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A/N: I have always wondered how Regulus could keep silent about his defection so that his death raised no suspicions with Voldemort, but at the same time, Sirius knew about his change of mind. So here is my answer to this problem, a little letter novella. It is one of the first fics I have ever written (well, the original draft), before I had ready any bit of fanfiction, but nevertheless one of my personal favourites.

I'll make a little experiment out of publishing this story and I'm not sure whether I'm going to stress your patience. Taking place over the last year of Regulus' life, this collection will contain over thirty letters, most of about the length of the first one here, few longer, some only short notes. Thus, the story is not going to be very long, and yet I will need over a year to put it up. This is due to the fact that each letter will be uploaded on the date of its fictional composition. This also entails that it will take quite some time for the story to properly start. Sirius has little to no inclination to communicate with his brother and will not answer the letters until Christmas. After this first one, Regulus will write again only around the end of August. There will be very little actually happening and the tragic end can only be hinted at; I just try to write a study of two brothers who are not that dissimilar after all.


Dear brother,

After long and serious reflection, I have decided that it is not only right but necessary to write to you despite your shameless and cruel behaviour. I will not list your faults and misdeeds, but my endeavour shall be to lead you back to the circle of your proper family and away from your present base surroundings.

I want to offer you reconciliation and assure you that you will always find my hand outstretched in honest friendship as soon as you decide to return to those who are your equal in birth.

I am convinced that when you think about it with an unprejudiced mind, you will see how much and gravely you have erred and brought shame and grief to those who love you most dearly. The wizard is through his noble gifts predestined to rule over lesser beings. It is only reasonable to reintroduce nature's order to everybody's benefit. Each creature has its place on earth, where it can thrive and flourish. For this order to be permanent it is necessary that no one leaves his or her allotted place. If someone aspires too high he must be pushed back, if someone debases himself, his friends are forced to part with him.

As I write to you, right at this very moment, a noble and singularly talented wizard has taken it upon himself with a select group of excellent witches and wizards to purge wizarding kind from the ignoble. If you would but try to find access to these honourable people, you could easily realise in their company how blind you have been.

You have hurt your family and well-wishers most deeply when you turned your back on us exactly two years ago. You have no idea of the agony our poor mother has suffered, still suffers, at your betrayal. She was in such a rage that she even blew your name from our tapestry.

I am sorry for the shock you feel as you read this, to realise what consequences your foolishness has had. Yet, despite her just rage, our dear mother's wish remains to close you in her arms and call you once again a son. And as you might be in contact with her still, you can also tell poor Andromeda that her parents and sisters are still after all these years ashamed beyond expression at the blemish she has brought upon the noble name of Black.

Luckily, her shamelessness didn't ruin her sisters. Remember how Rodolphus felt disgusted at being connected with someone of such weak principles and only Bella's most outspoken indignation thoroughly reconciled him with her. Likewise, the consequences for Cissy didn't prove disastrous as we feared at first. Remember how her old admirer at school proved admirably steadfast even in adversity, leading to their marriage, a happy event you were still able to witness in the midst of your family. I assume you recall that there was a card from Dromeda that had, of course, to be sent back instantly without comment. It really is a pity that you never had the chance of getting to know Cissy's husband. I am sure you would have liked him, he is a very proper connection for our dear cousin and a man of distinction. He has always been very friendly towards me and has even offered to introduce me to the noble sorcerer mentioned above.

As dishonourable as Andromeda's deed was, it has not caused any lasting damage. Thus, her relatives are ready to help her get a divorce and will reinstitute her in the family when she makes a second, wiser choice. Your redemption could even easier be accomplished and would fill your whole family with joy beyond words.

Your affectionate brother,

Regulus Arcturus Black