"Natsu what are you doing?!" Rias said with a blush, because she couldn't help but be turned by the young dragon slayers actions.

"Rias, I've always loved you, you know." The dragon slayer whispered in her ear.

"Rias are you okay?" Akeno said as she struck Natsu with her lightning than realized he's immune to that magic.

"Akeno, come here." Natsu said as he licked his lips.

"Ummm, Natsu what is wrong with you?" Akeno said as she tripped on a ball.

Ripping of her shirt to reveal her large plump breast

"Oh yes Natsu, dominate me." Akeno said as she started to kiss Natsu.

"It seems like you are loosing, Natsu." Vediga said as he started to bring Natsu back to his senses.

"Oh my god, what did I do?" Natsu said in horror.

'No don't stop!' Akeno thought.

Rias then used her chance to cage Natsu, using her power of destruction.


"Did you guys hear that? It seems like rias wants us to have a club meeting" Issei said to irina and asia.

"Yeah, let's go, it might be serious." Kiba said in hurry.

"Your right!" Issei said.


"Hey what's going on?" Kiba said as he walked in.

"Also why is Natsu in a cage?" Issei wondered.

"Well that's because he's in mating season." Vediga spoke up.

"What's that?" Rias wondered.

"Its where animals and monsters are in the season of mating."

"So Natsu will have the urge to mate with many females."

"So basically he needs to bang some females." Issei said bluntly.

"If his innocence can survive these couple of weeks, he will get quite the power up." Vediga explained.

"Wow..." They said in awe.

"Also, you might of noticed his eyes turned crimson, he's letting of this sent that attracts, demons, dragons, and humans." Igneel spoke up.

"Yo what's up, Igneel." issei said excitedly.

"Hello, my perverted son." Igneel said to issei.

"Well lets get back to this subject." Vediga said as he chuckled.

"So this is kinda like a zombie apocalypse for Natsu?" Rias asked.

"Yes, basically." Igneel said.

"Also, all of the girls in here have been marked as natsu's mate." Vediga said.

"Yaaay" the girls said but noticed issei started to cry anime tears.

"Well I think its best for all the girls to leave this room, I don't want Natsu to go berserk again, ahaha." Igneel said to insure the safety of the girls.

"Yes, father-in law." The girls said as the excited the room.

"Kiba, gasper, issei, keep an eye on Natsu." Igneel ordered.

'He knows my name!' Kiba thought.


"Natsu is awake." Issei shouted.

"Gasper... come here." Natsu said with a seductive voice.

"Ummm, what's going on." Issei said.

"I don't know, lets watch and see." Kiba said.

Letting gaspers instincts take over, gasper walked over to Natsu.

"Undo the spell." Natsu whispered in his ear.

"Bu-t- rias said not to do anything to -I-t." Gasper said with a huge blush on his face.

"Do you really want to disobey me?" He whispered.

"No!" gasper said as he undone rias's spell.

"Thank you." Natsu said as he kissed gasper on the lips.

"I feel really strange..." Gasper said as his body then began to change.

"Natsu just kissed gasper the fuck!" Issei screamed.

Gasper's chest started to get bigger, and he got slimmer.

"Gasper is now a girl, my girl." Natsu said with a deep husky voice, pulling gasper towards him.



"Yes, what?" Igneel said as he woke up from a nap.

"Natsu just turned gasper into a girl!" Issei and kiba shouted.

"It seems like this is getting out of hand, call Sirzechs!" Igneel said.

'Natsu, why did you have to be so fucking strong' Igneel thought.

"Issei, Kiba, use you full power to subdue Natsu." Igneel ordered.



"Gasper, let me handle this." Natsu said as he kissed her cheek, moving her out the way.

"You guys made the biggest mistake." Natsu said as he summoned both Igneel and acnologia.

"Sike, you got me fucked up, I'm not doing this shit." issei said as he de-activated his sacred gears.

"Issei, what are you doing?" Kiba said worriedly.

"Use your brain! He just summoned 2 fucking sacred gears!" Issei screamed.

"True, your right." Kiba said as his swords disappeared.

"Join my side, you can have every women you could think of." Being the pervert issei is, he joined natsu's side instantly.

"What about you kiba?" Natsu questioned.

"Sure but I'm fine with not having any women." Kiba said.

"Great! Now lets hunt down those females." Natsu laughed.

"It can be called HAREMS KINGS and that gay guy, Kiba." issei said as he laughed.

"Shut up! I'm not gay I'd just rather train then go out and flirt." Kiba said with a blush, embarrassed.

"Yeah, yeah, now lets get those females!" Issei shouted.

"I'm coming for you ri-..." Natsu said as he got hit in the neck with a magical beam, knocking him unconscious.

"Who the fu-" Issei shouted but hushed down when he saw the ice queen Grayfia walk in.

"I mean... thank you for doing that, Grayfia." Issei said nervously, but on the inside he was like:

'You bitch! I could of been a harem king.'

"What going on?" Grayfia said.

"Natsu is in dragon slayer mating season it seems, and he kinda turned gasper into a girl." Kiba answered.

"Mating season?" Grayfia said with wide eyes and a blush.

"Yes, he has the urge to mate with mostly every female he sees, if he doesn't, he goes on a mating spree." Kiba said.

"If he doesn't mate for these couple of weeks, he will get a huge power up." Kiba said.

"Also, he is letting of this scent that attracts quite the amount of females."

"Has he mated with anyone yet?" Grayfia said as she stared into kiba's soul.

"No, but like I said before, he kissed & turned gasper into a female." Said Kiba.

"Hmmm, he was letting off a magic power level that would cripple a high devil demon, it intrigued Michael & Gabriel so we will be seeing them tomorrow with Natsu for a interrogation." Explained Grayfia.

"Yes, miss." Kiba said.

"Let bring his to Sirzechs." Grayfia ordered.

"Yes, ma'am!" Issei and Kiba said.

"Grayfia, I'm coming for you..." Natsu mumbled in his sleep.