"I smell food."

Granny and Dorothy both chuckled under their breath at the sleepy grumble in the direction of the bed as Red sat up groggily. "Afternoon sleepy head." Dorothy greeted leaving Granny to finish cutting up the rest of the meats for the stew they'd been jointly preparing in favor of returning to her lover's side.

"Hi." Red yawned nuzzling her face against Dorothy's hair contently as her hands snaked around the werewolf's waist as she sat down on the edge of the bed beside her while Ruby feels Dorothy press a gentle kiss against the top of her head. "Better?" Dorothy prompted rubbing calming circles against Red's back. "Yeah." Ruby hummed returning Dorothy's feather-light kiss with one of her own again her lips.

"Should go talk to Gran. Apologize." She answered guiltily while swinging her legs over the side of the bed and running her free hand through her sleep-tousled hair as she pressed her face against Dorothy's shoulder at the same time.

"I already forgive you pup it's alright." Granny soothed making both women jump at her sudden comment in the otherwise quiet apartment. "Sides your girl was right. It was just a lot to take in all at once and everyone in town knows how well we can rile each other up in the mornings." She added with an amused half smile as Ruby prized herself up from the bed.

"Especially before we've had coffee." Ruby nodded in agreement her teeth biting her lower lip as she stopped beside the kitchen island still on guard.

"Oh, for pity sake get over here and give this old woman a hug." Granny sighed already holding out her arms for one after several minutes of nervous glances and shuffling feet against the wooden floor while she had gone back to absently stirring the base of the stew still cooking on the stove.

Dorothy felt unshed tears sting her eyes as she watched the two embracing remembering times when she and Aunt Em were the same way back in the happier times at the old Kansas farmhouse. "What are you still doing all the way over there for?" the question jolted the younger woman out of her own head as she blinked away the moisture in her eyes to find both Ruby and Granny staring at her from a half embrace.

"You're just as much a part of this as anyone get over here already." The elder woman scolded beckoning her over with her free hand while Ruby was busy using the sleeve of her shirt to dry her own tear-filled eyes while Dorothy tripped her way over to them.

"Yeah get over here too buddy you're in this little pack too," Ruby announced her voice cracking with pride at how true her words were. Red broke out of the embrace when she picked up on Toto's excited paws clattering against the hardwood floor toward them dropping to her knees to pick the over-eager dog up, so he could lick at their faces with pleased whimpering yelps of joy as the three women all hugged in around him.

That was until the scent of burning food from the boiling and simmering pots on the stove pulled their attention back to the meal still waiting half finished.