It was just a normal day for the young dragon slayer... well that's what he thought...

As Natsu got up to wake up, he felt something heavy on his chest, he then notice crimson hair on his chest, a alerted Natsu jumped of the bed.

"Morning Natsu." The crimson haired beauty said as she winked, causing him to blush.

"W-what are you doing here?" The dragon slayer stuttered with a blush.

"I felt lonely and cold yesterday, so I slept in here." She said nonahtchantly.

Getting up from the bed, Natsu could see she was only wearing lingerie, letting his instincts take control, he walked closer as his eyes started to turn red.

The red haired princess couldn't help but get turned on, staring at his newly acquired tattoos, his sexy abs, and scars, even his light pink hair, also that red glint in his eyes, turned her on.

Snapping out of it, Natsu told rias to exit the room nicely.

"You handled that pretty well, dragon slayer." Said Vediga as he couldn't help but applaud him.

"What's happening to me?" Natsu said with despair in his voice.

"Chill out, It's just mating season." Vediga explained.

"What's that?" Natsu asked.

"A period of the year during which members of an animal species mate."

"Could you speak English?" Natsu said not understanding a word he said.

'I forgot he was a dumbass.' Vediga said as he couldn't help but feel sorry for the dragon slayer.

"So basically, your going to be feeling very strange, also you might be feeling the urge to have sex with multiple women."

"Since your quite young, for these couple years, mating will be optional."

"So I have to hold the urge till mating season is over?"

"Yes, if you can hold out till mating season ends, I'll teach you how to do a holy black dragon light mode, dark mode, and gravity mode." The dragon said with a smirk.

"Its on!" Natsu said excitedly.

"Also, you are also letting of this scent that's attracting them."

"So I my innocence is a brain to a zombie and the women are the zombies."

"Basically, yeah."

"Well you got school, so get ready." Vediga said, hurrying the young dragon slayer.

"Ok," Natsu said as he got his clothes on, then exited the Gremory house with the dxd gang.


"Natsu, you look great to day, did you die your hair?" Akeno asked as she was practically rubbing herself onto Natsu.

"No, but ever since that colabiel accident, I've acquired new tattoos also, my hair has gotten lighter." Natsu said as he showed his chest, getting reactions from the girls.

(What Natsu looks like on the story cover)

(This is after all the story arcs. Also stay tuned on Devil Dragon of DXD)

'You didn't even say his name right' Issei said in his mind crying anime tears.

"Natsu your so funny." Xenovia said as she also started to rub up on Natsu.

"Good luck, dragneel." Vediga said as he laughed.


"Well guys we got dodge ball now, so hurry up get dressed." The teacher said as the male students left the class.

"Miss!" Natsu called the teacher.

"I forgot my gym clothes." Natsu said rubbing the back of his head.

"There's only shorts in lost & found, you can wear those." The teacher said hungrily.

'Even teachers, I'm so proud of you Natsu.' Igneel cried.

"Ok, miss." Natsu said with a smile, making all the girls in the room fall in love.


"Guys, I heard the prince of kouh is going to be shirtless."

"What really?"

The girls said.

"I wonder where Natsu is?" Issei wondered, but as soon as he said that, the sexiest person he's ever seen in his life appeared, and I'm pretty sure he kinda got a boner.

He had a man-bun pink hair, no shirt, black shorts, a muscular body, black dragonic tattoos on his left and right arm, also a END tattoo on his chest... It was indeed our favourite dragon slayer, Natsu.

"Omg, is that Natsu? He looks so sexy with his man-bun." Akeno said as she started to touch her body.

"Oh, Natsu." Rias and Xenovia with hearts in their eyes.

"W-why does Natsu have n-no shirt?" Gasper and Asia said with a huge blush on their faces.

"You dumbass! Do you even realize what you are doing?" Vediga screamed.

"What are you talking about?" A confused Natsu said.

"Never mind." The dragon said as he realised Natsu would win if he figured out what he was doing.

"Miss! Are you going to blow the whistle?" Natsu said as he called for the teacher.

"I'll blow you..." The teacher said as she licked her lips.


"Oh sorry I got lost." The teacher said as she blow the whistle.


"Alright guys, defence and offense." Natsu said as he gathered them.

"Yes, boss." They said.

"Issei your with me." Natsu called.

"Yes, sir." Said Issei.


Natsu called as his team all grabbed a ball and threw it, getting multiple girls.

Natsu then realised what he was doing, Breast bouncing, ass jingling, sweat dripping, Natsu knew he was in the wrong area.

"Issei I cant be here." Natsu said to issei as he ran out, but the red glint in his eyes didn't go unnoticed to rias.


"I cant do this." Natsu said trying to fight of the urge.

"Ummm Natsu, look in the mirror." Vediga said worrying for the young dragon slayer.

"I got fucking horns.."

"It looks pretty cool if you ask me." Vediga said not bothered by it.

"True, but now is not the time." Natsu said as he started to freak out more.

"Umm, Natsu are you okay?" The crimson haired princess said as she closed the storage room door, Natsu was already fighting the urge to impregnate every female in there, now he's alone with one of the most beautiful women he knows.

"Is everything alright Natsu?" Rias said as she walked towards the dragon slayer.

What rias done just now was a big mistake, a dragon/demon in heat is the worst thing you should be around, but now she is locked into a room with the dragon.

Moving incredibly fast, the dragon slayer pounced on the crimson haired beauty.