She misses everything about Minako.

Hasetsu isn't the same — too quiet, too empty of joy and laughter.

The ballet students travel out to other parts of Japan for their studies.

Yuuri spends all his free, lonely time in Ice Castle.

He's pining after some Russian figure skater, that Mari has only seen in Yuuri's numerous wall-posters. She thinks about giving him shit for it, demanding he move on from his fantasy world— but how can she, when Mari herself pines away for something she can't have too?

It's not fair. Mari tries to shut out the memories of smoke curling in darkness, where she and Minako wandered into the storage room at the Kachu Snack Bar, framed only in neon-glow red from a heart-shaped, lit ornament. Minako's lips tasted like Mari's strongly flavored tobacco, along with a hint of whiskey and matte lipstick.

"It can't be the way you want it," Minako whispers, as if mournfully.

She touches the ends of bleached-blonde hair and rakes her long fingers in. Dismay seizes Mari's gut, flushing on her face.

"I'm sorry, Mari."

But why… …?

Mari aches and misses her, and… maybe she hates her a little, at the same time.



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