nod,

"Don't worry about it. Oba-san and I are here for you. But I think it would be best to let them know if it becomes too much. After all, they are our friends."

"Alright, but we have to agree to let them know together. Anyhow, let's just hope that this is the first and last time that this will happen to either of us."


My eyelids began to grow heavy as the last thing I saw were the calmness and warmth in my brother's eyes before sleep took me away and I slept a dreamless sleep.

End of Chapter.

So? How was it? Good? Bad? Cringey? I based that nightmare that Tamiko had on something that happened to me a few times. Most of my dreams sort of end up with me dying or being viciously attacked by something. But I didn't wake up and have strange bite marks or anything, just a lot of fear and restless nights. Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed that chapter and I'll see you all again next time!